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Tom and Jerry Meet Spider-Man and Venom be a Warner Bros. Pictures (WarnerMedia Byline), WB Animation, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Marvel Studios.

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The story begins with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy meet Spider-Man, MJ, Gwen Stacy, and Yuree Wadanee on a trip to San Franscesco. But the trip goes wild when they find Eddy Brock and find he's remained a host for Venom... and when they find there be more symbiotes including the feroscious Riot. The group must work together to stop Riot from leading a symbiote-invasion on Earth.


  • Tom Cat -
  • Jerry Mouse -
  • Tuffy Mouse -
  • Yuree Wadanabee: A police-lieutenant as well as a close ally to Spider-Man and co.
  • Eddy Brock/Venom:
  • Anne Weyeng/She-Venom: A police-captain on the San Fransesco Police and Eddy's girlfriend.
  • Toodles Galore/She-Venom Cat: A police-captain cat on the San Fransesco Police and Tom's wife and girlfriend.
  • Cherie Mouse/She-Venom Mouse: A police-captain mouse on the San Fransesco Police and Jerry's wife and girlfriend and Tuffy's aunt.
  • Mr. Drake/Riot: A mad scientist who gains a symbiote called Riot.


  • Richard Kind as Tom/Spider-cat
  • Dana Hill as Jerry/Spider-mouse
  • Kath Soucie as Tuffy/Spider-mouse Jr.
  • Josh Keaton as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Mae Whitman as Mary Jane Watson/Spider-Woman
  • Tara Strong as Gwen Stacey/Ghost-Spider
  • Kelly Hu as Yuree Wadanabee.
  • Troy Baker as Eddy Brock/Venom
  • Eve Myles as Anne Weyeng/She-Venom
  • Grey Griffin as Toodles Galore/She-Venom-cat
  • Kari Wahlgren as Cherie/She-Venom-mouse
  • Scott McNeil as Mr. Drake/Riot


  • (upon seeing Eddy)

Tom: And I was enjoiny my day.

  • Yuree Wadanabee: Eddy Brock!

Eddy Brock: What?

Tom: then whos..

Riot: Call us.. RIOT!

Tom: Oh.

Jerry: Oh, boy.

  • Spider-Man: So you thought it a grand idea to study symbiotes on a lab. A rash act which backfired, Colonel.

Spider-Woman: There's one on the lose. Riot!

Eddy Brock: We must go.

Venom: Aye. If he goes on the rocket, he'd bring more to Earth.

  • Spider-Man: Why help us?

Venom: Eddy. And Anne. They....

Jerry: Oh.

MJ: Influence you.

Ghost-Spider: Wow.

  • She-Venom: She-Venom's on the house.
  • Spider-Man: Which be our chances?

Venom: Who knows? Riot's tough.

  • Riot: Get on the rocket!

Venom: The world's ours. We refuse to let you destroy our home.

Riot: The host turned you soft. Then you would both suffer and die for your betrayal!

  • Tom: Zoinks! And I thought Venom was fierce. Riot's more aggressive.
  • Riot: You betrayed your own kind.

Spider-Man: Wrong. By conquering, you betrayed your own kind yourself.


  • Rated PG (Parental Guidance) with moderate fantasy violence, mild threat, injury detail, horror.
  • Suggested Running Times: 121 Minutes (NTSC), 116 Minutes (PAL).

Culturual references

  • Tom's screw-up with the prawns be similar to a scene from Mr. Bean's Holiday.
  • She-Venom says 'She-Venom's on the house'... a rephrase from a quote by Elves Presley.
  • Tom says 'I got a terrible feeling on the moment'... a rephrase of a quote from the Star War franchise
  • The Watcher says 'Blessings on you all.... you all who do good from bad and friends from foes'..... a rephrase of a quote from Shakespeare's Macbeth