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Objectionable content includes: Fantasy action, peril, and some scenes may scare children.

Once upon a time, there are two races ruled the earth Humans and Monsters as they were lived in peace.
~ Introduction

Toby Fox's Undertale (known as Undertale or stylize as UNDERTALE) is an 2018 hand-drawn animated fantasy comedy-drama film produced by Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Colin Entertainment, Ltd., and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, based on the 2015 independent role-playing video game of the same name by Toby Fox, the film is directed by Colin Lloyd Pendergast as his directorial debut and also produced with Toby Fox and Tuyo "Temmie" Chang, John Lasseter as executive producer, and Byron Howard and Rich Moore as co-directors.

Toby Fox's Undertale is scheduled to be released on September 15, 2018 as it celebrate 3th anniversary of the game original release.


It's an story of the young human girl named Frisk where she accidentally fell in Mount Ebott as the legends tells about many years ago where two races humans and monsters but they we're broke up as it begun the civil war. Frisk have been encountered many monsters in the underground as some are friendly or dangerous as she progress the underground to find the exit at the underground.


Beginning and Ruins

The film begins in the library as it shown a book called "Undertale" as the story was about very long ago about the two races ruled the earth called humans and monsters as they lived in peace, until years later the two races broke up and start upon the civil war when the humans were victorious by sealed the entire monsters in Mount Ebott with seven best sorcerers. According to the legend tells if a human who climb the mountain will never return.

Many years later in 201X, the story begins on the human girl named Frisk that she accidentally fells at the pit of Mount Ebott as she was been injured that she tried to get up until when she feeling something in her heart that she must to keep going to find the way to leave the underground. As Frisk walk though the room, she wasn't alone that was a talking golden flower named Flowey that he can help her out with a shape-like heart known as the Soul to gain LV (stand for LOVE) as Flowey sent out his pellets it was turn out was a trick as the pellets hurt at Frisk causing her to getting very hurt as Flowey is strike for the kill until he was been knocked away from the fire, the monster who saved Frisk's life was Toriel that she was the caretaker of the ruins so she cured Frisk and she will help her to lead to Toriel's home safe.

Frisk and Toriel walking in the Ruins until Toriel tell her to training for sparing a monsters without hurting them by testing at the dummy, after sparing many monsters until when they were been bumped to Napstablook an ghost as Frisk making him to cheer up then Napstablook feeling better as he let them pass. As they got to Toriel's home she let Frisk stay here as she like, until when Frisk sleep in the bedroom for a rest she heard a strange voice that it need to leave the ruins so Frisk is going to tell Toriel that she is leaving the ruins then Toriel runs off downstairs that it lead to the exit of the ruins as she was going to destroy it but Frisk cannot let her do this then Toriel had no choice is prove Frisk is strong enough to survive by attacking Toriel. Frisk is feeling shocked that she cannot hurt her as she keep sparing and telling her then Toriel stop her attacks that she is understand, before when Frisk leaves Toriel tell her is not return to the ruins and be very careful from the monsters at the other side and King Asgore.

When Frisk got to the door she is been bumped by Flowey again that he was very pleased that she didn't murdered Toriel and the other monsters in the ruins so Flowey tells her that he will be the king of this world's future then he lefted as Frisk enter the door which it leads to the snowy forest.


Frisk is walking throughout the forest until she notice that someone is following her so she tried to escape at the small bridge until someone is tell her to stop moving as the figure walk toward to Frisk as it told her to shake his hand to greet a new pal, then Frisk shake the figure hand that it was a whoopee cushion and the figure was a big-boned cartoon skeleton name Sans that he was supposed to be look for humans but he really kind to her as when Sans brother Papyrus is also searching for humans that he can be the member of the royal guard.

Then Papyrus is notice Frisk that he was really excited to see the human for the first time so he was about to set the puzzles for capture Frisk but many of Papyrus traps were backfired; first was Sans puzzle that it just a newspaper, second was the disco lights that will set the trap in type of colors but it was malfunction and the third trap is with spike balls, flame touch, cannon and dog which Papyrus think it easily kill Frisk so he remove the third trap that he will become friends with Frisk that she really understand him.

Frisk and Sans enter the town of Snowdin that he can tell everything about Papyrus in Grillby's, after the discussion Sans telling Frisk that she did a good job for making Papyrus happy which he was feeling down few days ago. Meanwhile Papyrus meet his good friend Undyne that the human arrives so Undyne is telling him to capture it that he will be the royal guard, so Papyrus is understand her then when Frisk is arrived to Papyrus until he had to attack with bone attacks then after the battle Frisk keep sparing Papyrus so he stop his attacks as he can let Frisk pass when Frisk can be Papyrus friend so he was really happy to before Frisk's friend as they can walk to the waterfalls.


Frisk and Papyrus walking in the waterfalls caverns until he notice was Undyne is here so he tell her to go at the other path as he will go at the other to split-up, meanwhile Frisk is walk along until when she meet Monster Kid that he was going to see Undyne that he was a biggest fan of her. While Frisk and Monster Kid hide in the tall grass when Papyrus telling Undyne about it so Undyne said did he fight it then Papyrus say yes but he didn't capture it as it cause Undyne really angry so she will attack the human by herself but Papyrus tried to tell her is not hurt Frisk so Undyne is understand and "promise" not hurt the human, after when Papyrus leaves as Frisk is accidentally break the stick caused a small crack noise as Undyne notice something in the tall grass but she didn't seen anything so she leaves to find the human. Frisk and Monster Kid were out from the tall grass as she need Monster Kid's help to find the exit of the waterfall so he agreed to help as they walk to a beautiful caverns of light glows in the water and stars above.

Frisk and Monster Kid were been spotted by Undyne as she was about to attack with the spears as Frisk told Monster Kid to meet at the other side until when Frisk is got to dead-end as it lead to the bottomless pit then Undyne cuts off the bridge as it make Frisk falls causing her to knock-out. Then she had a dream of the male voice that he talk to someone to get up, then Frisk woke up as she found out that he landed on the garbage yard as she gets up until she was been attacked by a living dummy named Mad Dummy which he notice that his cousin is scared so the Mad Dummy begins to attack at Frisk when the tears is begin to hurt at the evil dummy causing him to escape which the tears was Nastablook is helped Frisk to protect from the dummy attack as he can lead Frisk get back to the waterfall caverns as they got back to Monster Kid.

As Frisk and Monster Kid is almost there to the exit of the waterfalls, Undyne is surprising them as Monster Kid is felling off the bridge that Frisk is quickly fast saving and pull him back up safety, then Monster Kid yell out at Undyne to stay away at Frisk then Undyne walks away as then Monster Kid say thanks to Frisk for having his life as he tell her that the exit of ruins is almost right there so he leaves that his parents were worried. While Frisk is walking until she was been spotted by Undyne that she was telling the human about the history story when Undyne had enough of it as she about to take off her helmet and begin to attack at Frisk with her magical spears, during the battle Frisk must ran away from Undyne to Hotlands as Undyne is feel dehydrated so Frisk give the cold water to save her as Undyne is leave her without a word.

Hotlands CORE

Frisk is enter the largest laboratory as when she meet Doctor Alphys that she can help Frisk get to the castle but there is a robot that Alphys created named Mettaton is use to entertain monsters which it work very well but Mettaton want to kill the human to earn the soul that he can be a celebrity at the surface, until when Mettaton break in the wall as he was about to start the question game at Frisk as it was a pilot of the series so Frisk got pass the questions with the help of Alphys so Mettaton will see them later as he leaves, Alphys will go with Frisk to the Hotlands and get to CORE as Frisk sparing the entire monsters in Hotlands. During the sparing monsters, Alphys will meet her at the other side that Frisk will go by alone as she give the phone for the troubles until when Frisk is encountered by Muffet as she begin to attack with entire spiders until when Muffet spared Frisk life and let her go.

As Frisk walk throughout the Hotlands as she was been bumped to Hotlands Royal Guard 1 and 2 as they fight her, then RG1 is have an feeling with RG2 that Frisk can told him to tell his partner so RG1 and 2 is understand as they leave Frisk without any harm, as she walking when Mettaton appears for a cooking show with her called "Cooking with Killer Robot" as he need milk, flour and eggs as it does very well but Mettaton forgot the special ingredient was the Soul as he was got the chainsaw until he stopped by a caller was Alphys that she tell Mettaton use the other food than Soul so he accepted that Frisk will get the can very tall in 1 minute which Frisk will never make it on time so he got the help from Alphys that she update the phone as jetpack to get the can at time. Then Frisk got it then Mettaton cancelled "Cooking with Killer Robot" as he changed the entire setting as the musical stage that Mettaton started to sing "Oh My Love!" as he tricked her to set the trap to kill Frisk with disco trap like Papyrus before with flame thrower, then Alphys arrived in time to turn off the disco trap and flame thrower to save Frisk as Mettaton will meet again soon at the CORE.

As Frisk and Alphys were got to the MTT Resort when Sans is waiting for Frisk that he like to tell her very important so Alphys will meet Frisk as she return. Sans telling Frisk about his history of when he searching for humans until when he saw the door to the ruins as he practice knock knock joke until he heard an women voice at the other side which he use the joke making her laughing but in few days later Sans heard her crying that she said was to protect the humans who ever come thought the door, so Frisk notice about who it is as she telling him it was Toriel so Sans feeling happy that he will meet Toriel again so he was about to go as Frisk go with Alphys at the CORE. During the journey in the CORE as Frisk will battle Mettaton alone so Alphys is understand her that she tell Frisk to make Mettaton turn around at she can flip the switch at his back will turn him off. So Frisk is ready to face Mettaton again as he begin to attack Frisk quickly told him there's a mirror so the robot turned around and she flipped the switch but it didn't turn him off but he was been transformed that he was waiting of this new form for a long time that he was become a humanoid robot as many MTT fans is brought of excitement so Frisk got an idea that it will gain the viewership rating to dance off.

Later the viewership rating is now got the most highest ever that Mettaton is happy that it will make the guest call as when he got the call from his ghost cousin Napstablook said that he was going to miss him for his final episode and many MTT fans were also missing him too, so Mettaton is feeling sad and he decided to give Frisk a pass that she can get to Asgore and he said thanks to her and everyone before he was ran out of batteries. Alphys is got here in time that she walk with Frisk to the elevator until Frisk leaves Alphys told her that she cannot leave the ruins but Frisk need to take Asgore's soul to leave the underground and Alphys leaves.

Asgore's Castle and YOUR BEST NIGHTMARE

When Frisk out of the elevator, she notice that this place look very different that it was Toriel's home but it's all in grey so she take a look around when she enter the bedroom that it have a very sharp knife and the golden heart-locket with a picture of Toriel, Asgore with two children one was a boy goat and a human girl as Frisk will keep it for safety when it was Froggit but it didn't attack her as he telling her about the history of Asgore's son Asriel; In many years ago as the barrier is still sealed by the seven sorcerers, Asriel heard an crying at the ruins that it was a human girl named Chara that she ran away from home due to her parents were gone so she ran to Mount Ebott and fell here so Asriel helped and carry her to his parents as Chara is become the part of Dreemurr family as Chara and Asriel played together like friends as Asgore is going to be the biggest day that monsters will be free from the barrier as they can be humans and monsters together again. Many months later as it turned to the saddest news, Chara got the incurable ill that she was going to die then before she was gone Chara tell Asriel to give her Soul to him as he can carry her to the golden flowers at her town then Asriel accepted as he earn the Chara's soul and turn into adult form with great powers as he carry the body of Chara then can get pass though the barrier and he got to the human town to lay Chara on the golden flower and hugging her for the last goodbye as she was passed away. Until the humans scared and begin to attack at Asriel but he didn't want any harm at them but the humans refused at him that monsters have no conscience and love as the human speared at Asriel heart that he ran away with Chara's body from the humans, as he get to Toriel and Asgore but it was too late as Asriel is turned into ashes across the garden of golden flowers, it causes Asgore feeling angry that the humans killed his son that he stated if the humans fell in the underground will be killed and take the entire seven souls to destroy the barrier but Toriel is disgusted of her husband actions as she leaves him and she will protect the humans safe at the ruins.

After the backstory Froggit asked Frisk that she was about to get back home, so Frisk said thanks to him as she walk thought at the corridor when she notice Sans is waiting for her that he tell Frisk is been judged from LOVE as it was acronym for Level of Violence if she kill a monster or more then Sans think she is not guilty that she care for everyone and never hurt them as Frisk is have "Determination" as he can let her pass to face the king of monsters. So Frisk is greet with the King Asgore Dreemurr as he was surprised to see the human that he want to show the barrier that all the monster remained trapped so he tell her is ready but as he strike the trident it causes Frisk cannot spared him so she had to hurt him with the knife as it was found in the bedroom, during the battle as Asgore is feeling weak as he don't want power or hurt anyone that he cannot take it anymore as he told her to take his Soul but Frisk will not as she can stay in the underground that she didn't hurt anyone so Asgore is feeling happy as he and Toriel will take cure of Frisk like a family as she carry Asgore until when the pellet is strike at Asgore as he was turned into dust and his Soul was destroyed the one who cause was Flowey as he steal the six human souls as the film is reset itself.

Thankfully Frisk is alive as when Flowey is taunting her that Frisk must stop him but he had the six souls as it become the realistic god monster as he can control everything and the entire movie, but when Frisk is helping with the six human souls as they can help her out to stop Flowey as they succeed then Flowey is turned back into flower as Frisk is tried to sparing him without hurt him but Flowey leaves as he can't understand as Frisk saw the exit of the underground of Mount Ebott when she got a call from Sans and Papyrus telling that the souls were gone as the entire monsters is remaining stuck in the underground forever as Asgore is gone Toriel is ruled over as queen as she stated as if humans fell in the underground will not treat as enemies but as friends when until the phone is going dead as he and his brother is say goodbye.

When the entire world is black as Frisk notice it was Flowey again that he told her why did she let her friends go so Frisk is really understand that she is going to miss her friends like Papyrus and the others so Flowey is been thinking that he can give Frisk a chance to go back before when she meet Asgore so he had to give her the happy ending is to make Papyrus as friends incluing Undyne and Alphys so Frisk is agreed for this as the entire setting was which back to the corridor so she know must what to do.

True Pacifist Route

Frisk walk to see Papyrus and Sans at Snowdin Town, as he and his brother will give a tour to their home as when Papyrus give Frisk an homemade spaghetti that he cooked so she give the taste as it very well so Papyrus tell Frisk that he is going to see Undyne at the Waterfall, but she is very confused if Undyne is going to kill her so Papyrus give an idea to make Undyne a friend.

As Frisk and Papyrus walk to Undyne's house at the Waterfall he knocking at the door as Undyne is really glad to see him when she was been notice of Frisk that she let them enter then Papyrus telling Frisk very carefully to try harder for making her an friend as when Papyrus tell Undyne was not up for the challage and runs off by jumped out the Undyne window. So Undyne will decided to do for Frisk as not friends but as "Besties" so she kindly give Frisk sit at the table to have the golden flower tea as Undyne telling Frisk about the backstory of her, when she was a hotheaded kid she wanted to become the member of the royal guard as when she meet King Asgore to trained so he said sure to give Undyne a really good training, after many tries she beat him really good but she always feel sorry for him then Asgore said to her kindly is okay, many years later when she was grown up like her age then she is now the first royal guard in the underground and she is also training with Papyrus but she cannot let him in because she find him to innocent and nice that if she let him joined he will get his bones scattered. Undyne will give Frisk some more tea until when she notice that Papyrus is going to cook for her so she will cook with Frisk, but Frisk only pets the tomato as Undyne is smash the entire vegetables and heat the pot very very hot as it cause the entire house on fire so Undyne gave up for her brutal attacks so she and Frisk leave the burning house as she find it really fun so after she leaves, Undyne give the letter to Frisk that it was from Alphys so Frisk understand it as she was going to Hotlands to see her.

Frisk meet with Alphys at Hotlands again as she give the letter to her as Alphys is really happy that it was the letter is didn't have name on it so Frisk can help her to tell the truth to Undyne as Alphys will try when until Undyne is meet her so Alphys will tell the truth for the lies that she did from before. So Undyne is understand her but she tell Alphys is not to lie at everyone that it was the wrong thing to do so she give a kindness hug as when Alphys need Frisk help at her Laboratory.

True Lab

At the Laboratory as Frisk and Alphys is going to see something that was really important about this that she show was the True Lab, so Alphys telling her about the backstory where she was experiment the soul as she called as "determination" to inject the thirteen monsters as test subjects where they were almost died, then the next day it was nothing happened that the thirteen monsters are feeling fine when Alphys is message to Asgore that everyone is been fine so it will called the family of thirteen monsters, but then something is terribly wrong as the thirteen monsters were been melted as it fused together into strange and horrifying creatures with paranormal abilities called the Amalgamates when it happen the Amalgamates is walk slowly to Frisk, six dogs were been turned into Endogeny, Astigmatism, Final Froggit and Whimsalot were been turned into Reaper Bird, Shyren's agent, Moldbygg and Aaron were turned into Lemon Bread and last was Snowdrake's Mother. So Alphys is protect Frisk for this then Frisk is walk towards to Endogeny as the dog look carefully at the human as she pet at the head as the Endogeny is excited by been petted by a human so Alphys is been thinking that she make Endogeny, Reaper Bird, Lemon Bread and Snowdrake's Mother stayed like for years so she will give a chance to take them back to their home with the family, so Alphys say thanks to Frisk for the help that she give.

As Frisk leaves the Lab, she heard a voice of a boy that it done well as it sent her to Asgore's Castle that it might be the happy ending so she walk to see Asgore again.

Hopes and Dreams and Finale

Frisk walk to meet Asgore again like from before he kindly walk with her to the barrier and begin to fight, before he draw his trident and fireball appears and stopped Asgore from attacking it was Toriel is returned that she was really worried and thinking about leaving Frisk alone outside of the Ruins so she will help her out with no fight at all and Asgore will have mercy too. Asgore was really happy to see her wife again but Toriel is angry at him for his reckless behavior, kill six children's who fall in the underground, use the souls to destroy the barrier and destroy mankind as that is when Toriel is divorce him so Asgore is feeling guilty from before so he began to apologize. Then later Undyne, Alphys, Sans and Papyrus arrived in time as when Toriel notice Sans where they meet at the Ruins door then they were like to be as family with Frisk to be together.

Until when Alphys is notice it of how did Papyrus call everybody as he tell everyone it was the "tiny flower" help him when the vine is capture Toriel, Asgore, Papyrus, Sans, Undyne and Alphys that it was Flowey who used to tricked at Frisk, but Flowey got the six human souls as he will also get Frisk's friend souls to turn him into real form as when Flowey will give a chance if she beat him, he will let her friends go, release the souls and destroy the barrier but when Flowey cheats by trapped Frisk and almost killing her when Toriel, Asgore, Papyrus, Sans, Undyne and Alphys told Frisk is not to give up when the entire monsters is also help her as Frisk is standing up as she was feeling better, then Flowey is scared until he laughing that many monsters are been idiots as he capture the entire souls including friends expect for Frisk as it get brighter and brighter.

Then the entire world is pitch-black when Frisk saw a person was an anthro boy goat as she notice in the heart-locket as it was the same look, as she take a step forward the boy notice it as he remember her but Frisk think that he was look at Chara that the boy was Asriel Dreemurr then he transformed into his powerful form God of Hyperdeath as he begins to attack at Frisk with Fire magic, star blazing, shocker breaker, chaos saber and chaos buster, then until Asriel is have enough of this as he begin to use all humans and monsters memories from back to zero by turned him into Hyper Goner by proceeds to create a powerful vortex akin to that of a black hole then the entire is brighter when he was finally transformed into a god-like form known as Angel of Death, as he shoot the entire lasers at Frisk as her soul is broke apart but the Soul is back again as it said "But, it refused." so Frisk is back again but still at Angel of Death so she tried to move again and again but nothing happen, when she is feeling something in her soul that she can save Toriel, Asgore, Papyrus, Sans, Undyne and Alphys to bring their memories back again then there is one person left that she is thinking who, as she notice the last person can save was Asriel as when it flashback of Asriel meet Chara for the first time in a few seconds as Frisk is still save to Asriel, he like to but he just want the world end as he unleashed his final attack Hyper beam as it does bring very painful damage but the Soul is still not die so Frisk is keep save him then Asriel is finally stopped his form and transform back to his regular form.

Asriel cries as he said sorry for her as he was alone and scared, as Frisk told him that Chara is gone for a long time so Asriel is understand for her that he cannot stay longer without the souls that he will turn back to Flowey that he hurt many monsters and his family, Frisk is forgive him for his apology as she will remained as a friend so Asriel will give a chance to bring the monsters and six human soul back as the barrier is destroyed so before he leave Frisk kindly walk to him and hugged that she will never let go then Asriel is leave as when he told her to take care for his mom Toriel and dad Asgore. Then Frisk is woken up as Toriel, Asgore, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne and Alphys were watching as they feel happy to see her woke up that everyone is notice the barrier is destroyed so the entire monsters is walk to see outside and saw the sunset for the first time as Asgore is decided for the new future of Humans and Monsters are together. As when everyone is leaves except Frisk and Toriel as when Frisk is decided to stay with Toriel and her friends like a family as they hold hands together and walk off the screen as the movie finish.



  • Hynden Walch as Frisk, an young human girl as she was enter the Mount Ebott to spare the entire monsters to leave the mountain and she was the main protagonist of the movie, the character design is provided by Mark Henn.
  • Colin Lloyd Pendergast as Flowey the Flower, an evil talking flower that he wanted to become as god of this world future and he was the main antagonist of the movie, later in the film it was revealed that it was Asriel Dreemurr, the character design is provided by Andreas Deja, and the Photoshop Flowey television screen was performed by Colin Lloyd Pendergast.
  • Kristen Bell as Toriel, an anthro female nubian goat at she role as kind and protective mother where she lived in the Ruins, the character design is provided by James Baxter.
  • Dan Aykroyd as Sans, an lazy big-boned skeleton who loves to do puns as he can help Frisk for the journey and he was the brother of Papyrus, the character design is provided by Eric Goldberg.
  • Alan Tudyk as Papyrus, an joyful tall skeleton as he was going to be the member of the royal guard, Eric Goldberg is also did the character design.
  • Jane Lynch as Undyne, an hotheaded female anthro fish as she was become one member of the royal guard as she was the friend of Papyrus and Alphys, the character design is provided by Bruce W. Smith.
  • Tara Strong as Doctor Alphys, an shy anthro lizard that she is the royal scientist that all she did was lied to everyone but she tried harder to be friend with Alphys, the character design is provided by Randy Haycock.
  • David Tennant as Mettaton, an robot that he was a celebrity of the underground, the character design is provided by Frans Vischer.
  • Robby Benson as King Asgore Dreemurr, the king of monsters that he want to give humans in peace when the barrier is destroyed, Andreas Deja is also did the character design.
  • Ryan Potter as Asriel Dreemurr, the young prince as he was the son of Toriel and Asgore, the character design is provided by Anthony DeRosa.
    • Paul St. Peter as Asriel, God of Hyperdeath.
  • Andrea Libman as Chara, the first fallen human as she ran away from her home due her parents were pass away then she was part of the family of Dreemurr, the character design is provided by Nik Ranieri.
  • Josh Gad as Napstablook, TBA.
  • Cameron Boyce as Monster Kid, TBA.
  • Nick Kroll as Mad Dummy, TBA.
  • Mia Wasikowska as Muffet, TBA.
  • James Franco and Seth Rogen as Hotlands Royal Guard 1 and 2, TBA.
  • Toby Fox as Annoying Dog, TBA.
  • Tuyo "Temmie" Chang as Temmie, TBA.
  • Martin Landau as W. D. Gaster, TBA. (posthumously)
  • Rich Moore as Froggit in Asgore's Home. (uncredited)
  • Frank Welker and Dee Bradley Baker as Amalgamates. (uncredited)

Many monsters from the game were appear as cameos; Froggit, Whimsun, Loox, Vegetoid, Migosp, Moldsmal, Nice Cream Guy, Snowdrake, Ice Cap, Gyftrot, Glyde, Lesser Dog, Doggo, Dogamy and Dogaressa, Greater Dog, Aaron, Woshua, Shyren, Vulkin, Tsunderplane, Pyrope, Burgerpants, Bratty and Catty, Final Froggit, Whimsalot, Astigmatism, Madjick and Knight Knight.


[Production is under construction]


The entire soundtrack was created by other people.

  1. Once Upon A Time
  2. Your Best Friend
  4. Fallen Down
  5. Ruins
  6. Enemy Encountered
  7. Napstablook
  8. Home
  9. Heartache
  10. Fallen Down Reprise 1
  11. sans.
  12. Nyeh Heh Heh!
  13. Snowy
  14. Snowdin Town
  15. Premonition
  16. Bonetrousle
  17. Undyne
  18. Waterfall and Quiet Water
  19. Run!
  20. Memory
  21. Dummy!
  22. Spear of Justice
  23. Alphys
  24. Metal Crusher
  25. Another Medium
  26. Spider Dance
  27. Cooking with Killer Robot
  28. Oh! One True Love
  29. Oh! Dungeon
  30. MTT Resort
  31. It's Raining Somewhere Else
  32. CORE
  33. Death by Glamour
  34. For The Fans
  35. Undertale
  36. Judgement
  37. The Choice
  38. Small Shock
  39. Twilight Fills the Room
  40. Bergentrückung
  42. Finale
  43. An Ending?
  44. Papyrus and sans. Home
  45. She's Playing Piano
  46. Cooking with Undyne
  47. Alphys Confess
  48. Here We Are
  49. Fallen Down Reprise 2
  50. Never Give Up!
  51. Hopes and Dreams
  52. Save The World
  53. His (Asriel's) Theme
  54. Reunited
  55. Bring It In, Guys!
  56. Battle Against A True Hero
  57. Megalovania
  58. Last Goodbye


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This movie is rated PG for the following reasons:

Fantasy action

  • Seven sorcerers sealed the entire monsters in Mount Ebott.
  • Toriel or Asgore fighting at Frisk with psychokinesis powers.
  • Papyrus have bones attacks including the blue ones that it will not affect if Frisk not moving.
  • Undyne use the magical spears.
  • In Asriel's battle he use with fire magic, star blazing, shocker breaker, chaos saber and chaos buster.


  • Flowey is going to King Asgore Dreemurr while he was about to talk at Frisk.
  • Undyne was going to kill Frisk.
  • It was only shown in a few second as Mettaton use the chainsaw to kill off Frisk, until he was interrupted by Alphys call.

Scenes may scare children

  • Flowey the Flower have some scenes will cause scare at many children.
    1. After the pellets when Frisk is badly injured, Flowey is tell at her "You IDIOT. In this world... it's kill or BE KILLED!" with a creepy looking face.
    2. When Frisk leaves the ruins, Flowey returned that he taunts at her and he was going to be the king of this world future then he said that he won't do regicide (the action of killing a king) and he does the creepy face with laughing then he leave.
    3. This part is the most intense in the movie: Flowey kill Asgore with the pellets as he use the nightmarish face when he transform into Photoshop Flowey as it look very realistic and disturbing as he can attack at Frisk with flamethrower, bombs, Venus flytrap, killer vines, larger pellets, finger gun and shoot laser from the mouth, the television screen is used the real person (role as Colin Lloyd) and other Walt Disney animated films but with distorted black and white, breaking the fourth wall as he take over the logos like Walt Disney or Colin Entertainment and even use the six souls with attacks like knives, hands, dancing shoes, evil words (ex; Murderer, Ruin, Corrupt, Death, Despaired, Destruction, Hated, Chaos, Genocide, Slaughter, Doom and Terror), flaming cooking and western gun.
  • Undyne in her armor will cause children feel uncomfortable.
  • The fighting of Muffet is minor, but it will scare people who have arachnophobia.
  • In the discussion of Frisk and Sans at MTT Resort, when Sans said as his eye were empty and saying very creepy as "Y o u ' d b e d e a d w h e r e y o u s t a n d ."
  • The chorus in Bergentrückung will cause nervous at children.
  • Amalgamates will make very unsettling for children.
  • The Asriel skull in the Hyper Goner attack.


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Rejected or scrapped ideas

  • The title of the movie was originally name as Determination or Walt Disney Animation - Undertale.
  • There are rejected voice actors or actress to do the voice of the character.
    • John DiMaggio or Tom Kenny as Flowey.
    • Patrick Warburton or Steven Wright as Sans.
    • Jessica DiCicco was joined to role as Undyne but she was been replaced by Jane Lynch.
    • Ginnifer Goodwin as Doctor Alphys.
    • John Goodman or Patrick Stewart as King Asgore Dreemurr.
    • Skandar Keynes as Asriel Dreemurr but he retired from his film role.
    • Andy Dick as Mad Dummy.
  • The film is originally going to be computer-animated, but the director stated that he wanted this film in hand-drawn since it hasn't used in 6 years from the release of 2011 film Winnie the Pooh.
  • Frisk was originally going to be male and voice by Ryan Potter, later the actor is role as Asriel.
  • The name of Frisk is originally named as "Protagonist" or "Human".
  • It will be featured the Genocide Story in the final cut, but it was been scrapped by the director due it will get pass from the PG-13 rating and time limitations. However the music of Battle Against A True Hero and Megalovania were on the soundtrack but only in the closing credits.

Deleted scenes

  • The scene where Toriel is fighting Frisk when Frisk is accidentally killed Toriel when it was just a dream, during when Frisk spared her as Frisk meet Flowey again that he know that she kill her. The reason it was been cut out from the director request.
  • After Frisk got pass though Papyrus first trap was a newspaper, Papyrus sent out Lesser Dog, Doggo, Greater Dog, Dogamy and Dogaressa to stop Frisk but she knows what dogs are so she can easily throw the stick and even pet them as she walk pass thorough them as Papyrus is very disappointed that he can't work with amateurs then Sans use the pun for have a bone to pick with.
  • When Frisk meet Papyrus and Sans again, Papyrus have a new trap called Invisible Electricity Maze that as tells her if she touch the wall of the maze the orb she carry will give a zap, so Frisk to the wall but Papyrus got electricity (while he had the orb) so he walk through the safe area in the maze (leaving his foot tracks) and gives the orb to Frisk then she got pass the maze. The animation is finish, then later it was been shown in television airing.
  • Muffet was going to be Flowey's partner to defeat Frisk until when Alphys appears to stop the villains.