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The T.U.F.F. House (also commonly known as The Loud House Movie) is an upcoming 2023 American comedy-drama action-adventure animated film produced by Nickelodeon Movies. It is based on the two Nickelodeon animated series, The Loud House and T.U.F.F. Puppy.


Principal Ramirez offers to let Lincoln and Clyde take care of his beach house in Florida, but Clyde accidentally invites everyone in Royal Woods to join them. Meanwhile, Eric brings together the most dangerous villains in Petropolis to destroy Lincoln Loud.


Paramount announced that it should be released by February 7, 2020.[1] However, the film is currently not being worked on by Paramount and may be released later than expected.[2]

On January 18, 2019, it was announced that the film had been pulled from its schedule.[3]

On February 5, 2019, it was announced by Viacom CEO Bob Bakish that the film would instead be released on the streaming service Netflix instead.[4]

On April 30, 2019, it was announced that the movie will premiere sometime during 2021.[5]



Loud House Cast

  • Bentley Griffin as Lincoln Loud
  • Catherine Taber as Lori Loud
  • Liliana Mumy as Leni Loud
  • Nika Futterman as Luna Loud
  • Cristina Pucelli as Luan Loud
  • Jessica DiCicco as Lynn Loud Jr. and Lucy Loud
  • Grey DeLisle as Lana Loud, Lola Loud and Lily Loud
  • Lara Jill Miller as Lisa Loud
  • Jahzir Bruno as Clyde McBride

T.U.F.F. Puppy Cast

  • Jerry Trainor as Dudley Puppy
  • Grey DeLisle as Kitty Katswell
  • Daran Norris - The Chief
  • Jeff Bennett - Keswick
  • Leslie Carrara-Rudolph - Peg Puppy


  • Daran Norris - Eric, The Chameleon, Jack Rabbit, Francisco, Bad Dog, The Meerkat and Bat
  • Arnie Pantoja - Verminious Snaptrap, Quacky the Duck and Escape Goat
  • Rob Paulsen - Bird Brain
  • Grey DeLisle as Katty Katswell, Zippy and Ewe
  • Jeff Bennett - Larry, Ollie, Owl, The Sharing Moose, Duck and The Weasel
  • Carlos Alazraqui - The Stink Bug
  • Jerry Trainor as Wanna-Bee
  • Mick Wingert - The Caped Cod


  • Brian Stepanek as Lynn Loud Sr.
  • Jill Talley as Rita Loud
  • Michael McDonald as Howard McBride
  • Wayne Brady as Harold McBride
  • Carlos PenaVega as Bobby Santiago
  • Izabella Alvarez as Ronnie Anne Santiago
  • John DiMaggio as Bud Grouse


  • Susanne Blakeslee as Agnes Johnson
  • Fred Willard as Pop-Pop
  • Grey DeLisle as Cheryl, Ruth and Scoots
  • John DiMaggio as Chunk and Flip
  • Jeff Bennett as Coach Pacowski and Norm
  • Grant Palmer as Grant
  • Catherine Taber as Girl Jordan and Katherine Mulligan
  • Georgie Kidder as Haiku
  • Phil LaMarr as Kotaro
  • Lara Jill Miller as Liam
  • Brec Bassinger as Margo Roberts
  • Diego Alexander as Rusty Spokes
  • Alyson Stoner as Sam Sharp
  • Sean Giambrone as Benny Stein
  • Richard Steven Horvitz as Rodney Spokes
  • Rob Paulsen as Seymour
  • Haley Tju as Stella Zhau
  • Stephen Tobolowsky as Wilbur T. Huggins
  • Jessica DiCicco as Zach Gurdle




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