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This is the transcript for the 2024 American animated superhero musical film The Powerpuff Girls: The Movie: Generations.


(We fade in and the camera pans across a beautiful, photorealistic CGI rendering of the Warner Bros. Studios backlot (which has the numbers on the sound stages, a red carpet outside the Steven J. Ross Theater, and the smoking roofs on top of various buildings) with no people in sight at sunset, with the iconic water tower (displaying the "dimensional" version of the shield and "WARNER BROS. STUDIOS" in three rows on it, in the new corporate font, Warner Bros. Sans) taking center stage. After a few seconds, it continues the same way the previous logo did; turning upright as it zooms out, revealing a new, much more realistic cloud background. The shield shines. The WB shield flips to reveal the 2021 Warner Animation Group logo, and then after a few seconds, we fade out. A 2021 reorchestration of the As Time Goes By fanfare by Ludwig Göransson is heard in the logo.)

(We enter a colorful world which we see the Cartoon Network lettering, and soon change to another background finding the 2010 Cartoon Network logo. The screen changes to another screen featuring Cartoon Network lettering, but with the Cartoon part in colors before changing to another rectangle hypnotizing like screen, and redirect to stairs featuring the Cartoon Network logo, before we go to a black screen with the “C” and the “N” coming together to form the 2010 Cartoon Network logo. The screen fades out.)

(On a black screen, the words “Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Animation Group present” fades in and fades out after a few seconds. Then, the words “in association with Cartoon Network” and “a Cartoon Network Studios production” follow. Afterwards, we fade into a stage with the red curtains. The orchestra starts warming up. As soon as the orchestra finishes warming up, Bubbles walks in holding some papers.)

2016 Bubbles: Hi, everybody! Thank you all for coming. This is the story of how the Powerpuff Girls met their past selves, and teamed up with them as they go defeat the bad guys. They come from a malfunctioning portal. You all know when this portal was invented, and how it started malfunctioning. Before we begin this musical story that you're about to see, I would like to read to you some interesting dialogue on a piece of paper. Do you know where the stage is set in? It's quite simple. (clears throat) The City of Townsville. A dazzling city with fresh air, clean water, and heartwarming music. It is home to a trio of heroes: the Powerpuff Girls. Watch, as the curtains open to reveal a skyline of our city where we live. In this place lies a house, a Utonium house. As we start our first song, our sister Blossom wakes up to a new day.

(The curtains began to open revealing the movie’s logo. After the scenery montage, we fade in to the Utonium house as the camera pans in to reveal The Powerpuff Girls sleeping. Blossom slowly opens her eyes and yawns. “Townsville Is Where We Belong” starts playing.)

2016 Blossom: Good morning, world! And all who inhabit it! (singing) It’s another beautiful morning in our town

And nothing gets all of us down

And the birds are flying on in the sunny sky

We should get moving in a hurry

Because the clock says the time is 6:30

And as we get there, we can’t just ask why

2016 Buttercup: (yawns) Ugh, is it morning already?

2016 Blossom: It is morning, Buttercup! It is already!

2016 Bubbles: Blossom, I'm very tired.

2016 Blossom: You are tired, Bubbles. Today is another great day in Townsville and as long as we are safe and sound, nothing can go wrong.

2016 Buttercup: You really mean it?

2016 Blossom: Yeah, and I'll prove it to you.

(The 2016 Girls walk to Blisstina Utonium’s room, and 2016 Blossom knocks on her door. Blisstina answers the door.)

Blisstina: Good morning, Blossom!

2016 Blossom: Good morning, Bliss! Today is another great day in the City of Townsville!

Blisstina: Indeed, it is Blossom!

2016 Blossom: As long as we’re in good hands, nothing can go wrong. (singing) Yes, Townsville is our home

Like the way the sun just shines

No one can say no

To the happiness we can find

If the flowers may grow every day

Nothing can go astray

Townsville is where we belong

And that just goes our way

(We cut to Midway Elementary. The school bus arrives and the girls walk out of the bus. They see Brick, Boomer, and Butch.)

2016 Blossom: Morning, President Brick! Are you up for being voted for school president?

Brick: Yep. And I also hired Boomer to be my secretary. The roller derby event is in 2 days if you ask me.

Boomer: And we're performing.

2016 Buttercup: Wow, sweet. Are the Derbytantes gonna be there?

Butch: Sure are!

Brick: (singing) The sun is already shining

And it feels like our spirits are climbing

Boomer: (singing) And today is gonna be a very awesome day

Brick: (singing) Yeah, and I’m really good at living a great life

Like science stuff and being a good guy

Butch: (singing) Maybe we can do it all together, as you say

Brick: Yeah, Townsville is our home

Like the projects that I work on

No one can say no

To how life just goes on and on

But if it goes on and none goes wrong

This is what life should be


Boomer and Butch: (singing) Townsville is where we belong

Brick: (singing) As long as they respect me

(We see 2016 Bubbles sitting on a picnic table. 2016 Blossom walks up to her.)

2016 Blossom: Hey, Bubbles. Enjoying the new day?

2016 Bubbles: Oh I’m just living the dream, Blossom.

2016 Blossom: Mmmmm…

(2016 Bubbles grasps a piece of air in her hand)

2016 Bubbles: And with every new sun always comes a new day.

2016 Blossom: What’s that?

2016 Bubbles: Forgive me. Maturity is making me poetic. Tell me, you’re the leader and you always lead the way. Do you ever realize that there are other leaders in the universe?

2016 Blossom: Uh… no.

2016 Bubbles: Really? Wow. I can’t wait until I’ve grown older so I have to think back and remember the experiences I would have.

(2016 Buttercup and Bliss walk over to 2016 Blossom and 2016 Bubbles and sits next to them)

2016 Buttercup: Woah. That’s great, Bubbs. So, do you take up reading now?

2016 Bubbles: Mm hmm. I do take up reading, Buttercup. And when I grow older, I will be very wise and know what the future holds. (singing) The clouds are moving

And that’s why Townsville is a perfect place

That’s all I know

The precious moments are written on my face

Blisstina: (singing) This day is awesome

Can’t let it go astray

2016 Bubbles: (singing) Don’t ruin this moment

2016 Bubbles and Blisstina: (both singing) Just feel upbeat and go out and seize this day

(We cut to three Midway students, including 2016 Blossom, closing their lockers, and then three more Midway students alongside 2016 Bubbles throwing frisbees.)

Townsville citizens: (all singing) Ah ah ah ah ah ah

A good day is now getting closer

2016 Bubbles: (singing) And you all look a little bit older

2016 Blossom and Brick: (both singing) It’s time to share our feelings to our true love, that’s why

Townsville citizens: (all singing) We always live in a city of plenty

It’s home to the good and the many

2016 Buttercup: (singing) And I promise you that we will always let our worries fly

2016 Blossom: (singing) We’ll let our worries fly

Townsville citizens: (singing) We’ll let our worries fly

We’ll let our worries fly

All: (singing) Townsville is our home

Every night the moon shines right here

No one can say no

Though the future is coming near

May our good luck last

May our past be past

Life just goes on and on

Townsville is where we belong

2016 Blossom: (singing) And nothing can go wrong

2016 Buttercup: (singing) Nothing can go wrong

2016 Bubbles: (singing) Nothing can go wrong

Blisstina: (singing) Nothing can go wrong

2016 Blossom: (singing) Yes, nothing can go wrong

(song ends)

(The 2016 Powerpuff Girls enter the house, and 2016 Blossom closes the door once all three of them got in. The scene then transitions to the next morning in the Utonium house.)

2016 Professor Utonium: Good morning, Girls! Such a lovely day, isn’t it?

2016 Bubbles: Yeah, Professor. Especially when everyone has to be very wise to think that.

2016 Blossom: Why are you telling us this?

2016 Professor Utonium: Because today is the perfect day to show you girls my latest invention!

Blisstina: That’s great, dad! Can you show us?

(In the lab, the Girls and 2016 Professor Utonium walk up to something that is covered in cloth.)

2016 Buttercup: Woah, what is that?

2016 Professor Utonium: (pulls cloth to reveal a time portal) The time portal! It can take you to main, parallel, and alternate universes in the multiverse.

2016 Bubbles: What’s a multiverse?

2016 Blossom: You know, an infinite realm of beings or potential beings of which the universe is regarded as a part or instance? I read that on Google.

Blisstina: What happens when it gets touched by something sticky or whatever?

2016 Professor Utonium: Well, it can malfunction and bring in other versions of you.

Blisstina: Wow. Interesting.

2016 Blossom: Professor, your invention is great! We’ll make sure nothing sticky touches that portal.

2016 Professor Utonium: Okeydoke! Now you girls gotta go. You don’t wanna be late for school!

Blisstina: Oh, right! School! Got it!

2016 Professor Utonium: And also say hello to Brick, Boomer, and Butch!

2016 Girls: We will, Professor.

(As the Girls left for school, the Professor exits the lab. The Amoeba Boys come out of a shelf.)

Slim: Alright, boys. Coast is clear.

Bossman: Let’s make this portal malfunction.

Junior: Yeah! Let’s do it! Wait, are you sure that we should be doing this?

Slim: Yeah, Junior. Mojo Jojo told us to do it. We’re gonna rewire the circuits of this portal and make it glitch.

(The Amoeba Boys start rewiring the circuits and run off, as the portal starts malfunctioning.)

(Outside, the Girls are walking to school. 2016 Bubbles is humming a tune.)

2016 Blossom: Bliss, why is Bubbles humming a tune?

Blisstina: I don’t know, Blossom, but I have to ask her. (to 2016 Bubbles) Bubbles, why are you humming?

2016 Bubbles: I’m humming because I am thinking about what would happen in the future when I grow old and wise.

2016 Buttercup: How do you know that you’re gonna be old and wise in the future, Bubbs?

(“Important Things In Life” starts playing)

2016 Bubbles: I think I am gonna tell you about it in song. (singing) Someday I will know when I grow older

All of the important things in life

One day when I’m old and wise

I’ll rethink and realize

That these were all the future plans applied

I’ll have all the answers when I’m older

Like why we’re in the huge and busy town

I know in a couple days

These will seem like the good ol’ days

And so I know we all have ups and downs

Growing up means adapting

Thinking ‘bout your world and your place

When I’m more mature

I’ll feel totally secure

Even when I have a cute and adorable little face

2016 Blossom: Wait, you have a cute face?

2016 Buttercup: Yeah, Bloss. That’s in the name.

Blisstina: Yep.

2016 Bubbles: Indeed it is, Buttercup. (singing) See, these are all the things when I get older

All of the important things in life

I’ll just dream about that time

When I’m in my age of prime

‘Cause when I’m older

I’ll get some of that very awesome life

(song ends)

2016 Bubbles: So, come on! Let’s go! Time’s wasting!

(“Wonderful Life (Mi Oh My)” by Matoma plays as the Girls enter Midway Elementary School)

Mi oh my, it's a wonderful life

It's wonderful life with you by my side

Blisstina: Wow. This school is lit!

2016 Blossom: Girls, I think I see Jared…

(The song fades, then “True” by Spandau Ballet plays)

I know this much is true

2016 Buttercup: Bloss, are you gonna talk to Jared?

2016 Blossom: I don’t know Buttercup. I haven’t decided yet.

Barry Mackerbacker: Hello, Blossom. Hey, Bliss!

2016 Blossom and Blisstina: Hey, Barry!

Brick: Hey, Blossom! So good to see you!

2016 Blossom: Hey! It’s the Rowdyruff Boys! Hello!

Brick: So, wanna talk about something really strange?

2016 Buttercup: Sure.

2016 Blossom: Why don’t you boys go ahead? We’ll see you at lunch.

Brick: Great idea, Blossom.

(the boys walk off)

2016 Buttercup: Welp. That went well.

(at lunch)

2016 Blossom: Hey, Girls. Did you know that Townsville was built a long time ago?

2016 Bubbles: Yeah, Blossom. I studied the history of our city.

Blisstina: Was that something you also read on Google?

2016 Blossom: No, it was something else.

Brick: Hey, Blossom! Come here!

2016 Blossom: It’s Brick. He’s calling me. BRB. (she walks off)

2016 Bubbles: Hey, Buttercup, did you know that the past comes before the present and the present comes before the future?

2016 Buttercup: Yeah, Bubbs. Everyone knows that.

Blisstina: Why did you bring that up?

2016 Bubbles: Because I wanna grow up to become old and wise.

(in the table where the Rowdyruff Boys are sitting at)

Brick: Blossom, I got a footage from a security cam. It turns out that the Amoeba Boys just tampered with the Professor’s portal, and now it’s malfunctioning.

2016 Blossom: What?!

Boomer: Yeah! And it’s about to unleash your past selves anytime now.

Butch: After school ends, you must come to your home quick to check on the portal.

2016 Blossom: Okay, boys. Thanks for sharing. (she runs back to her table) Girls, we got a situation. After school ends, we need to come back home to see what’s going on with the portal.

(when the Girls got home)

2016 Blossom: Oh no! What's happening? The portal's glitching!

2016 Buttercup: Well then fix it! You are the brains of the squad.

Blisstina: Yeah, Blossom! Fix it!

(2016 Blossom fixes it, and soon, the 1998 Powerpuff Girls pop out.)

1998 Blossom: Huh?

1998 Bubbles: Where are we?

2016 Bubbles: We're you from the future.

1998 Blossom: The universes are not fixed, and not what they seem. The Giant Fishballoon is coming!

2016 Buttercup: My prediction: we die.

1998 Buttercup: Well then let's tell Ms. Keane and the Mayor about this.


Ms. Keane: Good morning, Girls? Wait, why are there two of you girls?

1998 Buttercup: Hey, don’t ask, don’t tell.

2016 Bubbles: Let’s tell the Mayor about this.

(When they got to the Mayor’s office)

2016 Mayor of Townsville: Sweet Mother of Pickle Chips! Why are there two of you girls?

2016 Blossom: Mayor, we can explain.

2016 Mayor of Townsville: No need! Miss Bellum, escort them out if you please.

Miss Bellum: Will do.

(Miss Bellum sweeps the Girls out of the office)

1998 Blossom: Well let's ask Professor about this.

2016 Professor Utonium: Goodness me! Two pairs of Powerpuff Girls.

2016 Blossom: What is happening?

2016 Professor Utonium: I am afraid the universes are crashing.

1998 and 2016 Powerpuff Girls: WHAT???

Blisstina: But, why, Professor? Why are they crashing?

2016 Blossom: Bliss, Brick told me that the Amoeba Boys tampered with the portal.

2016 Professor Utonium: Exactly, Blossom. To save the universes from crashing, you Girls need to get more of your past selves to put together a team.

2016 Blossom: Professor, this is what we’ll do.

(In their room)

2016 Blossom: It’s true that the Fishballoon is coming, so we have to join forces with you guys.

2016 Bubbles: So, do you think you wanna tell us everything you know about the Fishballoon?

1998 Buttercup: Well, we were having a simple outing in Bonsai Gardens Park, but then the Fishballoon interrupted our fun.

2016 Blossom: (she’s writing down notes on her notepad) Uh-huh.

1998 Bubbles: So the Professor Utonium of our universe built a giant robot called the Dynamo.

2016 Buttercup: Dyno-what now?

1998 Blossom: The Dynamic Nanotechtronic Monobot.

2016 Blossom: Huh. Interesting.

1998 Buttercup: We used Dynamo to beat down that monster.

2016 Bubbles: So, what’s happening now?

1998 Blossom: The Fishballoon is coming back for revenge.

2016 Blossom: That’s terrible. You know what you need? A team!

1998 Blossom: A team?

Blisstina: Yes! We need to work together to recruit more of our past selves, and save the multiverse! I mean, I saved the Spring Fling dance long ago by defeating the Sporde.

1998 Buttercup: How do you know all this?

2016 Bubbles: She’s our sister. She was created with Chemical W, while the three of us were created with Chemical X.

1998 Blossom: Us, too! That stuff happened in many universes of the multiverse!

2016 Blossom: Exactly. Here’s what we’re gonna do.

(“Getting The Team Together” starts playing and 2016 Blossom pulls down a chart)

2016 Blossom: We need to rally up a number of our past selves, plus the ones form the main, parallel, and alternate universes. Now here are some things that we should do to recruit them all. (singing) Here is our plan, we round up our other past selves

2016 Bubbles: You came along, and now we need to get more

2016 Buttercup: (singing) But what if the rest of Townsville knows as well?

Blisstina: (singing) What we’ll say is

Let’s do this

We’ve never done this before

2016 Powerpuff Girls and Blisstina: (singing) If we get the team together we will stand

We are three Powerpuffs, and sisters till the end

And when we come together who can tell us when?

We might the win this big fight by then

2016 Blossom: So, what do you think?

1998 Blossom: I like it. Maybe I can go with this. But I’m not sure that we can do it, because the portal might glitch again.

2016 Buttercup: What makes you say that?

1998 Blossom: (singing) I don’t know, guys, this whole thing is just risky

But we all know that we must give it a try

1998 Bubbles: (singing) Yes, indeed, trying this new job is our new key

1998 Buttercup: (singing) It’s what we need

Bloss can lead

We are in, you know why?

1998 Powerpuff Girls, 2016 Powerpuff Girls, and Blisstina: (singing) ‘Cause if we get the team together we would fight

1998 Blossom: (singing) I believe that Blossom will just do what’s right

Blisstina: (singing) ‘Cause we’re the greatest team fighting before the night

We make a promise that we’ll do better

1998 Powerpuff Girls, 2016 Powerpuff Girls, and Blisstina: (singing) And we’ll keep trying, and trying, and trying if we can be

Getting the team together

2016 Blossom: (singing) As of today, the world seems so good

That’s how our town is our home and it should

What will Bliss say, if she finds out today

Now that there are six of us, we might just know a way

(song ends; and we cut to the Girls sneaking into the Derbytantes’ lair)

2016 Buttercup: But what if Maylyn finds out? The Derbytantes would see that there are two of us!

2016 Blossom: Don’t worry, Buttercup, it’s just that we have a good explanation to give.

(The Girls enter the lair, and “Life of the PRTY” by PRTY H3RO is playing. Derbytantes are skating around.)

Ooh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Ooh oh oh oh oh oh oh

I can feel it goin' to my head

Keep me up, I can sleep when I'm dead

Out on the floor, why you layin' in your bed?

'Cause nothin' can stop me

No one can stop me

2016 Blossom: Alright, Powerpuff Girls. Here’s the plan. Bubbles’ past self disguises as Bublyn, and Buttercup’s past self will disguise as Buttlyn.

2016 Buttercup: But what if they find out?

2016 Bubbles: Don’t worry, Buttercup. We got this.

Blisstina: Uh, guys, I see that Jaylyn has been cured.

(song fades)

Brick: DJ Beatz Brick in the house! It’s time to welcome our first new male Derbytantes, Boomlyn and Butch-lyn!

(“My Heart Will Go On” by Kenny G starts playing, and the two Rowdyruff Boys skate around performing.)

2016 Bubbles: Aww. That’s so beautiful.

2016 Blossom: Yeah. Anyway, “Operation: Disguise as Derbytantes” starts now.

(We see 1998 Bubbles disguised as Bublyn and 1998 Buttercup disguised as Buttlyn.)

1998 Buttercup: Yes, Blossom!

2016 Buttercup: Girls, when you come across the Derbytantes, tell them “Sorry, we’re late”. Got it?

1998 Bubbles: Okay.

(The two walk off, and they stop by a now-recovered Jaylyn.)

1998 Buttercup: Sorry, we’re late.

Jaylyn: That’s fine. Some Derbytantes show up late, you know.

2016 Buttercup: Uh, Bloss? I think it’s working.

2016 Blossom: See? We got this.

2016 Bubbles: Hey, that’s what I said.

Brick: What is this? Two pairs of Powerpuff Girls? (he sees two Blossoms, two Bubbleses, and two Buttercups, and he stops the music) Hey, guys! Check it out! Two Powerpuff Girls!

Derbytante: (screams)

Bobbysuzeraelyn: I’m confused now.

Jaylyn: How did this happen?!

Maylyn: Dude, why are there two of you? It seems like something just straight out of Gemini Man.

Blisstina: I can explain. The portal was glitching. Our past selves popped out. And now we have to…

Maylyn: Woah, woah. You’re telling me that your other past selves are coming to this world?

2016 Bubbles: Yes. And we’re getting more of our past selves to assemble a team.

Blisstina: We need to stop the Fishballoon from destroying the Townsvilles.

2016 Bubbles: Yeah, Bliss. And what I’m about to tell you is the original backstory of our first three past selves that we just recruited.

1998 Buttercup: Oh boy, here we go again.

2016 Bubbles: It began with a man named “Professor Utonium”. He bought three ingredients chosen to make the perfect little girl: sugar, spice, and everything nice. Then, a monkey pushed him in the back, causing an extra ingredient called Chemical X to pour down the pot! BOOM!!!! Thus, tree little girls were born... with superpowers! Their names are Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. We loved each other as a family. (imitating Ms. Keane) Welcome to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten! I am Miss Keane, and I’m going to be your teacher. (in a normal voice) We played tag, and destroyed most of the city! Until the Professor calmed them down. The Girls become outcasts. The Professor is taken to jail.

Maylyn: Oh my goodness.

2016 Bubbles: The Girls meet a monkey named Jojo! We built a superweapon called the “help the town and make it a better place machine”! Afterwards, we went to the zoo, where Mojo shot all the primates! The primates become EVIL.

Maylyn: WHAT?!

2016 Bubbles: The next day... Evil monkeys! Everywhere!!! GET OUT, GIRLS!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maylyn: Uhh...

2016 Bubbles: The Girls arrive at an asteroid, utterly dejected. Blossom and Buttercup fight! While Bubbles cries.

Maylyn: (sniffles) Aw, poor Bubbles.

2016 Bubbles: Then they return to Earth! The Girls fight off the bad guys as well as Mojo Jojo, and we won! They are dubbed, the Powerpuff Girls. And then the portal started malfunctioning and launched our past selves on purpose! And we have been assigned to get more of our different versions of ourselves from the past! Any questions?

Jaylyn: Yes. Why are you getting you past selves to form a team?

2016 Buttercup: We’re fighting the Fishballoon! He’s coming here! He’s gonna destroy all of the Townsvilles! And we know who is helping him.

Maylyn: Who?

2016 Blossom: Mojo Jojo. We all know he’s up to something.

Maylyn: Well, that makes sense.

2016 Bubbles: Yes, it does.

2016 Blossom: So, Girls, wanna go home? Because we already told Maylyn.

(“On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons plays)

2016 Buttercup: Yeah, Bloss.

Blisstina: Hey, Powerpuff Girls from the past, are you coming?

1998 Blossom: Yeah.

(We cut to the Girls walking home.)

'Cause I'm on top of the world, 'ey

I'm on top of the world, 'ey

Waiting on this for a while now

Paying my dues to the dirt

I've been waiting to smile, 'ey

Been holding it in for a while, 'ey

Take it with me if I can

Been dreaming of this since a child

I'm on top of the world

(The Girls arrive back in the Utonium house. They suddenly hear another glitch from the malfunctioning portal.)

2016 Buttercup: Oh, what is it now?! Where’d that sound come from?

Blisstina: It came from the lab!

(The Girls enter the lab, only to see the 2014 Girls.)

2014 Blossom: Oh, thank goodness! You’re here! Our dimension is in danger!!

1998 Blossom: Yeah! Ours too!

2016 Blossom: We need to recruit our other past selves!

2014 Buttercup: Awesome!

2014 Bubbles: Can we help?

1998 Buttercup: Sure!

2016 Blossom: Okay, what’s the crisis?

2014 Blossom: The Fishballoon is teaming up with Mojo Jojo to destroy all the dimensions in the multiverse, including ours!

2016 Bubbles: That’s terrible!

2016 Professor Utonium: Oh, hey, Girls! (he sees the 2014 Girls) Wait, more Powerpuff Girls?

Blisstina: Yes! The portal has already unleashed three more of these!

2016 Blossom: Looks like their universe is crashing too!

1998 Blossom: What do we do?

2016 Professor Utonium: Well, there’s something that I invented one week ago. It can take you across the multiverse.

2016 Buttercup: Really? Where’s that invention you made?

(We cut to the lab. There is something under the cloth.)

Blisstina: (she pulls out a cloth) It’s called the Powerpuff Time Machine! It can take you to different dimensions in the multiverse, and it can also help you get your past selves.

2016 Blossom: Yeah, because we needed to use that to get our past selves.

Blisstina: Okay, that can do. You wanna see something cool?

2016 Bubbles: Yeah.

(Bliss pulls out a box.)

Blisstina: For centuries, no Powerpuff Girl ever had the power to travel throughout the multiverse, until now. (she opens the box) Behold, the Orb of Main, Parallel, and Alternate Universes.

2016 Buttercup: Woah. It’s so shiny.

2016 Bubbles: What’s it do?

Blisstina: It opens up several portals to unleash a new heroic group called the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths.

2016 Blossom: Can we use it when we fight the bad guys?

Blisstina: Sure can! Although it may be dangerous and risky. Also, there’s a reason why the Professor said that the universes are crashing.

2016 Blossom: Yeah. Brick told me that before.

Blisstina: Exactly. To save the multiverse, we need to recruit your other past selves, and if we use the Orb, we need to unleash the other universes of us so we can outnumber them. (“A Beautiful Life” starts playing, and Bliss starts singing) You know we need to

It’s not a secret that you can keep

But you can do it

So you know that you can just dig deep

The world depends on you

And life is coming together

And uniting you and me

And that’s what we will do

So why just do it if I just know

What this new team might be?

(We pan up to outer space with stars and planets. Blisstina’s head is a singing planet.)

Blisstina: (continues singing) ‘Cause it is a beautiful life

See that the world can be saved

And we all must do what is right

In order to help and save the day

It’s up to you, and it’s up to me

No one can see what this world can be

‘Cause in this beautiful life

We can know when it’s do or die

(We pan down as a comet flies by, and we continue panning to the Girls. Blisstina pulls out a microscope.)

Blisstina: (continues singing) You think it’s risky

I know that it is just worth a try

But there are planets

And stars and comets up in the sky

I know you’re wondering why

Because you can see what’s between

Both you and me

Within these worlds

But what if we all learn

Saving the day is more to us

Than being a Powerpuff Girl

(We zoom into 2016 Blossom’s eye, taking us to an outer space-like background. The Girls are seen on a flying comet.)

Blisstina: (continues singing) And in this beautiful life

This is what we know today

Everyone does what is right

And all we can do is save the day

What do we do, and what do we say

When we all know the only way

But it is a beautiful life

Let’s do it while we all know why

And what is between these worlds

For a big group of Powerpuff Girls?

So what if we change the world?

It’s not impossible

Can it be possible?

Yes, it is possible

(We pan upwards to the sun, as it shines, taking us back to Townsville. The Girls are flying above Townsville.)

Blisstina: (continues singing) It’s really a beautiful life

We know that the world can be saved

And we can do what is right

In order for us to save the day

It’s up to you, and it’s up to me

What can this world really be?

‘Cause in this beautiful life

This is the time when it’s you and I

2016 Blossom: So, you know how to get us through many dimensions of the multiverse?

Blisstina: Yes, I do. The time machine can do that. Come on. Let’s get back to the lab.

(song ends)

(back in the lab)

Blisstina: The time machine has a system that can ask you where you can go.

(she turns on the time machine screen system)

Powerpuff Time Machine Computer Voice: Hello, Blisstina Utonium. I am the computer of the Powerpuff Time Machine.

2016 Buttercup: Wow! That time machine can talk? Awesome.

Powerpuff Time Machine Computer Voice: It is awesome, Buttercup.

2016 Buttercup: It knows my name?

Blisstina: Yes, it knows your name. It knows everyone’s name.

Powerpuff Time Machine Computer Voice: Yes. I can also take you to every dimension in the multiverse, because I knew that the universes are crashing. I can help you recruit all of your past selves anywhere in the multiverse.

Blisstina: Okay. World tour. Let’s get started!

(The Girls all go inside the time machine.)

Powerpuff Time Machine Computer Machine: Where do you want to go first?

2016 Blossom: The 1992 universe.

Powerpuff Time Machine Computer Voice: Calculating destination.

(The time machine powers up. A portal opens and the time machine flies into it.)

2016 Bubbles: This is gonna be like Endgame. We’re the guys who are gonna retrieve the other universes of us.

2016 Buttercup: Not sure that really applies, Bubbs, but…

2016 Blossom: She’s right, Buttercup. We need to locate the other past selves who haven’t been sucked into the portal yet.

Blisstina: Yeah, it feels more to me like the heroic journey to stop Mojo Jojo and all the other bad guys from taking over the world.

2014 Buttercup: I agree.

2014 Blossom: I also agree. We are currently on our way to the 1992 universe.

1998 Buttercup: And every multiverse is different from all our home dimensions.

Powerpuff Time Machine Computer Voice: You have arrived at your destination.

2016 Blossom: We’re here!

(The time machine lands on a street surface, then the time machine door opens)

2016 Blossom: Now we just need to find the first trio of girls we’re looking for.

2016 Buttercup: What exactly are we looking for?

(Suddenly we hear crime noises coming from the 1992 Amoeba Boys.)

1992 Powerpuff Girls: Not so fast, boys!

2016 Buttercup: Bliss, these can be the Girls that we’re looking for!

Blisstina: That’s right, Buttercup. (she starts calling the 1992 Powerpuff Girls) Hey!!! Over here!! Come here! We’re putting together a team!

(The 1992 Powerpuff Girls hear this.)

1992 Blossom: Follow me, Girls!

(The Girls fly right down to get Bliss’ attention.)

Blisstina: This is an emergency! The universes are crashing and Mojo Jojo is joining forces with the Fishballoon to take over the multiverse and the world. You wanna help?

(The 1992 Powerpuff Girls all nod, then get inside the machine along with Blisstina and the 1998, 2014, and 2016 Girls. The time machine flies off.)

1998 Blossom: All right, we’re off to a great start. Now we just need to get to our dimension so we can show our new friends around.

2014 Blossom: And that’s exactly what we’ll do. We can show them around our dimension too.

(The time machine lands on the backyard of the 1998 Powerpuff Girls’ house. The Girls go out of the time machine and into the house.)

Narrator: Wait a minute! The Powerpuff Girls are back? With more Powerpuff Girls? From other universes? How did this happen?!

(In the 1998 Utonium house, the Girls enter the 1998 Girls’ room.)

1998 Blossom: This is our bedroom, this is our hotline, this one is our closet, and that’s Octi.

2016 Bubbles: (she holds her Octi doll) Octi never even wore a hat.

1998 Bubbles: Yeah, that’s the Octi from our universe. He looks really different.

2016 Bubbles: This means that we even have two Octis!

1998 Bubbles: Yeah. We do!

(The two Bubbleses then giggle and play with their Octis. 2016 Blossom looks around.)

2016 Blossom: Do you have any Sensitive Thugz posters? Because we have them back in our dimension, and…

1998 Blossom: No. We just have colored drawings.

Blisstina: Okay. Did you girls create Bunny?

1998 Buttercup: Yeah, but she exploded in a flash of light later on.

Blisstina: That’s sad. She even wore the same dress as me.

1998 Blossom: How did you know?

Blisstina: I saw the frame back at our house.

2016 Bubbles: I have Space Tow Truck 3D models while my other me doesn’t.

1998 Bubbles: That’s true.

2016 Blossom: So, in this universe, what did you three do in the past?

1998 Blossom: Glad you asked. You know, things may be complicated, but I think we will tell you all about it. (“What We Did In The Past” starts playing) It was a long time ago. Our story starts at the very beginning. (singing) I know we’re not all the same

It’s just that we may look alike

There’s something we can explain

And we all know how that feels like

1998 Bubbles: (singing) All of the answers are found

Though we might not win that war

And that’s what it’s all about

And you know why we made it this far

1998 Buttercup: (singing) Since then we all saved the world

‘Cause they knew who we are

We are the Powerpuff Girls

So here we are, yes here we are

1998 Blossom: (singing) In this timeline, all that we can do is

Help and do much more than just this

We can save, save, save the dimensions

We might not know how it lasts

1998 Powerpuff Girls: (singing) For example, we built an evil lair

That belonged to Mojo who made evil plans there

That’s the first that fits the description

Of what we did in the past

1998 Blossom: (singing) Can’t everybody see, that there are more Girls like me

2016 Blossom: So, that’s what you did in the past? Okay. How about you? What did you do?

2014 Blossom: Well, I might tell you, and I hope you might learn something, okay? (we cut to the 2014 universe and 2014 Blossom starts singing) We brought in a new game

It was a game of dancing

2014 Bubbles: (singing) My sisters thought it was lame

2014 Buttercup: (singing) “So what’d it do?” you’d be asking

2014 Powerpuff Girls: (singing) It turned, it turned us to bots

That forced us to dance

But we knew what’s right or not

So it may be our chance, it may be our chance

When the years pass, we keep saving Townsville

Just like you, and that’s what we do still

We can save, save, save the dimensions

We might not know how it lasts

We tried to stop, but that we never could do

But, we won the battle, so that’s what we should do

And that’s what fits the description

Of what we did in the past

2014 Blossom: (singing) And that is what we did

You know what we’re saying?

1998 Blossom: (singing) Did you run away from home, after making it worse?

1998 Bubbles: (singing) Did you ever go hardcore or did you overhear a word?

1998 Buttercup: (singing) Did you ever get dirty, or waste any paste?

1998 Powerpuff Girls: (singing) Did you ever realize you’re in the right place?

2014 Blossom: (singing) Do you ever go for team Broccolini?

2014 Bubbles: (singing) Did you ever turn your Professor to jelly?

2014 Buttercup: (singing) Did you fight a big robot or did it just hit you?

2014 Powerpuff Girls: (singing) And did you ever see what’s in your different point of view?

1998 and 2016 Powerpuff Girls: (singing) And do you all know why?

Because it’s you and I

But when we all stick together we can always fly

When the years pass, we’ll keep saving Townsville

Just like you, we’ll do what we all will

We can save, save, save the dimensions

We might not know how it lasts

There must be something that we can do

And we know that we need help from you

‘Cause that’s what fits the description

Of what we did in the past

1998 and 2014 Blossom: (singing) Can’t everybody see

1998 and 2014 Bubbles: (singing) That it’s gonna be

1998 and 2014 Buttercup: (singing) You and me

Blisstina: Okay, what I did in the past was that I ran away. I reached Bird Poop Island, and I met MIH, my pet elephant.

2016 Buttercup: Turns out MIH was actually HIM.

2014 Blossom: Uh, I’m just confused. Why would MIH be HIM, and HIM be you?

Blisstina: I dunno, he just shapeshifts and stuff.

2016 Blossom: Next stop, the anime universe.

Blisstina: Now you’re talking, Blossom. To the Powerpuff Time Machine!

(song ends)

(Blisstina and the 1992, 1998, 2014, and 2016 Girls then enter the Powerpuff Time Machine. The machine flies off, making its way to the Powerpuff Girls Z universe.)

2016 Bubbles: Okay, guys. We need at least three anime magical girls in our team.

2016 Blossom: That’s what we’re looking for. The first one is like me and the other Blossoms, but wears a different dress and has magical powers like Star Butterfly.

2016 Buttercup: Except she has a yoyo and stuff.

2016 Blossom: You read my mind, Buttercup.

2016 Bubbles: Who is her friend? Maybe Marco Diaz?

2016 Blossom: No, Bubbles. Her friend isn’t Marco Diaz. She actually has two. Her friends are anime versions of you and Buttercup.

2016 Bubbles: Oh. Pony Head.

(The time machine arrives in the Powerpuff Girls Z universe.)

1998 Blossom: Okay, we’re here. Now we need to know where the anime Powerpuff Girls are.

2014 Blossom: Maybe they’re located in that school. Looks different, but let’s go!

(The Girls reach the entrance of the school.)

2016 Bubbles: Townsville Autumnside Primary School? Who names their school Townsville Autumnside Primary School?

2016 Buttercup: The school principal?

2016 Blossom: Our school was never like that.

(They get inside. They find the anime Powerpuff Girls.)

Blisstina: This must be where the anime Girls are.

1998 Blossom: Hello?

2014 Blossom: Anyone here?

2016 Buttercup: Come out! We’re putting together a team!

2016 Bubbles: Guys, we checked every room, but they’re not there.

2014 Blossom: Where exactly could they be?

(Suddenly they hear strange sounds. “TALK TALK” by Wengie, David Amber, and eill starts playing)

???: Blossom!

2016 Blossom: Uh, Girls? Do you hear that?

Blisstina: It’s coming from the rooftops! Let’s go!

(The Girls start running to the rooftops.)

???: Bubbles!

2016 Buttercup: Hey! I think that’s the anime girls!

???: Buttercup!

(They reach the stairs to the rooftops.)

Blisstina: This way!

(The Girls run upstairs.)

(Cut to the rooftops. The Girls enter. They finally find the anime Girls.)

2016 Buttercup: Woah. These anime girls are actually the Powerpuff Girls Z? Awesome!

(song stops)

Blossom Akatsutsumi: Huh? Who are you girls?

2016 Blossom: I’m you from another dimension. We’ve come to tell you that all of the universes of the multiverse are crashing.

Bubbles Gōtokuji: Oh, no. We have to save the multiverse!

Buttercup Matsubara: Otherwise, our worlds will collide and something bad might happen.

Blisstina: Hi, anime Girls. I’m Blisstina Francesa Francia Mariam Alicia Utonium, but you can call me Bliss.

Blossom Akatsutsumi: Nice to meet you, Bliss. May we join your team?

Blisstina: Yes. Because we’re putting you in it.

2016 Blossom: The thing is, we need to stop the Fishballoon from taking over the world. Will you help us?

Blossom Akatsutsumi: You bet we will. Do you have a time machine that can take us to your universe?

Blisstina: Yes. Yes, we do.

(Blisstina and the 1992, 1998, 2014, 2016, and PPGZ Girls enter the Time Machine. It flies off, thus flying to the 2016 universe.)

(Meanwhile, Mojo Jojo and his gang arrive in the 1998-2005 dimension.)

2016 Mojo Jojo: Okay, gang. We’re here. All we need to do is to make a deal with the Fishballoon to defeat those Powerpuff Girls.

2016 Princess Morbucks: Hey, Fishballoon! Care to join us at fighting the Powerpuff Girls?

(the Fishballoon agrees then joins Mojo Jojo’s team)

2016 Mojo Jojo: Okay. All we need to do is to defeat the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths, so that we would win.

2016 Princess Morbucks: How do we do that?

Gnat: We could swat them?

Bianca Bikini: We could take them down with some makeup?

Sedusa: We could beat them down for what they and Miss Bellum did with my hair?

2016 Mojo Jojo: All approved! Anyone else?

Pug-Faced Paulie: We could decimate them.

Charlie Chihuahua: Tie them up in chains.

Dapper Dan Doberman: Like that last time when Buttercup was pretending to be in space.

Al Cacone: Yeah!

Poodles Canoodles: That’s what we think we’d do.

Herman Shepherd: That’s our plan.

2016 Mojo Jojo: Yes.

Manboy: I could call Buttercup a princess because she fights like a girl.

Rubber Bandit: Maybe because she is a girl.

Fuzzy Lumpkins: Yeah.

2016 Princess Morbucks: Have you been thinking of this since the Rowdyruff Boys turned against you and are now siding with the Powerpuff Girls?

2016 Mojo Jojo: Yes. They betrayed Mojo Jojo after he shot them with one of his cannons during the kart race. But now, Mojo must have revenge on a new group called the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths. We go back to our universe, and bring the Fishballoon with us.

(Meanwhile, Blisstina and the 1992, 1998, 2014, 2016, and PPGZ Girls arrive in the 2016 universe and the machine lands on Townsville Park. The Girls go out of the time machine.)

2016 Blossom: Wow! Isn’t it great? We assembled the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths.

2014 Blossom: Let’s warm up, Girls!

1998 Bubbles: Yay!

2016 Blossom: Okay, so we need to think of something about defeating the bad guys. If we don’t, the multiverse would be destroyed.

Blisstina: Blossom, all we gotta do is try to defeat the villains. It’ll be just us, and I hope it’s gonna work.

2016 Blossom: But we gotta unleash the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths.

Blisstina: Blossom, I know you’re the leader, but you have to listen to me. We have to try to defeat the villains all on our own. We got what we needed to recruit, and now we need to prepare for the battle.

2016 Blossom: But, Bliss…

Blisstina: Trust me. It’s for your own good. Don’t mess it up for us, okay?

Blossom Akatsutsumi: Trust us. We can do this on our own.

1998 Blossom: I believe in you, Blossom.

2014 Blossom: Nothing can go wrong.

(2016 Blossom nods her head.)

2016 Blossom: Okay, Bliss.

Blisstina: Good. I know that you’re going to listen to me. Okay, Girls, let’s get back to our house to tell the Professor that we got our past selves.

(Blisstina and the 1992, 1998, 2014, 2016, and PPGZ Girls arrive at the Utonium residence.)

Blisstina: Professor, we got our past selves.

2016 Professor Utonium: Good. Now we need to give them some training tomorrow.

2016 Blossom: Can they sleep with us for the training days?

2016 Professor Utonium: Yes, Blossom. They can.

2016 Girls and Blisstina: Thanks, Professor!

(in their room)

2016 Blossom: Okay, ladies. We got training tomorrow. So we need to get some rest. Any questions?

1998 Blossom: What will our training be like, Blossom?

2016 Bubbles: I dunno, but the Professor will set it up.

2014 Blossom: Oh. Okay.

(We cut to the outside of the Utonium house.)

Blisstina: Anyways, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. Good night, Girls.

1998, 2014, 2016, and PPGZ Girls: Good night, Bliss!

(The light switches off from the three windows.)

(We cut to the same house in the morning. An alarm clock starts ringing. 2016 Bubbles turns the alarm off. 2016 Blossom, 2016 Bubbles, 2016 Buttercup, and Blisstina, wake up.)

(The 1992, 1998, 2014, and PPGZ Girls all wake up.)

1998, 2014, and PPGZ Girls: Good morning.

2016 Blossom: Morning, everyone. Now let’s shower, get dressed, and ready for training.)

(Blisstina and the 1992, 1998, 2014, 2016, and PPGZ Girls all take a shower and after that, they get dressed.)

(In the control room)

Blisstina: I want us to focus so we can defeat Mojo Jojo, the Fishballoon, and the other bad guys.

2016 Blossom: All we have to do is ace every simulation so that we will be ready, just like how Bliss did when she was trying to control her powers.

Blisstina: Yep.

2016 Blossom: We’ll start with the basics. Buttercup, show them how we do it.

2016 Buttercup: Mission, begin.

(Around them, the Townsville Zen-Aissance Fair appears. 2016 Buttercup flies up and punches a giant wooden mech owned by Manboy. The mech falls down to the ground. The Girls are amused of this.)

2016 Buttercup: That’s how you do it.

2016 Blossom: Nice fighting skills, Buttercup.

2016 Buttercup: Thanks, Bloss.

(“Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars starts playing.)

Blisstina: Okay, Girls. Time for us to start training so that we can fight Mojo and his gang.

2016 Buttercup: And the Fishballoon.

(The Girls start training. We see the 1998 Girls punching the punching bags.)

Well, looky here, looky here, ah, what do we have?

Another pretty thing ready for me to grab

(We see the 2014 Girls on treadmills. 2016 Blossom writes down the results on her clipboard.)

(We cut to the PPGZ Girls in the backyard using their magical powers to hit the targets. The targets are cutout printings of the PPGZ villains.)

2016 Blossom: Wow. I am impressed. (writes down the results on her clipboard)

(We cut to the control room.)

Run, run, run away, run away, baby

(Blisstina turns the danger level to 4. 1998 Buttercup looks around, but was not amused by this.)

1998 Buttercup: Was that all?

(2016 Blossom turns the danger level up to 9.)

1998 Buttercup: That’s what I’m talking about!

(1998 Buttercup is now amazed and proceeds to fight a bunch of monsters.)

So you better run, run, run away, run away, baby

(We cut to the backyard. There, an obstacle course is being held. 2016 Blossom, 2016 Bubbles, and Blisstina cover their ears, and 2016 Buttercup blows an airhorn.)

(The 1992, 1998, 2014, and PPGZ Girls start going through the obstacle course.)

See, I ain't tryna hurt you, baby

No, no, no, I just want to work you baby

You better run (you better run)

You better run (you better run)

You better, you better, you better

(The 1992, 1998, 2014, and PPGZ Girls finish the obstacle course.)

(A montage of the Girls training is seen.)

Your poor little heart will end up alone

'Cause Lord knows I'm a rolling stone

So you better run, run, run away, run away, baby

(The song ends.)

2016 Blossom: They’re ready.

2016 Buttercup: What?


2016 Blossom: Okay, Girls. Here’s the plan. When the phone rings, and after I answer it, we fly out to defeat the bad guys, shrink the Fishballoon to its smallest size, and save the multiverse.

Blisstina: And then, to top it all off, our past selves all go home to their respective dimensions, and we celebrate our success with some ice cream at Penguin Pete’s.

(Suddenly, the Powerpuff smartphone starts ringing, and 2016 Blossom answers it.)

2016 Blossom: Hello?

The Mayor of Townsville: (on the phone) Townsville is in trouble! Come here immediately!

2016 Blossom: On it, Mayor! (she ends the call) Alright, ladies. Let’s roll!

(The Girls all fly off to Main Street, and they approach the bad guys.)

Girls: Not so fast, Mojo Jojo! (they see the Fishballoon) And the Fishballoon?

2016 Mojo Jojo: Wait a minute. Lots of Powerpuff Girls? Oh, well.

(2016 Mojo Jojo proceeds to fight the Girls, and the other bad guys join them.)

Poodles Canoodles: Oh, it’s on like Godzilla vs. Kong!

(The Girls and bad guys start fighting. 2016 Blossom fights 2016 HIM, 2016 Bubbles fights 2016 HIM, Buttercup fights Manboy, and Blisstina fights the Sporde. The past selves of the Powerpuff Girls fight the other bad guys as well, and the Powerpuff Girls Z use their anime powers to fight the villains.)

(2016 Buttercup punches Manboy in the face.)

2016 Buttercup: That’s what you get for calling me “princess”!

Manboy: That was unnecessary.

(Cut to Blisstina punching the Sporde.)

Blisstina: That’s for pretending to be Logan Logan back in the Spring Fling dance!

2016 Bubbles: Why don’t you pick on someone your own size, Pug-Faced Paulie?! You bad dog!

Pug-Faced Paulie: Oh, yeah? Well, we’re gonna keep fighting you until we win!

(As the battle continues, 2016 Blossom sneaks up, and takes the Orb from Blisstina’s back.)

2016 Blossom: Okay, I gotta try to unleash the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths.

(Blisstina sees 2016 Blossom trying to unleash the other versions of the Girls using the Orb.)

Blisstina: (gasps) Blossom, no! (she runs to 2016 Blossom) No! Stop! Don’t do this!

2016 Blossom: (she sees Bliss try to pull the Orb from her hands, then she pulls it back) I have to do this, Bliss! It’s the only way!

Blisstina: No! You can’t do this! Just stop, Blossom! (she pulls the Orb back)

2016 Blossom: No! I have to do what I have to do! (she grabs the Orb from Bliss’ hands and pushes her away)

2016 Mojo Jojo: (evil laugh) Looks like your plan failed, Powerpuff Girls!

(Bliss tries to use her telekinesis, but it doesn’t work.)

2016 Mojo Jojo: Time for Mojo to finish you off! (he uses the mech’s arm to swat the Girls away, causing them to scream)


(The Girls all fall onto the junkyard with a thud. They get up.)

2016 Buttercup: Blossom, what were you thinking?!

2016 Blossom: I was trying to unleash the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths!

1998 Blossom: It’s true. She was.

2016 Bubbles: How could you?! Didn’t you listen to Bliss?!

2016 Blossom: Yeah, but I couldn’t take it! We have to try this one more time and we can win. Right, Bliss? (she sees Bliss) Bliss?

Blisstina: I told you to stop.

2016 Blossom: But, Bliss, I had to unleash the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths. It was the only way to defeat the bad guys.

Blisstina: (she starts to get angry) I tried to stop you from doing it, but you pushed me away! Don't you realize what you've done?! You duped us all!

2016 Blossom: I didn't dupe us! Mojo did!

Blisstina: Yeah, back when you started a whole invasion of primates!

2016 Blossom: Mojo was behind all this!

2016 Bubbles: (to 2016 Buttercup) What's going on with these two?

2016 Blossom: The only way to defeat Mojo and his crew is to unleash the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths!

Blisstina: No, it's not! We try to defeat the villains, and now we get beaten up by Mojo! Now we're never gonna save the Townsvilles.

2016 Blossom: Who cares?! Mojo is gonna destroy all of the Townsvilles! All I ever did was let the other universes of us in, Bliss!!

Blisstina: You can’t just unleash other versions of us during the battle!! Because of you, we lost the battle, and Mojo defeated us!!!!

2016 Blossom: We should've unleashed the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths before the battle started!!

Blisstina: That's because you didn't listen to me! I wish you weren't the leader!

2016 Blossom: Well, guess what?!

Blisstina: What?!

2016 Blossom: I wish you were never our sister!!!!!

(Blisstina gasps after hearing Blossom's hurtful statement)

2016 Buttercup: Woah. That was harsh.

(Blisstina sheds tears and starts to walk away from 2016 Blossom)

2016 Blossom: Bliss, I-

Blisstina: (sniffles) I just can't talk to you right now.

2016 Blossom: Wait. Bliss! We can figure this out!

2014 Blossom: I can't believe you've done this! Come on, girls, we can’t do this anymore!

(The Girls start splitting up)

2016 Blossom: Come on, guys! Don't leave! We can still do this!

2016 Bubbles: No, Blossom. We can't. Not anymore. Come on, Octi. (she picks up Octi)

2016 Blossom: What? (she watches Bubbles walk away, and looks at 2016 Buttercup) Buttercup, you're with me on this, right? (she starts to get sad) Buttercup?

2016 Buttercup: Sorry, Bloss. What you did was just not right. (she starts walking away)

(Just as the Girls left her alone in the middle of the junkyard, 2016 Blossom starts to feel sad and walks away as well.)

(Meanwhile, after 2014 Blossom, 2014 Bubbles, and 2014 Buttercup, along with the 1992 Powerpuff Girls and the PPGZ Girls left back to their respective dimensions, 2016 Bubbles, 2016 Buttercup, 1998 Blossom, 1998 Bubbles, and 1998 Buttercup are sitting in the junkyard.)

1998 Buttercup: I knew it. This is all her fault! She duped us all!

1998 Blossom: She didn’t dupe us, Buttercup. Mojo did.

1998 Bubbles: I know, but…

2016 Buttercup: Guys, didn’t you know what Blossom did?

2016 Bubbles: Yeah, and it hurts so much! (she starts crying)

2016 Buttercup: Hey, Bubbs, why are you crying?

2016 Bubbles: (crying) I’m crying because I was hurt by what Blossom did!

2016 Buttercup: Yeah. What Blossom did was wrong. She just didn’t listen to Bliss.

2016 Bubbles: (crying) And they had a fight.

1998 Bubbles: Do you think we should go home to our respective dimension?

1998 Buttercup: Yes! I wanna go already! I can’t take it anymore. We have to go since it’s almost nighttime where we belong. Even here, it’s getting late for you guys. (starts to leave with 1998 Bubbles)

2016 Bubbles: (stops crying, but was still sad) Well, goodbye, our past selves. There is a portal in the junkyard. It will send you back home.

(1998 Bubbles and 1998 Buttercup start leaving and head back home, but 1998 Blossom stayed somewhere in the junkyard to find 2016 Blossom.)

2016 Buttercup: Look, Bubbs. People argue with each other, but that doesn’t mean the friendship will be broken up.

(“We Don’t Want To Be Far Apart” starts playing)

2016 Bubbles: Do you mean it?

2016 Buttercup: Yeah, Bubbs. I know that we will never be far apart. Because sometimes people argue, but eventually they still remain friends ("We Don't Want To Be Far Apart" stops as DJ Scratch sound effect plays. The camera zooms in to 2016 Buttercup's head, and we see a clip from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Friend or Foe," with Mr. Krabs and Plankton arguing about the Patty recipe, which results in the end of their friendship)

Plankton: Well, it was your fault the patty was tainted!

Mr. Krabs: You're the one who put too much seaweed sauce in the burger!

Plankton: You let it sit out too long! That's what did it! I'm taking the recipe and fixing it.

Mr. Krabs: No way, that recipe's mine! (both fight over the recipe one last time)

Plankton: Stop, you're gonna... (recipe tears in half one last time, sending both Mr. Krabs and Plankton into opposite sides of the restaurant)

(Plankton walks out as the clouds go dark one last time, as the argument over the Patty recipe results in the end of Mr. Krabs and Plankton's friendship)

Plankton: You wanna fight over this recipe?! I'll give ya a fight you'll never forget!! (slams the door, causing a shelf above the boiling patty meat to spill the jars into the cauldron)

(Clip ends and the camera zooms back out)

2016 Buttercup: Or do they? ("We Don't Want To Be Far Apart" resumes as normal) (singing) All my life standing in the junkyard

All my days knowing that it’s the end

All this time never even knowing

Just how we became friends

Now I’m here singing in this world

Now I’m here eventually I knew

What we’ve done, it’s almost gone

What are we gonna do?

We don’t want to be far apart

Because we need to stick together

We don’t want to be far apart

We look out for one another

And this world gets mad sometimes

But it’s just mistake worth learning

Even though everything has changed

I will not leave you

2016 Bubbles: You mean it, Buttercup?

2016 Buttercup: Yeah, Bubbs. We’re family. That’s why we Powerpuff Girls must be friends and work together.

2016 Bubbles: But we’re not just friends. We’re sisters.

2016 Buttercup: Yeah, I agree. I won’t leave you. Because you’re my sister.

2016 Bubbles: Well, this is kinda making me feel better. And I know, because we need to stick together. (singing) All my life telling all these stories

All my days living in this world

All this time never truly knowing

Things were what they were

Now we’re here singing together

Now we’re here believing they’d be true

If we’re close, what I now know

That I will always be with you

2016 Buttercup and 2016 Bubbles: (singing) We don’t want to be far apart

2016 Buttercup: (singing) Because we need to stick together

2016 Buttercup and 2016 Bubbles: (singing) We don’t want to be far apart

2016 Bubbles: (singing) We look out for one another

2016 Buttercup and 2016 Bubbles: (singing) And this world gets mad sometimes

But it’s just mistake worth learning

Even though everything has changed

I will not leave you

I will not leave you

(song ends)

2016 Bubbles: (feels better) Thanks, Buttercup. (she hugs her)

2016 Buttercup: (she hugs 2016 Bubbles back) Anytime, Bubbs. Now let’s go home.

(2016 Buttercup and 2016 Bubbles walk back home. It was almost 8:00pm, and the two reached the Utonium house.)

(Back home, we fade into the living room with 2016 Bubbles and 2016 Buttercup, which the two have already changed into their nightgowns.)

2016 Buttercup: Well, I can’t believe that argument earlier. It’s almost 8pm. I have a Space Tow Truck episode to watch. Are you gonna watch it as well, Bubbs?

2016 Bubbles: (feeling tired) No. I actually have to catch up on my sleep since I was up all night. (yawns)

2016 Buttercup: I get it.

2016 Bubbles: At least everyone else is back where they belong. Good night, Buttercup. See you tomorrow. (heads back to her room with Octi)

2016 Buttercup: Night, Bubbs.

(In the PPG’s bedroom, 2016 Bubbles was in her bed, but suddenly she hears sobbing coming from the other room.)

(2016 Bubbles walks through the door leading to Bliss’ room. She sees Bliss lying on her bed, wearing her nightgown as well, hugging her Marceline the Vampire Queen plush toy, and crying because of the argument she had with 2016 Blossom.)

2016 Bubbles: Bliss? Why are you crying?

Blisstina: (crying) I was hurt by Blossom’s words.

2016 Bubbles: Why? What happened?

Blisstina: (crying) I got very angry with her because she didn’t listen to me.

2016 Bubbles: Just because you get angry with me or Blossom or Buttercup doesn’t mean that you’re not our sister. All she wanted to do was unleash the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths. Why can’t you accept that?

Blisstina: (crying) All I wanted was for us to fight alone, but it didn’t work! Blossom messed it up for us. I’m not going to fight crime ever again. I might consider going back to being a member of the Universal Protection Bureau tomorrow.

2016 Bubbles: No, no. Don’t say that. You’re a Powerpuff Girl and we always save the world before bedtime. Remember when you quit the UPB? The Universal Protection Bureau?

(Blisstina stops crying and puts her Marceline plush down. She wipes her tears.)

Blisstina: I missed you guys so much I decided to resign as the member of the UPB to spend time with you guys. Now I feel like being a member of the UPB again if things don't get better.

2016 Bubbles: Yeah. Because you’re our sister, and you will always be.

Blisstina: (feels better) Thanks, Bubbles.

(2016 Bubbles and Bliss hug each other.)

2016 Bubbles: Okay. I’m gonna go to sleep now. Good night, Bliss.

Blisstina: Good night, Bubbles.

(2016 Bubbles leaves Bliss’ room and closes the door. She gets onto her bed and she was snoring until she gets Octi and hugs him)

2016 Bubbles: (turns off the lights and drifts to sleep)

(Later that night, 2016 Blossom is sitting in a junkyard alone. Heartbroken, 2016 Blossom starts crying and starts to regret the argument she had with Bliss. 1998 Blossom walks up to see 2016 Blossom crying)

1998 Blossom: May I talk with you?

2016 Blossom: (crying) Whatever.

(1998 Blossom sits down in front of a crying 2016 Blossom, and she strokes her head gently)

2016 Blossom: (crying) P-please don't stroke me.

1998 Blossom: Sorry about that.

2016 Blossom: (crying) Just don't apologize to me, please. I hurt her feelings.

1998 Blossom: I'm sorry to hear that, but you should never cry about it.

2016 Blossom: (crying) Oh I should. I had to let all the other universes of us in, before they get stuck in the portal forever.

1998 Blossom: Well, you had to do that, but you don't mean that you wished that Bliss wasn't your sister. She loves you, Blossom, and I believe in you.

2016 Blossom: (crying) I know she doesn't now.

(2016 Blossom starts crying again and 1998 Blossom crawls over to 2016 Blossom and wraps her arms around her)

1998 Blossom: Listen, she does love you. Don't say that she won't love you, but now it's time to do the right thing.

2016 Blossom: (crying) Is it really?

1998 Blossom: Yes, and also, the Townsvilles need our help. So does Bliss and our sisters, and Bunny too.

2016 Blossom: (crying) Bunny was the one who needs our help. She wants to handle great evil, and she exploded in a flash of light, but now I need her by my side, and Bliss too, and all my sisters and yours.

1998 Blossom: Because they will always be there when we need them. Just because you did something wrong doesn’t mean that you can’t do right.

(The background fades to black behind 2016 Blossom, who stops crying. A spotlight turns on, and 2016 Blossom is in the spotlight. “The Right Thing To Do” starts playing.)

(1998 Blossom appears and walks in front of 2016 Blossom.)

1998 Blossom: (singing) Every path of us is leading

To a really good deed

Something you could do

The right thing cause that’s what you will need

You can do it

Because I believe in you

And I know it

And I knew what you will do

I have always been so lonely

Until the day that I met you

Even when you did wrong

The right thing’s what you’ll do

I need you

To do the right thing

Yes I know

I believe in you

Even when you did wrong

It’s not too late

It’s the right thing

The right thing to do

2016 Blossom: (singing) I’ve never been so certain

All my life I’ve been told

But I’m here for a reason

Could it be the truth that we’ll unfold?

I have always been the leader

And the leader shows the way

But until now

You came around

And changed my selfish ways

Yes you did

I’m no longer saddened

Here I am

I know what to do

This is the answer I’m looking for

All of my life

Oh, I must have

The right thing to do

1998 Blossom: (singing) Do the right thing

Do what is right

No complaining allowed

So you’ll win that fight

2016 Blossom: (singing) Oh, do the right thing

Do what is right

No complaining allowed

1998 Blossom and 2016 Blossom: (singing together) So we’ll win that fight

(Light shines around the two Blossoms as they look up. The background changes to a space background. The two Blossoms are standing on a star.)

1998 Blossom: (singing) I will always believe in you

2016 Blossom: (singing) Yes you will

1998 Blossom and 2016 Blossom: (singing) Do what’s right

1998 Blossom: (singing) I know that you’ll do it

1998 Blossom and 2016 Blossom: (singing) Do what’s right

2016 Blossom: (singing) Know what’s right from wrong

1998 Blossom and 2016 Blossom: (singing) Even when you did wrong

It’s not too late

It’s the right thing

1998 Blossom: (singing) The right thing to do

2016 Blossom: (singing) The right thing to do

1998 Blossom and 2016 Blossom: (singing) The right thing to do

(song ends)

2016 Blossom: (feels better) Thanks, Blossom. Now I know how it feels to do the right thing. But what if Bliss is still angry with me?

1998 Blossom: She won’t, Blossom. Maybe you two could make up eventually.

(Suddenly 1998 Princess Morbucks and 2016 Princess Morbucks appears.)

2016 Princess Morbucks: Well, well. Look what we have here. Two Blossoms.

1998 Blossom: Princess?

2016 Blossom: Morbucks?

1998 Princess Morbucks: That’s right. It’s us.

2016 Blossom: Okay. I’m confused now. Why are there two Morbuckses?

2016 Princess Morbucks: Oh, I decided to team up with her. Now we’re taking you to Mojo Jojo’s lair from the other Blossom’s universe! (evil laugh)

(The two Princess Morbuckses start kidnapping the Blossoms.)

(screen fades to black)

(The next morning, in the Utonium house, 2016 Bubbles wakes up to a new day, and finds a letter on Octi’s head.)

2016 Bubbles: Huh? What’s this?

(2016 Bubbles starts reading the letter.)

2016 Princess Morbucks: (voiceover) Hello, Powerpuff Gals. We have the Blossoms. Come with Buttercup from your universe to Mojo’s lair. AND BRING EVERY POWERPUFF GIRL FROM OTHER DIMENSIONS WITH YOU!!!

2016 Bubbles: Oh, no. Blossom’s been kidnapped! I gotta tell Buttercup! (she flies downstairs to 2016 Buttercup, who is sleeping on the couch) Buttercup! Wake up! You have to know this!

2016 Buttercup: What is it, Bubbs?

2016 Bubbles: Blossom’s been kidnapped!

2016 Buttercup: (gasps) Then we better do something about it! We gotta go save her!

2016 Bubbles: Let’s go!

(Cut to the sidewalk. 2016 Bubbles and 2016 Buttercup are running to find 2016 Blossom. 1998 Bubbles and 1998 Buttercup come back from the portal.)

2016 Buttercup: Thank goodness you’re back! Our Blossom has been kidnapped!

1998 Buttercup: Yeah! Our Blossom has been kidnapped too!

2016 Bubbles: She has?

1998 Bubbles: Yes! I read the letter under Octi’s hat!

(Bliss runs downstairs to see what’s going on.)

Blisstina: What’s going on down there?

2016 Buttercup: The Blossoms have been kidnapped!!! We gotta go save her!!

Blisstina: Why should we do that?

1998 Bubbles: Because she’s our sister!

Blisstina: What?

(The PPGZ Girls, the 1992 Powerpuff Girls, and 2014 Powerpuff Girls come back from their portals.)

2014 Blossom: Yeah. I heard from the anime Girls.

2014 Buttercup: She told us the same thing your sisters are telling you!

Blisstina: Why?

2014 Bubbles: He’s gonna suck their powers out!

Blisstina: Then we have no time to lose! Let’s go!

(The Girls all run back to Townsville Park and board the Powerpuff Time Machine, and as soon as Bliss powers it up, it flies off.)

(Meanwhile in Mojo Jojo’s lair, in the 1998-2005 universe, 2016 Mojo Jojo’s hand pulls a sack off of 1998 Blossom and 2016 Blossom.)

2016 Blossom: Where are we?!

1998 Blossom: Who’s in charge here?

(They see 2016 Mojo Jojo with 1998 Mojo Jojo.)

2016 Blossom: Why are there two Mojo Jojos?

2016 Mojo Jojo: Because Mojo somehow managed to teleport here in this universe. And that’s when I met the other me.

1998 Mojo Jojo: That’s right, Mojo. And what have we got here? Two Blossoms!

2016 Mojo Jojo: This machine will suck your powers out so that we can use them to end you.

1998 Blossom: No!

(1998 Mojo Jojo throws the Blossoms into a cage.)

2016 Mojo Jojo: Hope you two die once we have your powers!

(The two Mojo Jojos leave the two.)

2016 Blossom: You can’t do this! Get us outta here!

1998 Blossom: What was Mojo thinking? First, he teams up with the Fishballoon, and now he’s gonna suck our powers out and use them to end us?! (sighs) If only our sisters were here to save us.

(Suddenly the Girls break into the lair.)

2016 Bubbles: Blossom!

2016 Blossom: (happily) Bubbles! Girls! You’re all here! Now get us out!

2016 Bubbles: Okay, Blossom.

2014 Bubbles: We gotta think of how we can stop this machine from sucking out their powers.

2016 Buttercup: Wait. I have a better idea. How about we don’t?!

(everyone gasps)

2014 Bubbles: Hey. Don’t be rude!

2016 Buttercup: Did you all take your stupid pills this morning? You forgot how she insulted Bliss yesterday, and now you wanna free her?

2016 Bubbles: Buttercup, get back here!

2016 Buttercup: I’m not! I’ll tell her how much she deserves to get captured!

2016 Bubbles: No!

2016 Buttercup: Listen up, Blossom! You’re just the rudest person I have seen in my life!

2016 Blossom: No I’m not! I was just so mad!

2016 Buttercup: You are a LIAR! You insulter! I can’t believe you did this! I thought I trusted you, but I guess not!

2016 Blossom: No, wait! I can explain.

2016 Buttercup: Save it for the jury, Bloss! I hope both Mojo Jojos suck your powers out and use them to end you!

2016 Blossom: No! Guys! Please! Get us out!

2016 Buttercup: Come one everyone! Let’s go!

2014 Blossom: Go back to your lives, guys. Anyone who belongs in this dimension stays. Anyone who doesn’t belong here goes back to their dimension! Show’s over.

(everyone proceeds to leave, but Bliss was there, and she was not happy)

2016 Blossom: What? Why are you like that?

Blisstina: I thought I could trust you... (brief pause, and gets mad) But I guess this is where it all ends. (leaves and finds the portal back to the 2016 universe, leaving 2016 Bubbles the only one there, looking sad as well)

2016 Bubbles: Guess they're right.

2016 Blossom: What?! Are you also gonna leave me here? (looking sad with tears in her face)

2016 Bubbles: I don’t want Buttercup from our universe to beat me up if I rescue you.

2016 Blossom: No! Don’t leave!

2016 Bubbles: Goodbye, Blossom. (starts leaving to find the portal back home)

2016 Blossom: No, no! Bubbles! Come back! Get me out! (starts crying as she accepts defeat)

(Thunder rumbles as dark clouds appear over head)

1998 Blossom: (depressingly looks at the dark clouds from outside the cell as she also accepts defeat)

(Meanwhile in the 2016 universe, 2016 Bubbles, 2016 Buttercup, and Bliss were hanging out in Town Hall, but they were not happy.)

2016 Bubbles: Why would Blossom do that? She’s our sister, and sisters don’t insult each other.

2016 Buttercup: Yeah, I know.

2016 Bubbles: I should’ve stopped them from fighting yesterday.

2016 Buttercup: I know, Bubbs, but still, she should’ve listened to Bliss yesterday.

(Meanwhile, Bliss is sitting on the Mayor’s chair alone. She feels depressed.)

Blisstina: (sighs)

(“Selfless” starts playing)

Blisstina: (singing) Here comes a time that would keep us away

A time that can’t bury me under

Now we are all left with nothing to say

This is starting to make me wonder

(she stands up)

Blisstina: (continues singing) But I won’t cry

And I won’t start to stumble

Cause I don’t know why

This world just puts me down

But in the right time

When I get to save mankind

Then that’s when I am intertwined

All I know is that I’ll be selfless

‘Cause I know

That when the time is right now

And I gotta get this right now

‘Cause I know that I will be selfless

When I was young

I was all on my own

As I ran away from my hometown

Then I was saved

And no longer alone

But now that I let everyone down

(Screen fades to flashbacks from “Find Your Bliss”, “Bliss Reminisce”, “Blisster Sister”, “Breaking Bliss”, “Blisstersweet Symphony”, and “Never Been Blissed”)

Blisstina: (continues singing) ‘Cause I

I cannot start to stumble

But I have to try

So that we can all save this town

(flashbacks end)

Blisstina: (continues singing) But in the right time

When I get to save mankind

Then that’s when I am intertwined

All I know is that I’ll be selfless, selfless

‘Cause I know

That when the time is right now

And I gotta get this right now

‘Cause I know that I will be selfless

I will now do what is right

I will be what they need

I will now be that good girl

And I’ll be the one to lead

Because Townsville needs me

In the right time

‘Cause that would be when I am intertwined

All I know is that I’ll be selfless, selfless

‘Cause I know

That when the time is right now

And I gotta get this right now

‘Cause I know that I will be selfless

Yes I know that I will be selfless, selfless

(The song ends. Blisstina pulls out the Orb, and notices the other Powerpuff Girls from other universes.)

Blisstina: Blossom was right. “The only way to defeat Mojo and his crew is to unleash the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths.” I gotta tell Buttercup and Bubbles.

(Meanwhile, 2016 Buttercup is still upset about what happened earlier.)

2016 Buttercup: What did I just do? I never should’ve told Blossom that she deserved to be captured.

2016 Bubbles: Why, Buttercup?

2016 Buttercup: Because she’s my sister. Sisters always look out for each other. She was telling us the truth all along.

2016 Bubbles: Yeah. She was.

2016 Buttercup: I never should’ve told her that she was a rude person. I’m such a jerk.

Blisstina: Girls, I have something to say.

2016 Bubbles: What is it, Bliss?

Blisstina: I feel very guilty of what happened earlier. What we did to Blossom was just awful.

2016 Bubbles: Yeah. Very awful.

Blisstina: I never should’ve gotten angry with her. I failed.

2016 Bubbles: No, Bliss. We failed.

2016 Buttercup: Bliss, I was wrong. Blossom didn’t insult you. She was just so mad at you.

Blisstina: And I was also mad at her. Because I made a mistake, I need to make things right. We have to go back.

2016 Buttercup: But how? Everyone’s back home in their dimensions.

Blisstina: We have to gather all our past selves again.

2016 Buttercup: What do you mean?

Blisstina: I’m gonna unleash the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths.

2016 Bubbles: But, why, Bliss?

Blisstina: Because that’s what Blossom always wanted. So I’ll be the one to do this. We need to gather everyone from their dimensions again and save the Blossoms.

2016 Bubbles: We’re coming with you, Bliss.

2016 Buttercup: You got that right, Bubbs. Alright, Bliss. Let’s go save the Blossoms. For real.

(We cut to Bliss opening the portals to the 1992, 1998, 2014, and PPGZ universes. The 1992, 1998, 2014, and PPGZ Girls arrive.)

2014 Blossom: We watched the portal open and we came to help.

Blossom Akatsutsumi: We may have been mad about what happened yesterday, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t give up.

1998 Buttercup: We have to make it up to Blossom from your universe!

Blisstina: Okay, Girls. Let’s go save Blossom.

(The Girls from other universes all cheer. Now, using the Powerpuff Time Machine, Bliss powers it up.)

Powerpuff Time Machine Computer Voice: Hello, Blisstina Utonium.

Blisstina: Computer, take us to the universe where the Blossoms are kidnapped.

(The machine flies off.)

(Meanwhile, in the 1998-2005 universe, 2016 Blossom is still sad about what she did. Suddenly, the Powerpuff Time Machine arrives. The Girls all get out.)

2016 Blossom: Bubbles? You came back?

2016 Bubbles: Yeah. We decided that we will rescue you and your past self. For real.

2014 Blossom: Alright, Girls! Time for “team broccolini”!

2014 Buttercup: You heard her! Now let’s do this!

(2016 Bubbles and Bliss open the cage and 1998 Blossom and 2016 Blossom get out. The Buttercups unplug the machine, causing it to power down.)

2016 Blossom: Bubbles! You saved me! I thought you didn’t want to rescue me.

2016 Bubbles: Yeah, but we were wrong. We had to do this, and that was Bliss’ idea.

(2016 Blossom sheds tears and runs to Bliss. She hugs her tightly.)

2016 Blossom: Bliss, I’m so sorry. (sniffles) It was wrong for me to…

Blisstina: No, Blossom. I’m sorry. I was wrong, and you were right. The only way to defeat the bad guys is to unleash the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths.

2016 Blossom: But all I ever wanted was to let all the other versions of us in.

Blisstina: I know, Blossom.

2016 Blossom: I know you don’t trust me anymore. (voice breaks) I never should’ve said that I wished that you weren’t our sister…

(2016 Blossom starts crying.)

Blisstina: Listen to me. I still trust you, Blossom. Even when I get mad at you, I’m still your sister. And guess what? I’m gonna unleash the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths.

(2016 Blossom gasps after hearing what Blisstina said. She was overjoyed.)

2016 Blossom: (she stops crying) Really?

Blisstina: Yeah.

2016 Blossom: Thanks, Bliss!

(2016 Blossom and Bliss hug each other.)

(2016 Blossom walks over to the rest of the Girls.)

2016 Blossom: I know you didn’t listen to what I said, but look on the bright side. We didn’t just give up after we blew it. We also realized that we had to do the right thing. The Powerpuff Girls must always do the right thing, even when we did wrong. That’s what Blossom from this universe taught me. (1998 Blossom nods) I now know that The Powerpuff Girls need a new leader, and that new leader, is Blisstina Utonium.

(The Girls all start murmuring.)

2016 Buttercup: Bloss, are you seriously saying that Bliss is gonna be the new leader?

2016 Blossom: Yeah, because she’s part of our family, and she’s not just our friend. She’s our sister. (to Bliss) So, Bliss, where are we headed?

Blisstina: Well, Blossom, we’re going back to our universe, to fight once more. And this time, we’re gonna unleash the Powerpuff Girls of Infinite Earths!

(The Girls all cheer. Bliss turns her head to 2016 Blossom. She smiles, and 2016 Blossom smiles too.)