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RWBY The Movie: The Legend of Ruby Rose or simply The Legend of Ruby Rose is the first movie of the movie series of RWBY.

Timeline Placement

The movie took place after the meeting of Team RWBY and before the launch at the Emerald Forest.



In some jail far far away, a shadow is escaping from his cell activating the alarm as well...

Guard: (Waking up) Wh-What the!? Hey! Stop right there!

The shadow turns to look at the guard with an evil face to then start his escape...

Guard: He's escaping! Don't let him go of this prison alive!

The guardians starts chasing the shadow with their dogs, the man stops running and fights them, easily defeating them and escaping prison, outside, two persons are waiting for him...

???: Good thing you managed to mock them, sir.

???: It's good to see you again, sir.

???: Yeah yeah i know. Now, (as he reveals his face) this will be the day we've waited for. The day where we'll ride again to our crime career! (laughs manically)



The next morning, Yang and Ruby are having a little conversation while walking around Vale City's streets...

Yang: And that's how you should get rid of those problems.

Ruby: But sis. It's not as easy as you think.

Yang: Trust me. When life gives you the back, give it a smack. Now change that sad face and let's go eat some ice cream, 'kay?

Ruby: 'kay.

In that moment, Ruby and Yang look at the city bank who is about to being assaulted...

Ruby: Are they robbing?

Yang: I'm not sure.

The three delinquents enter the bank, frightening nearby citizens as they walk, two delinquents stops behind its leader, who reignites his cigar without touching it and grins before walking to the Bank Teller...

Shopkeep: Wh-What do you want from me!?

???: No questions, Sherlock. You know exactly why are we here. Give us the Lien and everyone will get outta here safe and sound or else (points a gun)

The frightened nearby citizens start to run out of the bank as they scream in horror around Ruby and Yang...

Yang: Definitively they're robbing!

Ruby: I'll stop them! (Run)

Yang: I'm coming with you, sis! (Runs after Ruby)

Inside the bank, Ruby and Yang stops running as they watch the leader of the criminal gang having Shopkeep as their hostage

Yang: Leave him alone!

Ruby: Yeah! This nonesense needs to stop!

???: (Small grin) Well well, it seems that you kids want to die first. Prankster! Bankster! Get them!

Bankster: What about you, sir?

???: I'll take the booty with me as you get rid of those insolent girls!

Ruby: I won't let you!

Prankster attacks Ruby, Yang punches him out of the bank, taking the fight outside, Ruby and Bankster runs to support their allies on this two-on-two combat, Yang dodges Prankster's gun shot and punches him again, Bankster hits Yang in the head with a classic suitcase, Ruby attacks the both of them with Crescent Rose as they tries to get up and attack her

Yang: You got it, sis!

Yang jumps to keep supporting Ruby in the fight, near the place, the group's leader is watching the fight...

???: These maggots are going to be a real opponent to deal with. (Finger whistle) Enough! Now it's my turn.

The leader jumps to the fight...

???: You girls are quite interesting opponents. Very persistent indeed, but stop pretending to be those Super Heroes from comics and let real life be. The reality is that good will NOT always win, as for us, we're going to obey those laws and keep stealing and achieving our goal of revenge.

Yang: "Achieving your goal of revenge"? What are you talking about!?

???: You see. Robbing is not our main goal in this plan. We have much important bussiness to do and no Little Red Ridding Hood and Goldilocks are going to mess it up for me now! (points a gun) Sayonara girls!

The leader unleashes a rare bullet at Ruby and Yang, who dodges it and runs after him to start another fight, as the two sisters attemps on attacking the crimelord, he easily dodges every attack

Ruby: How is he SO fast!?

Yang: I don't know!

The guy punches both Ruby and Yang as he stops dodging, as they starts getting up, he starts making an escape...

Yang: (Getting up) After him.

Ruby: (Nod)

Ruby and Yang chases him all the way to the docks, where he is finally surrounded...

Ruby: Nowhere to run now, huh?

Yang: Let's make this conflict a bit more entretainment, shall we?

Trickster: (Small grin) Quite persistent. I shall leave but this is NOT the last thing you'll see about the Trickster! The biggest crimelord in Remnant! (laughs manically as a giant submarine driven by his hecnhmens appears and gets inside to make his escape)


Cut to Yang and Ruby in Beacon, the two of them were looking at the sky while sitting in a bench, Blake appears...

Blake: Something wrong? Mind if i join the talk?

Yang: Go ahead.

Blake sits and proceed to talk to them...

Blake: So why are you so quiet recently?

Ruby: We can't stop thinking on those criminal and its leader: Trickster. He tell us that he has something much important out of robbing.

After saying that, Weiss suddenly appears...

Weiss: Trickster!? You fought Trickster!?

Ruby: Weiss? Do you know something about Trickster!?

Weiss: Yeah. But i'm not gonna share it with ones like you!

Yang: Oh c'mon! Don't be selfish and share it!

Weiss: I said no and that's final! Have a good day. (Walks away)

Blake: I guess she's not going to spit it out so easily.

Meanwhile, Trickster and his henchmens were plotting inside the submarine...

Trickster: They're NOT ordinary girls! I know! But how are we going to get them out of the way!

Bankster: Sir. If this makes you happy. I guess we have what you want.

Trickster: Really?

Prankster: You see. We have located the girls and also we found a piece of the plan.

Trickster: Oh. Now that's interesting. And what's that "piece"?

Prankster: The heiress of the Schnee Dust Company: Weiss Schnee, is in Beacon Academy along with the girls we fought before.

Trickster: Yeah. With Weiss at our domain, we will achieve our goal of obtaining the Schnee Dust Company for us to domain. Tonight we're arraving on Beacon, the opperation "World Robbering" keeps its course.

Later that same night with Weiss...

Weiss: So Trickster has escaped from jail, doesn't it? Looks like that man doesn't know when to give up.

In that moment, Bankster grabs Weiss and shuts her mouth with one of his hands...

Weiss: Hmmmph!

Bankster: Lord Trickster is gonna be so happy to see you, Ms.Schnee.

That exact moment with Ruby, Yang and Blake...

Ruby: Did you hear something!?

Blake: It sounded like Weiss. (Drops her book) We have to help her!

Yang: Let's put our clothes and move quickly!

A few moments later on the submarine...

Weiss: (As she falls on the ground) Ugh!

Trickster: Howdy-do, Ms.Schnee? Long time no see.

Weiss: What do you want this time, Trickster!? Dad or anyone from Schnee Dust Comany will never open the doors for you!

Trickster: I know. But is it not to concern. I've been spying you and your friends and i know you have the Dusts i need to accomplish my plan. And you seem to be a nice pick to ally with.

Weiss: I'd prefer rather be death than join forces with you!

Trickster: Really? Think 'bout it, Snowflake, you and me have an enemy in common. I saw that you hate that girl whose name's Ruby Rose, right?

Weiss: Yeah huh?

Trickster: If we join forces. We'll get rid of the ones you don't want to spent time and also. We'll get rid of the Schnee family to take over the world with the power of the Dusts, you'll have much privileges than your whole family. All the money you can count, all the food you can eat, all the people you can enslave, they will praise your name, they will praise your glory, Weiss Schnee!

Weiss: (Stops being thoughful) Deal.

Back at Beacon, the three girls were found by Ozpin and Glynda...

Ozpin: What are you girls doing at these hours?

Ruby: We heard Weiss scream. Someone must've kidnapped her!

Trickster: (Voice Over) Giiiiirrrrllllss! I fooouuunnnd yooouuuu!

An hologram of Trickster appears

Glynda: How did you get through our system!?

Ruby: What did you do to Weiss!?

Yang: Even at this you're hella fast!

Trickster: Let's say that she's my prisoner now. (As he shows Weiss)

Ruby: Weiss!

Ozpin: You're a very skilled man when it means of hacking and kidnap, even when Beacon's system is protected.

Trickster: I'm very skilled at everything, that's why they call me "The Trickster".

Blake: Enough of chit-chat! What's the point of this!?

Trickster: In less than 24 hours Remnant is going to be destroyed and rebuilded as my new empire! That's my revenge against Vale for reneging on my plans of conquest!

Blake: Really?

Trickster: Come at me. If you dare. (laughs manically as the hologram turns off)

A wave of robots appears surrounding our heroes, who starts to fight them...

Ozpin: Go save your classmate! We'll be protecting Beacon!

Ruby: Roger that!

Ruby, Blake and Yang runs at the dock as Something to Protect plays, once there, the submarine appears in the same place it left, the girls jumps inside where they're recived by lethal traps, fortunately, they managed to dodge all of them and survive, they're then ambused by Prankster and Bankster...

Yang: Hey look! The henchmen with the stupid names! Where's Weiss!

Prankster: I'm afraid you'll never know where she is!

Bankster: Bring it on!

The fight starts on our heroines' advantage, Blake kicks Bankster in the face as Prankster defends him by attacking her, Ruby and Yang combines their attacks to protect Blake, but Prankster throws a tiny explosive at the sisters giving damage from the explosion, Blake uses her sword against Prankster, getting an scar in his right cheek, but before he could punch Blake, Yang and Ruby knocks him out, Bankster approaches the girls with an knife in his right hand, Ruby knocks him out immediately, Trickster and Weiss appears after that...

Trickster: Well, well. My dearest girls has come to try to avoid my plan.

The screen focus on Weiss after he ends talking...

Ruby: Weiss! Let's go back to Beacon! We're here to save you!

Weiss: Forget it! I'm NOT going to befriend with you, Ruby Rose. That's why i've becomed Trickster's right hand.

Ruby, Blake and Yang: What!?

Bankster and Prankster gets up as Weiss jumps to them...

Trickster: Kill them all!

A 3-on-3 battle begins, as Trickster looks from above, Ruby is trying to convence Weiss to come back while fighting...

Ruby: Please Weiss! Why are you fighting us!? We didn't do something bad to you!

Weiss: Yes you did! Being a dolt. An immature dolt who intertwines in my way! (Hits Ruby)

The battle turns in favor of Weiss' group, suddenly, something hits Bankster and Prankster...

Trickster: The hell...?

It is revealed that Jaune and Pyrrha were the ones who hits them...

Jaune: Jaune's the name! Whoo! I guess i don't suck at a-

Jaune looks back just in time to see Miló strike him, sending him flying off the screen...

Pyrrha: I'm sorry!

Jaune: (Slumping against the wall) I had to talk...

Weiss: (Irritated) You again!?

Ruby: Jaune! And...uhh...

Pyrrha: I'm Pyrrha Nikos, nice to meet you.

Trickster: Wait. I guess i've seen your face before. Yeah! You're that girl from Pumpkin Pete's cereal box!

Pyrrha: The same. And we're here to stop you!

Trickster: Oh cool! Two more guests who will lose against me! (Laugh) The rest's over, let the blood bath continue!

Prankster: Time for Round 2!

Weiss: Prepare to see a "bully" defeating you!

Yang: Okay, let's see what you're able to. Juan.

Jaune: Actually it's Jaune.

Blake: Whatever let's fight already!

The groups starts another fight where it began on advantage for Ruby's group, as well, Trickster starts to conclude his plan...

Jaune: What the!?

Blake: He's gonna do it! (Run)

Blake is followed by Weiss who is on her way to protect her new boss, Blake attacks Trickter but Weiss knocks her easily...

Ruby: Blake!

Pyrrha: You two help them! Jaune and i will continue the fight for you!

Ruby: Got it!

As Blake gets up, Ruby and Yang ambush Trickster who dodges the attack, Jaune hits Prankster and Pyrrha hits Bankster at the same time, Prankster electrocutes Jaune, leaving him out of combat...

Pyrrha: Jaune!

Prankster: That's why they call me "The Prankster". (Laughs)

Trickster: This is the end of the line, girls! I won and no one can deny it!

Trickster wipes out Yang and Blake as he grabs Ruby...

Trickster: I hope you're regreting facing me early today!

Weiss: That's all i needed.

Trickster: What? Weiss!?

Weiss: The Schnee Dust Company will never let someone like you rule above us, this was a trick all this time, Trickster!

Weiss deactivates the bomb...

Female AI Voice: Atomic Bomb deactivated.

Trickster: (Frustrated) NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!!

Ruby: Well played, Weiss!

Weiss: Don't think that we're friends now. Take it as a coincidence.

Trickster: If i can have what i want. Then i'll destroy us all!!! (Pushes a button)

Female AI Voice: Initiating self-destruction sequence of the submarine. 1 Minute left.

The base starts trembling and exploding...

Jaune: Let's move!

All our heroes except Weiss starts running away, Ruby stops and go back to save Weiss...

Yang: Sis!

Blake: Yang! Let's go! (Grabs her from her right arm)

Ruby: Weiss! Let's go!

Weiss: I refuse to go with you!

Cut to Ruby and Weiss in the corridor...

Weiss: (As she tries to get free from Ruby's hand) Let me go!

Back with the villains, Trickster is grabbing a rocket backpack to make a getaway, their henchmen appears desperately...

Bankster: (Crying desperately) Lord Trickster! Don't left us behind!!!

Trickster: (Kicking them away) Get outta my way you freaks!!!

Prankster: (Crying desperately) Don't leave us alo-ho-ho-hone!!!

Trickster activates the rocket backpack and flies far away closing the doors with Prankster and Bankster inside, bolts from the machines strikes Prankster and Bankster, causing their clothes and skins to burn away, revealing a robot underneath...

Prankster and Bankster: (Muttering) Lord Trickster!!! (Explodes)

Back at the outside, Ruby and Weiss reunites with the group in front of warehouses, Ruby runs to hug her older sister...

Ruby: (Huging Yang while crying) Sissy!

Yang: (Huging Ruby) Glad to see you safe and sound, Ruby!

The submarine explodes in front of our heroes, once the explosion is over, our heroes sits on the ground...

Jaune: Phew, it's over.

Weiss: Saved by dolts. Who would say it?

Pyrrha: Good thing we've defeated him and his evil empire has fallen down.

???: I wouldn't say that SO soon, dear.

Trickster appears behind our heroes...

Jaune: (Alarmed) AH!

Blake appears behind Trickster with her blade at his throat...

Trickster: What the!? Hoho. Nice dirt move, little lady.

The screen shows his right arm as it's ripping away, revealing a mechanical hand underneath, which then transforms into a rotating machine gun. His gunfire makes Blake release him once the first bullets makes contact to her right feet, immediately Trickster aims his machine gun arm pointing at Ruby and friends...

Jaune: He's mechanically armed!

Trickster fires his Machine Gun arm at everyone, launching all our heroes from the explosion's force except Ruby, who managed to avoid the attack, he gives off a professional-level evil laugh at his attack on Ruby's friends...

Ruby: You gonna pay for this!

Tricksters fires again, Ruby uses her scythe to dodge the bullets at the speed of light...

Trickster: You lil' bastard!

Ruby runs so fast and attacks Trickter, who punches Ruby in the face, she rubs it for a few seconds just when Trickster kicks her, Ruby grabs her scythe and shoots at Trickster...

Ruby: (Getting up) You hurt my firends and now i'm gonna make you regret that!

Trickster: Hrr!

Trickster gets mad and dashs at Ruby, who finish him up with another shot of her Crescent Rose, killing Trickster for good, later, a handful of police cars are at the docks, where Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Jaune and Pyrrha are sitting on boxes in silence. That is, until Ozpin and Glynda appear on the scene...

Ruby: Professor Ozpin.

Ozpin: You guys did a good job putting an end to Trickster's evil threats, (Looks at Jaune) i'm so proud of you.

Jaune: E-Even me!?

Ozpin: (Nods) Even you, Jaune Arc.

Glynda turns her head to another direction as she shows her disapproval with a "Hmmph"...

Ozpin: To be honest, we haven't started our training session and you already managed to stop a criminal, i guess we should train to a higher level and see what you kids are able to do.

Ruby: Yeah!

Ruby, Blake, Yang, Jaune and Pyrrha puts their hands in one circle...

Yang: One Two Three!

They aims their arms as they scream "Whooo!!", Ruby then turns at Weiss...

Weiss: I pass.

Ruby: C'mon Weiss! We're a team after all!

Weiss: No we don't!

Ozpin and Glynda look at themselves happily as they see Ruby running behind Weiss...

Weiss: (Running from Ruby) Stop! We're NOT friends!!!

Ruby: (Chasing Weiss as the credits roll and the background fades to black) We can be SUPER-DUPER-FRIENDS!!!


  • Ruby Rose
  • Weiss Schnee
  • Blake Belladonna
  • Yang Xiao Long
  • Jaune Arc
  • Pyrrha Nikos
  • Ozpin
  • Glynda Goodwitch
  • Bankster
  • Prankster
  • Trickster (Main Antagonist)
  • Shopkeep


  • This Will Be The Day - Jeff Williams ft.Cassey Lee Williams
  • Something to Protect - Jeff Williams ft.Cassey Lee Williams
  • This Will Be The Day (Instrumental) - Jeff Williams ft.Cassey Lee Williams
  • Wings - Jeff Williams ft.Cassey Lee Williams
  • Red Like Roses II - Jeff Williams ft.Cassey Lee Williams