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The Land Before Time XVI: Return to Big Water is an upcoming official direct-to-video animated family adventure feature film and the sixteenth film in The Land Before Time series about 22 dinosaurs who live in the Great Valley. The film will be directed by and Davis Doi. Like all other Land Before Time movies, it is traditionally-animated.


The story begins in the Great Valley where Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby Ali, Shorty, Rhett, Guido, Tippy, Big Daddy, Lizzie, Skitter, Rocky, Dusty, Hyp, Mutt, Nod, and Wild Arms (Gang of 21) playing together. Later, they meet Mo again. Suddenly, they later get separated from their families and the Great Valley, during a flood. As they try to find a way back home to the Great Valley, they revisited Petrie's uncle Pterano (who got a water-belly), luckily Chomper helps Pterano cure his water belly.

After the sharptooth swimmer [Liopleurodon] and a new reptile character named Krono Kronosaurus [an anti-villain] save Chomper and his pals, Sharp-tooth Swimmer reforms as he thanks Chomper and his pals for helping him battle some fierce sharks [Squalicorax] and Pterano thanks Chomper and his pals [e.g. Tarbo, Ruby] for curing his water belly.



  • Littlefoot - A brown male young Apatosaurus.
  • Cera - A orange female young Triceratops.
  • Ducky - A green female young Saurolophus
  • Petrie - A brown male young Pteranodon.
  • Spike - A green male young Stegosaurus.
  • Chomper - A purple male friendly young Tyrannosaurus.
  • Ruby - A pink female young Oviraptor.
  • Tippy - A pinkish-orange young Stegosaurus who is Spike's playful friend.
  • Ali - A purple female young Apatosaurus who is Littlefoot's friend.
  • Rhett - A brown male young Apatosaurus who is Littlefoot's and Ali's friend.
  • Shorty - A green male young Brachiosaurus who is Littlefoot's brother.
  • Skitter - A green male young Tinysauruses and he is Lizzie's brother, Big Daddy's son and Littlefoot's friend.
  • Big Daddy - He is the leader of the Tinysauruses.
  • Lizzie - A yellow female young Tinysauruses and she is Skitter's sister, Big Daddy's daughter and Cera's best friend.
  • Hyp - A gray male teenage Hypsilophodon.
  • Mutt - A green male teenage Muttaburrasaurus.
  • Nod - A teal blue male teenage Nodosaurus.
  • Rocky - One of the twin young Tinysauruses.
  • Dusty - Another one of the twin young Tinysauruses.
  • Guido - A teal male young Microraptor.
  • Wild Arms - A male Nothronychus who is eccentric member of Bron's herd.

Returning Characters

  • Pterano - An Orange-brown male Pteranodon who is Petrie's uncle.
  • Mo - A colorful male Ophthalmosaurus who is Littlefoot's friend.
  • Diplodocus Mom - A female dark gray Diplodocus
  • Elsie - a green female Elasmosaurus

New Characters

  • Max - a gray-ish Troodon
  • Uta - a friendly purple-ish Deinonychus fast-biter who speaks flatteeth language
  • Mosey-a friendly greenish Mosasaurus who helps Chomper and his pals
  • Kronos-a gentle striped Kronosaurus, a friend of Mosey, Chomper and their pals

Recurring Characters 

  • Bron - A brown male Apatosaurus who is Littlefoot's and Shorty's father. 
  • Littlefoot's stepmother - A female Apatosaurus who is Bron's, new mate/wife and Littlefoot's stepmother. 
  • Grandpa Longneck - A male Apatosaurus who is Littlefoot's grandpa.
  • Tippy's mom and dad-two Stegosaurus
  • Grandma Longneck - A female Apatosaurus who is Littlefoot's grandma.
  • Topsy - A dark gray male Triceratops who is Tria's husband and Cera's and Tricia's father.
  • Tria - A dark pink female Triceratops who is Topsy's wife and Cera's and Tricia's mother.
  • Tricia - A pink female baby Triceratops who is Cera's baby sister and Topsy's and Tria's baby daughter.
  • Ducky & Spike's Mother - A greenish brown female Saurolophus.
  • Petrie's Mother - A light-blue female Pteranodon.
  • Etta - A yellow female Pteranodon who befriends Littlefoot and his friends.
  • Tarbos-a young male Tarbosaurus who befriends Chomper and his pals, he lives with his mom and dad
  • Tarbo's parents-the momma Tarbosaurus is pale green while the daddy Tarbosaurus is light brown and tan.


  • Owen Vaccaro as Littlefoot
  • Anndi McAfee as Cera
  • Aria Curzon as Ducky
  • Jeff Bennett as Petrie / Mutt
  • Rob Paulsen as Spike / Guido / Mo / Mo's Water Kin
  • Jackson Scott as Chomper
  • Meghan Strange as Ruby
  • Nika Futterman as Ali / Rocky
  • E.G. Daily as Rhett / Shorty
  • Leigh Kelly as Skitter
  • Cree Summer as Lizzie / Tippy
  • Ashley Rose Orr as Dusty
  • Sam Elliot as Big Daddy
  • Michael Kelley as Hyp
  • Scott Menville as Nod
  • Damon Wayans Jr. as Wild Arms
  • Reba McEntire as Etta
  • Ralph Fiennes as Pterano/ Mosey
  • Scott Whyte as Bron
  • Jim Cummings as Grandpa Longneck
  • Miriam Flynn as Grandma Longneck / Diplodocus Mom
  • Richard McGonagle as Topsy
  • Jack Black as Mosey Mosasaurus
  • Martin Short as Kronos the Kronosaurus
  • Jessica Gee as Tria
  • Mia Talerico as Tricia
  • Tress MacNeille as Mama Swimmer / Mama Flyer
  • Kath Soucie as Elsie the Elasmosaurus
  • David Cross as Max, a Troodon
  • Zack Pearlman as Uta, a friendly Deinonychus fast-biter who speaks flatteeth language
  • Frank Welker as Sharptooth Swimmer [Liopleurodon]
  • Patrick Stewart as the Narrator


  • Pterano will make his second appearance.
  • Elsie (from The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island) will make her second appearance.
  • Diplodocus Mom (from The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water) will make her second appearance.
  • This will be the second Land Before Time film to go over 80 minutes. The first one being The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration, and the second being The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave.
  • Mosey Mosasaurus [debut] is based on the Mosasaurus from Jurassic World.
  • This will be the third film with a Swimming Sharptooth as an antagonist, The Mysterious Island being the first and Journey to Big Water is second. Also it's a movie to have a sharptooth swimmer as an anti-villain, too.
  • Tarbos makes a 2nd appearance
  • Tarbos' parents debut in this film


Kronos: I think you're fabulous!

Pterano: Bravo, Chomper!

Tarbos: Wait until you meet my mom and dad!

Chomper: Watch out!