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  • The Film starts after the opening scene, Here it starts for the interview scene
  • Captain Man: Is this thing on?
  • Interviever: That’s fine.
  • Captain Man: I’m the defender of Swellview, I just can’t.
  • Interviewer: That’s fine.
  • Captain Man puts a Mike on the right side of the chest
  • Captain Man: Ah, there. So, where were we?
  • Interviewer: So, Captain Man. Tell me about yourself, do you have a secret identity?
  • Captain Man: Yes, just so you know I’m not alone. I have a sidekick, I work at Junk N Stuff and below there’s a man cave. It’s nice to know about being so super, you know? It’s not a big deal perhaps

(Disney Presents, Pixar Animation Studios Film)

The Scene cuts to Kid Danger

  • Kid Danger: Yeah, It’s true that I’m his sidekick and a superhero perhaps. I’m Kid Danger, Because I’m Captain Man’s Secret Sidekick you know? It’s a good day to be super.
  • Interviewer #2: Yeah, it’s official.

(Nickelodeon Movies, Cartoon Network Movies and Warner Bros. Pictures)

The Scene cuts to Double G and Triple G

  • Double G: What’s Up?
  • Triple G: Yeah!
  • Double G: Hey-yo. Now let me tell you this, we’re good at being super, right?
  • Jack Quire: So What does it take to be a hero, Dub?
  • Double G: We work at Game Shakers, My Son and I defeated that Freakish Robot MeGo at TechFest earlier, that’s all.
  • Jack Quire: Okay, I appreciate that. But I must go and...
  • Double G: No, wait! It’s like an honor of an interview, right?
  • Jack Quire: Yeah, kind of.
  • Triple G: Was he leaving, Dad?
  • Double G: Mr. Interviewer? Are you sure?
  • Jack Quire: Yeah, I’m not finished, Please, it’s official

Both Double G and Triple G laugh

The Scene cuts to Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone

  • Justin Berestein: You were good at superhero work, right?
  • Mr. Incredible: Yes, sir.
  • Frozone: I agree.
  • Elastigirl: The Truth is we’re retired from Hero work, but now we’re not. Because DevTech helps all supers enter Society again.
  • Justin Berestein: That Sounds great. I love to hear that.
  • Frozone: Why thank you.
  • Mr. Incredible: We’re not doing this alone, people. We need someone to help us, and it won’t be just for the three of us.
  • Elastigirl: Yeah, I’m sorry. Bob was right, though.

The Scene cuts back to Kid Danger

  • Kid Danger: Come on, people! We’re part of the team. It’s like a good thing to understand, We’re superheroes. What can happen?! (Chuckles) What can happen?

The Screen fades to black

The Opening Logo appears with a Heart Behind it

(Superhero Buttercup)

The Scene begins with the city of Swellview. And the two kids were playing on the park bench beside Junk N’ Stuff

  • Oliver: Watch Out! It’s the Toddler!
  • Steven: Not so fast, The Toddler!
  • Oliver: Oh no, it’s Captain Man! So, you’re going to stop me, right?
  • Steven: That’s right. I’m here to stop you, Toddler. Would you rather come quietly?
  • Oliver: Yeah, we’ll see about that!

Kid Danger approaches to the sidewalk

  • Kid Danger: Looks like you Kids are having fun.
  • Both: Kid Danger!!
  • Kid Danger: That’s right. You go have fun playing with crime fighting toys and I’ll have some work to do.
  • Steven: You’re the best!
  • Kid Danger: I’ll see you around.
  • Billy Thunderman: Hey, Kid Danger.
  • Kid Danger: Hey Billy Thunderman.
  • Billy Thunderman: Can I get your autograph?
  • Kid Danger: Every superhero needs an autograph. I would agree to that action.

Kid Danger writes the autograph with a DevTech pen

  • Kid Danger: Here you go.
  • Billy Thunderman: Thank you.
  • Kid Danger: Don’t mention it.

He opens the door and comes in and closed it behind him

At the Man Cave

  • Charlotte Page: That was weird.
  • Schwoz: What?
  • Charlotte Page: Henry should be back by now, perhaps?
  • Schwoz: Yes, perhaps.
  • Ray Manchester: Yes, I hear the elevator door.
  • Charlotte Page: Henry? Henry! He must’ve been coming back all along!

The Elevator reaches to the floor of the Man Cave, the elevator door opens approaches Kid Danger to enter here

  • Kid Danger: Sorry I worried you guys.
  • Charlotte Page: We knew you came back, Henry!
  • Ray Manchester: What a successful mission!