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Spaceship 537: War of Quetir is the 3rd movie in the Spaceship 537 franchise. It's again an original movie and a sequel to Spaceship 537: Secrets of Quetir. All surviving characters and new characters will appear in this movie. It will come out in July 2024. 


A war will start between the Quetirians leaded by Ibrousax and the Xyporions leaded by Tyxoque and helped by a lot of humans including Jeremy, Dennis, Dylana and Jay. Markus Wood and the other humans couldn't stop this war from happening. Ibrousax is arrogant as he always is and thinks they will easily defeat the Xyporions. He betrayed Markus Wood and his allies and send an army of Quetirians to go after them. The humans allied by Besoux (a Quetirian who is against Ibrousax and doesn't wants him to be king) and Daqeler (former leader of the Xyporions who was betrayed by her own people) don't want to get confronted in this war and run away from it. They go to a secret base, while the city of Bisonuar is taken over. However, they find out that they can't run forever from it. Meanwhile, new humans are coming on the planet. They also want to take over the planet, but fastly find out that they have to choose a side in this war that will change the whole balance of power of the planet. 


It will start preciously where Spaceship 537: Secrets of Quetir ended, Markus Wood and the other humans ran out of the city of Bisonuar and see outside that an army of Xyporions are coming and a new spaceship is landing near them. There are also other spaceships hanging in the air and coming to the planet. The humans clearly don't know what to do, until a small army of Quetirans comes outside. One of them says: "Humans! Come back inside you betrayers!" Markus Wood walks to him and says: "And you are?" The Quetirians says: "I'm Elosax and you are under arrest for ignoring the rules of Bisonuar." Before, Markus Wood wants to answer, he hears Joey laughing and saying: "So what? You don't have rules at all." It makes Elosax angry and he says: "Fine, then we will do it on this way." The Quetirians attack the humans and win the fight, until one of the Quetirians starts killing the other. Elosax screams something in Quetirian language and runs back into Bisonuar. Richard says: "Thanks and you are?" The Quetirian says: "I'm Besoux." Lauren asks: "Why did you betray your own people?" Besoux answers: "Because they help Ibrousax, the big idiot that leads us." Amy says: "I don't want to interrupt this conversation, but we have to get away." Caroline says: 'I agree with you, they are coming for us." All others also agree and they start running away, until they hear something screaming to them: "Wait!!" They all look to it and see some humans coming to them. One of them says: "Finally, we made it to this planet." George says: "You wish you had never came here." The human says: "What? Why?" Markus says: "The war has started." The human says: "What war?" Markus says: "The war between the Quetirians and the Xyporions." Another human starts laughing very hard and says: "Do we have to be scared for that?" The other human says: "I'm Jake by the way." Joey says: "And you are?" (pointing to the human that laughed so hard). He says: "Oh, I'm Mike, this is Lindsey." Markus says: "We can introduce ourselves later, now we have to run." Suddenly, a lot of Quetirians come after them and they all run away.

After running for some time, the Quetirians are gone. Joey says: "They are not after us anymore." George says: "I shouldn't say that too fast." Markus says: "George is right, they will come after us anyway." Caroline asks to Markus: "Do you know a place where we can go to?" Markus says: "It will be hard. Ibrousax knows too much places." Besoux suddenly says: "I think I know a place that Ibrousax doesn't knows." Markus asks: "And you can lead us to it?" Davy asks to Markus: "How do we know that we can trust him? He worked for Ibrousax." Markus says: "Give him a chance, not all Quetirians are like Ibrousax." Joey says: "I agree with you, we can't trust him." Davy asks to Richard: "Do you trust him?" Richard says: "I don't know." Mike says: "We can't trust one of the aliens." Lindsey agrees with him and says: "Why should we walk with them?" Mike answers: "When we get the chance, we will go away." Sophie, one of the other people that were on the spaceship comes to them and says: "I expected more from this planet." Jake that is walking before them says: "This planet isn't that bad and do you even know we have just met?" Mike says: "I don't care about him."

Meanwhile in Youxoter, Tyxoque is watching at the Xyporions that go to Bisonuar. They aren't far away from it. He says to Coquir: "I want to be the one that kills Ibrousax." Coquir says: "Of course you can." Jeremy, Dennis, Jay and Dylana are sitting somewhere not far away from them. Dylana says: "I laugh about that they are starting a war." Jay says: "Yeah, lets kill them each other." Jeremy still wants to take over the city. He says: "Soon this will all be mine." Dennis says: "We are only with four. How the hell can we do that?" Jeremy says: "Those aliens should be our allies till the other city is taken over, after that we will kill them and they will all see us as their leader." Jay says: "I doubt of it will be that simple." Jeremy says: "Of course it will. They are all stupid."

In Bisonuar, Ibrousax is looking at the Xyporions that are coming to the city. Elosax is with him. Ibrousax says to him in Quetirian language: "They will attack tomorrow." Elosax laughs and says: "This can't be hard." Ibrousax says: "They won't even come into the city."

After some hours of walking, it gets late and the big group of humans decides to go sleep. Besoux found a place where the Quetirians won't find them. Lauren asks: "How did you know this place?" Besoux says: "I have sleeped here a few times when I couldn't reach Bisonuar anymore. They all search for a place. Jake, Mike, Lindsey and Sophie stay at each other. Mike kisses with Lindsey and they go sleep next each other. Joey and Stacey do the same. Besoux sleeps alone. Markus, Caroline, Lauren, George, Richard, Davy and Amy are also at each other and are discussing something. Markus says: "The group is too big." Lauren asks: "What can we do about it?" Caroline says: "I think I have an idea." George asks: "And that is?" Caroline says: "We will go further with two groups tomorrow." Richard asks: "Not bad, but what if we don't find each other anymore?" Amy says to Richard: "That's the bad thing about it yes."  Davy says: "I disagree with this, but okay." Markus asks to Caroline: "Only Besoux knows how to get to his place. How are we going to do that?" Caroline says: "I have a map with me and the other group will use that map to get to the place. Besoux will make the other route on the map." George says: "Okay, then it's good. One of the teams will have to handle the Quetirians." Markus says: "That will my team do. I have an idea where we can kill them." Caroline says: "I will go with you." Markus says: "Okay, George and Lauren, you will lead the other team." Lauren says: "What? I want to stay with you and Caroline." Markus says: "Sadly that's not possible. But I'm sure that we will see each other again. " Richard asks: "What about us?" Markus says: "You will go with George and Lauren." Amy asks: "What will be our mission?" Caroline says: "Besoux has to go with you and you have to stay undercover." Richard says: "Allright, but what about Joey and Stacey?" Markus says: "Joey has to come with us, Stacey wants to stay with him." George asks: "And the new ones? It will be hard to divide them." Markus says: "We will see that tomorrow." After that they all go sleep. Markus and Caroline with each other, Lauren and George both alone. Davy and Richard also sleep together, Amy lies next to them. Davy and Richard start softly talking to each other. Davy says: "You also disagree with it?" Richard says: "As long as we stay together, I don't mind very much." Davy says: "Oh yes, that's right." After that it is silenced for some second, but suddenly Davy asks "Why you don't fix Amy? I think she likes you." Richard answers: "What? No, she doesn't." Davy says: "If I would get the chance to get here, I would take it." Richard says: "We are just friends, probably not more than that." Davy says: "That's sad." After that, they stop talking and both go sleep.

The next morning, they wake up fast and Markus tells the other about their's plan. He says: "This is my plan. Me, Caroline, Joey, Stacey, Jake and Sophie will form the attacking team, the Quetirians will have to follow us. Our team is small because we don't need more people for it. The other team will have George, Lauren, Besoux, Richard, Davy, Amy, Mike and Lindsey." Sophie says: "I disagree with this. I want to stay with Lindsey!" Markus says: "That's sadly not possible." George says: "Wait, I will change with her." Markus asks: "Why?" George explains: "I want to be in the attacking team. That's my place." Markus says: "Allright, then you are lucky." After it, they all say goodbye to each other, but know that they will see each other once again.

Also in the early morning, the Xyporions attack Bisonuar. Coquir and his army attacks the city. Ibrousax is just sitting in his castle. The Xyporions can't come inside Bisonuar yet. All the Quetirians are defending and looking what the Xyporions want to do to take over the city. Coquir and his army surrounded the city. The Xyporions make a stage were he can stand and he goes on it. He speaks in a microphone and says in Quetirian language: "Ibrousax, surrender now you still can, otherwise we will completely destroy your city. We will give you the chance to surrender in the following 30 hours (the lenght of a day on Quetir) and if you won't, then we will break this silly wall and put your whole city on fire."

Ibrousax and Elosax hear what Coquir said, Ibrousax isn't afraid. He says: "They are never going to break our wall. He is only trying to get us afraid. We have fought against an army like this for so many times. Still, they keep trying it." Elosax agrees with him and says: "Why would we surrender?"

Inside Youxoter, Tyxoque is glad with how everything happens. He says: "The Quetirians don't know what to do when we break that silly wall with our new weapon." Jeremy and the others don't know what to think of that new weapon. Jeremy says: "Are you sure that it will break their wall?" Tyxoque: "Of course I am, we have test it on walls like that one." Dylana says: "And what if it fails?" Tyxoque says: "Then we will find another way. You humans don't have to worry about that. I need you to kill that other humans who are on this planet. There are too much of you." Jay asks: "What humans?" Tyxoque answers: "Markus Wood and and those allies of him. They can't be that strong, you four can handle that, right?" Dennis says: "Yes we can." Tyxoque says: "Allright, just wait till they show theirself."

The group of Markus and Caroline walk on the fastest way to the secret base of Besoux. George asks: "We will come back to get revenge on Ibrousax, right?" Markus answers: "Yes, he shouldn't lead the Quetirians. Joey says: "I don't want to fight in such a stupid fight between aliens." Markus says to him: "You aren't long enough on this planet to feel how important that fight is." Stacey says: "I don't care too." Caroline says: "Okay fine, you can stay on that secret base till the war is over." George asks to Jake: "Do you want to fight or not?" Jake answers: "Of course I want to fight!" George says: "That's good to hear." Markus says: "Quiet, I think I hear something." They all stop with walking and again hear something. Caroline says: "They are still following us." Markus says: "That's good, they have to follow us." Jake asks: "What is your plan exactly?" Markus says: "I have seen a map of this planet. We walk straight to a big river, the biggest of Quetir. We will wait for them to come and when they attack us, we can easily kill them. Most Quetirians can't swim." Caroline says: "And after we defeated them, how are we going to pass the river?" Markus says: "We hire a boat of the Byxatax." George asks: "What are the Byxatax?" Markus explains: "A less intelligent specie on Quetir that live among rivers." Caroline asks: "Are you sure that they won't kill us?" Markus answers: "I'm never sure about anything like that. I know they don't like the Quetirians very much. I'm not sure about humans, they probably never saw one of them." Joey says: "This sounds like suicide." Markus says: "How? We have to stay friendly and if they don't want to hire a boat to us, we will walk to the big bridge that the other team is going to take." Stacey asks: "Why don't we take that bridge?" George says: "It's not the fastest route and we have to take the Quetirians after us." Markus says: "Exactly and after that bridge it is not long anymore."

The other team is taking a secret route that Besoux knows. Mike, Lindsey and Sophie are walking at the back of the group and can't follow Besoux. Mike screams: "Walk a bit slower please!" Besoux ignores it. Lauren says to him: "We have to walk fast in order to reach our destination on the right time." Lindsey says to Mike: "I didn't sign to step into an adventure like this." Mike says: "I know it sucks, but after this we will be together on this planet without them." Sophie says: "I also want to be with you guys!" Mike doesn't likes, but Lindsey doesn't wants to ignore her friend. She says: "Of course you can also be with us." In the middle of the group, Lauren, Richard, Davy and Amy are walking with each other. They follow Besoux who has nothing to say. Lauren says: "I never got the cance to meet you better than only your name." Richard says: "Yes that's true. It seems like we have the time for that now." Davy asks: "What do you want to know?" Lauren says: "I know you guys wanted to study about this planet, but why Amy did your group wanted to go to this planet?" Amy says: "We just wanted to go for fun. My friend Stacey asked me of I also wanted to come. I thought: Why not? I didn't know that something like this was going to happen." Lauren says: "You and Stacey are friends? I have never seen you both talk with each other." Amy explains: "Joey is the only thing that it is important for her. We were very good friends till she met Joey. Everything changed after that." Lauren says: "That's sad. When I came to this planet, I fell in love with a boy called Alexander. Sadly, he died. But that's already long ago, I don't think very much about him anymore." Richard and Davy hear how much Lauren and Amy talk with each other. Richard feels glad for Amy that she has finally a friend now. Davy also starts talking to him. He says: "What do you think of this planet?" Richard says: "It's not like Earth where everything is so much different than this planet. It's like we went back into the time for thousand year." Davy says: "I think it is great." Richard says: "Yes it is...." When Richard wants to say more, he suddenly hears Besoux stop walking and he also stops talking. Lauren asks to Besoux: "What's the problem?" Besoux says: "I heard something." Davy says: "There are following Quetirians us?" Besoux says: "No, this is not a Quetirian. It is a Xyporion! It is alone, wait a minute." After he said that, he runs to it. On the time he wants to attack it, he suddenly stops and sees what it is. He says: "What are you doing here?" The female voice says: "I'm sorry for following you, I just wanted to see who you are." Besoux says: "I know you are the leader of the Xyporions, don't play games with me." He wants to attack her, but changes his thoughts after that. Mike, Lindsey and Sophie don't hear what happened, Lauren, Richard, Davy and Amy come to it. Lauren says: "Don't kill it." Daqeler says: "Okay, let me explain what happened. Youxoter is taken over by Tyoxque, an evil Xyporion that only wants war. I'm not their leader anymore. He makes the Quetirians think I am the one who attacked them. I ran out of the city and they think they killed me. When, a Xyporion sees me, he will tell Tyxoque that I'm still alive and they will start searching for me. I run as far away from that city as I can. I don't care about the war that is probably happening right now." Lauren says: "Wait, you are the Xyporion where Markus and George told about?" Daqeler says: "Yes indeed I am, where are Markus and George?" Amy says: "We have split into two teams and they are both on the other team." Daqeler says: "Oh, that's sad. Markus seemed a good guy. That's why I never thought of killing him." Richard asks to Daqeler: "You don't want to get your city back?" Daqeler says: "It is impossible. All Xyporions are supporting Tyxoque, I can never beat that." Lauren says to Besoux: "I think you can put away your weapon." Besoux says: "No, we can't trust a Xyporion and for sure not their leader." Davy says: "I agree with you. She is probly lied to us." Daqeler says: "Please trust me, I'm alone there is nothing I can do." Richard and Amy both don't think she can do something wrong. Besoux says: "Allright we will let you go." Daqeler says: "Thank you, can I walk with you to a secret place?" Richard says: "Of course you can." Besoux still doesn't trusts her, but he will give her a chance.

Meanwhile far away from two groups of humans, the Xyporions are still staying before the walls of Bisonuar. The 30 hours are almost over. Coquir gets annoyed. He goes to the stage again and says: "Ibrousax, you are almost out of time. This is the final warning! Next morning we will go inside your city!" The Xyporions all think it takes too long and are bored. Some of them start screaming to Coquir that they have to attack right now. Coquir ignores it. The Xyporions become more annoying and annoying. Some of them try to climb on the stage. They throw each other on it. When some of them are on it, they attack Coquir. When he is surrounded by Xyporions, he says: "Okay fine, we will attack right now!" All the Xyporions scream a lot of things and go to the wall. They grab their big weapon and start pointing it to the wall of the city. Ibrousax and Elosax are watching to it. Ibrousax says: "Lets see what you have to offer." Elosax says: "Are you sure that our wall won't break?" Ibrousax says: "If you aren't sure, then lets take a look at it." Elosaxy says: "Yes majestity." When Elosax reaches the gate, Coquir and the Xyporions are counting off. When they are at 0, they fire. The shot hardly hits the wall. All Xyporions are watching to it, but sadly for them the wall didn't break. Ibrousax sees it, starts laughing and says: "I knew it, I knew it." A lot of Xyporions are disappointed, but Coquir says: "Not too fast." After some minutes, the wall starts breaking. It goes very slow, but all Xyporions run to it and destroy the wall. The war has started.

In Youxoter, Tyxoque sees that the war has started. He says: "I told them to attack next morning, but fine." Jay is laughing and says: "Kill them all!" Jeremy and Dennis are speaking softly in English to each other. Dennis says: "They kill the others, that will give us less work." Jeremy says: "Indeed they will. Soon we will rule over this planet." Some hours later, the humans decide to go sleep. Tyxoque doesn't wants to miss anything of the fight. Jeremy and Dennis pick their own room. Jay is flirting with Dylana. He says: "You can sleep with me if you want." Dylana says: "Why not?" They start kissing each other, go to the bed and start having sex with each other. Jeremy and Dennis hear it. Dennis doesn't likes it. Jeremy is very jealous and starts hating Jay.

The group of Markus Wood picked up a place to go sleep. They have brought two tents with them. Markus, Caroline and George are in one tent, Joey, Stacey and Jake in the other one. Markus and Caroline kiss with each other and after that they go sleep. George sleeps already after a few minutes. In the other tent, Joey and Stacey are not glad with Jake. They wanted to have sex with each other, but Jake is sleeping already. Joey says: "Lets go outside." They start kissing with each other. Joey wants to take off Stacey's clothes, but she doesn't wants it. Stacey says: "What if someone is watching to us?" They keep kissing and lie somewhere on the ground. Suddenly, Joey thinks he hears something. He decides to take a look. He doesn't sees anything. Out of nowhere, something hits him on the head and Joey falls unconscious on the ground. After a lot of minutes, Joey still didn't came back. Stacey gets desperate. She starts screaming: "Joey! Joey! Joey!!!" No response, but suddenly some Quetirians come to Stacey. She doesn't knows what to do. She is very scared. The Quetirians look at her and come to her. The only thing you hear is someone screaming till it ends. Markus, Caroline and George woke up because of it. George thinks they have to take a look outside, but Markus disagrees. Caroline is too scared. After some time, Joey wakes up. When he walks back to the tents, he faces a lot of Quetirians. He runs away from them. It's very dark and he doesn't sees anything and suddenly he falls over something. The Quetirians come to them and want to kill him. Out of nowhere, a gun starts shooting. It kills the Quetirians. Joey doesn't knows what to do. However, it is a human that killed the Quetirians and he comes to Joey. The human says: "That was very lucky." Joey says: "Who the hell are you?" The human says: "You don't have to know that." He shoots something in Joey. It makes him becoming unconscious. The human picks up Joey and bring him back to the tent. Jake is still sleeping and the human puts him next to him. When the human walks outside, he suddenly sees a lot blood and parts lying on the ground. He ignores it and walks away.

At the same time on the other group, they also have two tents and also go sleep. Lauren, Richard, Davy and Amy go sleep with each other. Mike, Lindsey and Sophie take the other tent. Mike says: "Why shall I sleep in a fucking tent?" Sophie says: "I can't even sleep in a tent!" Lindsey has not an opinion about it. Lauren, Richard, Davy and Amy ignore their complaints. Besoux and Daqeler sleep somewhere outside. They made their own places to sleep. Inside the tent, Mike and Sophie are complaining about the space in the tent. Sophie says: "You have much more space than me Mike!" Mike says: "Shut up, I am a man and I have more right to a lot of space!" Sophie gets very angry and wants to attack Mike, but Lindsey comes between them and says: "Stop it guys! I will go sleep there, then you have all this space to share." Mike actually wants to sleep with his girlfriend, but Sophie is with them and he is very annoyed of her. In the other tent, they have even less space. Richard says: "How are we going to sleep with us four in this thing?" Lauren says: "We should have brought three tents." Amy says: "I think this is really fun, but I agree that a third tent would have been better." Davy is arrogant and takes the most space while the others were still talking. Lauren and Amy dislike it. Lauren says: "Okay, Amy and I will sleep next to each other, Richard you can take the other space." Amy says: "No, you are our leader and has to get the most space. Richard and I will take the other space." Richard has nothing to say to it. Lauren accepts it and goes sleep. Richard and Amy can't sleep because they are too much on each other. Richard laughs and says: "Sleeping well won't happen tonight." Amy says to him: "Luckily you aren't alone." Richard says: "Yes, that makes it much better." After that, they keep talking until they both fall in sleep next to each other. 

The next morning, the fight in Bisonuar is still going on. The Xyporions are going to the castle of Ibrousax, but the Quetirians are with too much and defend it. Elosax and Ibrousax are still looking at it. Elosax says: "So the wall didn't made it against their weapon." Ibrousax is angry and reacts: "It seems like I underestimated them, don't let that happen again. Kill them all!" Elosax answers: "Of course." On the moment Elosax walks away, Ibrousaxy says: "I hope that Daqeler is also there, the time is there that she has to die. Bring me her heart and you will get promotion and a lot of money." Elosax laughs and walks outside the castle. When he comes outside, he sees all the Xyporions defending it. He also attacks and starts killing a lot of Quetirians. He screams loudly: "Where is Daqeler?" Coquir hears it and laughs. Elosax asks to him: "Do you think this is funny?" After that, Coquir and him start fighting.

That morning in Youxoter, Dennis is tired with it. He wants to do something. Jeremy is jealous that Jay had sex with Dylana, he also wants that. Tyxoque is a bit disappointed about the humans, he expected them different. He changes his mind and wants them to go out of Youxoter. Jeremy says to Jay that he has to go outside with Dennis. Tyxoque also want Jeremy and Dylana to go outside. He wants to use the humans for something. He says: "Go to Bisonuar, convince Ibrousax that you are on his side and betray him on the right time. Jeremy doesn't wants to do it, but he has no other choice. When they walk through the city, Jeremy grabs Jay and says to him: "Dylana is mine, you don't deserve her." Jay reacts: "You are not the leader of us and decides everything. That's something that has to change!" Jeremy says: "There won't change anything." After it a knife hits Jay in the belly. Jeremy hits him multiple times. Dennis and Dylana are walking before them and don't hear anything. Jeremy throws Jay's dying body in a Xyporion trash can. He goes back to Dennis and Dylana. Dylana asks: "Where is Jay?" Jeremy answers: "He didn't wanted to come with us and is staying here." Dylana says: "What? I will go back for him." Jeremy says: "Dont' do that, Tyxoque killed him because he didn't wanted to come." Dylana screams: "What?" and starts crying a bit. Jeremy comes to her and says: "It's allright, Jay was an asshole, you won't miss him."

Somewhere in the big forests far away from the two big cites, Markus, Caroline and George are going outside the tent. Markus is the first to see the parts of Stacey. Caroline and George fastly joing him. George asks: "What is this?" Markus answers: "Someone that didn't listen to me." In the other tent, Jake wakes up. Joey is still sleeping. He wakes up because of Jake. Jake wanted him to wake up. Joey is very shocked when he wakes up. He asks to Jake: "Where is Stacey?" He looks everywhere in the tent and fastly goes outside. When he is outside and sees Markus, Caroline and George standing before a lot of blood and other parts, he falls on the ground and starts crying. Markus, Caroline and George help him with it. Jake also joins them. It's silence for some minutes, till they suddenly hear someone saying something. The voice says: "You wasn't close to your own death." The others all look at it. It's another human. He continues: "It is very dangerous to go outside in the dark." Markus aks to him: "And you are?" He answers: "I'm Chris Delaney." Markus asks: "What are you doing here alone?" Chris answers: "I came alone on this planet." Caroline asks to him: "Why didn't we saw you earlier?" Chris answers: "I hide myself and live on my own, the best way to survive this planet." George asks: "What was your reason for coming here?" Chris answers: "I wanted to take a look, but these are enough questions. Lets go before the Quetirians come again."

At the other group, it is all more quiet. They continue their travel. Besoux and Daqeler are leading the group, while Besoux still doesnt' trust Daqeler. Mike, Lindsey and Sophie are now more at the group. Mike asks to Richard and Davy: "Why the hell are aliens leading us?" Davy answers: "Yes, it sucks." Richard says: "Well, they are the ones that know the route, so we will need them." Sophie says: "Come on, it can't be that hard, we don't need them." Amy says: "It wasn't very smart of you to say that so loudly." Sophie answers: "I don't care!" Mike wants to hold Lindsey's arm, but she is a bit tired of it. Mike asks to her: "Why you don't want it?" Lindsey answers: "You are acting of I am your whore, it has to stop." Mike says: "Okay, I'm sorry." Lindsey says sarcastic: "You don't mean that, right?" Mike answers: "What? I don't lie to you!" Lindsey laughable says: "Your reaction already says enough." Davy listens to everything they said. He is jealous, he also wants to have a girlfriend. He starts talking to Richard: "Why has a dumb person like him a girlfriend and I don't?" Richard says: "Maybe because you didn't tried to get one." Davy says: "I really want to try." Richard says: "Why exactly? Before we went to this planet you wasn't interested in things like that." Davy says: "I want to start a family on this planet and get children." Richard answers while Davy is still talking: "You are going a bit too fast. We can think about things like that after all of this." Davy asks: "You also want it right?" Richard answers"and asks: "No not really, why do you think that?" Davy answers: "You and Amy are talking more to each other than normal." Richard says: "And that means I love her? No." Davy says: "Okay sad that you don't want it. Then, I will ask her of she wants to be my girlfriend." Richard answers: "What?" Davy starts laughing. Mike wants to come in the conversation and says: "You are talking about girls?" Davy answers: "Yes, we are." Mike says: "Lindsey is mine, you won't get her." Davy says: "Okay allright, Lauren and Amy are also still there." Sophie suddenly says: "You forgot me!" Davy says to her: "Oh sorry." Richard is a bit done with their conversation and looks to Lauren and Amy. They are having a girls conversation. When he wants to get closer to them to hear what they say, he suddenly hears Besoux screaming: "Watch out humans!" Lauren runs to him and asks: "What is it?" Daqeler says: "We will have to cross the swamp full of Puxuurs. Lauren asks: "What are Puxuurs?" Besoux answers: "Very dangerous meat eating creatures in the swamps." The others also come to them. Lauren asks once again: "Can't we take another way?" Daqeler answers: "This swamp is around the complete river, we will have to pass the river so we can't take another way. Mike says: "Couldn't you say that earlier?" When the group reaches the swamps, they start searching for a way to pass it. 

After hours of walking, the group of Markus Wood also reaches the swamp. Chris says to them: "Be careful, these places a very dangerous." Markus asks to him: "Here live Puxuurs, right?" Chris answers: "Indeed, I have seen them eating someone. I don't want to see that again." Markus asks one more time: "How long are you exactly already on this planet?" Chris answers: "Around 5 years, I think." Caroline says: "What? You are longer than us here." Chris answers: "I think so." George says: "It doesn't matter who is longer here, we have to survive here. That's all that matters for now." The group crosses the swamp. Jake and Joey are almost eating, but they all survive it. They start climbing on a high top. When they are all there, Chris starts talking about the Byxatax. Caroline says to Markus that she wants to speak him. When they are on a private place, she says: "Are you sure that we can trust him?" Markus says: "I also doubt about it, but he for sure looks like a human." Caroline says: "How is it even possible that he is longer here than us?" Markus answers: "I don't know, but it is for sure possible that other people on Earth found this planet earlier than Edward Williams." Caroline says: "It also shocks me that he is alone." On the same time, George starts talking to Chris: "Markus' plan was to hire a boat of the Byxatax, but I don't know how you think about that." Chris says: "I have bad experience with them. They didn't know what specie I was and mostly ignored me." Joey suddenly says: "If you know everything so well, why you didn't found another way to pass the river?" Chris answers: "There aren't other ways, unless you want to swim. I won't recommend that. There are a lot of dangerous beasts in the water." Jake says: "I heard there is a bridge." Chris says: "That's true, but it is so far away from us. George says: "The other group is taking that route." Chris says: "Is there another group?" George says: "Yes there is. Why are you surprised about that?" Chris says: "Oh, I just thought you were the only other humans on this planet." Jake says: "There are much more humans." Chris says: "I feel like I have missed a lot."

Meanwhile, the fight is still going on and there are also a lot of humans landing on the planet. They come out of their spaceships and take a look on the planet. They don't know what they see. Jeremy, Dennis and Dylana are also walking and see some of the humans. Jeremy says: "Why do they all come to my planet?" Dennis says: "They all want to do the same as us." Jeremy, Dennis and Dylana go in a group of other humans that are walking to the city far away from them. They hear that there is a big fight going on and they want to see it.

Tyxoque thinks it isn't going fast enough. But he is still too lazy to do something. He knows that Ibrousax also won't do something. They will see how everything will end.

The group of Lauren is silently going over the swamps. Besoux and Daqeler easily pass it. Lauren, Richard, Davy and Amy follow them. Mike, Lindsey and Sophie aren't very careful. Mike suddenly screams loudly: "I'm so tired of this. I will kill the stupid aliens if I find out that there was another way!" After that, he curses some more. Besoux says to him: "Quiet, you will wake them up." Mike says: "Says the alien that let us walk over this stupid swamp!" Mike curses after it a lot and suddenly a Puxuur comes out of the water. It grabs Lindsey. Mike starts screaming: "No no no!!" The others all look behind them and see the Puxuurs are grabbing Lindsey. Besoux fastly runs back and says: "I knew this was going to happen." Daqeler, Lauren, Richard, Davy and Amy all attack the Puxuurs and hope he will give Lindsey back. She screams: "I don't want to die, somebody save me." Sophie doesn't does anything, she hopes Lindsey will die so she can get Mike." Besoux picks up a sword from his back and beheads the Puxuurs. It makes the other ones very angry. They starts trying to grab all the humans. Daqeler helps Besoux and also starts killing them. All humans try to run away, but the Puxuurs come after them. Lauren, Richard, Davy, Amy and Sophie manage to get away. Besoux says to Daqeler: "There are too much of them. I have to use this." He grabs a very heavy weapon and shoots with it on the Byxatax. All the Byxatax explode when he hits them. Daqeler kills the Puxuurs that had Lindsey. She manages to get away and Mike wants to help her, but she fastly runs away. After Besoux and Daqeler killed almost all the Puxuurs, they can finally pass the swamp. When they are on a safe point, they realize that they had a lot of luck. They decide to take a break. Mike wants to sit with Lindsey, but she is angry on him because of him she was almost death. It gives Sophie the chance to sit with Mike, but he doesn't likes her. She says: "I'm much better than that stupid girl of a Lindsey, you should know that." Mike says: "You don't tell me anything, you bitch." Sophie says: "I'm not a bitch, you better take that back." Mike says: "I don't give a shit." They start cursing more and more on each other. The others are tired of it. Lindsey joins Lauren and Amy. Lindsey says: "Mike is so annoying." Amy answers: "Yes, you was almost death because of him." Lauren says: "I wish he would never have come with us." Richard and Davy are also sitting together. Davy is looking at Lauren, Amy and Lindsey. Richard says: "You can get a lover after we survived all of this." Davy says: "No, that's too late. I want it now. Come lets join them." Davy stands up and walks to them. Richard follows him. When Davy reaches the three girls, he says: "Are you allright?" Lauren answers: "Yes everything is going fine." Davy goes sit with them. Lindsey and Amy start more talking with each other. Only Lauren answers to him. Davy tries to fix her, but it fails. Richard is tired of him, he says to Lindsey and Amy: "He really wants to have a girlfriend." Amy says: "He tries to fix Lauren?" Richard says: "Yes, don't ask me why." Amy says: "I don't think he will get her, because she had earlier a lover who died on this planet." Richard says: "Oh, I didn't knew that." When Davy finds out it fails, he goes to Lindsey and Amy. Richard says to him: "Stop it Davy, you are going too fast." Davy says: "I'm not going to stop. He focusses on Amy and tries to grab her. He says: "You are mine. Richard won't get you." Richard knows that this is very bad, but Davy smashes him and he falls knock out on the ground. Lauren and Lindsey don't know what to do. Davy grabs Amy and pushes her in the tent. He is too strong, she can't do anything. He takes off her clothes and starts kissing her. Lauren went to Besoux and Daqeler, who don't mind about it and don't do anything. Richard fastly wakes up and sees they are in tent. He runs as fast as possible in the tent. He sees a naked Davy lying on Amy. When Davy finds out he is standing behind him, they start fighting. Richard can't believe it that he fights against his own friend. Davy is much stronger and smashes Richard on the ground. On the moment he wants to kill them, he says: "Please Davy, how can you kill your one and only friend." Davy says: "I'm not Davy." and he shows himself. It is a white albino Quetirian, a very rare kind of Quetirians. Richard says: "You were him this all time." The Quetirians starts laughing and says: "You all didn't know I was him!" Richard stands up and smashes him on the ground. He screams: "Where is the real Davy?" The white Quetirian says: "I won't tell you that!" After he said that, the Quetirians smashes Richard hardly away and runs out of the tent. Besoux thinks he hears something and stands up. The others don't know why. He runs to the tent and sees the white Quetirian coming out of it. The white Quetirians screams in Quetirian language: "Traitor!!!" They start fighting. The white Quetirian is stronger and defeats Besoux. He wants to kill him and says: "Ibrousax will give me a richly reward for this." But right on that moment, they hear someone screaming: "You can tell this to Ibrousax." The white Quetirian gets hitten by something and totally explodes. It was Daqeler who used Besoux's weapon. She says: "So it definetely kills Quetirians." Besoux responses: "Yes of course." as he stands up and thanks her for saving him." Meanwhile, Richard stands up and sees Amy. He wants to help her, but she is still naked and he doesn't thinks she wants him to see that. He comes to her without looking at her and helps her. She says softly: "I'm raped by an alien." Richard says to her: "I'm here to help you." Amy says: "Thanks for saving me, without you he probably would have killed me." Richard says: "I'm wondering where the real Davy is, but you are more important now. Please take on some clothes, I don't want to see you naked." Amy says: "Okay, I actually don't really mind anymore after I'm raped by an alien." On the moment she has her clothes back on, Lauren and Lindsey come inside the tent. They ask of they are allright. Richard says: "Everything is fine." Lindsey asks: "Can I sleep with you? I don't want to sleep with Mike." Richard says: "Of course you can." Meanwhile, Mike and Sophie are in the other tent. They don't speak a word to each other and are completely done with each other.

In Bisonuar, the fight is still going on. The Xyporions are winning more and more space in the city. Elosax goes back to Ibrousax and says: "Majesty, we are not going to win this war." Ibrousax answers: "That's very sad to hear." Elosax asks: "What are we going to do?" Ibrousax ignores his question and walks away. Elosax follows him. They go to a secret room. In this secret room, Ibrousax has a private jet standing. Elosax surprisingly looks to it. He asks: "Why didn't you told us about this?" Ibrousax answers: "I held it secretly for all of you." Two pilot Quetirians step inside the jet and Ibrousax and Elosax go sit in the back. The jet flies out of the room and a wall goes open. They fly out of the city. All the Xyporions and Quetirians are looking at it. They have never seen this before. Later, the fight continues.

Tyxoque is still watching at the city and sees the jet flying out of the city. He starts laughing and says: "You're such a coward Ibrousax." The jet of Ibrousax is very fast and they fly to the other side of the planet. They go inside a secret base.

Meanwhile, the group of humans reached Bisonuar. They are all watching at the fight. They see the Xyporions are winning. They put a lot of buildings on fire. Jeremy, Dennis and Dylana also see it. Dennis starts laughing. Jeremy sees his chances to take over everything. He screams to all other people: "Lets join the fight!" All humans look at him and ignore him. Jeremy screams: "Attack! Attack! Attack! This planet belongs to us!" He, Dennis and Dylana start running to the gate of the city. It is closed. There are still some Quetirians protecting the gate. They don't let them in. Some humans see that the wall is broken. When they want to run inside, they see that a lot of Xyporions are standing before it. They protect it, because otherwise other Quetirians can help them. They see that it are humans. The humans are too scared to do something and keep standing before the wall. Jeremy, Dennis and Dylana try to find a way to come inside.

On the other side of the planet, Markus, Caroline, George, Chris, Joey and Jake are going to the Byxatax. Chris says: "Be careful, they can become agressive." Markus says to him: "I know that, I have interested in them before we went on this trip." Caroline and George, who are walking behind them, starts talking softly. Caroline says: "I have a feeling that we can't trust Chris." George says: "I agree, it is too coincidence." Caroline says: "That's exactly what I mean. In the middle of nowhere we find a human who claims to be longer here, knows a lot about this planet and helps us." Joey also joins the conversation and says: "Why can't we trust him? He seems to be a nice guy." Caroline says: "You don't think this is too much coincidence?" Joey says: "You just have to accept that you were not the first here."  Some minutes later, they are in the small water city of the Byxatax. Chris says: "Wait, here I will handle this." Markus fastly says: "No, I will come with you." Chris says: "You look annoyed, Byxatax will get angry." Markus says: "You are not the leader here and don't decide everything. I am going." Chris says: "Okay fine leader." They go to the Byxatax. They are surprised to see so much humans entering their city. Chris who speaks their langauge says something to them. Markus asks: "What did you say?" Chris answers: "I told them we want to hire a boat." The Byxatax say that it is fine. They pay them and the boat is ready for them. They go back to the others. Caroline, George, Joey and Jake are surprised that they are so early back. They go to the pier where the boat is ready for them to take. Jake, Joey, Caroline and George go in the boat. When Markus also wants to step in the boat, Chris says: "I'm not coming with you." Markus surprisingly says: "What? Why?" Chris explains: "I stay on this side of the river and don't need to pass it. I wish you good luck with coming on your destination." Markus says: "Okay fine." Caroline and George are glad that Chris doesn't comes with them. They leave the pier. When the boat is far away enough, Chris shows his real identity. He transforms back into the white Quetirian. He says: "Was it really that hard to kill them?" After it, he walks away and laughs really hard."

On the same time, the other group is going to the bridge. Richard is still shocked about what happened with Davy, but Amy helps him with it. Lauren and Lindsey are becoming better friends. Mike and Sophie are still angry on each other. They have to climb very high. Sophie nags: "I can't take it anymore!" Mike says to her: "You fool, you can't even climb this?" It makes Sophie angry and she wants to attack Mike, but Daqeler comes between them. She says: "I will help you." Sophie says: "Okay thanks." Mike screams: "Why do you help that stupid girl?" Daqeler says to Sophie: "Don't listen to him." When they are finally there, they see that the Quetirians are faster than them. Very surprised, they all see the Quetirians standing on the other side of the bridge. They have Davy. Richard screams: "Davy! Give him back to us." One of the Quetirians starts talking: "Welcome humans, traitor and bitch. As you can see we have one of you." Richard is angry, but Besoux helps him to stay calm. Lauren asks: "What do you want for him?" The Quetirian continues: "We want to exchange the traitor for him." Besoux says: "Okay fine, you can get me." Daqeler says to Besoux: "Are you sure about this?" Besoux says to her: "I have to do this." Richard is glad with his choice. The Quetirian says: "Okay come on the bridge traitor. Richard says: "First, give Davy to us." The Quetirian laughable says: "You can get that stupid idiot." They push Davy on the bridge. Davy screams: "I'm coming Richard!" Richard runs over the bridge. Besoux softly walks. The Quetirian says to the others: "Did you really thought we would let you get him?" Out of nowhere, they break the bridge on their side, making it fall back to the side of the humans. The humans scream: "No!" Besoux and Davy run fastly back to the side that is still holding the bridge. Besoux easily makes him. Richard and Amy want to help Davy who will also make it. Suddenly, a Quetirian grabs out a sword. He throws it to Davy. Right on the moment Richard and Amy want to grab Davy, the sword goes right through his stomach. They all scream: "Noooooo!!!" Richard wants to grab Davy, but it fails. His body falls off the bridge that is hanging on the side of the humans. Later, a splash of the body falling in the water can be heard. Richard fastly grabs a gun and starts shooting on the Quetirians. They are too far away and he can't hit them. The Quetirians walk away and later he can't see them anymore. Amy says to Richard: "Calm down. Calm down." She smashes the gun out of Richard arms and helps him to calm down. Besoux, Daqeler, Lauren, Lindsey, Mike and Sophie all walk disappointed away. Richard who is calmer now, also walks away with Amy. He knows that he couldn't save his friend.

On the same time, the Xyporions defeat the Quetirians. They come inside Ibrousax's castle and see he is not there anymore. The Xyporions are angry. Coquir says: "Where are you bastard of an Ibrousax?" The Quetirians that have survived the war are put in prisons by the Xyporions. Coquir goes sit on the throne of Ibrousax. He says: "I"m now the leader of Bisonuar. The city is ours!" All Xyporions celebrate a party. Tyxoque also sees it from Youxoter. He says: "I knew we were stronger than the Quetirians." Jeremy, Dennis and Dylana come before the gate. The Xyporions don't trust them. Jeremy says: "We work together with Tyxoque. Let us inside!" The Xyporions still don't trust them and leave the gate closed. Dennis says: "I think I know another way to come inside." He walks away, Jeremy and Dylana follow him.

On the longest river of the planet, Markus and the others are still in the boat. They almost don't fit in the boat. Caroline and Markus are sitting next to each other. Caroline says: "Still I don't trust him." Markus says: "It is true that he got easily a boat of the Byxatax for us." George suddenly sees there is water coming inside the boat. He says: "There is a hole in the boat." They all come to it and take a look. A lot of water is coming in the boat. Caroline says: "I knew we couldn't trust him." Joey says: "What an idiot!" After some minutes, the boat is totally fulled with water. George says: "Everybody, leave the boat!" He and Markus are the first ones to jump in the water. Caroline and Joey follow them. Jake is afraid to become cold because of the water. He jumps really late out of the water. The current is really hard. They all swim to the other side of the river. They are all hardly pushed to the left. Jake is far behind the others. When they come closer to the other side of the river, they suddenly see that more to the left a waterfall appears. They all start swimming even harder. The waterfall comes closer and closer to them. Markus and George reach the earliest the other side of the river. Caroline and Joey are also coming. Markus helps Caroline to reach it, Joey also makes it. Jake is still in the water and is far away of the ground. The others don't know what to do. Jake comes closer and closer to the waterfall. They start screaming that Jake should swim faster. But it seems like he is not going to make it. Markus picks up a long stick and holds it to Jake to grab him. Not much later, he grabs it. Markus says: "You will make it." Jake says: "I don't want to die." Jake comes closer and closer to them. When they are almost able to reach him, some kind of beast bites him in his foots. Caroline asks to Jake: "What is the problem?" Jake says: "I am bitten." George says: "I'm coming in the water to get you." George jumps in the water again. He goes underwater and sees the beast that wants to eat him. He is still holding the sick of Markus. George also holds it and goes to Jake. Out of nowhwere, the beat bites off the leg of Jake. He screams very hard. George is almost at him, on the moment he is able to grab him, Jake is pushed underwater. More beast are now at him. One of them also goes to George. George fastly gets back. Joey and Caroline help Markus to hold the stick higher above the water. It succeeds and the beast can't eat George. They don't hear anyhthing of Jake anymore. All the beast are eating from him and he is death. Markus, Caroline and Joey put the stick on the ground again and George is on the land again. They all look inside the water. After some seconds, a body comes above the water. It is the body of Jake with a lot of blood coming out of the water. After some seconds, the body falls off the water and it's gone. The others are watching to the waterfall. They lost someone again.

The other group is still sad about Davy's death. Besoux and Daqeler are thinking of another way to pass the river. Besoux says: "I think I know another way to pass the river." Daqeler asks: "And that is?" Besoux says: "A dangerous route where we have to climb a lot and it goes through a dangerous forest. That route isn't taken by anyone because they think it is too dangerous but we should try it." Daqeler says: "Okay I agree, we don't have another choice." Mike says: "We have to climb again? Please not!" Besoux says: "If you have a better idea, tell me it." Mike says: "No, because I don't know anything about this god damn planet." Besoux says: "What is god?" Lauren says: "We can explain that to you later, it doesn't minds now." Richard is still sad about what happened. Amy helps him with it. Richard cries and says: "I knew him my whole life and now he is gone." Amy says: "I know how it feels to lose someone." Richard feels glad that she is there for him. Lauren and Lindsey are together. Some time later, they go further. They go inside the woods. Sophie is scared and says: "Are we sure that this is safe?" Besoux says: "There won't be any Quetirian here, but of course there live other beasts." Daqeler says: "These beasts aren't smart so we can easily kill them." After hours of walking, they reach the place where they can pass the river. They are in the middle of a forest. They decide to sleep there. It is a safe place. They pick up the two tents. Besoux and Daqeler sleep outside and protect the humans. Mike and Sophie aren't angry on each other anymore, although they don't speak a word to each other. Lauren, Lindsey, Amy and Richard take the other tent. Richard isn't sad anymore and can finds it really good with Lauren, Lindsey and Amy. He also know that he has feelings for Amy like Davy wanted to tell him, but he doesn't wants to tell her it before they have reached their destination. They talk a bit with each other and after it, they go sleep.

Ibrousax finds out that Bisonuar is taken over by the Xyporions. He says to Elosax: "They really think I give a lot of that city, but in fact, I don't!" Elosax says: "But we will take over our city in some time?' Ibrousax says: "Of course we will, Daqeler thinks she is so powerful." Some seconds later, some Quetirians come inside. One of them says: "Daqeler is not the leader of the Xyporions anymore." Ibrousax says: "Why should I believe you?" The Quetirian says: "They are not very far of us. I saw the group of humans. Besoux and Daqeler were leading it." Ibrousax says: "These bastards are working together?" The Quetirian says: "We killed one of the humans, but Daqeler and Besoux killed the white Quetirian." Ibrousax says: "Was Markus Wood also there?" The Quetirian says: "No, I didn't saw him." Ibrousax says: "I know enough." After it, he and Elosax go to the cages of the secret base. Ibrousax says: "The Houxur will get them." They let the Houxur free outside and push him in the direction of Besoux, Daqeler and the humans. Ibrousax says: "What will you do against this traitor and bitch?"

Far away of them, Tyxoque decides to go to Bisonuar. When he is there, he sees Coquir sitting on the throne. He says: "That throne belongs to me." Coquir says: "Fine, I was just waiting until you came." Tyxoque looks outside and says: "Now, we just have to wait until the Quetirians are going to strike back." Coquir says: "We defeated them, they won't strike back." Tyxoque says: "You don't know Ibrousax, he will for sure do something back." Coquir says: "We have two cities, which one will they choose?" Tyxoque says: "For sure this one." Before the gates of the city, Jeremy, Dennis and Dylana walk to the other side of the wall. It is still broken off the bombs the Xyporions throw on it. Jeremy says: "How hard is it to break this wall." He sees that it is already broken. He and Dennis try to destroy it. Dylana says: "You won't break it." Dennis grabs his heavy weapon and shoots on the wall. It makes it break. They come through it. They fastly go inside it. Some Xyporions looked what happened. They see that the wall is broken. They tell it to Tyxoque. He says: "If these are the Quetirians, we will easily get them. Without an army they won't take over our city." The Quetirians come after them. Suddenly, there are a lot of Quetirians among them. They are got by them. They take them to Tyxoque and Coquir.

The group of Markus has very less group members left. Only Markus, Caroline, George and Joey are left. George asks: "Are we near at the base Besoux told us about?" Markus says: "Yes, we are." Only a few days walking and then we will reach it. Caroline says: "That's good to hear, I don't want to lose someone again." Joey says: "I'm tired of all this walking, I'm glad that we are almost there." Markus says: "We have to follow this path for some time and then we have to go inside a forest where it is hidden." Caroline says: "I hope we can get that idiot Chris after it." George says: "Yes, he should be punished for what he did." Markus says: "I have a feeling he was a white Quetirian." Joey asks: "What is a white Quetirian?" Markus answers: "They can take identity of everyone. I have searched for it and Chris Delaney was also someone who traveled to this planet. He probably killed him and took over his identity." Caroline asks: "But how did you know he wasn't real?" Markus says: "He didn't looked like a normal human. He knew too much. White Quetirians are also very smart." After the last days walking, they finally reach the secret base of Besoux. Markus says: "Besoux told us how to come inside. Let check it out." He does it and an opening in a big tree appears. They go inside. It has a lot of special things. George says: "Now, we have to wait for the other group. What will we do after it?" Markus answers: "Probably get back to Bisonuar and get the city back from Ibrousax." George says: "What if the city doesn't belongs to Ibrousax anymore. Look here." They look on a machine with a lot of news about the planet. It shows: "Bisonuar took over by the Xyporions." Joey says: "Hahaha Ibrousax is defeated." Caroline says: "Wait, but that means they are ruling two cities now?" Markus says: "Yes, it looks interesting."

The other group also crossed the river. They are also close to the secret base. Besoux says: "It's not far anymore." Sophie says: "Good to hear, I can't take it anymore!" Mike says: "Don't complain so much the whole time! It really annoys me. You really have to complain about everything!" Sophie angrily also responses on it. Lauren, Lindsey, Markus and Amy are becoming tired of them. Suddenly, they stop walking. Markus asks: "Why are we stopping?" Besoux says: "I smell something. Wait, this is not good. Run!" They fastly run after them. Mike says: "Why shall we run?" Besoux says: "Because of that." Suddenly, they see a big monster coming after them. Amy asks to Besoux: "What is that?" Besoux says: "A Houxur, a very dangerous beast that eats everything." Lauren asks: "How can it suddenly attack us?" Besoux says: "I was also asking that myself." Daqeler says: "I remember that Ibrousax has beasts like this held prison." Richard says: "He is trying to kill us with this, idiot." Besoux says: "Yes, it must be from him, Houxurs are very rare in the nature and normally don't live here. But first, lets survive this." And the monster comes more and more close to them. Mike and Sophie run away from it. Lauren, Lindsey, Richard and Amy also run away. The monster smashes Daqeler away. He wants to kill Besoux. He says: "Come on beast, try to do your best." The Houxur grabs him and wants to kill him, but Daqeler comes at it and starts fighting it. Lauren, Lindsey, Richard and Amy look if they can help but they see it is not their fight. Mike and Sophie both run their own way. The Houxur is very strong and smashes Besoux away. He says: "Ibrousax sent you, right? I hope he will be able to see this!" They give him everything they have. The Houxur doesn't gives up and wounds them heavily." Later, they are both defeated. The Houxur smashes them next to each other. The Houxur grabs Besoux and wants to kill him with his nails, but suddenly a voice says: "Hey, what do you think of this?" The Houxur looks at it and some seconds later, a very heavy bullet hits him. It's George who heard them. The Houxur becomes very angry and runs to him. George hits him multiple times with the weapon. When the Houxur is near to him, it is silent. Lauren, Lindsey, Richard and Amy are glad to see George. Lauren embraces him. She says: "Glad you survived it and thanks for saving us." The Houxur can be seen death. Mike and Sophie also come back without saying a word. The group with George walks to the secret base where they see Markus, Caroline and Joey who were waiting for them. They are back together, but are shocked how much didn't made it from both teams.

In Bisonuar, the Xyporions bring the burglars to Tyxoque and Coquir. Tyxoque laughs when he sees who they have captured. He says: " I know these guys, they are my friends!" Coquir says: "They tried to break into our city, do you think these are friends?" Tyxoque says: "I understand why, they wanted to join us. But wait, weren't there four of you?" Jeremy says: "Jay is death, he is killed." Tyxoque says: "Oh, that's sad. Anyway, it is good to have you back. I was earlier in this city than you, that's weird. I didn't expected that." Dennis says: "You could easily pass the guards and the Quetirians were easily defeated. That were you advantages." Tyxoque says: "It doesn't matter, lets wait what Ibrousax and the other Quetirians will do. And where are the friends of you?" Jeremy says: "You mean Joey Allen?" Tyxoque says: "No, I thought his name was Markus." Dylana says: "Oh yes that was the stupid guy who was the first on this planet." Tyxoque says: "You will kill all of them, Joey, Markus or who else. Kill all these stupid humans who work for Ibrousax!" Dennis says: "How do you expect us to do that?" Coquir says: "I think I'm getting an idea." Tyxoque asks to him: "What?" Coquir explains in Xyporion language: "You know all these humans who are before our gates? Lets make an army of them and when Markus Wood and all the other humans attack, we send this army to attack them. They will easily kill them." Dylana says: "Hey, speak English!" Tyxoque says: "I'm giving you an easily plan. Get all the humans inside. With them, we will have the strongest army of the planet and nobody will defeat us!"

After it, Jeremy, Dennis and Dylana go to the gate. With permission of Tyxoque, they open it for the humans. They all come inside. Jeremy says to them: "Come inside, join the club!" Suddenly the head of Tyxoque can be seen on a big screen: "All of you humans, welcome in the city of Bisonuar. You can all stay your holiday here. Nobody else has to come into this city anymore, it is all yours!" All humans start screaming and are very glad. Tyxoque continues: "And defend it against everybody else that comes inside!" 

Ibrousax and Elosax are still sitting inside their base. Elosax comes to Ibrousax and says: "I really think we have to get our city back! Come on, there are Quetirians all around the planet. They should join our army and we can easily defeat these stupid Xyporions. Ibrousax says: "Their new leader is Tyxoque, he is even worse than Daqeler. That guy is no true king of Bisonuar, we can easily overpower him." Elosax says: "So, where are you waiting for?" Ibrousasx answers: "The right time." Some minutes later, the white Quetirian comes back at the base. Ibrousax asks to him: "Did you kill these humans?" The white Quetirian says: "I killed Markus Wood, I put him into a boat that wasn't able to cross the river. He for sure got eaten by some of the beasts in the water, or he fall down the waterfall." Ibrousax says: "Really good, these stupid humans won't bother us anymore." Another Quetirian says: "You forgot about the group of Besoux and Daqeler." Ibrousax starts laughing and says: "Do you really think the traitor and bitch will try to get the city back? They don't even have an army! Also, they can't even cross the river since you destroyed the bridge and my Houxoter surely has killed them. I doub of they are even alive yet." The white Quetirian says: "How is it possible that I haven't heard anything of my brother anymore?" Ibrousax says: "He didn't made it or is still part of the team and these idiots still don't know it!" The white Quetirian says: "So, what should I do now?" Ibrousax says: "You have to help me to get back Bisonuar! We will attack now! I can't take it anymore that an idiot like Tyxoque is leading my city!" All the Quetirians starts screaming into the base and they all leave it. They go into big Tyquervehicles and drive to the city of Bisonuar. During it, they call a lot of Quetirians to help them to get back their city.

Not very far away of them, the Quetirian, Xyporion and nine humans are discussing what all happened to them. Lauren is very glad to see Markus and Caroline again. She says: "I started thinking I would never see you again." Caroline embraces her good friend. Markus sees Richard and says: "Where is your friend?" Richard says: "He didn't made it." Markus says: "I feel sad for you." Richard says: "Can I ask you something. Because something is still not clear." Markus says: "Sure." Richard asks: "Davy's body was took over by a Quetirian that made him become crazy. How is this possible?" Markus says: "You also met a white Quetirian?" Richard says: "Oh, I didn't knew you also met them." Markus says: "He acted like he was Chris Delaney, someone we met." Richard says: "Oh that looks weird." Markus says: "Hey, but just between us. If anything happens to me, I want you to take over my responsibilities. You have it in you to become leader of this group." Richard says: "Wow thanks a lot." Markus says: "I really mean it." Meanwhile, Amy looks at the group and sees Joey. She asks to him: "Where is Stacey?" Joey says very sad: "She didn't made it." Amy says: "Oh, I feel sad for you." After it, Mike screams: "Where the hell is Jake? He also died?" Caroline says to him: "Yes, sadly he did." Mike says on a sarcastic way: "Oh, that's sad." Lindsey comes to him and says: "That wasn't nice." Mike says: "What? I really meant it! And now you suddenly start talking to me again?" Lindsey says: "It's better to stop ignoring each other." Mike says: "Great honey! Does that mean you love me?" Lindsey says: "No, why would I fall in love with someone like you?" Mike says: "That also wasn't nice! But still, you belong to me." Sophie also comes to them and says: "Why are you guys talking again to each other?" Lindsey says: "I hate it to ignore someone all the time." Sophie says: "That's ashamingly Lindsey, you should know better!" Lindsey says: "I also wanted to ignore you. You two are so annoying." And after it, she walks away from them. She walks to Lauren and Caroline and starts talking to them. Besoux and Daqeler see it all happening. Besoux says to Daqeler: "We won't stay here our whole life, right?" Daqeler answers: "Yes, I want my city back." Besoux says: "You will get Youxoter back, I always have wanted to lead Bisonuar." Daqeler says: "Do you know what's weird? Befor I met you, I had never liked a Quetirian." Besoux says: "Maybe because I'm different than Ibrousax and the other Quetirians who only want to get war. Peace with the Xyporions is the most important for me." Daqeler says: "That's really good from you. And I also want to thank you for giving me a chance. Normally, Quetirians never trust a Xyporion, especially not the former leader of them." Besoux says: "This is what I call peace." And he starts kissing Daqeler. They disappear into the darkness. Some seconds later, Markus looks of he can see Besoux and Daqeler, but they are gone. Not much later, they all decide to go sleep. Lauren is glad she can finally sleep with Caroline and Markus again. Lindsey also sleeps with her new best friend. Mike and Sophie both take their own room in the secret base. Joey decides to join Mike and after all, they can find it really well with each other. Richard and Amy sleep together. They have some fun with each other. Markus says to Caroline, Lauren and Lindsey: "Tomorrow, we will make our plan to get back Youxoter and Bisonuar." Caroline says: "Great, we have to restore the peace on this planet." Markus goes outside the room to take a look at the map. He sees how far the cities are away of them. He looks on the entire planet. He sees Quetirian and Xyporion groups everywhere. Later, he walks back. During the walk back, he hears something. He looks inside the room with the sound. He sees Besoux and Daqeler kissing with each other. He is very surprised. It is the first time ever in the history of Quetir that a Quetirian and Xyporion fell in love with each other. When he is back at Caroline, Lauren and Lindsey, he says: "Something nice is happening." Caroline, who is lying in the same bed as him asks: "What's it?" Markus says: "Our group leaders are doing something romantic." Caroline, Lauren and Lindsey all are surprised by it and also really like it. But for now, they have to sleep. Tomorrow will start their travel back to Youxoter and Bisonuar and finally restore the peace of the planet.

Meanhwhile, all the Quetirians reach Bisonuar. Ibrousax, Elosax and the white Quetirian walk in the front. Tyxoque, Coquir, Jeremy, Dennis and Dylana see it happening. Ibrousax has some kind of microphone with him. He says: "Xyporions, surrender now you still can." Tyxoque also screams into the same thing: "Why should we surrender?" Ibrousax says: "This is my city, that other ugly city belongs to you, not this city. And if this city really belongs to you, come outside coward, then we can really see it. Tyxoque says: "Lets meet the guy. Coquir and you human come with me." Jeremy says: "You mean me?" Tyxoque says: "Of course, the humans are on our side." Jeremy says: "Okay fine." Dennis says softly to Jeremy: "We will still take over this city, right?" Jeremy says: "Of course we will, just wait for the right time." Dylana says: "You and I will be king and queen." Jeremy says: "Yes." And after it, he, Tyxoque and Coquir walk away. When they are outside, they see Ibrousax, Elosax and the white Quetirian stand. They walk to them. Ibrousax says: "It's laughable to see that there is finally another Xyporion willing to fight me." Tyxoque says: "Daqeler was a weak queen, we have killed that bitch." Elosax says: "Hahahaha killed, even worse than that." Coquir says: "What the hell do you mean?" Elosax says: "She is not death, hahahaha." The white Quetirian says: "And human, what are you doing here?" Jeremy says: "The humans on this planet, also take their side in the war. And that's not your side." Ibrousax says: "Humans are so weak, I also worked with one of them called Markus Wood. They will only make you weak." Jeremy becomes angry and says: "You know nothing about humans." Ibrousax says: "Wood went as a coward away, he doesn't wants to participate in this war." Elosax says: "Besoux, Daqeler and him are working together now, the idiots team." Tyxoque says: "These coward should also join the war, then I can finally kill the bitch." Elosax says: 'I want to get that traitor." Ibrousax says: "Enough talking about them. Lets start the war!"  All the Quetirians start screaming and are ready for the war. Tyxoque comes closer to Ibrousax and says: "What makes you think that you can beat us this time?" Ibrousax says: "Protecting a city is hard, we know that. Now the roles are changed, you have the city and we don't. That gives us an advantage." Tyxoque laughable says: "That's not advantage at all. You don't even have single advantage." Ibrousax says: "Fine, start the war!" The Quetirians run to the gates of Bisonuar and the Xyporions and humans protect it. The war of Quetir has started.

On the other side of the planet, ten humans, one Quetirian and one Xyporion are making a plan. Markus says: "Okay this is the plan. The war between Tyxoque and Ibrousax has already started. They are fighting for Bisonuar, but the simple thing they forget, is that Youxoter is also there. The Xyporions, who were there, all come to Bisonuar to fight in the war, so we can easily take over that city." Daqeler says: "Inside my city, I have some weapons and when we are there, we can take them and use them to get Bisonuar." Markus continues: "The Xyporions and Quetirians are killing each other, when they see that you are the true leader of the Xyporions and Ibrousax is the worst Quetirian leader, they can join our side." George asks: "What about the humans?" Markus says: "We will try to get them to our side." Joey laughable says: "I have seen pictures, Jeremy is leading them!" Amy says: "Jeremy? That boy who was leading us on our spaceship?" Joey says: "Yes, we can so easily kill him." Richard says: "You are his old friend, you should go to him." Joey says: "With a pleasure, I still want to kill that idiot." Markus says: "Okay, Jeremy will be thrown of the throne and we will get the humans on our side. Soon Ibrousax will find out that there is actually nobody on his side." Sophie suddenly says: "You can fight your war, I don't want to fight." Caroline says: "You have to come with us, you can join the humans and totally forget about us. I know you don't like this." Sophie says: "That's also because of Mike." Mike says: "You were the one that started all of this!" Lindsey says: "Stop Mike and Sophie. I will help you getting out of this war." Markus says: "But before we do all of this, we have to get an army. Besoux and Daqeler, you should help us getting all the Quetirians and Xyporions on our side." Besoux says: "Sure, I will tell them that they have to help us getting Bisonuar back." Daqeler says: "I can tell them the same but then with Youxoter." Markus says: "Okay, now we will make teams. Besoux, George, Joey and Mike, you will get all the Quetirians, Daqeler, Richard, Amy and Sophie, you will do the same with the Xyporions and I, Caroline, Lauren and Lindsey will get the humans. Mike says: 'You will go with three humans, I also would have chosen for that." Markus says: "These teams fit the best to get what I want. Prepare yourself. And will see each other again on this point, a point near Youxoter where we will take over that city together" After it, they all pick all stuff they need with them. Besoux, George, Joey and Mike are the first to leave. Fastly after it, Daqeler, Richard, Amy and Sophie do the same. Markus, Caroline, Lauren and Lindsey also leave, leaving the secret base abandoned.

Besoux and George don't get that hard the Quetirians on their side. When they hear that they will reconquer, they join Besoux. Joey and Mike can find it better and better with each other. On the second group, Sophie is complaining the whole time again. Richard and Amy ignore it. They help Daqeler with getting the Xyporions on their side. When they hear that they will try to get Youxoter again and maybe even Bisonuar, they all want to join the team. And with the third group, it goes even easier. All the humans want to conquer the planet and they trust Markus. A lot of hours later, they all reach the point near of Youxoter. Markus, Besoux and Daqeler tell each other that they have succeed. Big armies of humans, Quetirians and Xyporions are coming to the both of the cities. Meanwhile in Bisonuar, they are still fighting. A lot of Quetirians, Xyporions and humans die, but they all think it was worth it. The ten humans, one Quetirian and one Xyporion go to Youxoter. It looks abandoned. There are really less people in it. Daqeler goes stand before the gates. When the Xyporions see she is back, they are very surprised. They asks: "I thought you was death." Daqeler says: "Who made you think that?" The Xyporions says: "Tyxoque." Daqeler says: "Tyxoque isn't your leader, I am." The Xyporion says: "I'm sorry, I can't let you inside. Orders from Tyxoque." Suddenly a lot of other Xyporions come, one of them says: "That's our queen, let her inside." The Xyporions attack the Xyporion at the gates and open the gate. Markus says to Besoux: "It is better for you to stay outside." Besoux says: "Allright." Daqeler and the ten humans go inside. Some Xyporions ask themself why there are coming ten humans inside the city. Daqeler says: "They are my friends." They go to the castle and see a lot of stuff of Tyxoque and Coquir, they throw it into the fire. In Bisonuar, they hear about the news in Youxoter. Tyxoque says: "What the hell is going on? The bitch is back?" Ibrousax doesn't really cares and keeps fighting. But, Daqeler puts on the microphone in Youxoter where they can have contact with Bisonuar with. She says: "Xyporions, I'm back and the city Youxoter is mine again. The two collaborators who took over the city aren't even inside anymore, so they are no true kings." Tyxoque goes to his microphone and says: "What do you want bitch?" Daqeler says back to him: "That question belongs to you. Take a look outside." Tyxoque and Coquir look out of the windows. They see very much Quetirians, Xyporions and humans coming to the city. he fight suddenly stops. Ibrousax who is still standing outside also sees it and says: "How is this possible?" Markus also comes to the microphone and says: "Ibrousax, do you hear me?" Ibrousax becomes even more angry and screams a lot of weird things in Quetirian language. Markus continues: "How do you want to be king of Bisonuar if this whole army of Quetirians is not on your side. It doesn't matter you can't response, we are coming to you. Caroline, Lauren, George, Joey, Richard, Amy, Mike, Sophie and Lindsey stay in the city of Youxoter. Markus, Besoux and Daqeler come to Ibrousax. They take a tyquervehicle and not much later, they reach it. Ibrousax, Elosax and the white Quetirian are still standing there. Ibrousax says: "Well done Markus, without me you would have never succeeded this." Markus says: "No, not with you help, with help of them." Besoux says: "It can't go on this way anymore. You are a dictator of Bisonuar, things will have to change." Ibrousax says: "And you think you will be the best king ever?" Besoux says: "No, but there will never be a dictator like you again." Suddenly, Tyxoque, Coquir and Jeremy also come to them. The white Quetirian says: "Look who are back." Tyxoque immediatly goes to Daqeler and says in Xyporion language: "Well well well, look who is alive." Daqeler says: "I already reconquered my city and you will also give this city back to the Quetirians. A true Xyporion king won't search for war and keep peace with the Quetirians. By far, you didn't do that." Tyxoque says: "You are lying to your people. None of them is on your side." Daqeler says: "Well, we will see that." Markus goes to Jeremy and says: "We haven't met before. You pretend to be the leader of the humans?" Jeremy says: "Yes and I will take over this planet with them, something you haven't succeed in all the time you are here." Markus says: "Why should we take over this planet? We shouldn't be searching for war." Jeremy says: "Come on, this is another planet with life, the Earth is overpopulated, we can live here. Why you don't want that?" Markus says: "There are living other species here, we can't just kill all of them, you should know that." Jeremy says: "Okay fine, I will conquer this planet and you can see of you want to be here." Markus says: "Good luck with it. It won't succeed anway." Jeremy ignores it and walks away. Ibrousax says: "May the best luck be with all of you. And now, fight!" The army of Quetirians starts fighting back again. They break the wall. The army of Quetirians, Xyporions and humans together also comes to the city. The Xyporions and humans are still inside. They are very scared. They know that the war is going to change everything.

The Quetirians, Xyporions and humans on the side of Markus Wood attack the Quetirians of Ibrousax. A lot of them don't know what side to choose. They can't fight against their own specie. The white Quetirian sees it all happening. He screams: "They are the enemy and betrayers of Quetir, kill them all!" Some Quetirians listen to him, but by far not all do. The white Quetirian becomes angry and attacks them, killing them. On the same time, Caroline, Lauren, George, Joey, Richard, Amy, Mike, Sophie and Lindsey also come to the city. They join Markus, Besoux and Daqeler. George asks to Markus: "So, what's the plan?" Markus says: "We will break into the city and kill the Xyporions that are inside. Caroline asks: "What about Ibrousax?" Markus says: "He is for me." Suddenly, they see Ibrousax. He and his army have destroyed the wall of Bisonuar and go inside. Besoux says to Markus: "Let me join you, don't forget that I also hate him very much." Daqeler says: "Tyxoque and Coquir are for me. Show them who is the real king of the Xyporions." Richard says: "What should the orders do?" Markus says: "You, George, Lauren, Caroline and the others will lead our army into the city. It is good to know that all these Xyporions and humans can be easily got on our side." Joey says: "You forget Jeremy and the others." Markus says: "You and the others will go him." Amy says: "Shouldn't help someone Daqeler?" Markus says: "Okay, we will make teams. Besoux and I will get Ibrousax, Daqeler, Richard, Amy and Sophie will get Tyxoque and Coquir, George, Joey, Mike and Lindsey will get Jeremy and Caroline and Lauren, I want you to stay at the army. You can eventually help them." Caroline says to Markus: "Don't you need more help? We can join you." Markus says: "Not needed, Besoux and I will do it." Caroline doesn't trust it, but she does what her husband says. She gives Markus a kiss and they wish each other the best luck. After it, all the teams go together into the city. Outside the city, the army of Quetirians, Xyporions and humans are still fighting against Ibrousax's army and are defeating them. Some of the Quetirians surrender or join the other Quetirians on Besoux's side.

Markus and Besoux go after Ibrousax. They have an army of Quetirians with them, who attack Ibrousax's army. Ibrousax sees it all happening and starts laughing. When Markus and Besoux are near enough of him, he says: "Lets fight and see who is truly the king of this city." Markus says: "It is two against one, I won't fight to be king, but help the Quetirians to kill the dictator." Ibrousax is still laughing and says: "Do you think that will scare me? I have learned to fight on the best fight school of the planet. I will easily defeat both of you." After it, the fight between them starts. Some Quetirians attack Besoux and Markus, but they can kill them. Elosax also comes to them and attacks Besoux.

Caroline and Lauren see the army going into the city Joey and Daqeler's groups both go their own way. Joey thinks he knows where Jeremy is. A lot of humans are on the west side of the city. Joey asks to them: "Where is Jeremy?" One of the humans says: "You must be Joey, Jeremy is waiting for you. George says to Joey: "Are you sure we can trust them?" Joey says: "No, but Jeremy is not that smart. He can't get all the humans on his side." Mike tries to protect Lindsey, but she doesn't thinks it is very needed. Mike says to her: "We will survive all of this. After it, we will marry and live together on this planet." Lindsey says: 'You have a lot of plans. Lets first survive all of this." Not much later, they reach Jeremy. Dennis and Dylana are with him. Jeremy says: "Look who we have there. Good to see you old friend." Dennis laughs and says: "Who are the other humans?" Joey says: "My new friends, much better than you Jeremy." Dylana goes to Lindsey and asks: "Where is Stacey?" Lindsey says: "She died, I didn't even knew her very well." Dylana says: "Oh, that's sad. Are Amy, Richard and Davy also death?" Lindsey says: "No, they are not wasting their time in you." After it, Lindsey hits Dylana into the face. Dylana says: "Good girl, is that all you can?" Lindsey says: "You traitor, humans should be on the same side." Dylana screams: "We won't!" and starts attacking her. Mike helps Lindsey. Joey is nagging about a lot of things, until Joey is tired of him and says: "We won't even be friends again and you are my enemy in this war." Jeremy says: "As you wish." And they also start fighting.

Tyxoque and Coquir returned to the castle. An army of Xyporions protects the gate. They see Daqeler and the humans coming to them. Tyxoque looks outside and sees Daqeler and the others coming. Daqeler says: "Who is your real king? Why do you listen to two collabetors?" A Xyporions says: "You was a bad king of us, Tyxoque is doing it much better." Daqeler says: "I really doubt about that." Richard and Amy don't really know what to do. Sophie is tired of it and says: "Your king is hiding himself. Show yourself!" Tyxoque says to Coquir: "Kill them all, show me you are worth it to be my righthand." Coquir says: "Of course and goes outside." Daqeler is still speaking to the Xyporions who don't want to come on her side. Coquir sees it all happening. He grabs his sword and goes outside. He says: "It is over bitch, you won't get inside." Daqeler says: "Tyxoque is to afraid to come outside himself. Lets show him something." Coquir says: "Let those weak humans outside of this." Sophie says: "You called us weak?" Amy says to Sophie: "Stay calm!" Sophie says: "How strong can they be?" After it, Sophie wants to be the hero and attacks Coquir. Daqeler says: "Don't attack him!" Sophie hits Coquir in the face and easily defeats him. Sophie says: "You see? They are very..." Right on that time, another Xyporion hits her in the back. Coquir stays up and says: "I told you humans were weak." and he beheads Sophie. After it, her body falls on the ground.

Joey, George, Mike and Lindsey are still fighting against Jeremy, Dennis and Dylana. Joey and Mike go on Jeremy. George takes Dennis. Dylana and Lindsey are left. Dylana says: "Come on, show what you can bitch." Lindsey says: "You are a bitch because you took the side of the evil Xyporions." Dylana says: "Jeremy and I will be king and queen of this city. And the other humans and aliens will be our workers. But you, you won't even make it!" And Dylana attacks Lindsey. Dylana is stronger than Lindsey, but she fights good back. Dylana can't defeat her. She says: "You stupid bitch, just surrender now. You will be easily destroyed." Dylana becomes very angry and smashes Lindsey on the ground. She grabs a gun out of her pocket and holds it on Lindsey. She says: "Now, I'm going to make an end to a whore." On the moment Dylana wants to shoot, she gets hit in the back by a knife. Mike threw the knife to save Lindsey. Dylana screams it out. Lindsey stands up and says: "I thought you were going to kill me." Dylana says: "I will still kill you! I will I will will!" Lindsey says: "No you won't." Lindsey picks up a sword that is hanging on the wall and puts it right throught the stomach of Dylana. A lot of blood comes out of it. Lindsey says: "This is for all innocent people that you have killed idiot." and she steps Dylana multiple times. Her body falls death on the ground. Jeremy becomes very angry and screams: "NO!!!!!!!!!!". He smashes Joey away and goes on Lindsey. Jeremy says: "You will be punished for what you did." But Mike gets him first and says: "No, you will be punished." and smashes Jeremy on the ground. Jeremy is still very angry, but Dennis says to him: "We have to surrender, they are with more." He grabs Jeremy and they run away. Joey, George, Mike and Lindsey go after them.

Richard and Amy are still shocked about what they saw. Daqeler is less shocked and attacks Coquir once again. Daqeler angrily says: "You won't take someone again from us." She attacks him very hardly. The Xyporions see that Daqeler is winning. Coquir screams: "Help me you idiots!" The Xyporions show a sign that they won't help him. Coquir sees it and screams: "What? what?" Daqeler says: "You are so weak" and she stabs him with her sword on torso. The neck and head half fall of the body of Coquir. She also stabs him in his stomach. Richard and Amy are still surprised looking to everything. They haven't seen Daqeler so aggresive before. Some seconds later, Daqeler throws the body of Coquir hardly on the ground. Tyxoque sees it all happening. He says: "Well done. Well done. You may have killed my best friend, but that doesn't means you are now the king. Look at yourself, your people isn't even loyalty to you. Attack her!" Some of the Xyporions listen to him, others don't. The Xyporions start fighting each other. Tyxoque is very surprised. He runs away. All the evil Xyporions get defeated. Daqeler says to Richard and Amy: "Lets go inside." and they destroy the gate and go inside the former castle of Ibrousax.

Markus, Besoux and Ibrousax are still fighting against each other. Ibrousax is very strong and Markus and Besoux are searching for a way to defeat him. Ibrousax also makes them a bit injured, but the same happens to him. He says: "How will you do it? Already since centuries nobody defeated me." Besoux says: "You are getting too old, that will make you weaker." Ibrousax laughs and says: "No, it won't. I'm still becoming stronger everyday. They continue the fight. They keep fighting until Ibrousax hardly hits Besoux. He falls injured on the ground. Ibrousax says: "Traitors will die first." He walks to Besoux, but Markus attacks him. Markus says: "You are the traitor of all Quetirians, so you will die first." Ibrousax says: "How do you mean? I never betrayed my people. Besoux on the other hand, he went away and now when the city can be got back, he returns. That's betrayal." Markus says: "What does it matter! These sentences don't prove anything. It makes Ibrousax angry and he attacks him one more time. After some time, he cuts of the left hand of Markus. Besoux sees it happening. Ibrousax starts laughing and says: "Oh did you lost your hand? That's sad." Markus says: "It doesn't matter. It is worth it to kill you. On the moment, Besoux wants to come back to the fight, some Quetirians attack him. Elosax and the White Quetirian are leading the group. Besoux kills them all until he is at Elosax. He and Elosax start fighting. Caroline and Lauren see the fight. Caroline is worried of Markus and sees him. Besoux and Elosax are still fighting. Elosax says: "Traitor, what did you wanted with joining these humans?" Besoux says: "Something you will never understand." He suddenly attacks and hits Elosax on his legs. He screams the pain out and goes sit on his knies. Besoux screams: "Ibrousax, look at this!" On the moment Ibrousax looks, Besoux shows Elosax no mercy and stabs him through his head. Elosax's body falls on the ground. Ibrousax doesn't really cares. The white Quetirian scared gets away. Caroline and Lauren are glad. Besoux goes to Ibrousax and Markus. Lauren says to Caroline: "You see? They are winning." Caroline is glad and says: "Yes, they will." Suddenly, George comes to them. He says: "I'm already back. We easily defeated them." Lauren asks: "Where are Joey, Mike and Lindsey?" George says: "They will come later, they are leading the army." Caroline says: "Good job George." Lauren says: "Wait." and she grabs a gun out of her pocket and shoots George through the head. Caroline says: "What have you done?" Lauren says: "I killed the idiot who almost killed us. And no, his name was't Chris Delaney." After it, the body of George changing back to a White Quetirian falls death on the ground. Caroline says: "How did you know this?" Lauren says: "He smelled totally the same as Chris Delaney."

Jeremy and Dennis are getting away. They joing their army. Jeremy screams: "Get the four people who are behind us!" The people don't know what to do. Suddenly, Joey appears and he attacks Jeremy. Joey says: "Stop it Jeremy!" Jeremy laughs and says: "I won't stop anything." Joey says: "Why are you changed so much?" Jeremy says: "You have changed. At the very beginning, my plan was already to take over this planet. You have made everything harder! Now you will pay for it!" And he attacks Joey. They fight like two friends who actually don't want to kill each other. George, Mike and Lindsey see it happening. They also see Dennis who is leading the army. They hear him screaming some things. Some of the people go to them. George says: "Don't listen to him. They only want to have war." Lindsey says: "We are humans and should know better than all of this." Mike is looking at Lindsey and says: "I totally agree with you." The humans don't do anything. They don't want to kill other humans. Dennis screams: "What? Kill them!" One of the humans says: "Get the fuck up. We won't do anything. George says: "You two, help Joey. I will finish this guy." George walks to Dennis and says: "Surrender now you still can." Dennis says: "Why the hell would I survive?" and they start fighting. Dennis is stronger in the fight and injures George. But George manages to put a bomb on the back of Dennis. After some fighting, Dennis pushes George on the ground. Dennis says: "Now you will die!" George says: "I would look behind you if I were you." And he runs away. Dennis keeps looking behind him, but he doesn't sees anything. Dennis says: "You tricked me, there is nothing....." The bomb explodes and there is nothing left of Dennis' body. Jeremy is looking angrily at it. Mike and Lindsey are now also at him. Jeremy says: "Four against one, lets see who will win." Joey says: "You will die because of your betrayal. You have made these mistakes." Jeremy says: "You made the biggest mistake to betray me for this bunch of idiots." After it, Jeremy runs away. They all don't see him. George also joins them and asks: "Where is he?" Joey says: "He went away." Mike screams: "Come back you son of a bitch. This isn't far." After he said that, a knife is thrown. They all jump away of it. George says: "Get away from here, he throws with knifes!" On the moment, they want to get away a knife is thrown. It goes right on Lindsey. When it is comes closer and closers, she sees it and knows she can't get away from it. But out of nowhere, Mike jumps before her. The knife goes right through his stomach. Lindsey is very shocked by it and screams: "No!" Mike falls on the ground. He says: "I just want you to know that I will always love you." Lindsey starts crying and says: "I'm so sorry." Mike says: "It's allright, you should survived and live well with your new friends on this planet." Jeremy sees he has hitten one of them and laughs. Joey becomes very angry because he killed one of his friends. Mike says his final words to Lindsey: "Get that idiot for me." Lindsey promises: "I will kill him." After it, Mike dies. George and Joey go to Jeremy. They start fighting with him.

Not very far away of them, Daqeler, Richard and Amy go inside the former castle of Ibrousax. A lot of Xyporions come after them. When they are at Tyxoque, Daqeler says: "It's over Tyxoque, you see who the Xyporions really want as their queen." Tyxoque starts laughing and says: "This doesn't proves anything." Daqeler says: "Fine, lets fight for it.' Amy asks to Daqeler: "Shouldn't we help you?" Daqeler says: "No, I will do it myself." After it, they start fighting. Tyxoque is a bit stronger and after some fighting, he smashes Daqeler on the ground. Tyxoque says: "I knew it. I knew it. I knew that I was stronger than you! And now I will finish this." Suddenly, Richard says: "No, you won't." He and Amy have together a big weapon they got from the Xyporions. Tyxoque says: "Hahahaha, you don't know how to......" Richard shot the weapon. It went right throught the heart of Tyxoque. Daqeler sees it. She stands up and goes stand right before Tyxoque. She asks: "How did that felt?" Tyxoque says: "It felt like I finally escaped, from YOU!!!" and Tyxoque grabs a sword behind from him and wants to put it righ through her stomach, but one second before he hits her, Daqeler cut his body in two pieces. Tyxoque screams a lot of things and walks to the balcony of the castle of Ibrousax. He watches at the war that is still going on. After a few seconds, his body falls in two pieces of the balcony. When it the ground, it totally falls apart. All the Quetirians, Xyporions and humans see it. They know that the new king of Bisonuar is death. Ibrousax, Markus and Besoux also see it, but they just keep on fighting.

Meanwhile, Joey and George are still fighting against Jeremy. Jeremy smashes George away leaving him alone to Joey. After some fighting, Joey kicks Jeremy on the ground. He says: "This was not how this all had suppose to happen!" Jeremy screams: "I don't care!" Joey screams back: "We had as plan to go together as a team to this planet and that's how I still want it. You were my best friend. I'm not going to kill you. We will put you in a prison and the only thing that you can do is wishing to come ever outside." Jeremy stands up and says: "That's all? You won't payback one me?" Joey says: 'No, that's not the right thing to do." Lindsey looks at all of it and sees that George is allright. George stands up and looks at Joey and Jeremy. Jeremy says: "You are so dumb, my old friend. The only way to stop me, is to kill me." Joey says: "That's not true. We can find another way. Let me help you to get on the right path." Out of nowhere, Jeremy screams: "NO, YOU CAN'T!!!" and he grabs a sword and puts it right through the belly of Joey. Joey looks very shocked to Jeremy and says: "How could you kill your own friend?" Jeremy comes with his face closer to him and says: "You were never my friend." After it, he puts the sword out of Joey, making him fall on the ground. Some seconds later, Joey dies. Jeremy starts screaming: "You see? Look who is the true leader of all the humans on this planet! Now join me again. Then we can take over this complete planet! It belongs to us!" Suddenly his speech gets interrupted by George who says: "This is for Joey and Mike!!!" And he has one of the weapons that was in Besoux's secret base and he shoots with it on Jeremy. On the moment Jeremy sees it, it has already hit him. He screams the pain out. He screams: "Why? What the hell have you done?" After it, he starts walking slowly to George. When he is close enough him, he says: "You son of a bitch!" and he wants to put his sword into George, but Lindsey is standing behind him and hits him with another sword. After it, Jeremy's body totally falls apart on the ground. A big idiot is finally death. Lindsey says: "I have always wanted to use a sword." George doesn't responses to it and walks away. They go back to the others.

Daqeler, Richard and Amy also walk back and see far away of them the battle between Markus and Ibrousax. Caroline and Lauren see their army winning the war. The Quetirians of Ibrousax surrender. However, Ibrousax doesn't surrenders and keeps fighting. Markus says to him: 'You surrender idiot, your army has surrenderd." Ibrousax says: "I will never surrender." Besoux also comes back in the fight and hits Ibrousax. Ibrousax says to Markus: "Wait, a minute." He attacks Besoux back. After some fighting, he hits him very heavily. A very injured Besoux falls on the ground. Ibrousax smashes him hardly away and walks to him. He says: "You will never be king of Bisonuar!" and he stabs his sword through the eye of Besoux. On the moment, he want to kill Besoux, Markus pushes him away. Ibrousax becomes very angry and says: "No! Let me kill this traitor!" Markus says: "You will never kill anyone anymore." Ibrousax says: "If you are the one who stands in my way, I will kill you first!" After that, they start fighting for a long time. During the fight, all surviving humans and Daqeler come to it and see the fight. Caroline is looking very scared to it. Suddenly, Markus hits Ibrousax. Ibrousax screams the pain out. Markus says: "You will get what you deserved for a long time!" Ibrousax starts laughing and says: "You didn't know it on the beginning. When I had that ceremony after you killed John Shaw, I was already done with you. This planet belongs to the Quetirians, you should get the fuck up." Markus says: "You should be more glad with visitors from another planet." Ibrousax screams: "Why would I be glad with it?" Markus says: "Well, you know that there is life on other planets, something we have searched for centeries." Ibrousax says: "I don't care that there is life on other planets, just keep on living there." Markus says: "Okay fine, but I will make an end on this now." Ibrousax asks: "How are you going to that?" Markus says: "By killing you!" and he wants to put his sword into Ibrousax, but out of nowhere he gets knife in his stomach. He falls on the ground. Ibrousax sees everybody looking at it. He goes to Markus and says: "What would you say about this?" and he stabs Markus one more time with his sword. Caroline becomes very angry and runs to it. Ibrousax screams to her: "How are you going to kill me? I'm immortal! You can't kill me!" But, she gets a shotgun and shoots with it through Ibrousax. Ibrousax says: "What the hell is that for weapon?" Caroline says: "I brought it from Earth in case I was going to need it. And now die!" And she shoots multiple times through Ibrousax. Ibrousax looks to all building to everywhere in the city. He also looks into the sky. After it, he starts laughing very hard until he falls death on the ground. Caroline runs to Markus and sees he is dying. Markus says: "You don't have to feel sad." Caroline starts crying and says: "How can we go further without you?" Markus says: "Get the group together. Justify the peace between the Quetirians and the Xyporions. Make sure Besoux survives it, he has to be king of Bisonuar. Will you promise all these things?" Caroline says: "I will. Markus?" Markus says: "Yes?" Caroline says: "I love you, I always will." Markus says: "I love you too." After it, he dies. Caroline starts crying even harder. Lauren, George, Lindsey, Richard, Amy and Daqeler also come to it. They also start crying and see they are the only ones who survived. Besoux also stands up and sees that Markus gave his life to get the city back. Daqeler looks at him and sees he lost his left eye. They embrace each other. Richard and Amy also embrace each other. Lauren, Lindsey and George help Caroline.

After it, some days of mourning come. All Quetirians, Xyporions and humans see Markus Wood as a hero. They also celebrate a party that they finally got Bisonuar back. In a ceremony, Besoux becomes the new king of Bisonuar. In a speech, he says that it was Markus' promise that he will become king. He also shows all the Quetirians, Xyporions and humans that he is is love with Daqeler, who is now the queen of Youxoter again. They see it as a way to restore the peace between the Quetirians and Xyporions. After the ceremony, Caroline, Lauren, George, Richard, Amy and Lindsey come together. Lauren asks to Caroline: "Are you already feeling better?" Caroline answers: "Yes." George says: "What are the plans for the future?" Richard says: "We can hardly return to Earth." George says: "We will stay here." Amy says: "Besoux also wants us to stay here." Lindsey says: "I don't have any experience yet with living on another planet." Amy says: "You will get used to it and if not, I will help you." Lindsey thanks her for it. George says: "Lets go to the place where we can stay." He walks away. Lauren and Caroline follow him. Lindsey also comes after it, but looks behind her. Richard says to Amy: "I have to thank you. Without you, I wouldn't have survived all of this." Amy says: "I know it was hard for you to lose Davy, but you made new friends." Richard says: "True, you are my new friends now." Amy says: "More than a friend." and she starts kissing Richard. He is surprised by it. Lindsey likes it. After it, they also walk away.

When they all reach the house, they see it is very big. Lauren says: "Thank Besoux for this!" They are all very glad because of it. They stay together and live in peace further.

In an After-Credit Scene, it shows a new spaceship landing on the planet. It is much bigger than Spaceship 537 and Spaceship 921. One man steps outside. He sees the city of Youxoter. The man's face can't be seen. When he is standing outside, other people also come outside and also look to it. The man says: "The planet is ours!" All the people behind him start cheering. After it, the movie ends.

Deleted scenes

Two white Quetirians

A deleted scene showed two white Quetirians at Ibrousax. Ibrousax says to them: "Kill Markus Wood and the other humans. If you succeed, you will get a richly reward." One of the white Quetirians says: "How hard is it to kill Markus Wood?" Ibrousax says: "Don't underestimate him, he is good but not too good." After he said that, the white Quetirians leave the city Bisonuar and go after the humans. This scene was deleted because it should have stayed a secret that two white Quetirians were going to attack the humans.

Davy taken over by a White Quetirian

In this scene, all people of the group with Lauren and Besoux are sleeping. The white Quetirians comes to the humans and sees them sleeping. He sees that Richard and Amy are sleeping next to each other. Davy is lying alone. He knows that is the right target. He grabs Davy with his arms and throws him hardly away. Davy awakes and is overpowered by the Quetirians. The white Quetirian takes over his life and the other Quetirians make him unconscious.

White Quetirian and Byxatax

The White Quetirian goes back to the Byxatax. One of the Byxatax asks to him: "I thought you would go away." The White Quetirian says: "You will go away." The Byxatax reacts angry on him. He says: "If you won't go away, we will make you go away." The White Quetirian says: "I wouldn't be so disrespectful to a White Quetirian. The Byxatax attacks him, but the White Quetirian is much stronger and defeats him after a short fight. The Byxatax says: "Okay, I will surrender." The White Quetirian says: "No, you will die!" And he kills the Byxatax. He puts the house on fire and walks away. He says to himself: "Lets go back to Ibrousax." He laughs and the scene ends. This scene was removed because it wasn't really necesarry for the plot.

Mike, Sophie and Lindsey

This scene was supposed to be on the beginning of the movie. A spaceship lands on Quetir. Mike says: "Is this the planet?" Sophie says: "It is so disappointing!" Lindsey says: "And you already know that now?" Sophie says: "You like this planet?" Lindsey says: "I didn't said that, it is just that I can't give an opinion yet." A lot of other humans also come out of the spaceship. Mike says: "Lets stay together." After it, they walk to the city of Bisonuar. They see a lot of humans coming out of it. Lindsey says: "Isn't that Markus Wood? I have heard something of him." Mike says: "I don't know him." Sophie says: "He is such an idiot." After it, they go to the group and the scene would walk over to the normal beginning. However, this scene was deleted because there was chosen for another beginning.

Quetirians conversation

This scene was supposed to come on the ending of the movie. Besoux and Daqeler are sitting somewhere in Besoux's castle and a lot of Quetirians are sitting with them. Besoux tells about what they will do now with the city after the war. He says that he will make the city great again and a good place for the Quetirians to live. Also, humans will get their own place in the city to live. This scene was deleted because it wasn't needed for the movie.

Caroline and Markus

This scene was supposed to happen somewhere before the War of Quetir. Caroline asks to Markus: "Are you prepared for it?" Markus says: "I'm ready for it." Caroline says: "I don't want to lose you. Don't do any stupid things." Markus says: "I will do what is necessary to kill Ibrousax." Caroline says: "You shouldn't forget about us. We can live together in peace after it. I want to make that happen." Markus says: "I want that too, but I'm not sure if it is going to happen." Caroline says: "You won't let me alone, right?" Markus says: "I will do everything I can do." This scene was deleted because it would spoiler too much that Markus was going to die and totally did not have any need for the plot.

Davy, Richard and Amy

This was a scene that would originally be set in the middle of the movie. Davy and Richard were talking with each other when the conversation went over about Amy. Davy says: "Shall I help you fxing her?" Richard says: "I'm not ready for a relation." Davy says: "Come on. There is finally a hot girl for you, but now you don't want her." Suddenly, Davy walks to Amy. He asks how everything is going. Amy says: "I'm fine. A bit scared of I will survive." Davy says: "I think Richard is in love with you." Amy says: "Why do you tell me that?" Davy says: "I just thought you should know." Amy says: "I already know that. I could see it in the way he looks at me." Davy says: "Maybe you should tell it each other." Amy says: 'I don't know." This scene was deleted because things would go much different in the real movie and there wasn't need of this.

Besoux and Daqeler

This was a scene with Besoux and Daqeler on the end of the movie. Daqeler brought Besoux to a place far away from Bisonuar and Youxoter. Besoux asks: "Why did you wanted to show me this?" Daqeler says: "I just want us to have a house together. We do live in two different cities, but we can always come here together." Besoux says: "Thanks, this is a beautiful place. It is so quiet." After it, they walk inside. It is a normal house with all normal stuff. Besoux says: "This looks very convivial." Daqeler says: "It is good that you like it." This scene was deleted because it wasn't necessary that Besoux and Daqeler would have a house together, because it wouldn't been in the next movie anyway.

Irish people coming

This scene was originally supposed to be a Post-Credit Scene. A spaceship would be seen flying to Quetir. One of the Irish people says: "What are your expectations?" Another one says: "I expect a very nice planet that looks much better than Earth." A third Irish people says: "It will for sure be better than Earth." Another says: "We need to go that big city. There are lot of other people living there. We will for sure find a good place." This scene was deleted because it didn't said much for the next movie and it wasn't completely sure if there were going to appear Irish people in the sequel.