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Spaceship 537: Secrets of Quetir is an original movie idea and a sequel to Spaceship 537. All characters that survived Spaceship 537 will appear in this movie. It is a Sci-Fi and Action movie. It will come out in July 2022.


After the events of Spaceship 537, the surviving crew can't stays on Quetir. The Spaceship 537 is broken and they won't restore it yet. Markus Wood, Caroline Livingstone, Lauren Marshall and George Smith decide to stay in the city of Bisonuar. Meanwhile on Earth, some humans leaded by Jeremy Barker and Joey Allen have found out that the crew of the Spaceship 537 came safily on Quetir and they decide to also visit it. Jeremy Barker's only reason to come to the planet to take it over and get a lot of money. Luckily, there aren't only bad humans on the Spaceship 921. Joey Allen, Amy Watkins, Stacey Griffiths and some other humans don't want this to happen. On the journey to it, they also meet three other humans from another spaceship. They also wanted to travel to travel to Quetir and when Markus Wood, Caroline Livingstone, Lauren Marshall, George Smith, Ibrousax and the other Quetirians find out that the Xyporions (another specie on the planet) allied by Jeremy Barker and some other humans on the Spaceship 921 want to take over the planet, they and the good people on the Spaceship 921 have to stop them. The Xyporions leaded by Tyxoque and Coquir want to take over the whole planet. When the humans and evil Xyporions find out that they both want the same, they decide to work together to take over the planet. The coming war drives Ibrousax crazy, making him betray Markus Wood and the other humans.


It starts in Bisonuar, Markus Wood, Caroline Livingstone, Lauren Marshall and George Smith are relaxing from what happened. One day, they make a walk with Ibrousax through the city. When they are on the highest point, Ibrousax sees something and says: "Oh no, not again." Markus Wood says: "What?" Ibrousax continues: "It is a sign of the Xyporions. It shows that they want to attack." Caroline says: "Is there something we can do to stop it?" Ibrousax says: "No, always when they give that sign. They show us that they will attack. The last time it happened is already 9 years ago and it gets heavier and heavier everytime." Lauren says: "There is sure something we can do about it." George says: "Yes, we will go to them. Lets see what they want." Ibrousax says: "The last time I spoke to them, I got almost killed. You can try it but I won't." Markus says: "Okay, we will try to speak to them." Ibrousax says: "I will send a translator with you."

On the screen is shown: "Spaceship 537: Secrets of Quetir." After it is also shows: "Lots of years ago."

A normal man called Jeremy Barker finds out that the Spaceship 537 reached Quetir. He is jealous and also wants to go to the planet. He wants to become rich and be the first to discover the planet. Jeremy boughts a spaceship and calls it Spaceship 921. He calls his best friend called Joey Allen. He also has a girlfriend called Stacey Griffiths. She and her best friend called Amy Watkins also come. Jeremy also calls some of his other friends: Dennis Powell, Jay Young and Dylana Singh. They also come. The pilots of the Spaceship 921 are Mitch Jenkins and Elijah Holmes. One night, they all come together to discuss about it. Jeremy says: "Thanks for coming all of you. It's a pleasure to go with all of you to the planet Quetir. We need to be fast and we will go to it tomorrow. I bought a spaceship that is even faster than the Spaceship 537. We are much better than the other people that went to the planet." Joey is very excited and says: "I would have never expected to go to another planet!" Stacey is also glad and says: "Thanks for giving me this opportunity, I really appreciate it. Oh and this is my best friend Amy." Amy continues: "Yes, I'm Amy Watkins. Nice to meet you." The others also introduce themself to each other. Joey, Stacey, Amy, Mitch and Eljiah start having a discussion. Jeremy is with Dennis, Jay and Dylana. Dennis asks to Jeremy: "Do we really need all of them?" Jeremy answers: "When we reach the planet, we will kill them all." Jay says: "Should we really kill those hot girls?' Dennis says: "They are mine!." Dylana says: "Guys, I'm much hotter than them." Jeremy says: "We will just kill them all. I don't care." After he said, that Joey interrupts him and says: "We will leave now, see you tomorrow!" Jeremy says: "Yes, see you!" Joey, Stacey and Amy leave. Mitch and Eljiah also go away together. 

Lots of years later again, Markus, Caroline Lauren and George reach the mountain with the sign. The Xyporions are gone. George says: "Shall we just break this sign?" Lauren says: "It will probably make them even more angry." Caroline says: "They must be here somewhere. We better have to watch out." Markus looks on the other side of the mountain. He can't believe what he sees. He says: "No, Ibrousax was right." He sees the Xyporions preparing themself for a war. Caroline goes stand next to him and says: "We still can stop this." George says: "It seems impossible."

On Earth, Jeremy, Joey and the others step into the Spaceship 921. Jeremy says: "Okay everybody ready?" Every says yes. Dennis, Jay and Dylana stand with him. Joey is kissing with Stacey. Amy doesn't trusts Jeremy and the others. Mitch and Eljiah are sitting in the cockpit and fly away. Their travel to Quetir had just started.

On Quetir, Markus, Caroline, Lauren and George go back to Ibrousax. They tell him what they have seen. He says: "I think they will attack in a few weeks. Caroline asks how he knows that. Ibrousax says: "Always after the sign they will attack in a few weeks but sometimes it takes longer. Markus asks to Ibrousax: "Is there still something we can do." Ibrousax answers: "Probably not, but you can always try it." George says: "Perhaps we should visit them." Lauren says: "Are you sure? I don't think they like us." Markus says: "We can always try it." Lauren asks to Caroline: "Do you think we should do this?" Caroline answers: "I don't know." Markus says to them: "Perhaps, only George and I should go. You are more save her Caroline." Caroline and Lauren both agree with him. They decide to start in Bisonuar with Ibrousax.

Somewhere in the space, the crew starts to become two sides. Joey wants to stay befriended with Jeremy, but he knows that he is changed. Amy and Stacey also don't trust him and the others. They are sitting in the cockpit, while Jeremy, Dennis, Jay and Dylana are sitting somewhere on the other side of the spaceship. Suddenly, they see somethig. Joey says: "What is that?" Amy says: "It seems to be another spaceship." Eljiah says: "So we are not the only ones that travel to that planet." Mitch says: "What shall we do?" Amy says: "Just let them go their own way." Joey suddenly says: "I will tell it to Jeremy." Amy and Stacey both disagree, but he is already gone. When Joey entered the room with Jeremy and the others, he says: "There is another spaceship entering us." Jeremy, Dennis, Jay and Dylana immediatly stand up and look outside the window. Jeremy says: "Shoot that stupid spaceship out of the sky." Joey says: "Are you sure? Jeremy answers: "They shouldn't reach that planet earlier than we." Jeremy with Dennis and Jay following him, run to the cannon. The other spaceship is coming closer and closer. Jeremy goes in the cannon and shoots on the other spaceship. It also fires back because of Jeremy. Jeremy hits it totally, a lot of explosions follow. Joey, Amy and Stacey commit Jeremy to stop but he disagrees. When the other spaceship is close enough, it opens some kind of worm and it goes on the door of the Spaceship 921. Joey is angry and says: "Is this what you wanted?" Jeremy jumps of the cannon and runs to the door. He says: "I will kill them all." The others except for Mitch and Eljiah follow him. Amy says: "I don't think they are happy because of what you have done." Jeremy says: "Shut up they can do what they..." Jeremy is electrocuted by Joey and is unconscious. Joey says: "Calm down, my friend." Joey and Amy put an unconscious Jeremy on a chair. Joey says to Dennis, Jay and Dylana: "You will stay here. I, Stacey and Amy will take a look in that spaceship." Dennis says: "Okay of course you can." Joey opens the door and Stacey and Amy follow him. When they are inside the other spaceship, it is totally dark. Joey says: "Can one of you put on the light?" Amy says: "I have a flashlight." She uses it. and they are all shocked. A lot of death bodies are laying on the ground. They look further and suddenly Joey sees a body that still breaths. Stacey says: "We have to get him over to the our spaceship." Joey picks him up. Stacey also looks at body, he is also still breathing. She grabs him. Suddenly, a big explosion is heard. Joey says: "The spaceship is going to explode. Stacey and him run fastly back to the Spaceship 921 with the two bodies in their hands. Amy says: "There is still one room we haven't looked in yet." Joey says: "Doesn't matters, go back to our spaceship!" He runs away. Stacey follow him. On the Spaceship 921, Dennis is sitting behing the cannon. He says: "If Jeremy doesn't kills them, I will do it!" He shoots one more time. Amy fastly runs to the room they haven't looked inside yet. She sees a lot of death bodies. Suddenly, she sees a body. It is still breathing. She grabs it and fastly takes a look of there are still other survivors. There are only death bodies laying on the ground, so she also runs back to Spaceship 921. She sees Joey and Stacey and says: "I have found another one." Joey answers: "Okay good." Meanwhile, Dennis with Jay and Dylana standing behind him, activates the cannon. Jay says: "Lets shoot down that wormthing." Dennis says: "Allright" and he shoots. The spaceship bounces back very fast and suddenly it's gone. Joey, Amy and Stacey see it. Dennis, Jay and Dylana run to them and say: "What the hell has happened?" 

Meanwhile on the planet the Spaceship 921 wants to reach, Markus Wood, George Smith and a translator Quetirian go to the city of the Xyporions. When they are there, they see that the city has a gate that is locked. George says: "Now we just have to find out how to get inside of here." Markus says: "We should wait till there come Xyporions back." Ater waiting some time, they see some Xyporions appearing at the gate. Markus says to them: "We are here to speak to your leader." The Xyporions look at him but don't say anything. Markus says: "Don't you understand me?" George says to Markus: "I don't think they speak English." Markus continues: "Just open the gate. That's all we ask." Suddenly, George coughes loudly and falls unconscious on the ground. Markus thinks they have killed him: "What have you done? but some second after he said that, he also falls unconscious on the ground.  The Xyporions grab the translator Quetirian and give him handcuffs. The Xyporions pick up Markus and George and throw them in some kind of vehicle. One of them opens the gate and they go inside the city of Youxoter.

In Bisonuar, Caroline and Lauren are just sitting somewhere in Ibrousax's castle. Caroline asks to Lauren: "Are you still sad of Alexander's death?" Lauren says: "Not very much, I know that he is in some kind of heaven." Caroline says: "I hope those Xyporions won't kill Markus." Ibrousax comes to them and says: "The Xyporions probably won't kill them because you are not their enemies. But they will hold them as prisoners as soon as they get them." Caroline asks to Ibrousax: "They won't torture him?" Ibrousax says: "Maybe, it is easier for them to torture humans than Quetirians. But Daqeler will probably treat them well till they won't tell anything about us. Lauren asks: "Who is Daqeler?" Ibrousax answers: "The leader of Xyporions. We hate each other very much." Caroline asks: "Did you never managed to kill him?" Ibrousax answers again: "It almost succeeded me a few times, but no."

In the Spaceship 921, Jeremy has awaked. He is angry about what Joey did, but since he is his friend, he doesn't punished him. Joey, Amy and Stacey keep the bodies in a room the others don't come. They are all in coma. They decide that Amy stays at them, while Joey and Stacey are going to talk with Jeremy. Joey is not agreed with Jeremy leading everything. He says to him: "We will both decide what happens on this spaceship.' Jeremy answers like he doesn't cares: "Of course we will." Joey answers: "I take this serous. You have been changed. The only thing you want is reaching that stupid planet." Jeremy says: "It is not a stupid planet. We will become rich because of it." Joey says: "I wouldn't have stepped on this spaceship if I knew that it was only about money!" Jeremy says: "If you don't care about money, then I can take everything." It makes Joey even more angry. On the other side of the spaceship, Amy is sitting with the bodies and almost falls asleep. Suddenly, she hears something. She hears a voice saying: "What happened?" He wants to step out his bed where he is laying in. Amy says to him: "Stay in the bed, it's allright." The voice says: "Who are you?" Amy says: "I'm Amy Watkins. Who are you?" The voice says: "I'm Richard. What am I doing here?" Amy says: "We saved you from your spaceship." Richard says: "What? I'm not on our spaceship anymore?" Amy continues: "We could only save three of you. I'm sorry about that." Richard says: "Thanks for saving me Amy. It is allright. Are there more people on this spaceship?" Amy says: "Yes, of course. Some of them won't be that happy to see you." Richard says: "Why?" Amy explains: "They don't know that you are here." Richard says: "Oh... Can I come out of this bed?" Amy says: "Okay, but do it careful." Amy helps him to come out of the bed. Richard thanks her for that. Richard says: "The others still didn't wake up?" Amy says: "No they didn't." Richard asks: "Can I take a look who they are?" Amy says: "Okay." Richard looks and says: "These are Davy and Nick." Amy says: "Okay, but remember to stay in this room. You can't go outside." Richard answers: "Okay I"ll, you will stay with me?" Amy answers: "Okay If you want that so much, then I"ll."

In Youxoter, Markus and George wake up. They are in some kind of house somewhere in the city. George says: "And what is this supposed to be?" At the time Markus wants to answer, they see some Xyporions looking at them. Markus says: "How are you doing today." George says: "I don't think they understand us." Suddenly a voice says: 'Oh I do understand you." Markus says: "And you are?" The voice says: "I'm Daqeler, leader of the Xyporions." George says: "Nice to meet you." Daqeler continues: "I have never seen one of your specie before." Markus says: "That's quite logical, we are also the first of them on this planet." Daqeler asks: "So what? You are from another planet?" George says: "Yes we are." Markus says: "Can you please remove us from this things that look like handcuffs!" Daqeler answers: "Of course, why would I aliens from another planet treat like this?" When their handcuffs are removed, Daqeler starts to ask Markus and George a lot of things: "I see you work with the Quetirians. So you met Ibrousax, right?" George asks: "Why do you think we work with them?" Daqeler answers: "This is why" Some Xyporions with a hancuffed translator Quetirian comes inside. Daqeler continues: "He was with you when you wanted to enter this city. Also thanks for that, we have never got a Quetirian so easy as him." Markus asks: "Why do Quetirians and Xyporions hate each other so much?" Daqeler says: "Didn't told Ibrousax you about that?" George says: "No, he didn't told anything." Markus asks again: "Why did you and Ibrousax had so much wars with each other?" Daqeler answers: "Ibrousax acts like this planet is only for the Quetirians. That's not fair. All other Quetirians don't even care about us." Markus says: "I'm sorry, but we aren't here so long so we don't know about that." George says: "Do we need to say something to Ibrousax for you?" Daqeler says: "No, he hates me very much. Markus says: "I don't know why he said the whole time that you were very evil." Daqelker says: "There are some Xyporions evil, but most of us aren't." Markus says: "I think we know enough. Can you let us go now?" Daqeler says: "Okay, but you don't have to trust everything Ibrousax says." Markus says: "We will ask him about this."

Inside the spaceship, Joey and Stacey come back to the room where Amy, Richard, Davy and Nick are sitting. Joey says: "And how is everything going here?" Amy says: "One of them has waked up." Joey goes to Richard and says: "Hi, I'm Joey." Richard says: "I"m Richard, nice to meet you." Joey says: "The others didn't wake up yet.' Amy says: "Not yet." Richard asks: "How much people are preciously on this spaceship?" Amy answers: "We are with nine, adding you to it makes it twelve." Richard says: "That are more people than I thought." Joey says to Amy: "Can I speak you alone for a minute?" Amy: "Yes, of course." They go to another room. Joey says there: "What do you think we should do with them? They can't stay the whole time in that room!" Amy says: "Why not? Richard is friendly to me. I think we should just wait till we reach the planet." Joey says: "I don't like to lie to my friend." Amy says: "Okay, I will be looking at him, you can just do if you don't know anything about it." Joey says: "Okay thanks." Meanwhile, Jeremy goes to the cockpit. He looks if they are almost at the planet. He says: "We are still not there?" Mitch says: "It's not very long anymore." Jeremy says: "How long exactly?" Mitch answers: "I think only 2 days." Jeremy says: "I want to be the first to see the planet." After he said it is quetir for some time. Jeremy says: "Didn't you heard what I said?" Eljiah answers: "I did." Jeremy says: "We only need one pilot, I want to sit there." Ejiah says: "What? I'm the copilot I have more the right to sit there than you!" It makes Jeremy angry and he says: "No you don't!" Jeremy grabs Eljiah and throws him off his chair. Eljiah stands up very fast and they start fighting. Jeremy throws Eljiah against a wall. He tries to strangle him, but it fails. Eljiah fights back and pushed Jeremy back. Mitch can't do anything and he focusses on the flight of the spaceship. Eljiah smashes Jeremy more back and back and is winning the fight, but suddenly Jeremy grabs a knife and puts it into the belly of Eljiah. He stabs him multiple times till Eljiah falls dead on the ground. Jeremy grabs Eljiah's body and throws it outside the spaceship. Mitch doesn't knows what to do. Jeremy goes to him and says: "Was it that hard to understand it?" Mitch ignores him and just keeps flying.

In the meantime, Markus and George come back in Bisonuar. Caroline is glad that Markus is still alive. Markus and George tell them everything what happened. Ibrousax isn't convince that the Xyporions are not about to start a war. He says: "That idiot is lying to you. They will start a war in a few days or one week. I have seen it with my own eyes." Markus asks: "But why is their leader doing of nothing special is happening?" Ibrousax says: "She just wants to act like nothing is happening, but meanwhile she is making an army to attack us." Caroline says: "Markus can we speak alone?" Markus says: "Okay, sure." Markus and Caroline walk away from the others where Caroline says: "Don't you think Ibrousax is acting weird?" Markus says: "Yes, he is too worried about this. We met their leader, she also doesn't gets why they hate each other so much." Caroline says: "We just have to not take everything serious that he says and do it on our way." Markus says: "Ibrousax will become crazy because of this war, we should not let that happen."

On the same time in a house somehwere in Youxoter, a group of Xyporions is sitting. They are watching to the tv with Daqeler on it. One of them says in Xyporion language: "I can't take this anymore!" Another Xyporion says: "We should kill that bitch." The other one says again: "Tyxoque, we have to do something about this shit as fast as we can." The other Xyporion called Tyxoque says: "And how are we going to do that, Coquir?" Coquir says: "Easy, everybody hates that bitch." Tyxoque says: "I also want to kill those stupid Quetirians." Coquir says: "Okay lets first take over this city and then we will go to Bisonuar." 

In Bisonuar, George is sitting somewhere when Lauren comes to him. She says: "How are you doing?" George says: "I'm fine. It's just that I think Ibrousax is making a mistake." Lauren says: "He just wants to protect us against the Xyporions." George says: "He is going a bit too far. Daqeler was nice to us. Okay we were first prisoned by them, but that was for safe. They are not going to start war without having a reason for it." Lauren says: "But if a war starts, we have always you." George laughs about what she says and says: "Thanks, I appreciate that."

In the Spaceship 921, Joey and Stacey come to the cockpit where Jeremy and Mitch are just sitting of nothing has happened. Joey says: "Where is Eljiah?" Jeremy says: "I don't know, but I think that he was done being our co-pilot." Stacey says: "What??" Joey says: "Are you sure? It's not what happened, you lie!" Jeremy says: "Fine, indeed I lied. What happened is that, he attacked me and tried to kill me. After it, he caused suicide because he knew that he would have been punished for it. I threw the body out of the spaceship because I know that you don't wanted to see it." Joey says: "I don't believe you." Jeremy becomes angry and says: 'Then you just don't believe it!" Mitch then suddenly says: "Eljiah didn't attacked him. He just killed him!" It makes Jeremy even more angry and he wants to attack Mitch, but Joey pushes him away." When Jeremy wants to attack Joey, Joey and Stacey grab him and push him out of the cockpit. Dennis, Jay and Dylana hear it and run to the cockpit, but it is all too late because Joey and Stacey close the door and lock it. Jeremy becomes even more angry and smashes on the door. He says: "Fuck you, Joey. This is not the end! I will get you!" Stacey is a bit scared about it, but Joey helps her. Mitch thanks Joey for what he did.

In the secret room on the spaceship, Davy and Nick also woke up. Amy explains a lot to them. They are both glad that they survived it, but want to know what preciously happened. Amy always says: "Your spaceship was stranded and we got you out of it." Davy and Nick both want to get out of the room, but Amy says that they can't. Joey uses a secret way to get to the room inside the cockpit. When he is there, he introduces himself to Nick and Davy. He says to Amy what happened with Jeremy and the others. Suddenly, Dennis is walking close to the secret room. He says to Jeremy, Jay and Dylana: "I hear people talking behind this wall." Jeremy goes to him and says: "What the hell is that idiot doing?" Jay starts looking for a secret door and finds it. Amy, Joey, Richard, Davy and Nick hear it. Joey says: "Get to the cockpit as fast as you can." Joey goes as first through the secret way back. Nick and Davy follow. Amy want to wait before Richard goes before her in it, but he says: "You should go first." Amy says: "Why? They are not supposed to see you." Richard says: "Just go." They both fastly go in the secret pipe that goes to the cockpit. Dennis smashes open the door just a few seconds after they are all in the pipe. Jay says: "What the hell is this?" Dylana laughs and says: "The idiots are gone." Jeremy walks inside the room and says: "They kept this safe from us all the time." Dennis walks to the pipe and says: "I hear something again. He opens the pipe to the cockpit, grabs his gun and shoots inside it. Joey, Nick, Davy, Amy and Richard hear the bullets and go even further. Richard says: "If the bullets will come here, they will come on me, not on you." Amy says: "You don't have to safe us, safe yourself." Richard says: "You also saved us, I want to do the same for you." The others all ignore it. When they are in the cockpit, Stacey is glad that they are all there. She also introduces herself to Richard, Davy and Nick. Joey and Amy block the secret entrance to the cockpit. Dennis says to Jeremy: "Shall we also go inside of this?" Jeremy says: "No, this is my own spaceship. Joey and the other idiot don't know that I can simply open the door to the cockpit with a remote control." Jay say: "Where are we waiting for? Get to the cockpit!" After he said, that he runs to it. Dylana follows him. Jeremy and Dennis follow them. Dennis grabs some weapons and gives one of them to Jeremy. Jeremy picks up the remote control and clicks on the button when they are before the door. Joey, Amy, Richard and the others shock when they see them. Jeremy says: "Well well well, I see we have some stockaways on my spaceship." Dennis, Jay and Dylana are shocked about it. Jeremy continues: "Let me guess, when I was unconscious, you got them from the other spaceship and brought them to that secret room we just found. Not cool Joey." Joey says: "We had no other choice. We had to safe them." Jeremy says: "That's betrayal, you knew that Joey. And now, I wished that I had blown that spaceship apart! Richard shocks about what he said and says to Amy: "He wanted to kill us." Amy says: "Yes, when we saw you, he shooted at your spaceship. I, Joey and Stacey fastly got on the spaceship to safe you, but the others were death. He killed them. I'm sorry, that I lied to you." Richard, Davy and Nick all become very angry. Richard says: "It doesn't matters Amy, but it does matter that we have to kill him!" Davy and Nick both agree with it and they attack Jeremy. Joey wants it to stop, but he can't. He screams: "Don't do this!" Jeremy, Dennis, Jay and Dylana attack. Richard, Davy and Nick all want to get Jeremy, while Joey fights to Dennis and Amy and Stacey get Dylana. Jay goes to Mitch and says to him: "The only thing you can do is controlling this spaceship. Show something!" It makes Mitch angry and he does the spaceship on auto-pilot. He screams: "This is for Eljiah" and starts fighting with Jay. Meanwhile, Jeremy smashes Nick against the wall. He fights with Davy and smashes him on the ground. He is also stronger than Richard and smashes him on the ground. He tries to strangle him, but Amy sees it and smashes Jeremy away. Jeremy attacks Joey and a big fight is starting. Dennis helps Jeremy while the others keep fighting. Dylana smashes Stacey away and fights to Amy. Dylana grabs her and Richard gets up. He sees that Joey, Davy and Nick fight against Jeremy and Dennis, Mitch fights against Jay and Amy and Stacey against Dylana. He walks to the window of the cockpit and watches outside. He sees a big planet appearing in the back. It's Quetir.

In the city of Youxoter, it is a special day for the Xyporions. They all celebrate it and Daqeler will give a speech to all the Xyporions. But Tyxoque and Coquir use this day to tell something to all the Xyporions. On the day, all Xyporions are celebrating a party until Daqeler comes out of her castle. She tells a lot of things. There are a lot of Xyporions disagreed and they are screaming during her speech. They also throw with a lot of things to her. When Daqeler is tired of it, Tyxoque, Coquir and some other Xyporions come on the stage. They defeat all the Xyporions. Coquir smashes Daqeler away. Tyxoque goes to the microphone and starts speaking in Xyporion language: "All Xyporions! Today is the day that we wil strike and kill all the betraitors! The true Xyporion doesn't accepts that stupid Daqeler as their leader." A lot of Xyporions are screaming after he said that! Tyxoque continues: "Lets take over the castle!" A lot of Xyporions run into the castle and defeat all the Xyporions. Tyxoque and Coquir follow them. They destroy everything. After it, they put the castle on fire. Tyxoque says: "There shouldn't be anything left of that bitch." Daqeler sees it and fastly runs out of the city. Some other Xyporions follow her. Coquir says to Tyxoque: "They try to escape, we shouldn't let that happen." A lot of the Xyporions follow them and use all kind of weapons to kill them. When Daqeler and the others are at the gate, she opens it and they run outside. Tyxoque and Coquir come after her. Daqeler tries to run into the woods. A lot of the Xyporions that run after her are killed. Coquir also runs into the woods. He kills a lot of Xyporions. He says: "Where is she???" Suddenly, he hears other Xyporion screaming that they see her. Coquir also sees her and throws one of his spears on her. It hits her in the back and she falls into a canyon. Coquir fastly runs to it. He looks into the abyss, but he doesn't sees anything. Inside the canyon, there is a river. Coquir is angry and walks away. When he is at the gate again, Tyxoque asks to him of he killed Daqeler. He says: "No, but I throw a spear on her. She won't survive it alone in the woods." Tyxoque isn't very glad, but says: "Okay, we will probably never see that bitch again. Youxother is ours!" All other Xyporions laugh and go back into the city.

In Bisonuar, Ibrousax is looking in the direction of Youxoter. He sees that there is something burning. When Markus, Caroline, Lauren and George come to him, he says: "Another sign of the Xyporions. They want to scare us." Caroline asks: "Are you sure?" Ibrousax answers: "Of course, I am." Markus aks: "Shall we take a look?" Ibrousax answers: "No, it is too dangerous. You had luck that you didn't got killed the last time you visited that city." George says: "How do you know? You wasn't even there?" Ibrousax says: "I'm done talking to you, you will see it. Less than a week, then they will attack." After he said that, he walks away. Markus, Caroline, Lauren and George keep looking at the fire that is far away of them. Lauren says: "We aren't even sure that they are showing something with that fire." Caroline says: "Maybe there is something burning in Youxoter." Markus says: "Ibrousax said that today there is a special day for the Xyporions, but that doesn't means they will set their own buildings on fire." George says: "We have to speak to Daqeler, maybe there is something wrong. Lauren says: "Yes, I also want to see that city." George and Lauren walk away. Caroline says to Markus: "I'm worried that there goes something wrong in the city. It might not be safe if we go to it." Markus says: "We can take a closer look at it at least." 

On the Spaceship 921, Richard is still looking outside. The others keep fighting. Amy is the first that also looks outside and sees it. She goes stand next to Richard. Joey also sees it and says: "Guys!" Everybody stops fighting and also looks outside. Joey says: "We have to stop fighting and go with everybody on the planet." Jeremy says: "No, this all belongs to me!" He, Dennis, Jay and Dylana run away and prepare themself for going on the planet. Richard says: "What is wrong with them?" Amy says: "I don't know, we went together on this spaceship and we will also go together on that planet." Joey says: "That's absolutely not what Jeremy is going to do." Not very much later, they land on the planet. When, Joey, Stacey, Amy, Richard, Davy and Nick are all done and go to the door, they see it is already open. Jeremy, Dennis, Jay and Dylana are gone. Joey says: "What?" Amy says: "This was preciously as I thought what was going to happen." Richard says: "What does it matter?  We don't need them. Davy says: "I hope they will be killed." Nick laughs and agrees with him. Joey doesn't likes what they are saying, but ignores them. They go outside and are all very shocked that they are on another planet. Stacey says: "This feels so special." Amy says: "Now we have to find out where the people are that live on this planet." Richard says: "I have heard that there are also other humans on this planet." Joey says: "That's indeed true.  Amy says: "Lets search for them."

Jeremy, Dennis, Jay and Dylana are walking somewhere. Jay says: "How the hell do we know where to go to on this planet?" Jeremy says: "It doesn't matters. Follow me." Dennis thinks he sees something and says: "What is that?" They all look at it. Dylana says: "What is that for ugly creature?" Jeremy says: "Don't let me laugh and he goes to it." The Quetirian is just walking when Jeremy attacks him. The Quetirian fights back and smashes Jeremy away. Dennis grabs his weapon and shoots on it, but the Quetirian gets away. Jeremy is angry and says: "Stupid alien! I want to kill them all!" Jay says: "Easy we can't kill all the aliens on this planet." Dylana says: "It doesn't matters. They are just stupid aliens that can't do anything. Jeremy is still angry and ignores them. After hours of walking, they see something, it is the city of Youxoter.

In the biggest city of the planet, Ibrousax is busy with something. Markus, Caroline, Lauren and George decide to go outside the gate of the planet. Some Quetirians see it and warn Ibrousax. He doesn't takes any actions and want to know what they will do. When the humans are outside, they all ask themself what to do. Markus says: "Lets just take a better look on this planet." George says: "I have an idea. Lets go to the highest mountain of this planet, we can look at Youxoter from that point. Lauren says: "Good plan, lets do that."

Joey and the others are still walking somewhere in the woods. They are all tired and go sit. Joey says: "I hope there won't be animals that kill us." Davy says: "We did a research about this planet. There a definetely a lot of scary animals, so we shouldn't go sleep outside. Amy says: "We have to search for some kind of house where we can sleep I guess." Richard says: "And what if we don't find one?" Joey says: "I'm not going to get killed in my sleep." Mitch says: "There is a city if we continue going this way." Nick says: "And how far is that if I may ask?" Mitch says: "I don't think very far, I saw it when we landed on this planet." Joey says: "Why you didn't told us that earlier?" Mitch ignores it and Richard says: "We have to keep walking if we want to find it." Amy says: "Agreed." Stacey says: "I can't take it much longer." Joey says: "We have to keep on walking, I'm sorry honey." They start walking again and after a half hour, they see a hut. Joey says: "Finally, we have some luck."  When they go inside the hut, they see it's abandoned. Nick says: "Are we sure that there is not some kind of monster in this hut?" Richard says: "Lets find out" and he searches everywhere in the hut but there is nothing to be found. He walks back to the others and says: "It is totally abandoned." Joey says: "That's good." Not very much later, they all decide to go sleep. Joey and Stacey go sleep next to each other. They kiss a lot of times with each other. Mitch sleeps alone. Nick and Davy also sleep with each other and Richard lies some meters next to them. Amy also decides to go sleep there. Richard sees it and laughs softly. Amy starts talking to him and says: "What is your first impression of this planet?" Richard answers: "It is very beautiful. That we didn't found this earlier." Amy says: "I didn't thought long about it when I got the chance to go to this planet. Do you know it's name?" Richard says: "It has a weird name and it is Quetir. Do you want to know more?" Amy says: "Of course, I don't know much." Richard says: "I also don't know much, but I know that there live a lot of animals here. The most intelligent are the Quetirians followed by the Xyporions. These two species have had war for a lot of times." Amy asks: "How do you know all of this?" Richard says: 'I had contact with Markus Wood, he told me all of this." Amy says: "Why you didn't told us that earlier?" Richard says: "I thought nobody of you was interested in it. But I really hope we can meet him. He inspired me to go to this planet." After it, they go sleep.

The next day, Markus Wood and the others continue their travel to the high mountain. It isn't very far and they almost reached it. During the walk, they start a talk. Caroline says: "There has to be seriously something wrong in Youxoter. Otherwise we all walked this for nothing." George says: "If you look at it that way, I also hope there is something wrong, but it is better if Ibrousax is wrong and there is just nothing happening." Markus says: 'I don't know very much about Youxoter, but if there is really something wrong, then there is a reason for it." Lauren asks: "What can we do if there are serious problems?" Caroline answers: "We can go to them and talk about it." Markus says: "That doesn't sounds to be the best answer. You can talk to them, but if there are buildings on fire, it might be dangerous." George suddenly says: "Who are that?" Markus also looks at it and says: "We are not the only humans anymore on this planet."

Jeremy and the others sleeped on a place they luckily found and now decide to go to the city of Youxoter. Jay is a little scared and says: "Are we sure about this?" Jeremy says: "Of course we are, this were we came for." Dylana says: "Really Jay? That disappoints me very much from you." Jay says: "Okay okay, I didn't said anything." They walk to the city where some Xyporions see them. They are very suprised. When they are at the gate, Jeremy says: "Hello everybody, we are visitors from another planet and would like to see your city." The Xyporions are looking weird and laugh. One of the Xyporions tells it to Tyxoque. He immediatly goes to the gate and speaks English to Jeremy and the others. He says: "Welcome welcome. Are you really from another planet." Dennis says: 'Yes, we are." Tyxoque continues: "Good good good, come inside." When they are inside, Tyxoque new room, Coquir comes to Tyxoque and asks to him in Xyporion language: "Are you mad? I don't trust these aliens. I have seen them talking to Daqeler." Tyxoque: "Did you talk to Daqeler?" Dylana answers: "Who the hell is Daqeler?" Tyxoque says: "It doesn't matter, she is already death. I killed her!" Dennis asks: "Who is the leader of this planet?" Tyxoque says: "Leader of this planet?There is no leader!" Dennis says: "He meant to ask who is in leading in this city." Tyxoque answers: "I do, since I killed that bitch." Jay says: "Okay, but can we stay here for a few days." Tyxoque answers: "Of course you can, shall we become allies?" Dennis answers: "Yeah!" Tyxque says: "Good, so you will help us killing the Quetirians?" Jay says: "Who are the Quetirians?" Tyxoque says: "You don't know that yet? They are just stupid bastards that think they have control over this planet." Jeremy says: "Okay we will helping you killing them. I want to kill stupid aliens!" Tyxoque says: "Good good good."

In Bisonuar, Ibrousax is sitting alone on his place. He is just doing nothing, till there is something coming inside his castle. His name is Besoux. He says: 'I have to talk to you Besoux." Ibrousax says: "What is the problem?" Besoux says: "Your arrogance will start another war with the Xyporions. We shouldn't let that happen!" Ibrousax: "So what? What can I do about it?" Besoux says: "This is exactly what I mean. You just don't know what to do." Ibrousax angrily says: "This is not how you talk to your king!" Besoux says: "Okay, we will see if we will win this war." After it, he wants to leave, but suddenly Ibrousax screams: "This is not how it goes in this city!" Besoux says: "It is also unfair that you decide everything!" Ibrousax says: "You wish you didn't said that" He and some of his helpers grabs Besoux and throw him out of the castle. Ibrousax says: "You have luck that this was your only punishment!" Besoux angrily walks away.

Somewhere in the forests, Markus, Caroline, Lauren and George go to what they already though they say: humans. When they are very close to each other, Joey and the others are very suprised. Markus says: "Welcome everybody." George says: "Wow, you came with much more here than we did." Joey says: "It's a pleasure to meet you." Richard says: "Markus, you inspired me to go to this planet." Markus says: "I did? That's nice to hear." Amy starts talking with Caroline. She asks: "How is it to be here for a lot of years?" Caroline says: "It is nice. At the beginning I had to get used to everything, but now everything is allright. Joey says: "Can you lead us to a city?" Markus says: "Of course we can. But first, lets meet each other." After they talked a bit and learned each other's names, Richard asks: "What were you actually doing here?" Markus answers: "We wanted to go this way to that mountain." Davy says: "You wanted to climb a mountain?" Lauren says: "Yes, we had to take a look at the Xyporions." Mitch says: "Xyporions?" George says: "We will explain that later." Markus says: "First I want to make you clear that this is a dangerous planet. It's not like Earth. There are a lot of dangerous animals and if you aren't carefully, you will die very fast." Joey says: "We already found out." Caroline says: "It will be the best if we go to that mountain and after it, we have to show you Bisonuar." Richard says: "Allright, I can't wait for it." Nick asks: "Why do you have to go that mountain?" Markus answers: "We have to take a look at that Xyporions, a specie on this planet. Ibrousax, the leader of the Quetirians, think they will start another war." Richard says: "Let me guess, they want to be more important than you." Markus says: "Wait, you was it who I talked with." Richard says: "Yes I'm glad you remember it." Markus says: "I didn't even know that you was going to this planet." Richard says: "I forgot to tell you that." George says: "Okay we shouldn't waste time and go to that mountain." Joey says: "Okay lets go to it."

In the city of Youxoter, Tyxoque and Coquir are preparing for a war. Jeremy, Dennis, Jay and Dylana help them without knowing what they are actually going to do. Meanwhile, the Xyporions also put a lot of buildings on fire. They want to show it to the Quetirians. Ibrousax also sees it and prepares even more. He tells to all Quetirians what is going to happen. Some of them disagree with it, but they have no permission to say anything. Tyxoque says: "We will attack tomorrow." Coquir says: "Good, I want to have Ibrousax's head." Jeremy and the others are talking with each other. Jay says: "Was is the plan to start to help these aliens in a war?" Dennis says: "What does it matter? We will take over this complete planet when we have the chance." Jeremy says: "Did you really thought I would give those stupid aliens what they want? When we have the chance, we will also kill these stupid aliens." Dylana says: "And how are we going to do that?" Jeremy says: "These aliens are so stupid, we can easily defeat them. Dylana disagrees but also doesn't goes further with the discussion. Jay says: "What will Joey and the others do now?" Jeremy says: "I don't give a shit. They are probably already death." Dylana says: "I heard there are also other humans on this planet." Jeremy says: "Then we will also kill those idiots."

Meanwhile, the others humans have reached the highest mountain. When they look in the direction of Youxoter, they see that a lot of buildings are on fire. Joey says: "What the hell is happening there?" Markus says: "Let me guess, the city is took over by evil Xyporions and they destroy the buildings of Daqeler and the other Xyporions that aren't evil." George says: "I wonder of she is allright." Caroline says: "It doesn't means they are going to start war, right?" Lauren says: "That's indeed not completely sure." Nick says: "What does it care if they have their problems, just let them kill each other." Markus says: "Do you even know what you are saying?" Nick says: "Of course, I know that!" Suddenly out of nowhere, Nick becomes very aggressive and attacks Markus Wood." They start a fight. All others help Markus. Davy says: "What is wrong with Nick?" George says: "Do something before he kills someone." Joey grabs a knife and puts it in the back of Nick. Nick immediatly grabs the knife out of him. He tries to hit as many people as he can with it. He hits Davy and Amy with it before Markus grabs his gun and shoots Nick through the head. Nick falls of the mountain to his death on the ground. On the ground, there are many Poxopors (wild animals that eat as much as they can) that totally eat from Nick's body till there is nothing left of him. Richard says: "What was this?" Markus says: "He got a virus called Equires. Some humans rarely get it. Davy says: "And when you get it you become very agressive?" Markus says: "Yes, but luckily we have something in the city, when you take that, you can't get it anymore." Richard says: "That's good to hear." Davy says: "I'm hitted by Nick, what an idiot." Amy says: "I'm hitted too." Markus says: "Be careful, it is dangerous to have wounds in the woods." Amy asks: "What can happen?" Markus continues: "All wild animals will smell you and there is a higher chance you get the same as Nick got." Caroline asks: "How do you know all of this Markus?" Markus says:  "A Quetirian called Besoux told me a lot. George says: "Shall we return to Bisonuar before Davy and Amy also turn to zombies?" Richard says: "Yes, I don't want any more people to die." Markus says: "Allright, let's go."

A lot of hours later, Markus and the others arrive at the city. Joey and all the newcombers are impressed by it. When Ibrousax finds out that the humans returned, he immediatly comes to the gate. He says: "More humans?" Markus says: "Yes, they also came to this planet." Joey, Richard and Amy want to introduce themself, but Ibrousax fastly says: "No." Lauren says: "What no?" Ibrousax says: "You didn't told me that there were more people going to come!" Caroline says: "This is unfair, we also didn't know that they were going to come." Ibrousax says: "Only you four can come inside, the others have to stay inside." George says: "What is this Ibrousax? The coming war isn't going to drive you crazy, right?" Ibrousax says: "I don't want to have so much people in my city. Return to your own planet, you don't have anything to do here. Then allright, you all stay outside and please go back to your own planet." Caroline says: "Wait wait, two of us are injured, they need to have something." Ibrousax says: "Fine, as I said only 4 of you." Lauren says: "We have 6 newcombers, how are we going to do that?" Joey says: "I'm not going to step with one of my legs in your city if you talk like that to us." Stacey says: "I will stay at you Joey." Markus says: "Okay allright, then Richard, Amy, Davy and Mitch will go inside and pick what they need and then we say goodbye to you Ibrousax." Ibrousax says: "Markus, you are not going to survive outside, you wish you just would have stayed with Caroline, George and Lauren here." Markus says: "Fine, but I'm not letting any humans alone." Ibrousax ignores him and Richard, Amy, Davy and Mitch follow him. When they arrived at Ibrousax's castle, Ibrousax says: "Here you have those medicines." Amy says: 'Why you are so rude to us?" Ibrousax says: "I just don't know why you all come to my planet." Richard says: "Your planet?" Ibrousax continues: "This planet belongs to the Quetirians and you will see that fast enough. We have never lost against the Xyporions and also not this time." Mitch says: "The Xyporions were putting their own houses on fire, they want to scare you." Ibrousaxy says: "So what?" Mitch says: "I just want to say that they are pretty..." Mitch couldn't even finish his sentence. Richard, Amy and Davy are shocked and run as fast as they can out of the castle. Ibrousax stabbed Mitch and throws the dying Mitch to the floor. Ibrousax goes after the humans, but they are too strong. Some other Quetirians try to stop them, but Richard, Amy and Davy easily defeat them. Ibrousax says: "Stupid bastards, they for sure won't survive it for one day outside!" Ibrousax goes back inside his castle to Mitch. He is dying. He says: "Why why why did you do this?" Ibrousax screams: "This planet is for the Quetirians not any other specie!!!" After he said that, he beheads Mitch and throws his body outside a window that makes the body falling outside Bisonuar. Ibrousaxy says: "That's one, only nine to follow." Meanwhile, Richard, Amy and Davy are outside. They see that Markus, Caroline, Lauren, Geoge, Joey and Stacey are looking to something. They also go stand next to them. On one direction, they see a whole army of Xyporions going to Bisonuar. Some second later, they also look to another direction. They can't believe what they see. A lot of spaceships are landing on Quetir. More humans are coming. And the movie ends with everybody knowing that a sequel will come.