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This movie was the Movie of the Month for February 2017.

Spaceship 537 is an original Sci-Fi/Action movie by FranceSwitzerland. It will take place in the future. The movie will come out in July 2020. It also got a sequel, called Spaceship 537: Secrets of Quetir.


It's the year 2095, Earth is too full of people, and the humans are looking for other planets with life where a part of the people can live. A group of 20 people is sent in a spaceship, called Spaceship 537, to go to a planet where is possibly live. However, this planet is very disappointing. John Shaw, the leader of the 20 people, wants to take over the planet. When the crew reached the planet, they are split. Alexander Burns and Markus Wood have to protect the planet against Shaw.


Somewhere on a secret place on Earth, there is build a secret base. The leader of the base, Edward Williams, is planning to send a group of 20 people to a planet he found. It's very secret and he doesn't want other people to know about it's existing. On that planet, there is sure life and he wants to discover it. He only doesn't know which things life on that planet. He calls his best friend, John Shaw. He accepts the mission and they have to search 19 other people that want this too. I know someone he says and goes to him.

John Shaw goes to Easton Grace, a good friend of him. He tells him about the mission. Edward Williams goes to his academy. He calls everybody to him and says: "Today is a very important day. The 18 best of you will go outer space and look for a planet with life." More than 50 students do tests who is the best. The tests are about everything. One of the students is Markus Wood. He wants it very much to go outer space.

Around a week later, the results are there. John Shaw says all the names from best to worst: "Number 1 is Daniel Davidson! Place 2 is for Ashley Taylor, Place 3 for Eric Wright, Place 4 for Jack Graham and Place 5 for Miles Cole. And all others: Ryan Bennett, Alexander Burns, Lauren Marshall, Gabriel Hurt, Joshua Johnson, Aaron Adams, Victoria Sinclair, George Smith, Caroline Livingstone, Owen Turner, Tiffany CarpenterVictor Sullivan and Alicia King. Congratulations you all!" Lots of people are glad, but Markus Wood not. Out of nowhere, someone with a gun comes and shoots on everyone. A chaos starts and he hits lots of people. John Shaw picks up his gun and kills the men. All the students had to go back to the house.

Some days later, it's sure that 11 people are killed. Some are in the hospital. Edward Williams says that 3 students that should have to go to the other planet have died. So number 19, 20 and 21 will go to it. So Liam Hall, Markus Wood, and Anna Harrison replace them. Later it's sure that Jack Graham, Victor Sullivan, and Gabriel Hurt are killed. Markus is very glad and is very exhausting for it. John Shaw thinks it's very stupid that it happened. Some people that didn't succeed all tests will go to outer space too!

The next days, the team is preparing for it. They train a lot and at the end of the last training day, Edward Williams wants to show the team something. They go to a big room and they see the big spaceship that is called: Spaceship 537. They go inside the spaceship and see how big it is. Everything is inside, it's just like a big house inside a spaceship. After they did the last things, the team leaves and goes inside the Spaceship. The spaceship is shooten in the air. Edward Williams sees that it succeeds and is proud.

All the 20 members are in the spaceship 537. The Spaceship 537 travels very fast, but it's a long distance to the planet so it will take weeks. The team is enjoying the travel. The Spaceship 537 crosses the planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. John Shaw doesn't like it. He wants to send the complete crew into their death and come back alone with Easton Grace. He and Easton Grace are making a plan to kill everyone. Markus is sitting somewhere. He is bored and doesn't know what to do. He is looking at his package and sees a lucifer in it. He puts it into his pocket. Alexander Burns is becoming a good friend of him. He asks him who he thinks is the hottest girl on the Spaceship. Burns says that he finds Lauren by far the hottest. Markus says he don't know.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Edward Williams is watching how the travel goes. But John Shaw wants to get the honour of the founding of the new planet. He told to criminals the location of Williams' base. And some days after they went into Spaceship 537, the criminals attacked the base. They killed everyone. Williams doesn't want to tell the location of the base so he was executed too. The criminals got the location and were preparing to go to the planet too.

On Spaceship 537, the crew is shocked to see that they haven't contact with Edward Williams anymore. Anna Harrison wants to go back to Earth. Liam Hall, Tiffany Carpenter and Alicia King are scared too. John Shaw says they don't have to worry. He has full control over the mission. He goes back to his place. Owen Turner doesn't trust him. He goes to his room. On that moment, Shaw is making plans to kill the whole crew. Grace is with him. When Turner comes in, Shaw becomes very angry and Grace attacks him. Grace is stronger and defeats Turner. He strangles him, killing Turner. They throw the body out of the spaceship. They tell to the other crew that he suicided and didn't wanted to be longer in space. Markus Wood and Alexander Burns don't think he is telling the truth. They think he lie, but don't say it to Shaw. Later, they ask to other crew members of they think that's right. George Smith, Caroline Livingstone, Lauren Marshall, Joshua Johnson and Ryan Bennett are agree that it isn't possible that Owen Turner suicided. They are planning to do something against John Shaw.

Victoria Sinclair, Aaron Adams, Eric Wright, Miles Cole and Liam Hall think Shaw is doing it very well. Daniel Davidson, Ashley Taylor, Anna Harrison and Alicia King are neutral. Meanwhile, they are crossing lots of meteorites. John Shaw goes through them. The Spaceship 537 comes through them but is hit by some of them. Alexander Burns is talking with Lauren Marshall. George Smith and Joshua Johnson can also find it good with each other. Markus Wood is looking at Caroline Livingstone. But it is interrupted by John Shaw. He looks what they are doing. He is with Easton Grace and Ashley Taylor. John kisses Ashley and wants to make his crew jealous. But Alexander isn't jealous at all. He has Lauren.

On Earth, the criminals are also going to go to the planet. A group goes on another Spaceship, called Spaceship 484. Their leader is called Xavier Conley. He wants to come on the planet before the crew of Spaceship 537.

The crew of Spaceship 537 goes sleep. The group of Burns and Wood goes sleep in a room and the group of Shaw in another one. But Shaw himself almost doesn't sleep. He wants to kill someone. Grace helps him with it. Markus Wood can't sleep and goes out of his bed. He walks a bit through the spaceship. Shaw sends Grace to their room to kill someone. Wood sees that Grace walks to the room. He watches him and follow him back to the room. Inside the room, Grace randomly tries to kill someone. This is Caroline. Wood sees it and attacks Grace. Grace is angry and they fight against each other. Later all other people are awaked and the fight stops. Wood says that Grace wanted to kill Caroline. Grace is very angry and Shaw comes inside. None of the crew wants to say that they think he is right. Shaw brings Wood to his room. Ashley Taylor, Victoria Sinclair, Eric Wright, Liam Hall and Aaron Adams are there too. He puts Wood into a cage and says: "This is for people that want to kill Grace". Wood says: "So what was Grace doing at our room?". "Just checking if everything was right".

Some days later, Shaw opens the cage of Wood. He goes away. Wood walks out of the cage and goes out of the room of Shaw. On that moment, Shaw walks to Liam Hall, who is standing somewhere. He has a gun in his hands. He shoots Hall in the belly and he falls death on the ground. Wood comes to it and sees the death body of Hall. Shaw sees it and screams: "Look what that idiot has done!". Lots of members of the crew of Spaceship 537 go to it and see the death body of Hall. They are shocked and Wood says: "You have to believe me, I haven't done this! He did it! (Meaning John Shaw). Shaw laughs and nobody believes Wood. Later, Wood is brought back to his cage.

Burns, Marshall, Livingstone, Smith, and Johnson think Shaw is laying the whole time to him, but are too scared to do something. They know they will be killed if they do something. But that night, Caroline Livingstone wants to do something. She knows Wood has saved her life. She felt Grace strangling her. She goes to the cage of Wood. He can't sleep again and is very glad to see her. She opens the cage, but out of nowhere, Grace is there. He says hello and he pushes her to the cage too and says: "Why you don't ask it if you wanted to be with him?" and laughs. Caroline is angry. Wood thanks her for doing it.

That same night, Burns goes sleep with Marshall. She likes it. They talk a bit and Burns kisses her. Smith and Johnson are sleeping. The next day, Shaw laughs about the fact that they have now 2 prisoners. When Burns and the others know it, they are done with it. They plan to attack Shaw, Grace and the others.

Before they went sleep, they stole some weapons. The next day they attacked. Burns, Smith and Johnson attack Shaw and Grace, while Marshall goes free Wood and Livingstone. When Alexander, George and Joshua reached Shaw's room, Grace saw them and attacks them. Ryan Bennett, Aaron Adams, Anna Harrison, Miles Cole, Daniel Davidson, Alicia King and Tiffany Carpenter hear the fight and go to it. John Shaw, Ashley Taylor, Victoria Sinclair and Eric Wright stay in the room. A big fight starts when Adams, Bennett, Cole and Carpenter also fight. Harrison don't know what to do. Meanwhile, Marshall frees Wood and Livingstone. They also run to the fight. Team Burns is winning. Burns defeats Cole, Smith defeats Bennett and Johnson defeats Adams and on that moment Wood, Livingstone and Marshall come. Carpenter doesn't want to surrender. She attacks Burns and Marshall helps him. Burns gives his gun to Marshall. Burns lets himself lose against Carpenter, but on that moment Marshall shoots Carpenter in the head and she dies. Cole becomes very angry and wants to attack Marshall, but right on that moment opens the door of Shaw's room. Taylor, Sinclair, Wright and Shaw himself comes out of it. Shaw says: "Everybody, I don't know where this fight is needed for. I know you are not agreed with everything I do. But I can say to you, we almost reached our destination." A wall goes up in the air and all 17 crew members are watching to the planet. Shaw continues: "You have done your job. Now I will go to the planet and you can go back to your home. He goes in a small escape pod with Grace, Sinclair, Wright, Bennett and Cole. Shaw also wants that Ashley Taylor goes in it, but she doesn't want that. Wood says: "We can't let this happen. He picks up a gun and shoots at Adams, who also wants to go on the escape pod. He hits him in his leg and he falls on the ground. Shaw and the others already leave. "Hahaha you are our hostager" Burns says. Smith shoots with a cannon on the escape pod. He hits it and it crashes on the planet. After all, Wood, Livingstone, Burns, Marshall, Smith, Johnson, Harrison, Davidson, King and Taylor stay on the Spaceship 537. Wood and Burns take over control of the spaceship and fly to the planet.

All crew members are much happier now, but suddenly a problem happens. Shaw has still control over the Spaceship 537. Burns and Wood can't control it and Shaw lets it crash on the planet. The spaceship comes closer and closer to the planet and when it reaches the ground, it totally crashes in a kind of weird jungle. Some parts of the spaceship explode and it comes an end on the ground. Burns looks immediatly of it is good with Marshall. Johnson, Smith, Harrison, Davidson, King and Taylor are also all right. But Livingstone is wounded. She can barely walk anymore. Adams is still in the cage.

Meanwhile, Shaw's group has also reached the ground. Their escape pod is crashed on the ground. Bennett died in the crash. Shaw, Grace, Sinclair, Wright and Cole went out of the escape pod and walk further.

Smith decides to do Adams into another cage and take him with them. Johnson thinks they have to kill them for his betray. On the top of the cage is a bed with Livingstone laying in it. Burns and Wood see the crashed escape pod far way from them. Lots of smoke comes out of it. On the walk, they see weird animals. Wood, Burns and Johnson kill some of the animals that attack them. When they reach the crashed escape pod, they see 3 scary animals eating of the death body of Ryan Bennett. Suddenly, the animals attack them. Burns kills the first. Johnson and Smith the second. The last one goes to the cage and wants to get Livingstone. It jumps on the top of the cage, but Wood kills it. Sadly, the scary animals has bitten Livingstone. A black wound is on her arm. She says: "Just leave me, I will die. You can't save me." Wood is angry. He could have been faster.

Shaw, Grace, Sinclair, Wright and Cole reach a small town with houses build of stone and wood. Cole laughs and says: "So this is it?" Wright says: "That stupid long flight for a planet with nothing?" Shaw only laughs harder and harder. Later he says: "Where are you stupid species that life on this planet?" Suddenly, they see some weird thing walking fastly. Grace runs to it and immediatly wants to kill it. But it's gone.

That night, Burns' and Wood's group are sleeping somewhere on an open save place. Adams wants to escape, but the locker is too strong. Johnson and Smith go sleep next to each other. Harrison and Taylor do the same. Davidson and King sleep alone. Burns kisses Marshall and they go sleep with each other. Livingstone now lies on the ground alone. Wood comes to her and asks how she feels. She says that it hurts a lot, but it's not poison or something like that. He asks where she lifed before they went to this planet. And they talk a bit further. Later, Wood kissed Livingstone and they fall in sleep.

The next day, the group walks to the same small town Shaw's group is. Shaw's group is sleeping in a small house. They wake up fastly. Shaw knows the other group is coming. They prepare for it.

Some hours later, Burns' and Wood's group reaches the small town. They look of they find some people. Smith protects Adams' cage and Caroline. Burns, Wood, Johnson, Davidson, King, Taylor and Harrison look of they can find anyone in the small town. Wood looks in one of the houses and find something Shaw's group haven't found. He sees lots of yellow-green alien creatures. He wants to tell Burns about it, but it's interrupted by John Shaw. He says: "Well well well. Look who is back". Burns says: "You have nothing to say, we have Adams." Shaw grabs a granate, throws it to the cage of Adams. Wood fastly runs to the cage and hardly pushes Livingstone of the top of the cage. The granate explodes and the complete cage is exploded. There only lie a few bones of Adams in the cage. Lots of other parts of him lie around the cage. Burns is angry and attacks Shaw, but Grace gets him first. Sinclair, Wright and Cole also come and Smith, Johnson, Davidson, Taylor, King and Harrison fight against them. Alexander and Lauren fight against Easton Grace. Shaw walks to Markus and Caroline. He laughs and says: "You care about people. That's the biggest weakness ever." Wood is angry and attacks Shaw. Wright grabs a gun and shoots on everybody. He hits Davidson and he falls on the ground. The group of Shaw is winning. Harrison, King and Taylor are easily defeated. Smith and Johnson later too. Grace defeats Marshall and wants to kill her, so Burns surrenders. Shaw and Wood fight against each other, but Shaw defeats him. He kicks him on the ground next to Caroline. "Take them all" Shaw says. Davidson, Wood and Livingstone can't walk. Shaw says to Davidson: "Get up or die". He can't and Grace gives a sword to Shaw. He stabs him through the heart, killing Davidson. He leaves Wood and Livingstone for the animals of the planet. Shaw and his allies go away with the hostagers.

Later, the yellow-green alien creatures come outside and they pick up the body of Davidson, the parts of Adams and also Wood and Livingstone. They make them unconscious before they even knew the Aliens would take them. They put Wood and Livingstone in some kind of beds of one of the houses. The Aliens research them, the body of Davidson and the parts of Adams. They also totally heal Markus and Caroline from their wounds. Later, Wood and Livingstone are waked up by them. One of them is watching them. Livingstone is afraid, but Wood thinks it's all right. The alien says: "Welcome both of you on the planet Quetiria" (in very bad English). Wood says: "We have found you". Livingstone asks: "How do you know our language?". "I've heard you talking and searched your language and learned it in a few Popions". "What are popions?" Wood asks. "Time, it means hours in your language, I'm sorry" the Alien says. "What's your name?" Caroline asks. "I'm Saxario and you are?" Saxario asks. "I'm Markus Wood and she is Caroline Livingstone" Markus says. "Thanks, there is a lot I want to tell and ask you" Saxario says.

Lots of kilometers away, John Shaw, his group and the hostagers are walking over the planet. Shaw says: "In a few hours, a good friend of me will be here and you will all work for me and him. Do you understand that?? He will help me to take over this stupid planet and we will rule over it. Alicia King says: "I will never work for you idiot". "Well, I asked you of you understand it, but you clearly didn't. I will give you another option. Run away from me into that forest and your luck will be decide" Shaw says. "Accepted" King makes clear. Grace opens her handcuffs and as fast as she can, she runs into the forest. Out of nowhere, a big animal attacks her. It jumps on her and lots of other animals go to it too. They all eat from her and all get a part of her. Alicia King is death. "Any more volunteers?" Shaw asks. Nobody responses and they walk farther.

In the small town, Wood and Livingstone tell Saxario everything about Earth. He is very surprised and wants to go to it. Saxario shows Markus and Caroline the parts of Adams and Davidson's body. Wood also tells that all his other friends are been captured by John Shaw. Saxario says he will help him with killing such a crewl man. That night, Wood and Livingstone are alone and have a romantic conversation. Wood says he already loves her since the beginning. Livingstone says that she had feelings for him and loves him since he saved her so much time. They kiss with each other, put of each others clothes and fall in bed.

That morning, Shaw's group and the hostagers are sleeping somewhere, but they are hardly waked up by Xavier Conley that reached the planet. John Shaw sees it and runs to Conley. Conley sees him and says: "So have you took over this planet?". Shaw answers: "No, but it seems to be abandoned." "Abandoned??? That's impossible. I will kill them all." Conley says. After that, he gives a sign and all of his men walk out of the Spaceship 484. Shaw is impressed how much men he brought to the planet. Shaw shows Conley all his hostagers. Conley says: "Your own men became hostagers? Kill them". Grace puts all the hostagers on a row. Conley picks up a gun and watches at Burns, Marshall, Johnson, Smith, Taylor and Harrison. Suddenly, Conley shoots. Anna Harrison falls death. "Impressed? Now you know what to do. Womens are useless. Also kill the other two girls" says Conley and he walks away. All the men reaches the small town where Saxario, Wood and Livingstone are. They come outside and they see the war will start.

The army of Xavier Conley reaches the small town. Saxario says to Markus and Caroline that they can't lose Baynord (revealing the name of the town). He calls an army of Quetirs. Out of the houses, all Quetirs come and go to Saxario. Shaw and Conley are watching at Baynord and see all Quetirs come outside. "Okay, now we know how our enemy looks like" Conley says. Shaw laughs and says: "They are the inhabitants of this planet???" Markus, Caroline and Saxario walk to the army of Conley. It makes Shaw even more laugh more and he says: "Markus and Caroline are now part of those stupid aliens. This couldn't be easier." Conley is angry that humans are allies of the Quetirs. Wood fastly after it screams: "So what did you brought here?". "Leave it to me" Shaw says to Conley. "We have come to take over this town. Oh and if you don't give up, here are some friends that we will all kill" says Shaw to Wood and he shows Burns, Marshall, Johnson, Smith and Taylor to them. "They are your friends?" Saxario asks. "Yes, but we can't give up. That's preciously what he wants". Ashley Taylor screams hardly: "Don't surrender Markus!". But she better could not say that. Shaw walks to her and says: "Oh yes, you are the girl that choose the wrong side in this war". On that moment, Wood says: "I and Caroline will kill Shaw, you and your army will go for that guy (Xavier Conley) and his army." Markus runs to Shaw and attacks him, but he shoots on Taylor through the heart and she falls death on the ground. Her death was not for nothing, Markus has now the hostagers. He frees Alexander, Lauren, Joshua and George. "Hahaha, so what? You will lose. Wood, you had to choose my side, now you will die for it." Wood wants to attack him, but suddenly Grace, Sinclair, Wright and Cole show theirself. Cole attacks Markus and smashes him on the ground. Easton Grace and Eric Wright get a car out of the Spaceship 484. "Bye now, suckers. I hope the death will soon face you" Shaw says. He, Grace and Sinclair go in the first car. Cole and Wright in the other one. Conley stays with his army. Burns says to Wood: "We have to follow them". Of course we must follow them" Wood says. He goes to Saxario and asks: "Do you have a vehicle for us?". "A vehicle? Yes, but I am not sure you like it". Saxario shows them his vehicle. It's a kind of car, that is been carried by two Tyquers. "Okay, but how do we drive it?" Wood asks. "You don't have to. They will go to whatever you want". Saxario makes a sound to calls the Tyquers. Caroline asks: "What is that sound?" "You can call the Tyquers with that" Saxario answers. After that, Wood, Livingstone, Burns, Marshall, Johnson and Smith go on it and drive to Shaw's cars. Conley is tired and wants to attack. Saxario screams hardly: "Idiot, where are you waiting for???." It makes Xavier Conley even more angry and he and his army attack. The battle of Baynord had start.

All the humams and Quetir attack each other. A big fight starts where many humans and Quetirs die. Conley wants his army to fight till the end. Many humans reach Baynord and want to destroy it. Saxario reaches the town too. Out of the Spaceship 484, lots of small ships come and shoot on the town. Later, lots of houses are destroyed. Saxario and other Quetirs go in the highest building of the town. Xavier Conley walks into the town and slaughters many Quetirs with his sword. He and other men destroy the door of the highest building. Lots of men are killed by Quetirs. Conley walks in and sees Saxario. They start fighting and Saxario says: "You fool, you don't understand it. You can destroy this town and kill me, but you will never take over this planet." After that, Conley understands what he means, because out of nowhere lots of blue Quetirs come to the town. "NO!!!" says Conley very angrily and he stabs his sword through Saxario. He also beheads Saxario. But he knows it's game over. Lots of Quetirs are very angry and attack him. He fights against them, but suddenly his right arm is cut off and his sword falls on the ground. Conley is pushed on the ground and his legs are cut off and his other arm too. A blue Quetir picks up Conley's sword and cuts off his head. All the Quetirs eat from him and later there is nothing left of Xavier Conley anymore. Outside, the Quetirs also win and shoot all the planes out of the sky. The Spaceship 484 is also taken over by the Quetirs and all humans are killed. The Quetirs have won the Battle of Baynord and Saxario died for it.

Wood, Burns, Livingstone, Marshall, Johnson and Smith are following Shaw's car and Wright's car. The Tyquers are the fastest animals on Quetir and they go around 180 km./hour. Some time later, they see the cars. There is also a cannon on the vehicle. Smith is on it. He shoots on the cars and they come closer and closer to it. He hits the car of Wright. It crashes and Wright jumps out of it. Cole can't and the car totally explodes. He dies in the explosion. Wright runs fast away. Johnson and Smith jump out of the Tiquervehicle and go after Wright. Wood, Burns, Livingstone and Marshall stay on it and follow Shaw's car.

Johnson and Smith run fastly after Wright. They are in a jungle and Wright is gone. They run further and further, but can't fight Wright. At the end, they come to a deep abyss. Smith almost falls in it, but Johnson gets him. Wright is gone. They wait at the abyss. Out of nowhere, Wright comes and he has a big weapon. He shoots on Johnson and Smith. Johnson is hitten, he falls wounded on the ground. With his last powers, he jumps to Wright and grabs his weapon and throws it in the abyss. Eric Wright gets a knife and throws it in the stomach of Joshua Johnson and he falls into the abyss. "Where are you? Smith!" Wright says. Suddenly, Smith attacks Wright. They fight and Smith says: "You idiot. You kill people without a reason." He steals a knife and gets away from him. "What do you want? You will get what you want in hell". Smith throws the knife in the belly of Wright. "This is for all the innocent people you have killed". And picks up a gun and shoots Wright straight through his head. Wright falls into the abyss and Smith goes to Wood and Burns.

Wood, Burns, Livingstone and Marshall are still following Shaw's car. They also have a cannon on their car and Easton Grace goes in it. He shoots on the Tyquervehicle. Marshall falls out of the Tyquervehicle and Burns also jumps out of it to her. Grace totally hits the vehicle and it explodes. The tyquers are free and run away. Wood and Livingstone fall on the ground. Livingstone asks to wood: "Give me a granate". Wood does it and she throws it to Shaw's car. Grace tries to shoot on it, but he fails and the granate explodes near of the car. Shaw loses control of the car and crashes into a tree. Grace falls out of the cannon on the ground. Livingstone runs as fast as she can to the car. Wood follows her. Caroline looks at the car, but is empty. Suddenly she is attacked by Victoria Sinclair. "Hahaha, you fell in love with an idiot and do everything he says". They fight and Wood wants to help her, but Shaw and Grace are out of nowhere standing before him. "I told you to die near that stupid town, but you refuses it. Your betray will be punished much harder" says Shaw. Grace attacks Wood and they fight, but it is interrupted by Alexander Burns and Lauren Marshall. Burns says: "You will be punished for all the innocents people that you have killed." Shaw is tired of it and says to Grace: "Finish it". Grace picks up his sword and starts fighting against Wood, Burns and Marshall.

Meanwhile, Sinclair and Livingstone are also fighting. After some fighting, Sinclair grabs a knife and stabs it through Livingstone. She falls on the ground and is defeated. "Now, you will die stupid bitch, " Sinclair says, but Livingstone makes a kind of sound (the one Saxario learned her) and out of nowhere the Tyquers runs and attack Sinclair. She has no chance and the Tyquers slaughter her. Sinclair screams hardly, but suddenly it ends. The Tyquers totally eats her and later walk away. There is almost nothing left of Sinclair anymore. Livingstone stays wounded on the ground. The Tyquers can't help her.

Wood, Burns, and Marshall are still fighting against Grace. He is stronger than them. Burns says: "Markus go to Shaw, we got this." Wood is disagreed with him but has no other choice. Alexander and Lauren fight further and further, till Burns is pushed away. Grace easily defeats Marshall and says: "What will you do now?" Burns is angry and doesn't want that to happen. He runs to Grace, but he reverses and uses his sword to him. He hits Burns' throat. Lots of blood splashes out of it. "No!" screams Marshall hardly and she gets a gun. She shoots on Grace till there are no bullets left. "Hahahahahahahaha" says Grace and his body with around 30 bullets in it falls on the ground. Lauren goes to Alexander and starts crying. Alexander says: "Don't cry, Lauren. I gave my life for you. You are very special and should survive. You were everything of..." and Burns dies. Marshall cries even more.

Some kilometers away, Wood goes to Shaw. He sees a very small house made of wood. It's abandoned and he knows John Shaw is there. He walks to it and Shaw sees he is coming. "Hello, Markus. This is the big finale" Shaw says. "I don't care motherfucker. It's only you and me left" Wood says. "Hahaha, your lovely girl died. Victoria killed her. Do you know what's the weakest of you" LOVE!" Shaw continues. "So what's your plan? Did you know that you could have already killed me 5 times?" Shaw ignores that and says: "Also the fact that you care about the stupid aliens of this planets. My plans were always to take over this planet and kill everybody. Why you didn't understood that?" Markus attacks Shaw and says: "You know nothing about this planet. Oh and I think your boyfriend Grace died." Shaw becomes very angry of what he said and they start a big fight.

Meanwhile, George Smith reaches Lauren with the death body of Alexander Burns. He is very shocked and wants to help Lauren.

In the house, Shaw smashes Wood into a hole where he comes in a secret room with lots of heavy bombs. He throws all those bombs to Shaw, but he dodges them and they fight further. One of the bombs contained oil and it fell on the chest of Shaw. Shaw is winning, but suddenly Wood uses all his energy and smashes Shaw away. Shaw is unconscious. Suddenly, Wood remembers that he has a lucifer in his pocket. He tries to make fire, but Shaw smashes him hard away. He kicks him very hard away. Shaw says: "I told you that you will be punished much harder. And now it ends, you will die." John Shaw grabs Markus Wood and gets his sword and says: "Now your ugly head will be removed of your body." Wood kicks Shaw in his dick and Shaw falls on the ground. Wood runs ro the lucifer and uses it on the ground, it works and it starts to fire. "Very smart of you and what do you want to do with that?" Shaw says. "I'm Markus Wood that sets Wood on fire." And Markus Wood puts the lucifer into the wood and fastly it's on fire. Shaw is very angry and runs to him, but Markus throws the lucifer preciously on his chest where the oil is. Fastly, John Shaw is on fire and he screams very hard. Markus Wood runs as fast as he can out of the house and the house completely explodes. All the bombs explodes and the explosion can be heard on the entire planet. Caroline, Marshall and Smith hear it too and see the fire. They all go to it. Caroline can barely walk, but she reaches the fastest the fire. She sees Markus and is very glad. Lauren and George see it too. Very fast after it, Quetirians come and see the 4 humans. They go in another Tyquervehicle and don't know where the Quetirians will bring them to.

Later, Markus, Caroline, Lauren, and George are all sleeping, but suddenly Markus wakes up and sees that they go to the biggest city of the planet. The others also wake up and see it. They have slept the whole night. One of the Quetirians says that it is the capital of Quetir, called Bisonuar.

In the next scene, the Tyquervehicle stands before the gate of the city. They are let in by a purple Quetirian. All the Quetirians are standing in a row against a fence and see the 4 humans. They are all screaming very hard to their heroes. Markus, Caroline, Lauren and George are surprised. They go to the king of the planet. He is in the highest building of the city. His name is Ibrousax. He tells them that and they also say their names. Caroline asks: "Where is Saxario?" "He is brought to Xylorian," Ibrousax says. "What is Xylorian" George asks. "The place all good men come when they die." Ibrousax answers. "So Alexander is there?." "He is" Ibrousax says. Lauren is glad that he lives in peaceful world. "You are the men that put the house on fire?" Ibrousax asks to Markus. "Yes, I did it" Markus answers. Ibrousax says: "You are the one I need to talk with. But first the ceremony."

On the final scene, we see the ceremony. The heroes get a kind of special stone that gives them access to many things. Everybody is glad, evil has been destroyed and the peace is back on Quetir.

Deleted Scenes

The crew on Spaceship 537

In this deleted scene, we see Markus Wood, Caroline Livingstone, Alexander Burns, Lauren Marshall, George Smith and Joshua Johnson. They are together and are doing something on the spaceship. Alexander is with Lauren, George and Joshua too. Markus and Caroline are sitting alone. Markus asks Caroline of she wants to do something with her. She wants it and they walk away. This deleted scene was supposed to come somewhere in the beginning of the movie.


Markus Wood, Caroline Livingstone and Saxario are walking throught Baynord. They go to some houses where Quetirians are living. They also visit the highest building in the town. While walking, Markus and Caroline tell Saxario lots of things about Earth. This deleted scene was supposed to come before the battle of Baynord.

Students meeting John Shaw

All the students are sitting somewhere next to each other. John Shaw walks in and tells them about himself and the mission. He makes them prepared for it with a long speech. Easton Grace and Edward Williams are standing after him. When he is done, all students walk away. This deleted scene was supposed to come before all the crew members went on the Spaceship 537.