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Smart Cat or well known as Science Cat, is a cat Meme from internet.

In Movie Ideas Wiki he appears in Memes Infinity War and its conclusion as a supporting character.


Memes Infinity War

The Smart Cat has been hired by the remaining Ugandan Knuckles to become the scientist of Neo Ugandan Knuckles Tribe, he has been requested by Lucoakles' group to bring back Natsuki to life as the real herself and remove the Mind Stone from Shrek's body, he sorta success on bringing back Natsuki to life due to the fact the battle has reached his laboratory and Natsuki revives as a buff girl and Shrek has to get up to beat Vegeta and M.Bison.

After Monika already succeeded on get all the infinity stones, he looked at the scene from his laboratory scared of the situation and watching his tribe being erased.




  • Vegeta
  • M.Bison