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The RWBY Movieverse is, like the Dragon Ball/One Piece/Naruto movies, a series of films that are alternate re-tellings of certain events from each Volume of RWBY and/or extra side-stories that do not correlate with the continuity of the series.


The timeline placements of each film.

Movie 1: The Legend of Ruby Rose

Taking place after future members of Team RWBY meets each other but before the launch to the Emerald Forest.

Main antagonist: Rowan Trickster.

Movie 2: The Mysterious Hunter X

Taking place after the arrival of James Ironwood at Beacon Academy but before Penny reveals her true identity to Ruby.

Main antagonist: Dr.Winston Wild.

Movie 3: The Strongest Hunters in the World

Taking place after Roman Torchwick's death but before the battle between Cinder and Pyrrha.

Main antagonist: Cash Cunningham & Apocalypse.

Movie 4: Hope Comes From Division

Taking place after the birth of Team RNJR but before Tyrian ambushes Ruby & co.

Main antagonist: Leonard Leopard.

Movie 5: Samantha, Haven's Worst Nightmare

Taking place after Yang and Weiss reunites with Ruby but before the fight between Cinder and Raven.

Main antagonist: Samantha Slayer.

Movie 6: The Return of Samantha

Taking place after Cinder allies herself with Neo but before the battle against Caroline Cordovin and Adam Taurus.

Main antagonist: Samantha Slayer.

Movie 7: The Hunters of Atlas

After Arthur Watts joins forces with Jacques Schnee but before Jacques is arrested by the Atlas Forces.


The parody series RU🅱️Y not only makes spoof of the series but also to the RWBY Movieverse fics, here are the parody version of the films.