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Puyo Puyo: Carbuncle's Big Adventure (ぷよぷよ:カーバンクルのビッグデー, Puyo Puyo: Kābankuru no biggudē) is an upcoming 2020 Japanese-American animated musical comedy fantasy direct-to-video film, Directed and written by Milton Colon. It's based on the Japanese puzzle video game series, Puyo Puyo. The film is disguised as an early 2000's direct-to-video DVD/VHS film made by Paramount Home Video.

The Film is planned to be released in America, However, Because Puyo Puyo is a Japanese video game series, Colon stated that he had to release the film in Japan.

The film will be released on DVD and VHS.


Rulue plans to conquer Primp Town with Garbage Puyo. Now it's up to Carbuncle, Arle, Amitie, and Ringo to save the City and restore peace.

They all go on a fun adventure and learn new things and meet people along the way as they also help them on their adventure. They will even learn a spell that will Change every thing back to normal.

Arle will try to learn how to roller skate. Amitie can learn how to bake, and Ringo can learn how to sew.

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"永遠に私の最高の友人! -アール

" 私はあなたがここにいてうれしいです!-リンゴ


"ポーションタイム! -魔女