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In the year 2010, humanity is divided between itself as a several humans awaken with superpowers, said humans are called psychicers and are facing discrimination from regular human beings, this leads to stress and conflict bteween humans and psychicers. in order to face said discrimination, psychicer noble man Richard Wong forms the psychicer organization "NOAH" to get equal right between humans and psychicers. however, beneath the surface Wong formed "NOAH" to achieve psychicer superiority over human beings as a revenge for the horrific experiments humans have conducted on psychicers.


  • Kane Kosugi as Richard Wong
  • Tom Felton as Keith Evans
  • Contol Haynes as Burn Griffiths
  • ? as Wendy Ryan
  • Daisy Ridley as Chris Ryan/Sonia
  • Robbie Kay as Emilio Michaelov
  • ? as Brad Kilsten
  • Vin Diesel as Gates Oltsman
  • Robin Shaw as Rokudoh Genma
  • ? as Genshin Kenjoh
  • Tom Holland as Might
  • ? as Patty Myers
  • ? as Carlo Belfrond
  • ? as Regina Belfrond
  • ? as Setsuna
  • ? as Gudeath