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There is the idea for limited comic book series of the MCU Sinister six film prelude. Those are ideas for prelude comics to the future Avengers movies, Spider-Man: Sinister Six and Heroes for Hire movie. There should be in the Spider-Man 3rd solo movie prelude the Prowler Aaron Davis to when he started out with Mark Raxton as the new Molten Man. He defeats him but is. Molten Man is killed by Mysterio on the road to the Sinister Six movie in books or comics in the MCU. There should be prelude comics still Puma before Mysterio kills him defeating Flint Marko as the Sandman. That should be after the Spider-Man no Way Home as Miles Morales starts being Spider-Man and his uncle had redemption. Mysterio killing Molten Man and the Prowler defeating Molten Man are shown in flashbacks. Maybe the Mysterio killing Molten Man and the Prowler’s defeat of Molten Man could be in a Mysterio movie if they make one. Also, then Puma is killed by Quentin Beck/Mysterio. It was the drones that killed Quentin Beck in Spider-Man No Way Home to how Mysterio killed some people.

There should be Puma vs. Wil O’ The Wisp. The Prowler Aaron Davis vs. White Rabbit. Daredevil vs the Jester. They take on mob guys and those who survive are arrest. Maybe in those comics Matt Murdock is the defense lawyer for Spider-Man. MCU Man-Wolf is defeated by Spider-Man and turns back into John That’s to take place in between Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man Far From Home.

There could be origin novels to the villains of the Defenders movie and Heroes for Hire movie like there were books that were roads to the Avengers Infinity War. Also, there could be in a comic book prelude of the Defenders movie when Uncle Ben was killed by Dennis Carradine and the Punisher killing Dennis Carradine. The Punisher killing Dennis Carradine is shown in flashback and Scarlet Spider defeats the Sandman with water but he survives. The Punisher killing Dennis Carradine should take place when Peter Parker and Aunt May are gone in between the snap and the blip. That’s if Uncle Ben’s killer doesn’t appear in Spider-Man Freshman Year. Spider-Man could be black suited then and it goes to Flash Thompson after off of him.

This is what should take place in between Spider-Man: Far From Home and Spider-Man Back Home/Sinister Six. There should also be prelude comics to when The Punisher and Spider-Man team up against Black Talon and Hit Monkey. They defeat those villains.  Black Talon and Hit-Monkey are hired by Mr. Negative just before forming the Sinister Six and that Mysterio killed Puma after his defeat of Sandman and Wil O’ The Wisp. That’s when The Punisher and Peter Parker as Spider-Man team up. He refrains from killing. The heroes all go their own ways. This could be 4 to 5 issues. Maybe even 3 issues depending on how to go. The Punisher defeats Black Talon in a sword fight while Spider-Man defeats Hit-Monkey in the final prelude. This is just before Spider-Man meets up with the FBI doing the investigation of Quentin Beck’s crew. Sony called dibs on Kraven the Hunter. There should be in the prelude comics that Spider-Man gets the Venom symbiote left by Venom. There’s the Sony Marvel Universe Dmitri is Chameleon so maybe the MCU Dmitri is a victim of the villains.

·      Spider-Man: MCU Sinister Six/The Spectacular Spider-Man

Maybe then there's a sequel with the Sinister Six roll call as Quentin Beck Mysterio killed the real Molten Man. On the Sinister Six is William Ginter Riva now Mysterio along with Janice Lincoln known as the Beetle, The Tinkerer, Shocker, and Scorpion. Mr. Negative is leader of the Sinister Six. William Ginter Riva took things from Quentin Beck to when he was killed. Rio Davis the wife of Jefferson Davis is kidnapped by the Sinister Six. He hates Spider-Man. Norman Osborn is not shown by a target of the Sinister Six to be killed along with Harry Osborn. He’s a target of the Sinister Six by Martin Li/Mr. Negative. Felicia Hardy is a college student and meets with Spider-Man and to get the Defenders and Fantastic Four members Human Torch and Daredevil teaming with Spider-Man in a movie.  Matt Murdock had been defense for Peter Parker/Spider-Man talked of.   Black Cat is the love interest for Peter Parker in this one in college.  

There should be in the beginning Scorpion’s thugs and un named members of Quentin Beck’s crew shown meeting with Martin Li the crime boss. That’s the start of the Inner Demons just before Mr. Negative goes to meet up with 5 other super villains just before Spider-Man shows up. It’s Spider-Man battling the Inner Demons. Spider-Man could be in the beginning with the FBI going after Quentin Beck’s crew with the names unknown for the investigation of others who framed him. Jefferson Davis with the help of the FBI arrests Shanice, Doug, Victoria Snow and Gutes Guterman the help of Spider-Man just as Jefferson Davis just as Spider-Man defeats The Inner demons lead by Martin Li in fighting them hand to hand. It’s later on Spider-Man goes with the NY PD to arrest Shanice, Doug, Victoria Snow and Gutes Guterman on conspiracy charges just after Mr. Negative is introduced. Those unknown named members of Quentin Back’s crew are the inner demons recruited by Martin Li. He goes by Mr. Negative. There are others from Spider-Man Far From Home. Spider-Man is somewhere in the city helping NY PD arrest Quentin Beck’s crew on aiding and abetting charges. They give the information of William Ginter Riva taking Quentin Beck’s place as Mysterio and Janice Lincoln becoming the Beetle with the help of Tinkerer recruiting the Shocker and Mac Gargan sprung put into a Scorpion suit.  Spider-Man points them to the feds as Spider-Man meets Human Torch Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four. The Tinkerer with Quentin Beck’s crew is arrested by the feds nearby the college that Peter Parker is attending with Felicia Hardy just of talks that Jefferson Davis as a rookie busted cat burglar Walter Hardy. Spider-Man takes on Black Cat during the arrest of  Quentin Beck’s crew. Black Cat said that she’s to atone as she’s to take go after Martin Li going by Mr. Negative that recruited other villains after the arrest of her father Walter Hardy. They don’t know each other’s civilian identities. Martin Li recruits Janice Lincoln going by the Beetle on a suit the Tinkerer designed as are Toomes workers Herman Shultz/The Shocker and Phineas Mason, Shocker is sprung by the Inner demons. Janice Lincoln is a member of the Sinister Six. There could be flashback of Martin Li in a gun fight with Dmitiri an agent and killed him. Phineas Mason was under investigation and years hunted by the NY PD. They think Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin is dead killed by the Punisher. They are rivaled to Norman Osborn. Spider-Man talks of The Punisher killing Dennis Carradine the killer of Uncle Ben Parker and a couple of villains they together faced. Still talked of the Punisher killed Dennis Carradine the killer of Uncle Ben Parker if not in Spider-Man Freshman Year.   

Peter Parker is at college. Michele Jones and Ned Leeds are attending that college MIT. Peter Parker is that time with Felicia Hardy just when Flash Thompson is dating Michelle Jones this time. There should be a part when William Ginter Riva is posing as Dmitri meeting up with Peter Parker and talks of Rio on the run for city council.  There’s a plot to kill the family of Miles Morales. Cloak and Dagger in those years had come to New York City. There’s the Sinister Six lead by Mr. Negative. There are talks to plotting to kill Spider-Man. Also kill the Punisher as he’s not seen in the movie. Human Torch is to appear in this Spider-Man film and help Spider-Man against the Sinister Six. The Osborns aren’t shown but talked of owning a business. Scorpion is feeling stuck in the suit and plots payback on J. Jonah Jameson. The Sinister Six is noticing Rio Morales in the race for city council of New York City. Rio Morales is kidnapped and held hostage at the Daily Bugle. The Tinkerer, The Beetle Janice Lincoln, Scorpion, Shocker and the Mysterio as there are villains talking of before being defeated by Spider-Man. There are talks of freeing the former Stark employees with Spider-Man defeated by the Sinister Six. Mr. Negative is like leader of the Sinister Six. There should be introduction of Miles in this.

There is talked of Happy Hogan is represented by Foggy Nelson along with alleged crime boss Martin Li recruited hunted criminals along with springing the Shocker and recruiting a person who J. Jonah Jameson got stuck in a scorpion suit. Martin Li going by Mr. Negative meets Quentin Beck’s crew members on those who worked for Adrian Toomes along with Scorpion. He recruits Janice Lincoln as the Beetle along with The Tinkerer, Mysterio, Shocker and Scorpion. Mr. Negative comes up with the idea for the Sinister Six as the name to take down Spider-Man. The Tinkerer has Chitahuri weapons tinkering with to get Spider-Man. The Tinkerer designed suits on 2 of Quentin Beck’s crew members.

Cloak and Dagger come to Spider-Man. Daredevil meet Cloak and Dagger and find out Mysterio was posing as Dmitri. Black Cat talks the Punisher killed the Kingpin Wilson Fisk. It’s Mr. Negative as leader of the Sinister Six as his crew members and the Toomes crew are all together forming the Sinister Six as The Scorpion. Mysterio teleports the Sinister Six to the Daily Bugle building. Spider-Man has the help from his Black Cat along with Daredevil, Human Torch Johnny Storm, Dagger and Cloak. There were talked of other villains out there but Spider-Man teams with Daredevil to take down those villains. There is a plot for Scorpion to kill J. Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man just as Shocker is out for revenge against Spider-Man and that Mysterio and Janice Lincoln are Mysterio and the Beetle to avenge Quentin Beck. The Sinister Six is teleported by Mysterio as a member himself to the Daily Bugle. Daredevil and Human Torch are going after Martin Li along with members of Quentin Beck’s crew. Daredevil lost memory of Peter Parker and who Spider-Man really is but Black Cat is into teaming with Spider-Man and there are Black Cat and Spider-Man unaware of each other as Peter Parker and Felica Hardy. Cloak and Dagger looked to take down the Tinkerer. Daredevil not shown got Sinister Six information from Turk as he’s to go after the Sinister Six.

Spider-Man goes Inside the Daily Bugle building going after Scorpion just as his helpers go take on the others in the Sinister Six. Spider-Man, Dagger, Black Cat and Human Torch are teleported to the Daily Bugle building by Cloak. Spider-Man inside of the building finds Robbie and JJJ. Scorpion is going after them. Robbie is told by Spider-Man of being targeted by the Sinister Six just as Robbie tries to convince of Spider-Man being a hero. Spider-Man and Scorpion battle it out. Spider-Man in defeating Scorpion webs him up after throwing him to the ground. Spider-Man goes after the rest of the Sinister Six and looking out for those helpers of him taking them on.

Cloak takes on the Tinkerer. Black Cat takes on Mysterio. Dagger takes on the Shocker. Human Torch takes on The Beetle. Maybe Black Cat vs. Mysterio in hand-to-hand combat. Mysterio shoots blasts at Black Cat. She flip kicks him. Mr. Negative with his powers is shooting at Daredevil. Daredevil at the Daily Bugle sign fights Mr. Negative. Dagger takes on the Shocker. Daredevil lays a roundhouse kick on Mr. Negative with his radar scanning. Shocker shoots waves at Dagger. Dagger with her powers shoots the Shocker while Cloak with this sleeve strikes The Tinkerer shootings blasts at him. He blocks with his sleeve. Cloak with the other sleeve strikes Tinkerer and throws him into the Daily Bugle sign.  It was the Tinkerer who gave the device for Mysterio to pose as Dmitri. The Beetle shoots blasts at the Human Torch. The Human Torch heats up the Beetle with a flaming from this hand on the suit. . Human Torch makes flames around Mysterio on The Beetle on the ground while Black Cat flip kicks Mysterio to the ground. Mr. Negative has the sword that shoots energy beams at Daredevil. Daredevil blocks the sword with his billy clubs. Daredevil uppercuts Mr. Negative knocks him down just as Spider-Man comes with a webbed-up Scorpion. Spider-Man with the camera for pictures for the Daily Bugle photographs the defeat of the Sinister Six. He webs them to the Daily Bugle rooftops with the with everyone teleported by Cloak. Spider-Man webs up Tinkerer, Shocker, Beetle and Mysterio who was defeated by him after webbing up Mr. Negative being defeated by Daredevil. A tied-up Shocker talks of getting out and killing all those present and the Punisher next. The Sinister Six is arrested. It’s not shown by NYPD SWAT team takes away the Sinister Six with them all webbed up at the Daily Bugle by Spider-Man. Rio Morales is rescued by Spider-Man and company. There was an attack arranged on the Daily Bugle. Rio Morales is rescued by Spider-Man.

There are talks the SWAT team lead by Jean De Wolf arrested the Sinister Six at the Daily Bugle. It’s at the building owned by Wilson Fisk. The Sinister Six was formed after the arrest of Walter Hardy. Spider-Man and the team find out the Vulture got transported to another universe during the spell to forget Peter Parker or the true identity of Spider-Man.

There should be in flashback then shown in the movie Dmitri in a gun fight with Mr. Negative and killed by him. Then Mysterio poses as Dmitri somewhere. Spider-Man could meet up with Jean De Wolf and the brother of The Prowler/Aaron Davis Jefferson Davis. There should be Cloak and Dagger in this one as Cloak and Dagger made their debut in classic Peter Parker/Spectacular Spider-Man comics.

For the Sinister Six showdown

Human Torch Johnny Storm vs Janice Lincoln the Beetle

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat vs. William Ginter Riva as Mysterio

Matt Murdock as Daredevil vs. Martin Li/Mr. Negative


Spider-Man Peter Parker vs. Mac Gargan as Scorpion

Tyrone Johnson as Cloak vs. The Tinkerer Phineas Mason

Tandy Bowen as Dagger vs. the Shocker Herman Shultz

He’s the one that killed the real Molten Man was Quentin Beck who became Mysterio before the blip.   Also get someone as the Beetle in the movies. Miles Morales is to meet Peter Parker in this one. They are to bond. He could appear in post credits scene.

There should be Quentin Beck survived and faked his death and William Ginter Riva is one of those arrested by Jefferson Davis the older brother of Aaron Davis along with the rest of Quentin Beck’s crew. Janice Lincoln becomes the Beetle. There are Scorpion, Shocker and The Beetle with Mr. Negative as leader of the Sinister Six. There should be Jameson responsible for Mac Gargan in the suit and there’s a plan of attack on the Daily Bugle. Also Felicia Hardy for Flash Thompson to MCU Black Cat. It should be Ana Taylor Joy as MCU Felicia Hardy/Black Cat. If no Black Cat in this film then there’s Deadpool taking on Scorpion and Spider-Man at first fighting Deadpool at the arrest of others in Quentin Beck’s crew that didn’t become super villains.

There should be the symbiote going onto Flash Thompson in the either mid credits or post credits scene. There should talks of the Sinister Six in prison and Vulture is in redemption and after end credits Flash Thompson picks up the symbiote transforming him into Agent Venom. Flash Thompson is now dating Felica Hardy and Peter Parker is back together with Michelle Jones.

There should be a Spider-Man movie with Cloak & Dagger teaming with them. The original Sinister Six of this film are The Beetle, Mysterio, Tinkerer, Shocker, Scorpion and Mysterio.  If no Black Cat able to be in this film then there’s the MCU Deadpool cameo and he defeats Mysterio without killing him as of Spider-Man with Daredevil asking helpers when they go after the Sinister Six no killing.

There should be legal rights for this in the MCU as many petitions have been signed.

·       Ultimate Spider-Man

There should be prelude comics to when Spider-Man faces Lightmaster and he defeats him. Lightmaster is arrested. Terrax the Tamer is joining forces with Lightmaster. Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Yelena Bolova are joining forces facing those villains. Yelena as Black Widow defeats Terrax when Light Master is defeated by the Spider-Man Peter Parker. This should be 2027 released taking place in 2028. Also a new idea put in is talks by Silvermaine of the Punisher fighting Ceaser Cicero (Big C) in a gun fight but not shown as no room for them in the 2nd of this trilogy. This should be Part 2 of the college trilogy of Spider-Man. There is in the prelude comics the battle of Hammerhead before getting the metal plate fighting with Jean DeWolf. Joseph is who becomes Hammerhead. It’s a gun fight. There are serious head injuries by Joseph manages to kill Lt. Jean DeWolf. This ends the prelude comics with Miles Morales in flashback with spider bite and metal put onto Joseph’s head to go by Hammeread.

Silvio Manfredi is either the son or grandson of Joey Manfredi. He’s now the mob boss. He runs Maggia. His daughter Alisha is part of his gang.

Hammerhead has the Harry Dumont, Eli Rumsford and Cyclone answering to him. There’s the Italian Mafia of then. Spider-Boy Miles Morales of the MCU takes on Maggia just as of mentored by the Peter Parker as in the beginning with NY PD officers going after Hammerhead just as Miles Morales is going by Spider-Boy. Silvermaine is the boss of bosses. Peter Parker takes on Harry Dumont, Eli Rumsord and Cyclone with the help of Yuri Wantanbe.

Hammerhead is the suspect for killing Jean DeWolf talked of. Betty Brandt the Daily Bugle secretary is dating Flash Thompson this time. In the beginning battle Spider-Man takes on Hammerhead. He had rammed into Lt. Jefferson Davis and Detective Neil Garrett and Yuri Wantanbe a rookie of the NY PD Asian American woman trying to bring him down as he’s the suspect in killing Jean DeWolf. Miles Morales is starting off being Spider-Man mentored by Peter Parker as Peter Parker during college before crosses the multi-verse.  In the beginning battle there’s Miles Morales fighting Hammerhead. He turns out to be to be an enforcer for Silvermane as those cops he attacked arrest him just as Yuri Wantanbe wraps up those 3 men answering to Hammerhead. Yuri Wantanbe and Peter Parker Spider-Man defeat those mobsters. Jessica Carradine is the replacement photographer for Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle. She’s the daughter of the late crook who killed Uncle Ben Parker. The Yelena Belova The Black Widow takes on the mob guys incapacitating them Miles Morales takes on Alisha Manfredi with the help of Black Widow Yelena Belova and Peter Parker being Spider-Man. He webs her to walls. The NY PD veteran cop Neil Garrett arrests Silvermaine Silvio Manfredi after the new Spider-Man defeated Alisha. This could end with Spider-Man Miles swinging off into the city.

·        Spider-Verse MCU film as part 3 of the Tom Holland Spider-Man 2nd Trilogy

There should be in the prelude comics take place during the Secret Wars first movie. Peter Parker of the main MCU battles an evil version of himself. That person is the Spider-Carnage. Main MCU Spider-Man defeats Spider-Carnage and stays in that world when the evil version of him does prison time. Then comes back to his world when J. Jonah Jameson’s son is turned into a wolf just before going to other Earths.

This is universe crossings but mainly takes place in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie universe with the Marc Webb Universe Kingpin hiring 3 of the villains on that Earth after the defeat of The Amazing Spider-Man Universe Overdrive. In the Beginning Spider-Girl Mayday Parker of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies as Spider-girl battles Overdrive from the TASM Universe. She defeats him. That Spider-Girl meets up with the cut-out Mary-Jane Watson as the Spider-Girl and Tom Holland coming from the Sony Marvel Universe and MCU both that after the Secret Wars he defeated Spider-Carnage and alternate universe version of him. There should be Peter Parker of there officially retired being Spider-Man after the universe crosses and his daughter taking his place. Others villains in that film are Gog and The Kingpin. The MCU Spider-Man is battling Man-Wolf before universe crossings. When he defeats him he’s turned back into John Jameson.  Overdrive from the TASM universe could be the one to spring him leading villains escaped from prison talked of defeated long ago working for him and the Tom Holland Spider-Man gets the symbiote on him again. We have a battle of Iron Spider Mary-Jane Watson battling Gog from the Sam Raimi universe of Spider-Man. She defeats him. Mayday Parker talks other super villains defeated after Harry Osborn of her universe died and before her father coming into the MCU. That Harry Osborn with most of the Sinister Six have been redeemed talked of by Mary Jane of The Amazing Spider-Man universe as Peter Parker of there retired and she took his place. He turns back into John Jameson from the Tom Holland Spider-Man. The Tobey Maguire played Spider-Man’s daughter May from the Raimi Verse is born in 2012 or 2013 and the daughter of that Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson. The symbiote comes onto the Tom Holland Peter Parker with being Spider-Man. He defeated many other super villains not shown like Mysterio, The Vulture, Hobgoblin, Scorpion, Rhino, Electro, Kraven the Hunter and many other super villains after the deaths of the Osbornes, Otto Octavius, Eddie Brock and the survival of Flynt Marko who was the Sandman. Kingpin of the TASM is the main villain who has Gog from the Sam Raimi universe working for him coming into that world. Tom Holland Spider-Man defeats Kingpin with the help of the Sam Raimi Mayday Parker/Spider-Girl and TASM MJ as Iron Spider that defeat Slyde of the Tobey MaGuire Spider-Man universe who’s a 1960’s born and Mountain Man Marko from the Marc Webb Spider-Man movie universe. There are talks of that Black Cat of that Earth defeated the Sinister Six incarnations helping Spider-Man before Sandman came to the MCU. Those villains are cured as they are redeemed. Spider-Man in the symbiote almost kills but refrains from killing the aged criminal mastermind the Kingpin. There’s in that universe Black Cat still out there. There are talks of the Lizard being defeated and now Doctor Connors has a prosthetic arm talked of before the final battle. Spider-Man in the end gets the symbiote off of him as he doesn’t want to kill anyone as the symbiote was forcing him to kill the Kingpin. There are talks that Peter Parker graduated college after the Secret Wars and teaming with Venom. The Kingpin is arrested with the help of TASM Iron Spider Mary-Jane Watson-Parker as he was a suspect to many crimes. Peter Parker of the MCU retires being Spider-Man after defeating the TASM version of the Kingpin. It’s talked of in the multi verse travels like during or after the events of Spider-Man No Way Home talked that Harry Osborn was redeemed by killed by Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin but killed Donald Menken and Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman. Kingpin is the suspect of the Harry Osborn murder but not found out until after Norman Osborn has been defeated in the Spider-Verse movie that should be TASM 3 and Spider-Man 4 but this is part 3 of the MCU Spider-Man trilogy with that version of Spider-Man travelling worlds of time lines of movies before him like Marc Webb and Sam Raimi.

If the MCU Sinister Six/Spider-Man 4 is having Miles Morales being Spider-Man he has Cloak & Dagger teaming with him as there are Daredevil and Deadpool. Also, Human Torch Johnny Storm is teaming with him. That should be Peter Parker against the Sinister Six if Tom Holland will come back.  Maybe then in the next film Peter Parker is mentoring Miles Morales against Maggia as of defeating Hammerhead but Peter Parker and Miles Morales take on the Silvio Manfredi thugs. He meets with counterparts of other movies. Otherwise, if Tom Holland is to play Spider-Man no more it’s Miles Morales being Spider-Man of the next MCU Spider-Man trilogy in all 3. If in the MCU Sinister Six Rio Morales is kidnapped by them if Miles Morales is Spider-Man with Deadpool teaming and his phrase “Can I Play Too”. If then Peter Parker is mentoring Miles Morales in becoming Spider-Man in part 2 of this trilogy other wise there’s The Punisher is already Miles Morales in the whole trilogy. The Vulture is likely to be killed by Morbius in the Morbius movie. He should be redeemed by the MCU Sinister Six and maybe back with his family is he survives Morbius. We need Beetle and Chameleon in Spider-Man movies. There should be in this Peter Parker marries Michelle Jones. Maybe the 2 live action Spider-Verse films the 1st is part 3 of the Tom Holland second trilogy and the second film is having Spider-Gwen teaming with them. There should be Spider-Man being Miles Morales in the Champions movie and Secret Wars movie have either Peter Parker or Miles Morales being Spider-Man. If Tom Holland is no longer playing Peter Parker Spider-Man then the Sinister Six film has Miles Morales being Spider-Man with his Cloak & Dagger along with Deadpool if no Black Cat, Daredevil and Human Torch teaming with him. Then in the 2nd film Miles has his Uncle Aaron and The Punisher team with him against Maggia.

Maybe the Sinister Six movie if Tom Holland is no longer playing Peter Parker Miles Morales is the lead hero being Spider-Man and leads his father to arresting the Tinkerer. Then maybe there’s his uncle Aaron as the Prowler and the Punisher teaming with him against Maggia. Then it’s Spider-Gwen being Gwenom in the live action Spider-Verse films. Maybe then in the Sinister Six film Peter Parker has the symbiote if him being Spider-Man taking on the Sinister Six with the help of allies. Other wise Flash Thompson gets the symbiote for the Agent Venom TV show. If Quentin Beck is back to life then William Ginter Riva is arrested after the defeat of the Sinister Six along with Victoria, Guterman and the Gentleman himself. There should be Black Cat in MCU Spider-Man 4 other wise if she's off limits then Deadpool is teaming with Spider-Man whether Miles Morales or Peter Parker taking on the Sinister Six.