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·       Ultimate Spider-Man

There should be prelude comics to when Spider-Man faces Lightmaster and he defeats him. Lightmaster is arrested. Terrax the Tamer is joining forces with Lightmaster. Peter Parker/Spider-Man and MCU Deadpool are joining forces facing those villains. Johnny Storm the Human Torch defeats Terrax when Light Master is defeated by the Spider-Man Peter Parker.  Also, a new idea put in is talks by Silvermaine of the Punisher fighting Ceaser Cicero (Big C) in a gun fight but not shown as no room for them in the 2nd of this trilogy. This should be Part 2 of the college trilogy of Spider-Man. There is in the prelude comics the battle of Hammerhead before getting the metal plate fighting with Jean DeWolf. Joseph is who becomes Hammerhead. It’s a gun fight. There are serious head injuries by Joseph manages to kill Lt. Jean DeWolf. This ends the prelude comics with Miles Morales in flashback with spider bite and metal put onto Joseph’s head to go by Hammerhead.

Silvio Manfredi is either the son or grandson of Joey Manfredi. He’s now the mob boss. He runs Maggia. His daughter Alisha is part of his gang.

Hammerhead has the Harry Dumont, Eli Rumsford and Cyclone answering to him. There’s the Italian Mafia of then. Spider-Boy Miles Morales of the MCU takes on Maggia just as of mentored by the Peter Parker as in the beginning with NY PD officers going after Hammerhead just as Miles Morales is going by Kid Arachnid or Shadow Spider. Silvermaine is the boss of bosses. Peter Parker takes on Harry Dumont, Eli Rumsord and Cyclone with the help of Yuri Wantanbe.

Hammerhead is the suspect for killing Jean DeWolf talked of. Betty Brandt the Daily Bugle secretary is dating Flash Thompson this time. In the beginning battle Spider-Man takes on Hammerhead. He had rammed into Lt. Jefferson Davis and Detective Neil Garrett and Yuri Wantanbe a rookie of the NY PD Asian American woman trying to bring him down as he’s the suspect in killing Jean DeWolf. Miles Morales is starting off being Spider-Boy mentored by Peter Parker as Peter Parker during college before he goes after the Scorcher on Long Island.  He turns out to be to be an enforcer for Silvermane as those cops he attacked arrest him just as Yuri Wantanbe wraps up those 3 men answering to Hammerhead. Yuri Wantanbe and Peter Parker Spider-Man defeat those mobsters. Spider-Man webs up Hammerhead with his 3 enforcers. Jessica Carradine is the replacement photographer for Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle. She’s the daughter of the late crook who killed Uncle Ben Parker. There should be Silvermane to live longer have cyborg implants on him to live a long time. Miles Morales takes on Alisha Manfredi with the help Wade Wilson known as Deadpool and Peter Parker being Spider-Man. Spider-Man asks the Deadpool to without killing take down Maggia. The Punisher is talked of by Spider-Man killing Dennis Carradine who killed Uncle Ben. He webs her to walls along with Rapier. He’s become a cyborg for longer life. Deadpool in hand-to-hand fighting does battle with gangsters Blackie, Gimlet, Big Rock and Top Man while Spider-Man takes on Manfredi crime family being released from prison that got cut out of Spider-Man No Way Home. The NY PD veteran cop Neil Garrett arrests Silvermaine Silvio Manfredi and his gang after Kid Arachnid defeated Alisha. Miles Morales defeated Rapier and Spider-Man defeats Silvermane as he gets into battle with him and webbing up other mob soldiers. Spider-Man webs up the defeated mobsters just as Deadpool is to take down Maggia. This could end with Spider-Man Miles swinging off into the city. There should be if Agent Carter is canonized there are talks that she helped bring down Joey Manfredi and his gang. Miles Morales talks of his uncle helping Agent Venom defeat many other villains with putting The Gentleman and his brother and those other villains behind bars with the death of Ned Leeds. It was Norman Osborn that took over Tony Stark’s business as there is no Oscorp in the main MCU.  This is the live action Miles Morales movie. Also a Spider-Man teaming with Deadpool movie.

·         Part 3 of the Tom Holland Spider-Man 2nd Trilogy

This should be titled “Spider-Man: Web Warriors” otherwise "Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends". That should be the MCU Sinister Six movie as the real Sinister Six film of the main MCU. This should be a film of the mutants saga.

Cynthia Moon as Silke like her beginning defeats Janice Lincoln the Beetle villain in the city. Then comes back to New York City after Miles Morales defeated Slyde when J. Jonah Jameson’s son is turned into a wolf just before going to other Earths. While the variants of Silke defeated Man-Spider in another world while Black Cat and Superior Spider-Man defeated Kraven the Hunter, Scorpion and Rhino. Maybe also Slyde is defeated before my main MCU Miles Morales. After that defeat Spider-Man of the main MCU returns to his home world. There should be prelude comics to the main MCU Otto Octavius becoming Dr. Octopus as he kills Dmitri that was in Spider-Man Far From Home. There should also be in the prelude comics when Agent Venom defeated a version of Kraven the Hunter like in the main MCU. Spider-Man defeats Spider-Carnage on another Earth. In the prelude comics there are Firestar and IceMan taking on Gog defeating him.

In the Beginning The MCU Spider-Man is battling Man-Wolf. When he defeats him he’s turned back into John Jameson. Mayday Parker talks other super villains defeated after Harry Osborn of her universe died and before her father coming into the MCU. That Harry Osborn with most of the Sinister Six have been redeemed talked of by Mary Jane of The Amazing Spider-Man universe as Peter Parker of that Earth retired and she took his place. He turns back into John Jameson from the Tom Holland Spider-Man. The Tobey Maguire played Spider-Man’s daughter May from the Raimi Verse is born in 2012 or 2013 and the daughter of that Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson. Norman Osborn Green Goblin is the main villain of this. He forming a Sinister Six recruits Doc Ock from the main MCU. Those 5 other super villains meet up with Norman Osborn who mutates himself. There is Mysterio/Quentin Beck from the world of Spider-Carnage that main MCU Peter Parker travelled to. the Sony Marvel Universe.  of the main MCU also as members of the Sinister Six.  There are talks of Spider-Man/Peter Parker played by Andrew Garfield and Tobey MaGuire defeated many other super villains not shown like Mysterio, The Vulture, Hobgoblin, Scorpion, Rhino, Electro, Kraven the Hunter and many other super villains after the deaths of the Osbornes, Otto Octavius, Eddie Brock and the survival of Flynt Marko who was the Sandman. Spider-Man meets up with Shadow Spider and Agent Venom his friend Flash Thompson. Peter Parker Spider-Man meets the Firestar and Iceman.  They tell him of defeating Gog. They are going after their villains. Main MCU Spider-Man Peter Parker declares the Web Warriors and take on the Sinister Six.  Otto Octavius is Doctor Octopus of the main MCU just before Green Goblin with Doc Ock declares the Sinister Six. Doc Ock is the main villain of this film. This should be the film in the post multi verse saga like after the MCU rebooted that's originally labelled Earth 199999. The Tinkerer is dealing fire power to the Sinister Six. There could be the main MCU MJ as the lover of Spider-Man in this. If no Quentin Beck's crew in league with the Kingpin they help kidnap John Jameson to the Sinister Six. Spider-Man and Shadow Spider rescue John Jameson turning over William Ginter Riva, Shanice, Doug, Gutes Guterman and Victoria Snow to the NY PD with others on Mysterio's crew fighting hand to hand. They testify that there's the Sinister Six formed and the Tinkerer is dealing to the Sinister Six before arrested. The Tinkerer along with Quentin Beck's crew are arrested by NY PD.

There are talks that Peter Parker graduated college after the Secret Wars and teaming with Venom. The Kingpin is arrested with the help of TASM Iron Spider Mary-Jane Watson-Parker as he was a suspect to many crimes talked of. It’s talked of in the multi verse travels like during or after the events of Spider-Man No Way Home talked that Harry Osborn was redeemed by killed by Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin but killed Donald Menken and Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman. Kingpin is the suspect of the Harry Osborn murder but not found out until after Norman Osborn has been defeated in the Spider-Verse movie that should be TASM 3 and Spider-Man 4 but this is part 3 of the MCU Spider-Man trilogy with a Sinister Six formed but the Tinkerer isn't a full-time member of the team. Also mentioned is the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man is taking on his version of Shriek just as his Black Cat takes on the Kingpin of there. The Sam Raimi Black Cat is taking on Mr. Negative and his gang with the help of The Prowler Hobie Brown. Fire Star and Ice Man team with the Web Warriors against the Sinister Six. The main MCU Sinister Six kidnaps John Jameson and maybe that could prove to J. Jonah Jameson of Spider-Man being a hero and Mysterio was the villain. Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends rescue him when they take on the Sinister Six.

Battle Plan

Main MCU Agent Venom/Flash Thompson vs. Main MCU Doctor Octopus

MCU Peter Parker/Spider-Man vs. main MCU Green Goblin

MCU Miles Morales as Shadow Spider vs. Slyde

Firestar Angelica Jones vs. Lonnie Lincoln/Tombstone of his Earth

Bobby Drake as IceMan vs. Mysterio variant

Silke Cindy Moon vs. Janice Lincoln as the Beetle

That Spider-Man of the main MCU takes on the Tinkerer when Miles Morales turns over William Ginter Riva, Shanice, Doug, Victoria Snow and Gutes Guterman to NY PD and his father Jefferson Davis before they get help of a couple of mutants to take down the Sinister Six as the Tinkerer testifies to it. This is before the web warriors along with Firestar and Iceman take on the Sinister Six. Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Mysterio is arrested there. Janice Lincoln as the Beetle shoots blasts at Silke. Mysterio shoots blasts at IceMan freezes Mysterio. Silke and Shadow Spider are fighting Slyde and The Beetle hand to hand. It was Gog who brought in the Mysterio variant that was supposed to fight Dr. Strange in Spider-Man No Way Home before his defeat by Firestar and IceMan. Agent Venom defeats Doc Ock while Bobby Drake known as Iceman defeats Mysterio variant. Agent Venom defeats Doc Ock without killing him but Green Goblin turns back into Norman Osborn. The Sinister Six is arrested by Jefferson Davis. It was Gog from the Amazing Spider-Man movie universe who brought in possibly Mysterio from the Sony Marvel Universe into the main MCU before Gog was defeated by Firestar and IceMan.

There could be those from the Sony Marvel Universe cameo in this film and Sarah Jessica Parker as the sister of Aunt May in this movie. There are put in ideas for action sequences and villain fates. This is to merge the MCU and Sony Marvel Universe into one universe. If the Prowler dies in the next Spider-Man movie he's not in the Miles Morales MCU film but there should be him and Peter Parker take on mob guys.