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There should be the Sony Marvel Universe as the universe next door to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here are all these movies ideas with release year ideas put all together.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Here is now the ideas for after Phase 4 and 5 of movies in the MCU. Some are ideas for Phase 5 movies. There are other producers as well as they don’t all have to be Kevin Feige produced movies. Those are ideas below for Kevin Feige and others working on Marvel projects with their plans.


Others put in ideas for the Dr. Doom, Fantastic Four first MCU, major MCU crossover flick and Sub-Mariner movie. Also someone put in ideas for the Doctor Doom movie. Invaders movie idea is written in by someone else. This should be the first Defenders movie. Jessica Drew should be the Spider-Woman of the Avengers 5 and Daisy Ridley had interest in playing that role. Big Hero 6 in the 2030’s for the MCU.

(more fans could write in more ideas)

Alpha Flight Trilogy

The roll call should be Guardian as the leader. On the team are Puck, Aurorra, North Star, Shaman and Marrina. The main villans should be Lian the Sorcerer and Dream Queen. Other villains Alpha Strike lead by Master of the Worlds.

(other fans could write in other ideas.)

The main villain for Alpha Flight Season 2 should be Attuma. Also Tiger Shark is there. Sasquash could appear in the sequels if he’s not off limits to the movies. Snowbird should be joining the team in the sequels and Taylor Swift as Snowbird. Sub-Mariner is married to Marrina in a film of Alpha Flight. Attuma’s forces the team takes on. Sub-Mariner defeats Tiger Shark while Snowbird defeats Attuma. In Alpha Flight 3 the chief villain is Galactus. There are heralds of Galactus who battle the Alpha Flight team. No Sub-Mariner and Marrina in this film but there’s the other original members with Snowbird. It is talked of Namor and Marrina becoming parents. Machinesmith is a villain defeated by Snowbird in the the 2nd season. It’s in Alpha Flight 3 Guardian James Hudson joins the team. Aurrora and Northstar are not in this as in the second Alpha Flight they ended up going their own ways. They battle evil robot versions of themselves. The brother and sister defeat Galactus in the end. Guardian defeats Diablo other wise Diablo is defeated by Sasquash if he could appear in the movies other wise Shamman defeats Diablo while Guardian and Puck together defeat Galactus and Snowbird defeats Machinesmith.

·      The Eternals 2

Other fans could come up with the ideas of the villains.

·      The Eternals 3

Other fans could write in ideas for it. Maybe Att Lass could be the main villain of that film as it’s in modern times. Att Las and Zom are defeated in the end.

(other fans could write in ideas)

·      Captain Britain and Black Knight Movie

The Red Skull should be the main villain. He comes to Earth in this one. There should be in the beginning the origin of Captain Britain and him with meeting up with Black Knight. They are in the fight of Nazism in the UK lead by Red Skull the founder of HYDRA. He has Nazi villains that Black Knight and Captain Britain face and then Captain Britain in the end defeats the original Red Skull.  Dr. Faustus could be one of the villains. It was Dr. Faustus who brought Red Skull back to life in physical form. He’s shot down by Captain Britain. There’s possible Red Skull made love with a woman from Earth when he was keeping the soul stone. This should be in the United Kingdom with prelude comics taking place before Heroes for Hire just as Dane Whitman goes back into the UK after his visit to NYC.

(more fans could write in more ideas)

·     Nova Corps Movie

The main villain should be of that film Malestrom. Other fans could put more ideas in. Richard Rider is fighting Titanium Man. He defeats him. He mentors Sam Alexander to be the new Nova.

More fans could write in more ideas for those movies.

·               Midnight Sons Movie

(Other Fans could write in ideas)    

We don’t need origins of all those but there could be prelude comics. Villains for the movie could be Black Heart, Mephista, Black Out and Mephisto. Ghost Rider defeats all those villains with help of Vengeance. Also in the beginning Blade slays Deacon Frost. Chthon is one of the villains. Blade and Moon Knight and the Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange created the Midnight Sons as they face Ghost Rider villains with Elsa Bloodstone on the team. Man-Thing also joins the team. Ghost Rider could tell of Carter Slade’s defeat over Lilith. Blade goes on slaying vampires. It’s that Chthon joins forces with the devil. Blade slays Blackout. Elsa Bloodstone takes on Mephista. Dr. Strange takes on demonic minions of Blackheart. Ghost Rider takes on Mephisto while Man-Thing takes on Black Heart. It’s the Ghost Rider on the team otherwise a woman takes his place. At the defeat of Mephisto by the Ghost Rider Blade slays Dracula. After the slaying of Dracula Elsa Bloodstone, Doctor Strange and Man-Thing go their own ways. The first Season of Man-Thing TV show should be backstory to this.

·         MidNight Sons Sequel

There should be prelude comics to when Hannibal King is a vampire and is given the cure by Doctor Strange. There’s also the showing on Deacon Frost survived and wiped out the Nightstalkers team with Blade and Hannibal King left. There should be Deacon Frost battle Jennifer Kale. Deacon Frost manages to kill Jennifer Kale. The Roll Call of the team this team are Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider Dan Ketch, Blade, Hannibal King the former vampire, Werewolf by Night, a woman named Topaz and Hellstorm. There is in the beginning Blade and Hannibal King are slaying vampires. Blade kills Lilith Drake the daughter of Dracula. She is ashed. The main villain should be Zarathos. Also Outcast is a villain. There’s also the Six Fingered Hand. The Roll call are Avarrish, Fashima, Hyppkokri, Puishannt and a woman named Maya. Deacon Frost could be the main antagonist teaming with demons. This is lead by Outcast the Six Fingered-Hand. Johnny Blaze defeated Mephisto. Also Deacon Frost is back and believed to be slain at the first Midnight Sons team formed. Blade slays Deacon Frost while the other heroes defeat the various demons and Six Fingered-Hand. Dan Ketch defeats Zarathos. Johnny Blaze defeats Outcast. Maya is defeated by Werewolf by Night. There are pure bloods killed by Hannibal King. The heroes go their own ways.

(other fans could write in more ideas.)

There should be in the Nightwawk Movie Meteor Man being the main villain with some other Nighthawk villains. Kyle Richmond is Nighthawk as this is the movie that should take place in between defeated by Darkhawk and Heroes for Hire movie before Daredevil forms the Defenders team. Nighthawk should be taking place in 2020. Tristram Silver should be the main villain of the Shroud film. Shroud defeats Tristram Silver and his gang and they are arrested. Shroud defeats Razor Fist also.

There should be beginning battle of the Inhumans movie against Mad Thinker and High Evolutionary as they are defeated by Crystal with the help of LockJaw. Devos should be the main villain of the Inhumans movie as other Inhumans villains are Devos, Timberius and Vulcan. Crystal in the final battle defeats Devos and the boyfriend of her is now Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four.

Fans could put in ideas for Nighthawk solo movie and MCU Blade movie to lead into the Midnight sons Movie of otherwise follow it. Maybe even fans could write in ideas for a solo Shroud movie. Galactus could be the villain for Alpha Flight sequels. Maybe Sub-Mariner marries a member of Alpha Flight. Snowbird joins the Alpha Fight teams in the sequels.

There should be in the Nightwawk Movie Meteor Man being the main villain with some other Nighthawk villains. Kyle Richmond is Nighthawk as this is the movie that should take place in between defeated by Darkhawk and Heroes for Hire movie before Daredevil forms the Defenders team. Nighthawk should be taking place in 2020. Tristram Silver should be the main villain of the Shroud film. Shroud defeats Tristram Silver and his gang and they are arrested. Shroud defeats Razor Fist also.

There should be beginning battle of the Inhumans movie against Mad Thinker and High Evolutionary as they are defeated by Crystal with the help of LockJaw. Devos should be the main villain of the Inhumans movie as other Inhumans villains are Devos, Timberius and Vulcan. Crystal in the final battle defeats Devos and the boyfriend of her is now Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four.

·     Thunderbolts Movie

This should be taking place in modern times.  In this show Elektra Natchios who dated Matt Murdock in college Winter Soldier, John Walker known as US Agent and Baron Zemo join forces. Also Ava Starr going by Ghost and Antonia Dreykov Taskmaster. Those 2 women from Black Widow movie and 2nd Ant-Man movie get killed by Parker Robbins the Hood. Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes is the team leader of the Thunderbolts. The primary antagonist is The Hood. There are also members of his gang. It is Parker Robbins as the main villain of this series just as Winter Soldier is leading the team. Contessa Valentina is one of the villains for the show played by Julia Louise-Dryfus. Members of the Hood’s gang are Scarecrow, Bulldozer, Answer, Living Laser, Masked Marauder and people going by Tina, Millie, Sam and Steve. Winter Soldier defeats Zaran. Zemo from Captain America Civil War in a gun fight takes on Tina, Millie, Sam and Steve. He ends up killing them. There are other villains in cameo who take on the other members of the team while Winter Soldier takes on the Hood. Answer, Living Laser, Masked Marauder, Bulldozer and Scarecrow are dealt with by Elektra, Winter Soldier, Black Widow and US Agent. All those villains are defeated. The team goes their own ways. Elektra talks of Daredevil defeating the Kingpin and that the Kingpin is in prison for the rest of his life or expected to. This is during the season finale It is Val in redemption the leader of the Thunderbolts team who defeats the Hood Parker Robbins. Black Widow Yelena Bolivia takes on Val who recruited her. She defeats this woman. Contessa Valentina has redemption. That’s earlier on in the series. Those villains are arrested. They talked of General Ross killed by Mandrill before the start of a New Avengers team as they took down Mandrill. In honor of the memory of General Ross they named the team the Thunderbolts from Bucky Barnes. Also Mandrill was defeating at the start of the New Avengers team.

·   The Astonishing Thunderbolts Movie

The series could start out Punisher taking on the Russian Mafia lead by Tiberiu Bulat with his son Christu. The Punisher whacks them out with explosions and gun fighting. Tiberiu and Christu are shot and killed by the Punisher. The Main villain this show that should be ABC miniseries is Count Luchino Neferia. Hitman works for him as well. Madame Masque the daughter of Count Nefaria is in Maggia. This film should begin with the Punisher killing Moses Magnum. This is when the Punisher joins the Thunderbolts team.

Hitman is working for Maggia. The Punisher kills Hitman and meets with Winter Soldier. In the final battle The Punisher faces criminal mastermind Count Nefaria and shoots him in the leg. Elektra takes on Madame Masque. She defeats her without killing. Elektra talks of killing the gangster Biggie Benton. The Thunderbolts roll call there are Songbird in redemption, Winter Soldier, Jolt, Elektra, Taskmaster (Tony Masters) and Red Ronin. On the Maggia team are also Vito, Silvio, Danny and Ace with other gangs of then. Winter Soldier and Songbird together take on Vito, Silvio, Danny and Ace. They defeat them. The Thunderbolts take on Maggia. The Punisher and Winter Soldier lead the Thunderbolts team.

·        Illuminati Movie (also should be Doctor Strange 3)

That should be the Illuminati movie. There should be the Inhumans movie with Black Bolt and Medusa joining the team.  Black Swan and Terrax should be the main villain along with the on the team Great Society. On Doctor Strange's team should be Black Bolt, Medusa and Black Ant. Doctor Strange puts a team together after his defeat of Nightmare. Dr. Strange is in love with Clea and she’s teaming with the Illuminati team against the villains. Clea with Doctor Strange team up against Nightmare before forming the team. In the comics Dr. Cho is younger and is the mother of Amadeus. Maddy and Phillip Cho were their parents and Beast. Terrax the Tamer comes to Earth as he said to have been thought to be dead. There is also the Great Society lead by Sun God. Other villains on the team are The Norn, The Jovian, The Rider, Doctor Spectrum and Boundless. Dormammu from the dark dimension has those villains in league with him. Black Ant in the beginning is fighting Terrax the Tamer. He defeats the former Herald of Galactus. Doctor Strange defeats Nightmare. He meets up with Black Bolt, Black Ant, Medusa and Beast. Son God is the primary villain for the majority of the film. Black Swan is defeated by the Beast. Medusa and Black Bolt defeat Pride the Imperial Guard. The Illuminati defeats the Great Society. The Beast in the final battle defeats Sun God. Doctor Strange defeats Dormammu. All those defeated villains are arrested. After that the team goes their own ways. After the defeat of Dormammu Doctor Strange looks to recruit Blade and Ghost Rider against demonic forces and other evil out there called the Midnight sons looking to recruit others with supernatural powers on the team.

(other Fans could write in more ideas)

Ideas for New Warriors movies otherwise Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends movies. Are below here. Maybe in 2035 a New Warriors movie with Speedball, Squirrel Girl and Firestar and other notables on the team fighting against New Warriors villains. Ghost Rider series could come in 2028 to act as prequel to Midnight Sons first movie. If Mandarin isn’t defeated in Shang Chi then he’s a villain in one of the New Warriors movies defeated by Squirrel Girl.

Those villans New Warrirors moives could be Gamemaster, Biohzard, Korvac, Bi-Beast and U-Foes.

There is also Sony and the Disney Company owning Marvel comics sharing the characters and trademarks of Spider-Man. There are ideas for MCU Spider-Man as he could join the Avengers and the Defenders teams. There could be Disney signing agreements with Sony on heroes and villains for the Secret Wars movie and for the 2099 for Spider-Man characters. Now comes to follow Spider-Man Far From Home. There should be Disney in the early 2030’s having legal rights to characters and trademarks of Spider-Man for Marvel 2099 films.

There are ideas for movies in phases 4 and 5 that fans could come up with in the MCU. Other fans could write in more ideas for the movies that the contributor of this page has written in.

Fans could write in ideas for X-Men movies and Fantastic Four movies if Disney buys Fox by 2020. We could write in more ideas for Netflix shows coming soon and more seasons of Marvel shows like Agents of Shield. Long Shot and Generation X should be in the later 2020’s.

Many of us contributing to here could put in ideas for more television shows or movies in the MCU. Also Disney is owning 21st

What's not written by writers to make a living and thought of by fans is a sequel to the Defenders movie as both films, Star Wars crossover trilogy, Mid Night sons Movie.  There are movies proposed to be cancelled as of television shows on Netflix like the Daredevil reboot, Iron Fist and the Luke Cage. They should have them in movies like a Heroes for Hire movie as Daredevil could be in both Defenders movies. There might as well be proposed television shows.

There are movies proposed to be cancelled as of television shows on Netflix like the Daredevil reboot, Iron Fist and the Luke Cage. They should have them in movies like a Heroes for Hire movie as Daredevil could be in both Defenders movies. Sony Pictures should've signed an agreement with Marvel Studios. Stick is likely to return but could as a spirit as his body was cremated after he died.

Release of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with years with phase 4 and 5 Fans could be put in ideas on years for X-Men or the Fantastic Four films for the MCU if Disney is owning Fox in the 2020’s along with Silver Surfer and Dr. Doom. There could be Fox films in both Phases 4 and 5 of the MCU.

In 2028 and 2029 other fans could put in ideas for Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in the MCU and the years. Early 2030’s should be Marvel 2099 films. There could in those years be Sony Marvel movies as well. It should be the Avengers crossover with Star Wars in 2029.

You other fans have permission from the contributor of this page to write in more ideas for the MCU. Also put more ideas into the 2099 films of X-Men, Fantastic Four and X-Nation. Fans could write in ideas for the MCU Deadpool film and Shroud prequel movie and Nighthawk prequel movie for the early 2030’s just before the release of the 2099 movies.

Also someone had the ideas for the first MCU Fantastic Four film as Annihilus as the main villain. Otherwise Doctor Doom is being the main villain. Annihlus should come in the Silver Surfer Movie.

The Fantastic Four should be defeating Mole Man and his minions in the sequel after bringing the Puppet Master to justice. There should be in the second Fantastic Four film should have scenes with the Puppet Master as he’s defeated by the Fantastic Four. Thing defeats Molecule Man. Human Torch defeats Molecule Man. The Fantastic Four sequel beginning battle should be Mole Man and his minions defeated. Invisible Woman turns Puppet Master over to NY PD.

Molecule Man earlier on meets with the Puppet Master as he’s controlling the city as there are talks that Silver Surfer defeated Tyrant. There should be Frankie Raye as a Galactus Herald who turns to helping him as she defeats Galactus and the truly evil villain is Tyrant. Maybe in the Fantastic Four sequel Molecule Man somehow kills Frankie Raye also known as Nova. Tyrant should be the main villain of the Silver Surfer film. Silver Surfer in the movie should also face Annhilius. Ben Grimm the Thing is in love with Alicia Masters the step daughter of the Puppet Master in the Fantastic Four sequel. Galactus is a villain the Silver Surfer movie. Galactus ends up killing Annihilius. Silver Surfer could cameo in the second MCU Fantastic Four and talks of his battles.

If no Annihilius in the next Fantastic Four movie then he’s the main villain of the Silver Surfer movie. Also there are Fireflord and Tyrant the Silver Surfer goes up against like a beginning battle against Firelord and Tyrant in the final battle. Those are ideas put in for the solo Silver Surfer movie. That’s when Frankie Raye and Firelord are the heralds of Galactus. Silver Surfer in the beginning battle takes on Firelord and that villain has redemption and he and Frankie Raye the heralds of Galactus all together face the army of Tyrant. Silver Surfer kills Tyrant. Maybe there could be Annihilius pop up and be defeated by Silver Surfer somewhere in the movie.

·      Contest of Champions Movie

In there in the beginning there’s Moon Girl and American Son fighting Monolith and Heather Moon. They defeat those villains. Peter Parker had retired being Spider-Man. Miles Morales took his place. MCU Miles Morales defeats MCU Crime Master. Amadeus Cho is recruited onto the team calling themselves Champions. Moon Girl, Ironheart and the Fantastic Four. This is based on Champions and Contest of Champions comics. Miles Morales defeated Nova Sam Alexander and Ironheart founded the Champions team. Norman Osborn is the main villain. His son Harry had redemption. Norman Osborn is now out of prison. He becomes the Green Goblin drinking the goblin formula. He has 11 other super villains working for him called Rhino, Tombstone, Scorpia Elaine Coll, Hydro-Man, Boomerang in the MCU, Electro Francine Frye Boomerang, Black Tarantula, Speed Demon, Bombshell, Mysterio Francis Klum and The Gibbon.  Francis Klum was a gang member to Lonnie Lincoln/Tombstone. There are villains newer and others defeated before while Norman Osborn escaped from prison. He forms the Sinister Twelve as leader of the Sinister Twelve. 2 villains redeemed are Harry Osborn going by American Son and Abner Jenkins going by Mach. Abner Jenkins talks of joining the Thunderbolts team. The Champions team with the Fantastic Four take on the Sinister Twelve. Miles Morales should be the lead hero. This is based on comics from the 1970’s and series that started in 2016 while 2 redeemed enemies of Spider-Man become allies. Norman Osborne talks of being a hit by Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin and Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman as those villains are in prison still. Abner Jenkins going by Mach is a Thunderbolt and a member of the Thunderbolts team that’s teaming with the Champions team against the Sinister 12.

Here's the battle plan from the Champions roll call and 2 enemies of Spider-Man now allies.

1.    Hulk vs. Rhino

2.    Nova vs. MCU Boomerang

3.    Black Widow Yelena Belova vs. Scorpia

4.    Iron Heart vs. Electro

5.    Moon Girl vs. Bombshell

6.    Hercules vs. Gibbon

7.    Mach vs. Mysterio Francis Klum

8.    Ice Man vs. Speed Demon

9.    Archangel vs. Hydro Man

10. American Son vs. the Black Tarantula

11. Harley Keener as Iron Lad vs. Tombstone

12. Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin.

The writers could come up with those ideas for the battles on how those heroes fight those villains and they defeat those villains without killing them.

There are petitions signed for legal rights to Disney/Marvel Spider-Man with the characters and trademarks. This should be based on comics. The movies and TV shows can differ from the comics. This is also based on Marvel Knights Spider-Man when Norman Osborn as Green Goblin lead the Sinister Twelve.

Sony Marvel Universe

There should be villain battle talks and redemption of villains. There should be a multi verse Sinister Six crossing paths of the Sam Raimi Universe and The Amazing Spider-Man Universe. There's the Sam Raimi Mysterio leading the Sinister Six. He has the Vulture and Boomerang from the Raimi Universe. There should be some Madame Webb cameos with the actress reprising the role from the movie. She's transporting the heroes across the universes.

The Lizard of both the TASM and Sam Raimi universe have been defeated and even redeemed. The TASM Lizard no longer is changing. Shocker of TASM leads the Bandana gang who was known as Herman Shultz.

The leader himself is the TASM Norman Osborn. Harry Osborne is to deal with other super villains teaming with a redeemed Kraven. It should be Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn again. There should be Bandana gang in the beginning fighting in the Amazing Spider-Man Universe Black Cat of there and Spider-Man of there. They defeat them. They are lead by the Sinister Six. There are talks of the killer of Uncle Ben was killed by Cleatus Kassidy who's in prison for life. Norman Osborn is back to life known as the Goblin. The Goblin recruits the Kraven the Hunter and Shocker after the defeat of the Bandana gang. They end up in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man Universe. The Vulture and Mysterio are out of prison. They meet up with Boomerang. The TASM Norman Osborn shows up with Kraven the Hunter and Shocker of his world. Norman Osborn as the Goblin makes an offer to the Sam Raimi Spider-Man villains to join him and they call themselves the Sinister Six.

Somewhere else there's Spider-Man with Black Cat fighting the Lizard. Spider-Man talks of defeating Sinister Six incarnations with her help and that Norman Osborn, Otto Octavius and Flint Marko are redeemed and no longer Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus and Sandman. They get the report of Mysterio and the Vulture back out there with Boomerang is a villain out there. Also, there are talks of defeating mob guys by Spider-Man with many other super villains before going into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Over in the Amazing Spider-Man Universe there's a report of a villain called the Goblin out there as there are Spider-Man and Black Cat swinging into the city. She talks she is Felicia Hardy at somewhere to not tell the world and quit Oscorp before the Sinister Six battle. They talk of Curt Connors and Max Dillon redeemed no longer being the Lizard and Electro. Harry Osborn shows up telling Spider-Man that Shocker and Kraven the Hunter working for him. They went into another universe. There are talks by those Spider-Man/Peter Parker of defeating enemies who died and came back and they had been redeemed.

The Spider-Man Peter Parker of both universes take on the Sinister Six with the help of Black Cat in the Sam Raimi Universe.

Anne Hathaway as the Sam Raimi Black Cat along with Bruce Campbell as Mysterio and John Malkovich as the Vulture of the Raimi verse. If Bruce Campbell won’t play Mysterio then there should be someone else like Treat Williams as Mysterio. Maybe Sam Raimi to do this film.

There should be the Goblin sends those 5 other villains after the Spider-Man Peter Parker of both Earths as also Black Cat of TASM and Black Cat of the Tobey MaGuire Spider-Man movies. The Lizard of the Raimi Verse is teaming with Black Cat and Peter Parker/Spider-Man of both Earths against the Sinister Six. The Marc Webb Spider-Man defeats Kraven the Hunter while Sam Raimi Spider-Man defeats Mysterio. Black Cat defeats the Vulture while The Lizard with his tail defeats Boomerang. There should be TASM Black Cat defeats her Shocker/Herman Shultz as The Goblin goes back to his world. Black Cat and Spider-Man of the TASM universe return to their world after the defeat of The Goblin with Madame Webb transported back. There's Madame Webb take on the Goblin. She defeats him with the help of TASM Spider-Man. Madame Webb is paralyzed by the Goblin. Madame Webb is present at the battle of the Sam Raimi version of the Lizard with the Tobey MaGuire played Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield played Spider-Man along with the Felicity Jones played Black Cat and Black Cat of the Sam Raimi Universe.

There should be talks in the end that Spider-Man/Peter Parker of those worlds retire the mantle possibly but Tobey MaGuire Peter Parker had said he’ll always be Spider-Man. MayDay Parker the daughter of Peter Parker in the Sam Raimi Universe is talked to become Spider-Girl when her father retires being Spider-Man while in the TASM universe Mary-Jane Watson the girlfriend of Peter Parker who gets engaged to becomes Iron Spider as Peter Parker there retires the mantle and they have the daughter Mayday as a little girl. Madame Webb is now in a wheel chair.

There are talks Harry Oborne killed Donald Menkin. Maybe all that is after No Way Home or before Spider-Man No Way Home but not revealed in that film before there was Electro and the Lizard going into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The truth of Gustav Fiers dead is he was killed by Harry Osborn in redemption.

·        Silver Sable and Black Cat TV show

Mendal Strom should defeated by Black Cat movie at the beginning of the series as she’s a burglar in redemption. Vincente Fortunato as the main villain in Silver Sable as he's a mob boss that she faces. She also faces Angelo and Jimmy 6 with her posse. Mountain Man Marko the Wildpack does battle with. NY PD hires Silver Sable and the Wild Pack. On the Wild Pack are Amy Chen, Doug Powell, Raul Quentino and FBI Agent Simon Shroud played by Tyrese hires The Wildpack to help take down the Mafia. Also in the crime family there are associates Eli Rumsford, Cyclone and Harry Dumont. Silver Sable with the Wild Pack do battle with Mountain Man Marko, Harry Dumont, Cyclone and Eli Rumsford against those guys. Black Cat also takes on those mob guys. There should be on an episode when Black Tarantula is killed by Mountain Man Marko. Silver Sable with a stun thing defeats Mountain Man Marko. It’s a hand to hand fight against those who aren’t made men. Silver Sable shoots down some of the Mafia guys. The Wildpack Amy Chen, Doug Powell and Raul Quentino in the gun fight kills Jimmy 6 and Angelo Fortunato. Silver Sable and Agent Shroud are facing loan sharks in battle. They defeat them. Silver Sable holds Don Vincente Fortunato at gun point. She tells him of his 2 sons killed for trying to kill her posse. The surviving mob guys go to prison.

·        Silke TV series

Here are the ideas for the Silke series.

☀The main villain of this show should be Fritz Von Mayer/Swarm. Other villains could be Wil O the Wisp, White Rabbit and 8-Ball with other known Spider-Man villains like the Bandana gang.

·        Spider-Woman Movie

Chance should be the main villain with the Brothers Grimm. Sony Universe Jessica Drew defeats those villains. Other fans could write in more ideas. That should be the Roberto Orci movie.

·        Sinister Six Sony Marvel Universe movie

This should be the team up as in the series 5 of those villains join Spider-Man against the Sinister Six in redemption. Anti-Venom and Morbius team up against the Sinister Six. With them are Kraven, Eddie Brock had become Anti-Venom in over those years following the defeat of Carnage and team. There should be in the beginning Spider-Man is fighting Morbius. Later on, he’s fight Kraven the Hunter. Those should be flashbacks maybe. The real main villain is Doc Ock who recruits this version of Lightmaster, Hydro Man, Speed Demon, Lelia Davis/The Beetle and Sony Marvel Universe Mac Gargan/Scorpion. He has the colors opposite of before. Doc Ock is the main villain of this film. Dr. Octopus leads the Sinister Six. On the team are Speed Demon, Hobgoblin, The Beetle, Sony Marvel Universe Mac Gargan as Scorpion as of in the newspaper in the Morbius movie and Hydro Man Morris Trench. Maybe also in flashback Hobgoblin kills Calypso. Also teaming against the Sinister Six is the Chameleon. The Vulture is no longer wanting revenge on Spider-Man and that Spider-Man is to send the Vulture back to his own universe after defeating the Sinister Six. Maybe Andrew Garfield as that Spider-Man as they learned Spider-Man is a hero. There’s somewhere Chameleon poses as J. Jonah Jameson at the plot of Scorpion trying to kill him for getting him stuck in the suit. Scorpion tries to kill Chameleon but Chameleon defeats Scorpion without killing him.

The Vulture Adrian Toomes from crossing universes as he’s redeemed a while ago of the main MCU vs. Dr. Octopus/Otto Octavius

Chameleon vs. Sony Marvel Universe Scorpion

Morbius vs. Roderick Kingsley Hobgoblin

The Spider-Man there vs. Hydro-Man

Kraven the Hunter vs. Leila Davis/The Beetle

Anti-Venom/Eddie Brock vs[TP1] . Speed Demon

Those arrest the Sinister Six after defeating them and the Vulture returns to his own universe reunited with his family. Harry Osborn is talked of believed to be dead.

There are Neil Garrett and Jean DeWolf of that universe as NYPD taken hostage by the Sinister Six and end up with them arrested. Maybe that Spider-Man is played by Andrew Garfield.

(Other fans could write in other or more ideas)


The main villain should be Big Wheel (Jonathan Weele). Molten Man is a reformed criminal. He melts the wheel of big wheel. Molten Man throws a punch onto Big Wheel. The movie in the late 2020’s before Marvel 2099 films should solo Spider-Gwen. That’s when Gwen Stacy is the Spider Girl of there. She takes on Hypno Huslter and his gang. She defeats them. Simon Shroud has the Hypno Hustler case on him suspected of federal crimes and teams.

Sony Marvel Universe there should be agreements to be signed with the companies to make the Sony Marvel Universe part of the MCU.

It should be a Sinister Six film in the Sony Marvel Universe that is the team up of Morbius and Anti- Venom. that should be the sequel to the solo Morbius film to when Morbius and Venom team up. Maybe there could be a Sinister Six sequel in the early 2030's in the Sony Marvel Universe with Silke, Nightwatch, Molten Man, Black Cat, Silver Sable and Gwen Stacy going by Ghost Spider teaming up against them. You fans could put those ideas in.

The main villain for the Nightwatch movie should be Jack O’Lantern. He takes him on. Steven Mark Levins. The main villain should be of the movie Hybrid the Prowler is the beginning villain who’s Hobie Brown. Hybrid defeats him. Boomerang is the main villain of that film. Another Spider-Man villain in that film should be 8-Ball. Together The Prowler and Hybrid fight the 8-Ball and Speed Demon. In the Toxin movie he starts out fighting the Sandman of the SMU as he’s the villain to take redemption. The Spot and Spider-Queen are the main villains. Toxin takes on Spider-Queen while Sandman takes on Spot. Both the Hybrid movie and Toxin movie are before Scarlet Spider and Spider-Gwen have another team up.

A Jackpot movie is also proposed. Maybe then Menace should be the main villain for that film. There should also be a Rocket Racer solo movie in the early 2030’s with the main villain being Kangaroo with Grizzly and Gibbon as in the beginning Rocket Racer in flashback as a kid starting out defeats Grizzly but in the middle defeat Gibbon and the final battle defeats Kangaroo. There should be a flashback of Rocket Racer taking on Rhino and he defeats him just before Rhino of that universe to join the Sinister Six. Rhino during the final battle teams with Rocket Racer as Rhino is in redemption.

In the Sequel to the Sinister Six film Green Goblin is the leader of the Sinister Six. It's the Sony Marvel Universe version of Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin. On the team are the Sony Marvel Universe versions of a woman named Elaine Coll in a Scorpion costume, Tombstone, The Spot, Boomerang and Delilah a woman. It should be Gwen Stacy as Ghost Spider vs. Norman Osborn the Green Goblin. Silver Sable vs .Tombstone Black Cat vs. Delilah. Nightwatch vs The Spot. Silke vs. Scorpia. Molten Man vs. Boomerang melting his deadly boomerangs. Green Goblin is defeated by Spider-Gwen.

You fans could put in ideas for the early 2030's the sequels to the Spider Verse. Maybe a Toxin movie in 2030 but the Sinister Six sequel in 2032. Maybe in 2031 a solo either Hybrid movie or The Prowler movie. There could then be Sony Marvel Universe versions of those Spider-Man villains.

The Roberto Ocri project should be the Spider-Gwen movie while the Olivia Wilde project should be the Spider-Woman movie.

·        Spider-Verse MCU film as part 3 of the Tom Holland Spider-Man 2nd Trilogy

This should be titled “The Sensational Spider-Man” or “The Astonishing Spider-Man”.

There should be in the prelude comics take place during the Secret Wars first movie. Peter Parker of the main MCU battles an evil version of himself. That person is the Spider-Carnage. Main MCU Spider-Man defeats Spider-Carnage and stays in that world when the evil version of him does prison time. Then comes back to his world when J. Jonah Jameson’s son is turned into a wolf just before going to other Earths.

This is universe crossings but mainly takes place in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie universe with the Marc Webb Universe Kingpin hiring 3 of the villains on that Earth after the defeat of The Amazing Spider-Man Universe Overdrive. In the Beginning Spider-Girl Mayday Parker of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies as Spider-girl battles Overdrive from the TASM Universe. She defeats him. That Spider-Girl meets up with the cut-out Mary-Jane Watson as the Spider-Girl and Tom Holland coming from the Sony Marvel Universe and MCU both that after the Secret Wars he defeated Spider-Carnage and alternate universe version of him. There should be Peter Parker of there officially retired being Spider-Man after the universe crosses and his daughter taking his place. Others villains in that film are Gog and The Kingpin. The MCU Spider-Man is battling Man-Wolf before universe crossings. When he defeats him he’s turned back into John Jameson.  Overdrive from the TASM universe could be the one to spring him leading villains escaped from prison talked of defeated long ago working for him and the Tom Holland Spider-Man gets the symbiote on him again. We have a battle of Iron Spider Mary-Jane Watson battling Gog from the Sam Raimi universe of Spider-Man. She defeats him. Mayday Parker talks other super villains defeated after Harry Osborn of her universe died and before her father coming into the MCU. That Harry Osborn with most of the Sinister Six have been redeemed talked of by Mary Jane of The Amazing Spider-Man universe as Peter Parker of there retired and she took his place. He turns back into John Jameson from the Tom Holland Spider-Man. The Tobey Maguire played Spider-Man’s daughter May from the Raimi Verse is born in 2012 or 2013 and the daughter of that Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson. The symbiote comes onto the Tom Holland Peter Parker with being Spider-Man. He defeated many other super villains not shown like Mysterio, The Vulture, Hobgoblin, Scorpion, Rhino, Electro, Kraven the Hunter and many other super villains after the deaths of the Osbornes, Otto Octavius, Eddie Brock and the survival of Flynt Marko who was the Sandman. Kingpin of the TASM is the main villain who has Gog from the Sam Raimi universe working for him coming into that world. Tom Holland Spider-Man defeats Kingpin with the help of the Sam Raimi Mayday Parker/Spider-Girl and TASM MJ as Iron Spider that defeat Slyde of the Tobey MaGuire Spider-Man universe who’s a 1960’s born and Mountain Man Marko from the Marc Webb Spider-Man movie universe. There are talks of that Black Cat of that Earth defeated the Sinister Six incarnations helping Spider-Man before Sandman came to the MCU. Those villains are cured as they are redeemed. Spider-Man in the symbiote almost kills but refrains from killing the aged criminal mastermind the Kingpin. There’s in that universe Black Cat still out there. There are talks of the Lizard being defeated and now Doctor Connors has a prosthetic arm talked of before the final battle. Spider-Man in the end gets the symbiote off of him as he doesn’t want to kill anyone as the symbiote was forcing him to kill the Kingpin. There are talks that Peter Parker graduated college after the Secret Wars and teaming with Venom. The Kingpin is arrested with the help of TASM Iron Spider Mary-Jane Watson-Parker as he was a suspect to many crimes. Peter Parker of the MCU retires being Spider-Man after defeating the TASM version of the Kingpin. It’s talked of in the multi verse travels like during or after the events of Spider-Man No Way Home talked that Harry Osborn was redeemed by killed by Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin but killed Donald Menken and Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman. Kingpin is the suspect of the Harry Osborn murder but not found out until after Norman Osborn has been defeated in the Spider-Verse movie that should be TASM 3 and Spider-Man 4 but this is part 3 of the MCU Spider-Man trilogy with that version of Spider-Man travelling worlds of time lines of movies before him like Marc Webb and Sam Raimi.

Spider-Woman Multiverse Movie

This is mainly in the Amazing Spider-Man movie universe with universe crossings. The main villain is the Marc Webb Amazing Spider-Man Universe Alistair Smythe who took over Oscorp and brought Norman Osborn back to life as the Goblin leading a new Sinister Six. There are talks of that over those years Spencer Smythe died of heart failure. Alistair Smythe took over Oscorp from TASM. There are Spider-Slayers created. The beginning battle should be on the Spider slayers defeating them as the tri spider slayer. Sin Eater comes into this universe and works for Alistair Smythe. Alistair Smythe has the Sin Eater to kill Felicia Hardy for betraying him. There are talks of the Black Cat there in battle against Mr. Negative Martin Li. The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Universe Mary-Jane Watson as Iron Spider teams with the Raimi Mayday Parker Spider-Girl and the Sony Marvel Universe Gwen Stacy. One of the villains in the film should be former detective Mac Gargan from the TASM universe. He’s been stuck in the Scorpion suit and plots to kill J. Jonah Jameson in pay pack for a long time. Mayday Parker/Spider-Girl defeated Sin Eater from her universe. Scorpion from TASM goes after J. Jonah Jameson. There are talks of the Sinister Six no more and Harry Osborn redeemed. There are talks of Donald Menken dead. Spider-Gwen talks of defeating many other super villains. The Spider-Women take on spider slayers. Iron Spider Mary-Jane defeats Scorpion and saves J. Jonah Jameson. The Spider people defeat alien spider slayers. Mary Jane as Iron Spider takes Smythe as he has a gun. Spider-Gwen takes on alien spider slayers. Mayday Parker/Spider-Girl of the Sam Raimi Universe takes on Sin Eater from her world. She webs them up. Mary Jane takes on the Alistair Smythe just as he tries too shot. Felicia Hardy left Oscorp and became Black Cat. Spider-Gwen takes on the Jackal Miles Warren of TASM and she defeats him. She is talked of and talked of defeating other super villains and there’s to be Sin Eater to kill Felicia Hardy and kill the Black Cat. There are talks of Sinister Six defeats of the TASM universe. Tom Holland Spider-Man goes into the Sony Marvel Universe and gives up being Spider-Man. There’s the Miles Morales in the MCU to take his place.

This should be in the next decade in those films the Peter Parker of The Amazing Spider-Man Earth and Sam Raimi Spider-Man Earth have retired the mantle and TASM MJ has become Iron Spider while the Tobey MaGuire Spider-Man has his daughter being successor to him. Both of those universes talk of other super villains beyond defeated and the Sinister Six incarnations defeated on TASM and Sam Raimi Spider-Man universes by Spider-Man with help of Black Cat.  

Heroes of the conclusion to the Sony Marvel Universe before rebooting Marvel movies. This should take place after the live action Spider-Verse movies and the crossover/sequel to other Sony Marvel Universe movies. The Sony Marvel Universe should be the same Earth as the Amazing Spider-Man movies.

Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider Solo Movie

There should be the Scarlet Spider movie with the start out of fighting Kaine. Ben Reilly is blonde and goes by Scarlet Spider. He also fights Doppleganger and the main villain is the Jackal. The Jackal Miles Warren is defeated by Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly.

More fans could write in more ideas for the Ben Reilly movie.

The Sinister Twelve Ultimate Sony Marvel Universe crossover movie

Should be the beginning battle. There’s the others in the Sinister Seven before 5 more super villains join with them. In the beginning battle Scarlet Spider is battling Carrion. He defeats him. Mysterio was leading a Sinister Seven that consisted also of The Jackal, The Beetle, Boomerang, Tombstone and Lightmaster. Gang members to Tombstone are infected with symbiotes elsewhere in New York City. Patrick Mulligan and Scott Washington are veteran cops with symbiotes on them recruiting the heroes available and having help from them going after those villains. Peter Parker retires the Spider-Man mantle of that universe other wise with still being Spider-Man crosses the multiverse to other Earths.

Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly

Eddie Brock/Anti-Venom

El Meurto

Scream Donna Diego

Scott Washington as Hybrid

Patrick Mulligan as Toxin

Kaine a Peter Parker clone

Jessica Drew Spider-Woman

Harry Osborn as American Son this time as a villain in redemption.

The Prowler Hobie Brown

There’s the Sinister Seven lead by Mysterio recruiting villains defeated before. They are The Beetle, The Jackal, Scorpia, Boomerang, Tombstone and Chameleon as he’s replaced by Lightmaster of that universe. There’s Norman Osborn back out there as the Green Goblin forms the Sinister Twelve recruiting Sony Marvel Universe Hammerhead a Russian gangster who was believed to be Italian talking of Maggia taken down. Morbius is cured of vampirism.

Sony Marvel universe Sinister Twelve roll call

Green Goblin Norman Osborn

Mysterio/Quentin Beck



The Jackal

Lelia Davis/The Beetle





Man Mountain Marko


This is in the Sinister Twelve showdown that Scarlet Spider defeats Norman Osborn giving him the cure for the Goblin personality. Anti-Venom defeats Mysterio. Spider-Woman Jessica Drew defeats the Beetle while El Muerto defeats Man Mountain Marko. There are other heroes or anti-heroes together defeat the rest of the super villains.

The other fans could come up with more ideas and us leave it to the writers on the Sinister Twelve battle ideas as Silke, Jackpot, Nightwatch, Spider-Gwen, Molten Man, Sandman, Black Cat, The Prowler and Silver Sable aren’t seen in this as they could be taking on Maggia or crime syndicate lead by Leila Davis as there should be the Sinister Syndicate that are various gang members sprung by Tombstone on a symbiote invasion. The Sinister Twelve are of 12 super villains. Maybe that Spider-Man if he retired the mantle or other wise Iron Spider is dealing with Spidercycde. There are gang members infected with the symbiotes. This is aftermath of the Knull defeat and Rocket Racer defeating Morlun if that villain is not in the Madame Webb movie. There’s another part of NYC with the battle against the Sinister Twelve.  

If TASM Universe is the same as Sony Marvel Universe as of put in the same Earth then Gwen Stacy was cloned. Felicity Jones as Black Cat maybe on Silver and Black TV series. Also Kraven the Hunter on & off as villain and anti-hero.

Here's the idea for the Ultimate Spider-Man TV show/Agent Venom. That's MCU.

·        Agent Venom TV Series

This should be 2025 released taking place in 2026. There should be the Sinister Seven in the finale with Agent Venom Flash Thompson having team with him The MCU Sandman and Aaron Davis/The Prowler as 2 redeemed villains.  Flash Thompson joins the military. The villain of the first episode is Dr. Curt Conners as the Lizard. This should consist of 6 to 8 episodes. He defeats him. Ned becomes a sorcerer while Jason Maceldine becomes Hobgoblin. The Chief villain for the Agent Venom miniseries should be Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman forming a sinister syndicate. 

The symbiote comes into the MCU and onto Flash Thompson. This is when Dr. Connors was transformed into the Lizard. Joystick and Speed Demon are in league with Doc Ock. The Lizard in redemption takes on Joystick while Sandman another villain redeemed takes on Speed Demon. Those villains are defeated. Agent Venom on Agent Venom defeats Doc Ock. That Doc Ock is Carolyn Trainer a woman. Jason Maceldine becomes Hobgoblin.

Tarantula is working for The Gentelman. After the defeat of other super villains The Gentlemen forms a new Sinister Six just as Randy Vale was redeemed by the time Martin Li/Mr. Negative lead Inner Demons. The Beetle Abner Jenkins along with Jason Maceldine as Hobgoblin. Tarantula, The Jackal, the female Electro Francine Frye and Hydro Man Morris Bench.

There should be some villain origins in cameos. The Lizard teams with Flash Thompson known as Agent Venom. There should be the debut of Angelica Jones. He defeats them. They join forces to take down the Sinister Six. Firestar could take on Electro while Ned Leeds as a sorcerer supreme takes on The Beetle. Joystick redeemed takes on Tarantula while The Lizard takes on Hydro Man.

The Lizard defeats Hydro Man while Joystick defeats Tarantula. Flash Thompson is going by Agent Venom in black clothes. Agent Venom later on defeats Hobgoblin. There’s The Sandman cameo to when he defeats the Jackal and Ned Leeds defeats the Beetle. Agent Venom defeats Electro while the Lizard takes on Hobgoblin.

There’s Flint Marko in redemption talks of being the assistant to Talos after the death of Dimitri Smerdyakov. He was half brother of Kraven the Hunter but are not aligned. Sergei Karvenoff was abusive to Dmitri Smerdvakov before becoming Kraven the Hunter. Maybe then there’s The Prowler taking on Kraven the Hunter for the MCU. This could lead into the Dark Avengers movie and Secret Wars movie. Maybe there could be comics of Agent Venom vs. Kraven the Hunter in the Secret Wars movie prelude. From the battle Hobgoblin kills Ned Leeds trying to take him down in redemption as Hydro Man washes away Agent Venom. Hydro-Man is defeated. Agent Venom takes on Karl Fiers the Gentleman’s brother and killer of Peter Parker’s parents with NY PD organized crime strike force taking down Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman putting him in prison with the Sinister Six. Flash Thompson as Agent Venom brings Karl Fiers with saving Randy Vale as of the attempt to kill him and talks of Randy Vale’s redemption. This should be a buddy miniseries with the lead roles of Ned Leeds and Flash Thompson.

There should be in the Sinister Six film in this universe that Dr. Otto Octavius is a long time employee of Norman Osborn. In the sequel to many of those films Norman Osborn becomes Green Goblin and leads the new Sinister Six. If the Sony Marvel Universe becomes part of the MCU then Hobgoblin in the Sony Sinister six movie should be Roderick Kingsley otherwise there could be SMU and MCU versions of the Osborns. Maybe Venom 3 could be the first Anti Venom film while the Sony Sinister Six film proposed is the Anti-Venom film. There should be universe crossings on Sinister Six and Sinister Twelve incarnations of MCU and Sony Marvel Universe as there is the sharing of Disney/Marvel and Sony. There’s a Madame Webb movie proposed and she could take on Morlun in it. There should be Hydro-Man in both universes as of Green Goblin/Norman Osborn the same along with other Sinister Six or Twelve members and Anti-Venom. Maybe Morbuis in the Midnight Sons movie. It’s really in the Spider-Verse movie that should be Spider-Man 4 and The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is Kraven the Hunter from Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies and Boomerang from the Amazing Spider-Man movie world.

Titannus should be the main antagonist of Dark Avengers movie who is killed by Norman Osborn as the Iron Patriot. The Skrull villains are the rivals to the Dark Avengers. Moonstone takes on Kl’rt the Super Skrull. She kills him. The Dark Avengers are Toxie Doxie, Daken, Bullseye, Venom and Ares. Noh Varr is a member of the Dark Avengers. This leads into the Secret Wars movie. There are petitions for legal rights to Norman Osborn also in the MCU. The offsprings of Scarlet Witch were deleted in the finale. Maybe they are brought back after the defeat of Mephisto to be talked of in Guardians of the Galaxy crossover of Star Wars. There should be talks of The Punisher killing Big C (Caeser Cicero) not shown in the war against Maggia after Hammerhead is defeated by Scarlet Spider. This is talked of by Silvermaine.

Captain Marvel 3 should be the proposed A-Force movie with the beginning battle Captain Marvel vs. Rogue in flashback of before the Rogue/Gambit series. Other villains should be Countess and Anti-Matter. There should be other A-Force villains. The A-Force in the movie should consist of Captain Marvel with Miss Marvel, She-Hulk, Ironheart, Kate Bishop Hawkeye and Spider-Woman Jessica Drew. The A-Force Movie that’s Captain Marvel 3 should take place after the Secret Wars.

If legal rights Abner Jenkins could appear on Thunderbolts third season with the Bastards of evil as the villains and Aftershock to appear on the show. That's post Champions movie. The Superior should be the primary villain. Maybe on the roll call should be Elektra and the Punisher that appeared on Marvel Netflix shows like Daredevil.

The Darkhawk TV series should take place before 2020 and returns years later. Other fans could come up with ideas for villains of Season 2 of Darkhawk. Alexander Bont should be the main villain Darkhawk faces in season 2. There should be Contessa Valentina De Allegra Fontaine on the first season of Thunderbolts and the 2nd season talked of being killed by the Masters of Evil on the Astonishing Thunderbolts series. Other fans could put in ideas for Supreme Squadron TV show and the Darkhawk should appear on them with Hyperion.

Maybe in 2029 season 2 of Deathlok and Masters of Kung-Fu season 2. 2030 could be the year of Power Pack Season 2 and maybe Sentry Season 2. 2031 Season 2 of Red Wolf In 2032 season 2 of Lady Liberators and Season 2 of Agents of Sword.  Others could write in ideas for Sentry Season 2. Maybe for X-Factor Season 2 in 2033. Those shows could have more seasons. He takes on Savage Steel and Libra. Vertigo should be a villain in Season 2 of X-Factor series. Darkhawk also could defeat on the TV series of him Phillipe Bazin. Onslaught should be a villain in Season 2 of the X-Factor series with Polaris up against Onslaught. Others villains for X-Factor season 2 should be Lady Mastermind, Mauvai and Impossible Man as Lady Mastermind should be the chief villain of the second season. Onslaught kills Warlock and alien mutant in the series before Polaris goes up against that villain.

Fin Fang Foom should be another villain on Masters of Kung Fu season 2 that the heroes face. Lady Vienna takes on Lady Bullseye. Lee Owsley the Owl escapes from prison with also the Enforcers Fancy Dan, Ox, Montana, Eel, Hammer Harrison, Snake Marston and Big Man. Iron Fist and Shang Chi with Black Jack Tarr, Clive Reston, Leiko Wu and Rufus T. Hackstabber. There are other thugs out there that they face. In the end there should be Shang Chi vs. the Owl. Shang Chi defeats the Owl in the finale while Iron Fist defeats Fin Fang Foom as there could be random escaped prisoners that they face. There could be hand ninjas appear on seasons 2 of Masters of Kung-Fu and Lady Liberators with being brought back to life. It should be in the beginning of Masters of Kung-Fu Season 2 . There should be Colleen Wing vs. The Russian and Misty Knight vs. Barracuda on the Masters of Kung-Fu other wise Darkhawk series as those villains work for the main villain of any of the seasons like on Masters of Kung-Fu with Iron Fist in it. The Daughters of the Dragon kill those 2 Punisher villains. They work for the Owl. Other wise they work for the main villain of the first season of Masters of Kung-Fu. Colleen Wing has a blade fight with the Russian while Misty Knight is in a gun fight with Barracuda.

Maybe Season 2 of Agents of Sword have Elsbeth Von Strucker and HYRDA agents back to life. Nick Fury retires by then. There are new SWORD agents in that season. That should be the Monica Rambeau series. Sword roll call are Abigail Brand, Cecilia, Agent Paulletz, Agents Marshall and Benjamin on both seasons 1 and 2. Man-Thing defeated Fear Lords the other fans other wise writers could come up with ideas for the villains of seasons 2 of Man-Thing and Red Wolf. If Power Pack gets a second season than Force Four are villains along with Basilisk, Snake Eyes, Trash and Johnny Rival. There could be on seasons 2 of other shows notable villains of Masters of Kung Fu, Moon Dragon, Deathlok, Man-Thing & Lady Liberators. Maybe on season 2 of Lady Liberators is the Circus of Crime and with Death Stalker and his team. Ringmaster is the main villain. Others on the Circus of Crime are Live Wire,  Impasse, Princes Pyhton, Bruto the Strongman, Human Cannonball, Rajah, Teena the Fat Lady, Fire Eater, The Clown and the Great Gambonnos.

Hammer could be the villains for Season 2 of Deathlok. Superia could be the main villain of Deathlok Season 2. She’s killed by Deathlok in the season finale. He kills various HAMMER agents that don’t stay dead. Abigail Brand on season 2 of Agents of Sword kills Monica Rappaccini. Other villains could be Choi, Agent Delpy, Bullock and Brown. Overmaster and Congress of Rallies should be the villains of Man-Thing Season 2. Someone else put in ideas for Man-Wolf TV series. That should be 6 to 7 episodes a season. MoonDragon has a solo series to take place before Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch. Master Roshi after his escape from prison is killed by Abigail Brand on season 2 of Agents of Sword he brought back to much Hand ninjas.

Villains on the Weapon X Tv and Gambit/Rogue series could also be Lt. Ethan Warren, Master Jip, Nitro, Crusader, Damage, Mister X, Moonstone and Bloodlust.

There should be 2 to 3 seasons of Champions with teenage superheroes. They are founded by Viv Vision and Amadeus Cho now known as Brawn to follow the Contest of Champions movie. Those teen heroes are mentored by Kamala Khan going by Miss Marvel as she should appear on the show.

The team roll call on various episodes should be Amka Aliyak known as Snowguard, Rayshuan Lucas going by Patriot, Fernanda Rodriguez going by Locust, Qureshi Gupta going by Pin Point, and Sooraya Qadir going by Dust. There are also the Reserve members. They are Abigail Boylen going by Cloud 9, Gabrielle Kinney going by Honey Badger, David Alleyene going by Prodigy and Kareen going by Red Dagger.

There should be Avengers villains and X-Men villains with Fantastic Four villains to be the villains on the show like villains who were defeated before and others making MCU debut that the team takes on. They could be villains defeated in movies and TV shows that manage to escape from prison. Lady Fair, Blizzard, Dreadknight and Cyclone Gregory Stevens could be villains in the series that the new Warriors face.

The idea for a book or comics should be pre beginning of the second X-Men vs. Avengers film Phoenix Force that's concurrent with the Secret Wars Movie. Updates on the Spider-Man ideas. Maybe in the Secret Wars movie not shown is that Elsbeth Von Strucker is part of the Hand. If Titania dies in She-Hulk she could be replaced by the second person to have the mantle in Marvel Comics.

If Madame Masque on the Hawkeye series as the daughter of Count Neferia is killed then this is a clone of her on the Thunderbolts TV series. Crimson Dynamo on the Lady Liberators TV show should be Boris Turgenov.

On the Cable TV series that should be him going into the past he takes on Deathbird and D’Ken after they killed Corsair and overthrown Princess Lilandra. Cable takes on those villains. He defeats them. Also if no room in X-Men movies there should be flashback of Magento escaping slavery by the confederate army of the south during the American Civil War. Magneto could make an appearance of the Cable series like guest star.  He defeated Gladiator. Cable becomes allies to the Shi’Air empire after defeating certain villains while there should be Kree villains on the Champions TV shows on the 2nd or 3rd season. Cable has enemies from the future also he faces. There are other villains who in the Shi’air Empire for Cable to take on with the help of Gladiator and Princess Lilandra. There could be Mr. Sinister Cable takes on in the series as he turns out not to have died in all those years as he could be a villain in the series. It’s Cable defeat Mister Sinister in the finale. Nathaniel Essex before coming Mr. Sinister was the slave master to Magneto. Gladiator takes on Chrome and he defeats him. There are talks that Kang the Conqueror during the Secret Wars was killed by Deadpool.

Phillip Sterling is the Exterminator in the Secret Wars movie. There's the X-Men dealing with Black Talon. It was to tip the balance the Dark Avengers are hired by the Masters of Evil for Doctor Doom to become emperor and have the Beyonder killed in place. Death-Stalker’s name is unknown in the prelude comics to the Secret Wars movie.

In the Secret Wars movie Magneto in redemption should be by steel anchor defeat Amora the Enchantress and she survives. Amora in redemption defeats Green Goblin and he turns back into Harry Osborn. Harry Osborn is redeemed after the Secret Wars.

It should be 2 different Razor Fists in movies. The first is Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and the next Razor Fist is in the MCU Solo Spider-Woman movie. Also in the solo Howard the Duck film Beverly should be in it and take on the Grandmaster’s bodyguard and they face some other villains in the solo Howard the Duck movie. Also there should be Howard the Duck fighting Dark Overlord in the MCU. Overlord could possess the Grandmaster if he survives other films as they are one for the Duck to take on. Also Peter Parker should graduate high school in between the 2021 film and MCU Sinister Six film if not graduating in the Spider-Man 3 MCU.

The X-Men roll call are Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Professor X if still alive, Deadpool, Colossus and Shadowcat in the prelude comics to X-Men vs. Avengers Phoenix Force movie. Also Nightcrawler is on the X-Men roll call for the Secret Wars as of taking on Shadow Council and Black Talon. Nightcrawler in those years goes his own ways.

The ideas are given in more for Heroes for Hire. Most of those Chaste warriors never had a driver's license and never a learner's permit. Never even owned cars. Stick never can drive. Stick with Daredevil Matt Murdock in the MCU should have no driving experiences in their lives. There are talks of the Hand winning the war against the Chaste before the original Defenders team defeated them.  There are talks of the Hand winning the war against the Chaste before the original Defenders team defeated the Hand. There should be talks that Stick was killed by the Hand after his warriors were killed before the Defenders defeated the Hand. There are talks of Master Izo with immortality mentored Stick a slower aging mortal and was believed to be killed in this very long war of the chaste vs. the hand.

For the Secret Wars Movie Trilogy the first should be Secret Wars: Battleworld, Part 2 is Secret Wars New Avengers and Part 3 is Secret Wars 2099.

Dakota North could show up in TV shows but have her solo movie with the main villain being Louis Lombardo with another member and his thugs that she takes them all on. She could appear on Season 3 of the Thunderbolts on an investigation and teaming with them. Also, there could be ideas for a Gargoyle miniseries but also Dakota North in movies or TV shows to us to put in. That’s for in the 2030’s. If Dakota North gets a sequel then the Kingpin Wilson Fisk should be the main villain. There should be Dakota North to kill the Kingpin after he again escapes from prison. Maybe Richard Fisk/The Rose could be out of prison and the main villain of the Gargoyle miniseries. It's in the Dakota North 2nd film when the Kingpin tries to crush her. Dakota North in killing the Kingpin shoots him with shotgun blasts.

If legal rights Abner Jenkins could appear on Thunderbolts third flick with the Bastards of evil as the villains and Aftershock to appear in the movie. That's post Champions movie. The Superior should be the primary villain. Savage Steel should be a villain on Darkhawk along with Phillipe Bazin and he defeats those villains. Bullseye also joins the Thunderbolts team who is Benjamin Pointdexter in redemption. Maybe then US Agents and Black Widow with Elektra are the Thunderbolts roll call if a 3rd flick. Shocker could join the Thunderbolts too.

More MCU Ideas other fans could put in like Agatha Harkness is gone for good when killed by the Ghost Rider on the Spirits of Vengeance miniseries.

If Andrew Garfield is done playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man then in the live action Spider-Verse movie it should be Mary-Jane Watson of that universe in his place taking teaming with Tobey MaGuire Spider-Man like against the Sinister Six but also in the Avengers 5. Other wise Michele Jones should be a member of the Avengers in Avengers 5 becoming a superhero but there should be versions of Black Cat in the Sony Marvel Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If Bruce Banner is no more of the Hulk after the She-Hulk series then there should be Amadeus Cho taking his place.  That should be in Wolverine vs. the Hulk and maybe World War Hulk if a sequel and then joins the Avengers team in a Secret Wars movie.

The shows could be either ABC television, freeform but most shows should be Disney Plus.

Release Year Ideas on Marvel Comics films that are Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony Marvel Universe.

Now come the ideas for years of when these movies should be released with other years proposed.

Years are subject to change on movies.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie release years and Sony Marvel Universe. There could be other Marvel movies or solo hero/villain movies in the 2030’s. Maybe then 2038 for 3 decades after the start of the MCU. Other fans could write in ideas for years of those MCU movies as there could in those years be a Ghost Rider movie. Maybe even move up Ghost Rider movie or even Alpha Flight movies with the Sub-Mariner solo movie.

Movies on MCU and Sony Marvel Universe


Doctor Strange and the Multi Verse of Madness

Thor Love and Thunder

Black Panther 2

A Spider-Verse sequel animated

Morbius Movie bumped into that year.


The Marvels

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3

Ant-Man Quantomania

Deadpool 3

MCU Blade movie

For the Sony Marvel Universe Kraven the Hunter that year and Madame Webb film for Sony.  Also the Across the Spider-Verse Part II.


MCU Fantastic Four movie

MCU Sinister Six as part 1 of this Spider-Man Trilogy that could be titled The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Nova Corps movie

Thunderbolts Movie

Dr. Strange Illmunati Movie

Spider-Verse movie that should be Spider-Man 4 and the Amazing Spider-Man 3.


Heroes for Hire Movie

Agents of Atlas Movie that’s Shang Chi 2

Captain America 4

X-Men movie of the MCU

Sony Spider-Woman Movie That Year.

Venom 3 movie for the Sony Marvel Universe.


Captain Britain and Black Knight Movie

The Eternals 2 (this could movie or put 5 MCU movies in 2024 if the Eternals is a successful movie)

Midnight Sons Movie

Uncanny X-Men Movie

Jackpot Movie.


The Defenders crossover of Star Wars

Dark Avengers movie

Part 2 of a Spider-Man MCU Movie called Ultimate Spider-Man

Second Fantastic Four Movie

Nightwatch Movie also that year for the Sony Marvel Universe.


Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover of Star Wars

Secret Wars Movie

Captain Marvel 3: A Force

Silver Surfer movie Solo

Spider-Gwen movie for the Sony Marvel Universe.


Avengers Crossover with Star Wars

Submariner solo movie

Alpha Flight Movie

Astonishing Thunderbolts Movie

Sinister Six Sony Marvel Universe Movie.


Astonishing X-Men movie

Dr. Doom solo Movie

Avengers: Annihilation Movie (the crossover movie idea by another fan)

The Eternals 3

For the Sony Marvel Universe Toxin Solo Movie and Spider-Verse Movie that should be part 3 of the second Tom Holland movie trilogy that should be titled "The Astonishing Spider-Man" or "The Sensational Spider-Man" that year.


Contest of Champions Movie

Maybe MCU live action Big Hero 6 movie that year.   

MCU Spider-Woman movie                       

Dakota North Movie

The Prowler/Hybrid Solo Movie for the Sony Marvel Universe. Molten Man movie also that year.


NightHawk Solo Movie

Alpha Flight 2

Inhumans Movie

Second Secret Wars Movie

For the Sony Marvel Universe Rocket Racer.


X-Men vs. Avengers: Phoenix Force

Thunderbolts Third Movie

Shroud Solo Movie

Multiple Man Movie

For Sony Marvel Universe Sinister Six movie that act as a sequel to other characters of Spider-Man.


There could be a Big Hero 6 sequel in that year for the MCU.

New Warriors Movie

Generation X movie

The Invaders Movie (prequel to Captain America First Avenger)

Spider-Verse live Action Film that year.


Alpha Flight 3

X-23 Movie

MidNight Sons Sequel

Dakota North sequel if this is successful.

Maybe that year the third Thunderbolts movie


New Warriors Sequel if the movie is a success.

X-Force Movie

Part 3 of the Big Hero 6 Trilogy of the MCU

World of Tomorrow Movie


X-Men 2099

The Punisher 2099

Secret Wars 2099                                      

Silver Surfer 2099


The Defenders 2099

Spider-Man 2099

X-Nation 2099

Avengers 2099

There could be MCU movies pushed up a year on this idea of years on certain ones. There was originally to be a 2 Sony Marvel with 3 MCU and 2 Fox movies of Marvel Comics in 2020.

Now come years for MCU TV shows coming up.

If no Miss Marvel series in 2021 then in 2022. 4 to 5 MCU shows a year whether ABC television or Disney Plus.


Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Secret Invasion and I am Groot


Ironheart, Armor Wars, Black Panther/Wakanda TV series. as Disney Plus shows. Echo series 4th season as well. Loki Season 2


Should be Spider-Man Freshman Year that year that should be the beginning of the year to the first show of that year. Agatha Harkness TV series too that year. Marvel Zombies show.  New Daredevil series that year too that should be the last show of that year to the end of that year.


There could that year be the Wolverine vs. Hulk TV series and Nick Fury and the Agents of SWORD with Darkhawk that year. MCU Spider-Man/Agent Venom TV series that year for the MCU to premiere after Venom: Maximum Carnage. Silke TV series that year too for Sony.


Stinger series The series of the woman in Shang-Chi series that year. Darkhawk and Rogue/Gambit series that year. Sentry TV series. There could be that year a TV series of Silver and Black for Sony.


Deathlok TV series. Maybe even Young Avengers TV series. Weapon X TV series that year. Wonder Man TV series. Also Nova TV series that year that should follow the movie.


Maybe West Coast Avengers TV series that year too and Ghost Rider series that year also replacing the cancelled show and prequel to Midnight Sons movies. Agents of SWORD Season 2/Monica Rambeau series. US Agent that year too.


Power Pack TV series.

Deathlok TV series Season 2.

Darkhawk Season 2

Masters of Kung-Fu TV series


Howard the Duck solo series.

World War Hulk/Professor Hulk TV series and X-Factor TV series.

Power Pack Season 2 TV series.

For Sony Marvel Universe Clone Saga TV series that should be Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly in the lead role.


Lady Liberator TV series.

ABC Spirits of Vengeance miniseries.

Miniseries of Moon Dragon.

Masters of Kung-Fu Season 2


Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch TV series.

Lady Liberators TV series Season 2.

First Season of Man-Thing

Maybe third season of Thunderbolts.


Also Winter Guard TV series that year.

Supreme Squadron TV series debut. Maybe X-Factor Season 2 TV series that year.

Second Season of Man-Thing


Mort the Dead Teenager series.

A TV show starring Werewolf by Night and Topaz.

Elsa Bloodstone miniseries that’s both prequel and sequel to Midnight Sons movie.

First Season of Red Wolf TV series


Marvel Champions TV show Season 1.

Winter Guard Season 2 that year also.

Supreme Squadron TV series Season 2.

2nd Season of Red Wolf that Year.


Gargoyle Solo series that's prequel that year.

Solo Hercules series that year maybe of the MCU.

Marvel Champions Season 2

Cable TV miniseries


Marvel Champions Season 3 that year.

The Invaders/Stars and Stripes as Isaiah Bradley back story TV series.

Cable Miniseries


Hercules Season 2 of the first season is successful.

Maybe on that year Season 2 of Stars and Stripes.

Mort the Dead Teenager Season 2

They could move up years. It should be 30 years of the MCU or up to 2039 and reboot the MCU in 2040.  There should be for Sony the Silke TV series in the 2020’s. Maybe modern TV shows in the rest of the years of the MCU other fans could come up with called Darkstar & Winter Guard. There could be appearances' of Starlight on the TV Show.  Other fans could put in ideas for Invaders TV series and Cable TV series who formed the X-Force. Originally Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3 in 2020 along with Black Widow solo movie and the Eternals movie. GOG was delayed due to James Gunn fired and rehired while the 2 others delayed to 2021 due to CoVid 19. As of the virus outbreak there were delays on WandaVision and after that The Falcon and Winter Soldier as those were the Disney Plus shows. It appears the Secret Invasion show is being moved up. Possibly Armor Wars is moved to 2024.