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Mothra: Goddess Of Peace Is An American Kaiju Film Directed By Ron Howard. It Is A Spin Off And 7th Installment Of The Monsterverse.


In 1998 A.D., A 3 Headed Terror, Desghidorah, Rises From The Hollow Earth And Rampages In The Upper World, In Borneo. Many Goddesses Awake, Such As Mothra, Battra, And Mothra Lea, And Also A God, Mothra Leo. Will Desghidorah Be Stopped?


• Mothra

• Battra

• Mothra Leo (Referred To As Leo)

• Mothra Lea (Referred To As Lea)

• Fairy Mothra (Referred To As Fairy)

• Desghidorah

• King Kong (Mentioned)

• Bagan (Cave Painting)


The Film Was A Decent Hit At The Box Office, Rotten Tomatoes Says That 74% Of Critics Gave The Film A Positive Review.