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This movie is to take place in 2029 or 2030 as should be a 2029 released movie.

There should start out with Black Knight that was introduced in the Eternals. Black joins the alliance by Daredevil. This is the beginning of the Defenders before hiring together Luke Cage and Iron Fist and 3 other heroes. Black Knight without killing is fighting Kingpin thugs. Bullseye and Typhoid Mary work for the Kingpin. The Hand brought back with a new leader. The Heroes for Hire learned the Kingpin survived after the Defenders recruits Black Knight team while Daredevil and Shroud as he’s a new member of the team and White Tiger Angela Del Toro takes on Typhoid Mary, Stilt Man (Turk took the costume from Season One of Daredevil) and Bullseye nearby the New York Bulletin. A woman named Angela Del Toro as White Tiger after her aunt is hired on the team by Luke Cage. She learns of her aunt murdered that had the White Tiger mantle and Kingpin Wilson Fisk is a prime suspect. Bullseye and Typhoid Mary are hired to kill the Defenders founding members and there is also the Hand lead by Roshi in league with the Kingpin. Bridge of Spiders Alessa, Scythe, Andrei Veznikov and Grigori take on Gargoyle and Luke Cage. Nearby the Chaste headquarters is where the Hand is fighting other heroes in the return. The Beginning battle should be with Daredevil vs. Turk going by Stilt Man by a grade school. There should be shots of a boy doing a report on Daredevil with his enemies and allies and Turk falls out of the suit into the classroom window. He defeats him. Turk is arrested. Turk being arrest gives Daredevil the hit list information of the Kingpin and hired Typhoid Mary and Bullseye.

Jessica Jones is elsewhere while Luke Cage and Iron Fist started a Heroes for Hire agency. Turk is now known as Stilt Man. Also Those are all ideas not shown in the movies. In the beginning of the movie there is the Hand lead by Roshi with survivors brought back to life. Somewhere else Gargoyle Isaac Christians comes to NYC and meets with Daredevil and Luke Cage. Dexter Bennet is working for the Post. The Kingpin of Crime Wilson Fisk hires other villains. The Kingpin Wilson Fisk is running a crime syndicate. The Kingpin has on the hit list for being killed on the NY PD Nick Manolis, Angela Del Toro and Brett Mahoney. There were in the very beginning reference to Daredevil issue 202 in the original Man Without Fear series. There could be villain cameos but other villains could have Road to Heroes for Hire origins novel. There should be a cameo by Franklin Nelson whos’ a target of the Wilson Fisk hits.

Iron Fist teams with the heroes to take down the Kingpin. Also there Hand is lead by Master Roshi with a brief battle. Daredevil and Nighthawk meet up with Master Izo the leader of the chaste. White Tiger is with them. Angela Del Toro is on the NY PD. Gargoyle takes on the Hand with Master Izo and Claw. Teaming with them are Luke Cage, Gargoyle recruited on the team and Iron Fist. Master Izo slices down some ninjas. He slices down Tyler (red head woman from Daredevil Season 2 finale) and Specialist in cameos as this time they should stay dead Angela Del Toro as White Tiger slices down Specialist with her sword. Luke Cage and Shroud defeat Scythe, Andrei Veznikov and Grigori knocking them out. Master Roshi kills Claw in battle with ninja stars. Iron Fist in return defeats Master Roshi with his roundhouse kick.

The beginning battles should be back-to-back of the Heroes for Hire to when Master Izo hires them to take down the Kingpin. Tyler and Specialist went to work for the Owl as he expected those 2 hand members to stay dead by Master Roshi brought them back to life as he brought back the Hand but that’s not talked of. Bridge of Spiders Alessa, Scythe, Andrei Veznikov and Grigori have also returned to the Hand as they could be in uncredited cameos with Tyler and Specialist. Master Izo goes his own ways but hires the team to take down the Kingpin as the Kingpin is to hire other villains. He talks of burning up Tyler and Specialist so they stay dead. Those villains are arrested just as Iron Fist defeated Roshi and he’s arrested by the NYPD along with other members of the Hand who survived. Sometime later on the Daredevil, Shroud and Iron Fist meet with Master Izo bringing with him Gargoyle, White Tiger, Luke Cage and Black Knight. A reference to the Sinister Six the Kingpin has working for him Typhoid Mary, Bullseye, Ikari, Impasse, Goldbug and Chemistro. Typhoid Mary and Bullseye are the Kinpgin’s personal assassins. There’s a hit put out on Daredevil along with the other team members that he hires and Foggy Nelson building a case against him along with the good cops. It’s Ikari, Impasse, Chemistro and Goldbug come to work for the Kinpgin after the death of mobster Biggie Benton talked of as he was talked of being killed by Elektra.

They with Iron Fist and Luke Cage forming a Marvel Knights team recruit White Tiger, Gargoyle and Shroud. Master Izo is present with Black Knight and White Tiger showing up. Daredevil spreads the information from Turk as the Kingpin is alive still and they are informed by Turk of the Kingpin hit list. Daredevil finds out that Claw is dead from Master Izo. It is talked of it that Claw went his own ways before the Chaste was wiped out by the Hand and order of the crane mother that Claw was a part time member of with the Chaste and before discovering Master Izo the founder of the chaste and mentor to Stick still alive. There are talks that the hand at war with the Chaste that Stick was killed as the Chaste was defeated by the Hand.

Daredevil and team learn the plans of the Kingpin and the Sinister 6 by Master Izo as they run into him. Iron Fist, Luke Cage, White Tiger, Gargoyle, Shroud and Black Knight go to Central Park after the Insidious Six while Daredevil goes to the News place after the Kingpin as he’s after Karen Page and Dexter Bennett. It’s at night time there’s the heroes vs. villains. It’s Iron Fist, Luke Cage, White Tiger, Shroud and Gargoyle are teaming with Black Knight against the Indidious Six. They go out at night. Daredevil asks them not to kill. They defeat them. Bullseye throws objects onto Luke Cage without doing him harm.  Black Knight in a martial arts fight takes on Chemistro. Black Knight in not killing defeats Chemistro and holds him with his sword. Luke Cage throws Bullseye to the ground while Gargoyle defeats Impasse with his powers. White Tiger is fighting Typhoid Mary in martial arts fighting.  Daredevil defeats the Kingpin with tying him up just as Karen Page appears just as the veteran cops arrest him. The Kingpin talks of a hit out on Nick Manolis and Angela Del Toro without knowing she’s now White Tiger after her aunt Aayla to kill them but he’s the arresting officer of the Kingpin after defeated by Daredevil.

Brett Mahohey a veteran of the NY PD is on the hit list of the Kingpin with hiring Typhoid Mary and Bullseye. There is the team when they meet in civilian forms. The Kingpin is in prison for the rest of his life. This should end with Daredevil swinging off into the night with Master Izo jumping out into the night. Nick Manolis arrests Wilson Fisk and talks that Jessica Jones killed Purple Man just as the other cops like Brett Mahoney arrest other super villains. Karen Page has a news report on them just as she’s Matt Murdock’s longtime girlfriend.  There are talks of the Kingpin arrested going away for life. There should be Goldbug lunging at Shroud. Shroud uses his powers to defeat Goldbug. There should be someway Iron Fist with his powers defeats Ikari in a martial arts fight. Donnie Yen as Ikrai. There is martial arts use by Bullseye as he gets back up. Luke Cage throws a punch onto Bullseye defeating him. Those villains after they are defeated are arrested by Angela Del Toro of the NY PD. Iron Fist fights Ikari in a martial arts fight. He defeats Ikari with his hand and powers.

There could be talks of after Roscoe Sweeney does life in prison and Black Widow incapacitated hit men of the Fixer and Silke as it was Natasha Romanovia the original Black Widow as Black Widow when she started to date Matt Murdock zapped Sammy Silke with a stun beam. This is when Matt Murdock started law school as he could be talked of turning over Roscoe Sweeney/The Fixer to the local police. There are Luke Cage and White Tiger hired by Master Izo and some others on the team to form the Marvel Knights and they take on the Insidious Six. This is the film to have the prelude comics with Natasha Romanovia becoming Black Widow fighting Silke and other henchmen to Roscoe Sweeney. Matt Murdock was for a short time dating Natasha Romanoiva after Elektra disappeared on him. Also talks of Ava Aayla killed by Wilson Fisk the Kingpin. It should be talked Matt Murdock is blind since before 10 years old and has a non-driver ID as he’s to be blind for the rest of his life and Stick was blind all of his life.  

There could be references and the Elektra movie on a long time war of the Chaste vs. the Hand. Maybe after the defeat of the Hand Master Izo and Daredevil tell the others joining the Heroes for Hire team of the Chaste being killed by the Hand and that Stick was killed by the Hand ending the Chaste. It was the founder members of the Defenders who took on the Hand after the Hand’s win against the Chaste. Others to be talked of is that Claw owned a gym & dojo with the pool playing hobby. Master Izo owned the places with Claw when into playing in casinos nearby as Claw was playing pool in nearby pool halls. Others talked of in the Chaste were killed by those hand warriors long ago that grew up in New York City. It is Claw as co-owner of the gym and dojo. It’s known Master Izo was the mentor of the late Stick.

Matt Murdock talks of going blind before his teens and that Stick was born blind. The Chaste ninjas always living in New York City or growing up there are Claw, Arrow, Trahn, Wing, Star and Flame.  Trahn was a woman while the others were men that came from NYC. Those talked of killed by warriors of the hand are Shaft, Stone, Flame, Arrow, Trahn, Wing, Star and Flame. That’s talked of by Master Izo and Elektra was also killed by the Hand in the ancient war of the Chaste vs. the Hand. There are talks of Hand leaders killed like by Stick. Daredevil talks of with Iron Fist and Luke Cage defeating leaders of the hand. Also there are talks of other villains Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil have defeated. There are talks with Daredevil to NYPD officers on the Kingpin’s hit list that The Kingpin is responsible for the murder of reporter Ben Urich. Luke Cage tells Daredevil that Jessica Jones is possibly pregnant. This should lead into the birth of Danielle Cage.

(other fans could write in more ideas)

6 on 6 Battle Plan

Issac Christians as Gargoyle vs. Impasse

Luke Cage vs. Bullseye

Iron Fist vs. Ikari

Shroud vs. Matthew Gilden/Goldbug

Black Knight Dane Whitman vs. Chemistro

White Tiger Angela Del Toro vs. Typhoid Mary

Daredevil then faces the Kingpin. Those are battles that should be back-to-back as the final battle just like Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and Yoda vs. Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious in Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith. Sources are saying that Kevin Feige doesn’t consider the Marvel Netflix shows canon. There should be petitions to canonize. Otherwise they could reference Netflix Marvel shows. There were movies proposed as a Daredevil reboot, Iron Fist and Luke Cage before the Netflix shows. This film should be based on them all and reference the TV shows.

This should not be any more than 2 and a half hours long. 2 to 2 and a half hours and should be PG-13 rated.

If Karen Page and Foggy Nelson die on Daredevil Born Again maybe, then there should be Heather Glenn to take the place of Karen Page while at the law practice Matt Murdock’s new business partner is Rosalyne Sharpe. Also, there could be Hector Aayla killed by the Kingpin with Angela Del Toro replacing him the in the White Tiger mantle.