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Just Like Animals is an Adult Animated Romantic Comedy Film by Nitrogen Studios and Universal Pictures. It is made from the studio of Sausage Party and is considered the most inapproiate film ever.


A new student attends a local university where she friends athletics, drunks, sex players, stoners, comedians, bullies and nerds.


  • ? As Bella the Zebra
  • ? As Princess the Tigeress
  • ? As Chico the Coyote
  • ? As Mark the Girrafe
  • ? As Jane the Cockapoo pup
  • ? As Allan + Dillan the Labrador twins
  • ? As Darling the Hippo
  • ? As Sierra the Parrot

Parents Guide

  • Parents be warned; This film is REALLY NOT FOR KIDS!!
  • Sex/ nudity: Lots of it start to finish. Lots of porno magazines are seen (some are minorly detailed, others are detailed very explictly). Lots of sex usage (done 7 times) with all nudity. Very strong sex references. A couple a friend friends are gay; they can be later seen naked at one point implying sex. Very strong use of buttocks and breast flashes.
  • Violence/ gore: mostly comical with little to no blood.
  • Profanity: Fuck, Bitch, Damn, Hell, Ass, Piss, Shit, Dick, Pussy, whore, hoe, and cunt are all used about +300 times (not each time, but fuck is used alot, especially Motherfucker). A total of 50 god misuses and an insult to Jews.
  • Alcohol/ drugs: the film is pretty much a stoners film; alcohol is used 4 times (though a bottle vodka is seen on a table).


Rated R for Nudity, Language throughout, Sex, Drug References

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