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Godzilla: Monster Apocalypse Is An American Kaiju Film Directed By Peter Berg. It Is The 6th Installment Of The Monsterverse. 


After The Events Of Godzilla: Generations, In 2024 A.D., Madison Russel Hopes That Minilla Is Still Alive. But When Monarch Teams Find Birth Island, And Skull Island In Ruin, Monarch

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Knows Something's Wrong. Suddenly, The Whole World Heard A Mass Awakening Call, And Many Titans Are Awakened And Start To Attack Humanity, Causing Godzilla And Kong To Be Involved. They Find That A New And Powerful Titan Has Awakened. Godzilla And Kong Clash To The Powerful God Incarnate, Code Named.... Titanus Destoroyah.


• Millie Bobby Brown As Madison Russel

• Kyle Chandler As Mark Russel

(More Coming Soon)


• Godzilla

• Minilla

• King Kong

• Destoroyah

• Battra

• Behemoth

• Methuselah

• Scylla


• King Caesar

• Jet Jaguar (Referred To As J.J. In The Film)

• Hedorah

• Skull Crawler

• Biollante

• Gabara


The Film Was Released To Positive Reviews. Rotten Tomatoes Reported That 99% Of Critics Gave The Film A Positive Review.