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There is permission automatically granted by the contributor of this page to edit or post more ideas in as long as it's we don't do this for a living. Also us fans contributing to here should leave it to paid/professional writers to write the scripts for the movies, television shows and comic books like any episode of the television show. Other fans could come up with ideas of new characters casted or the productions if those projects get done by could offer actors those parts.

Fans could even put in ideas for in between the movies of the sequel trilogy. Maybe there will be books and comics to fill in the gaps. Some characters of the old expanded universe could be re canonized like some in post Revenge of the Sith books and comics and they fight Darth Vader like in the Purge comics. This is all stuff to happen to be done.

The Game of Thrones Crew comes up with an Old Republic Trilogy but a Knights of the Old Republic TV series is proposed. Maybe there are jedi who fall to the dark side from romance leading the jedi order not to allowed jedi to be married or dating. Maybe there could be a few seasons of the Knights of the Old Republic TV series and a show based on Rian Johnson’s trilogy after that.

Ideas for the Darth Bane TV series.

(it's about the jedi vs. sith war and the creation of the sith coming in two)

Lord Qordis is the sith leader. Darth Bane is an apprentice. There are battles going on of jedi and sith. Rain is a male in the canon. His girlfriend was killed by Lord Qordis. Rain takes on Lord Qordis in the battle that leads him to the dark side. Rain’s master killed Momin and his master is killed by a member of the jedi council. All the sith but Darth Bane are killed just as the jedi is victorious of the battle. It's anger and hatred that Darth Bane as the last of the sith renames Rain Darth Zannah. It was anger and hatred that he turned to the dark side of the force. The old republic has fallen. Darth Bane in the end makes up the sith rule of two. A master and an apprentice.

There's a full scale war with followers of Darth Bane as he rules the galaxy. The jedi learn the sith come in 2. The jedi master who is the same species as Yoda fans could come up with the idea of a name for. The jedi in the fight for freedom battle the sith. Yoda's master battles Darth Bane while the jedi council battles Darth Zannah. Darth Zannah is defeated by a jedi council member believing to have killed him. Yoda's master kills Darth Bane. The galactic republic is formed with a jedi master now the supreme chancellor. He decides the jedi code bans attachment like jedi aren't allowed to be married or even have love interests at all if it isn’t yet in the jedi code if not yet in the old Republic days. There were some sith in the previous film who were originally jedi that fell to the dark side. It's in the end it turns out Darth Zannah is alive still and goes on to train an apprentice after learning Darth Bane is dead. The sith have the goal to rule the galaxy and wipe out the jedi. There could be books and comics to pick up from there and in between the movies. This could be 7 to 8 episodes with a younger Darth Bane in the first half of the series and the rest of the miniseries Darth Bane as the sith master and the rule of two and the jedi going up against the last of the sith in that time and the start of the new Republic.

§  Canonical books to fill in the time frame between Episode 1 The Phantom Menace and Episode 2 Attack of the Clones.        

Bounty Hunters Trilogy (novel)

There is in those times Zam Wessell meets Jango Fett. Also Aurra Sing is hunted by jedi and the Naboo. There could be appearances in those books by Padme Amadila with jedi of the prequel trilogy. Bossk becomes a bounty hunter. This is to start out after the creation of Boba Fett. There could be flashbacks of the bounty hunting origins of Jango Fett in the first book of the trilogy. He could appear in parts 2 and 3 with Bossk, Aurra Sing, Cade Bane and Zam Wessell. There are meet ups. Count Dooku hires Jango Fett. Other fans could write in more ideas. One of them has showing of Jango Fett meeting with Sifo Dyas to create a clone army. This is when Yaddle decides to leave the jedi council with the book trilogy concluding going into Attack of the Clones just as Nute Gunray in the end hires Jango Fett and Zam Wessell to kill Senator Amadila. Also Quinlan Vos could appear with Aayla Secura and they defeat Troo-Tril-Tek and Vorhdeilo. There could even be books or comics with Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura.  Graxol Kelvyyn could be a person killed by Rum Slegg in the bounty hunters trilogy novel. Aurra Sing at some point killed Rum Slegg after he killed a criminal.

·        General Grievous Canon Novel

There could be showing Sifo Dyas being killed. The first jedi killed by General Grievous is Yarell Poof as of Count Dooku training him in the jedi arts with the light saber of Sifo Dyas. He also kills Jorus C’Boath a jedi who was friends with Senator Palpatine with the light sabers of Sifo Dyas and Yarel Poof. This is after General Grevious has become a cyborg and became the droid army general. Starting Out there’s the Kaleesh warlord who is in battle with jedi master Yarel Poof. Killing Jorus C’Boath is in the conclusion of the General Grevious book.

§  Ideas for Marvel Comics and Lucas Books

Maybe ideas for Journeys Beginnings books and comics you fans could fill in like in between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones mostly.

Between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens and direct to video animated movies based on old school expanded universe popular novels that later had comic book adaptations to them. This could be a miniseries CGI animated to fill in between movies.  Like Post Return of The Jedi that’s also pre The Force Awakens.

Never a love interest for Mace Windu or Yoda.

·        Yoda back story film.  (Not known when that should come out but later on.) This is what should be the Exegol Project otherwise it’s the 2025 Taika Waititi film

Fans could write in ideas for the back story on Yoda. Never a love interest for Yoda as it's throughout his life time the jedi code against attachment. This is when Yoda has a grand adventure and starts fighting this evil sorcerer bent on ruling the galaxy in the like prologue and then the story with a villain Yoda's up against and kills in the end. Yoda defeats this villain believing him dead but this evil sorcerer is frozen in time for 200 years. This should take place before the show called the Acolyte. Take place before the books and comics of the High Republic.

This is a story maybe around 500 years before the events of the Phantom Menace or more than 500 years before the first film ever of Star Wars. There should be space battles and other villains in battle by Yoda and jedi from the High Republic books and comics while there are soldiers of the republic fighting enemies. The writers could come up with the name of this evil sorcerer. This should be the story when Yoda learns of the sith in 2 earlier on in the movie and some point in the movie Yoda’s master talks of defeating Darth Bane who founded the rule of two. Yoda is told by his master the sith are extinct as he is who defeated Darth Bane killing him. Maybe it’s Christian Bale to play the villain of the Yoda Adventure film.

Some time Yoda faces a dark jedi who’s the daughter of the Dutchess of Malastare. She is arrested by the jedi council as Yoda defeats her without killing. This should take place before the High Republic era years. This evil is an evil sorcerer that Christian Bale should play. Yoda fights him by Exegol. That evil sorcerer wanting to rule the galaxy is killed by Yoda after the final battle. There should be some battles in space when Yoda goes to face the  main villain. The sith are in hiding during this and not to be shown. The writers could come up with a name for this evil sorcerer and more to the Yoda movie on battles. This should be the movie taking place before the High Republic series. Yoda backstory but Kevin Feige was into new people and new places as new characters to debut there. Yoda fights on Exegol as the main villain of this is born on that planet. It’s when it’s become a sith homeworld. Yoda had learned of the sith legends and the jedi think the sith are no more.

§  Early Rebels Novel/Pre Jedi Purge Anthology Novel It should be title "Early Rebels". (this could even be a novel trilogy) ideas for a novel that's 500 to 600 pages in the canon.

This is pre rebel alliance and pre Lothal Rebels novel with various times but in between episode 3 Revenge of the Sith and episode 4 A New Hope. It’s not just on jedi but many others standing against the galactic empire before the jedi squad formed by Mace Windu to destroy the galactic empire just before Mace Windu is discovered alive still and replaces his hand. The Grand Inquisitor in that position murdered Luminara Unduli while talks of Darth Vader killed Jocasta Nu

It's in the prologue part as there could be 3 parts that Yaddle with surviving jedi Sammo Quid and Tai Uzama run into Darth Vader and they face him. The grand inquisitor murders Yaddle while Nils Tenant with his imperial squad murders lead by Hondar Borrum  gun down Sammo Quid and Tai Uzama.

Part 1

Finis Valorum as the former chancellor of the Galactic republic with senators who reject Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious like Bana Bremu, Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, Garm Bel Iblis, Fang Zarr with Orn Free and Seia Taria also learn to shoot. There are jedi that survived order 66 Olee Starstone, Feris Olin, T’ra Saa, Tsui Choi and K'Kruhk.

Boba Fett is hunting down Finis Valorum. Finis Valorum gets a blaster. The jedi knights Tsui Choi, K’Kruhk and Scout are on Naboo. They are under protecting of Queen Apaliana. Also former Queen Jamilla and Lt. Rusting standing against the galactic empire. Tarkin with Thrawn, Cass, Tage and Motti go with a band of storm troopers into Theed.

On Naboo the Naboo royal with the jedi challenge the empire. The Evil governor Tarkin kills Olee Starstone. Thrawn shoots and kills in battle Tsoi Choi just as the jedi try to deflect blaster shots at the empire and others shoot at the empire. Motti kills former Queen Jamilia. The current queen is killed by Cass. Storm troopers slaughter the other jedi present and K’Kruhk is thought to be dead. Tage shoots and kills Scout. Lt. Rushing is arrested.

Somewhere else there are A’Sharad Hett, Jonn Smarr a jedi master, T’ra Saa and Feris Olin. Quinlan Vos is also there. Fang Zarr is joining the battle carrying a blaster. There’s a battle going on. Fang Zarr is killed by Commander Cody the Obi-Wan commander. A’Sharad Hett with his 2 swords kills Commanders now generals Cody and Bly as they turned to the bad side pledging allegiance to the sith. Those jedi try to take command of those clones who complied with order 66 and are ended up being forced into killing them. Jonn Smarr and T’ra Saa with Quinlan Vos kills the commanders turned generals that killed Plo Koon, Stass Allie, Ki-Adi-Mundi and other notable jedi. Quinlan Vos even kills his own clone commander as he tries to get him back into the light. Feris Olin kills the other clone troopers present as well. Quinlan Vos survives defeat as do Gregor Typho, Sabe and Dorme.

Boba Fett has a blaster fight with Finis Valorum. Finis Valorum learns that Emperor Palpatine is the sith lord known as Darth Sidious who was controlling the senate. Valorum was hoping for jedi to defeat Palpatine if they defeat Darth Vader. In the battle Boba Fett shoots Finis Valorum to death.

Everyone reports to Emperor Palpatine on who was killed. Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine with Darth Vader hired bounty hunters Bossk, Aurra Sing, Boba Fett and Dengar to hunt down jedi masters A’Sharad Hett, Jonn Smarr, T’ra Saa with Feris Olin to any other jedi who survived jedi extinction. There are talks that Darth Vader had the jedi turning to him to serve as his apprentice and to the emperor killed Jocasta to become an inquisitor.

This part of the book to could be called “Finis Valorum Rebellion”.  

3 years of Empire Day

Part 2

Former human night brother known as Reck Selpin leads the remnants of the separatists and Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious finds them alive The remains came to him after betrayed by Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. He became a night brother after expelled from the jedi order as of anger and for attachments. There are Sentepeth Findos, Qi Zhu, Alto Stratus, Vulpus, Jenna Zan Arbor, Rogwa Wodrata, Lott Dodd with the rest of those known members like remaining battle droids. Other jedi trained who team with Reck Selpin are Alysun Celz, Atrel Darc, Dustrose Karoc and Sha'ala Doneeta. The Separatist remnants are meeting somewhere in the districts of Coruscant.

The former dark Jedi go to the Coco District while those not strong in the force go to another part of the district. Hat Lo on his team has Tas Kee, Magaloof with other thugs. They are nearby the Outlander Club in the Coco District. They shoot at Reck Selpin and his acolytes. Reck Selpin with his minions takes on Hat Lo and his gang. Sha’ala Doneeta kills Magaloof. Reck Selpin with his swords kills Tas Kee and some other thugs. Reck Selpin is shot at by Hat Lo. He stabs Hat Lo in the chest killing him. Also Darth Vader is training some inquisitors like the one on Rebels and Anntius Treymane in the jedi arts. Lott Dodd has a blaster. There are storm troopers with Panaka and Thrawn who go after Sentepeth Findos, Qi Zhu, Alto Stratus, Vulpus, Jenna Zan Arbor, Rogwa Wodrata and Lot Dodd lead by Thrawn going for a promotion to Captain while the empire in power promoted Captain Panaka to Moff. There is blaster fighting. The storm troopers slaughter the Separatists while Moff Panaka shoots and kills Lot Dodd in battle. Battle droids of the Trade Federation are shot along with Separatist members who stand against the Galactic Empire. Darth Vader and the Inquisitors show up on Reck Selpin and his dark acolytes jedi trained by him.

Darth Vader in a light saber battle takes on Reck Selpin. The inquisitors take on the former dark acolytes. Darth Vader stabs Reck Selpin and with the power of the force throws him to his doom. The inquisitors kill the minions of Reck Selpin. There’s also Darth Sidious with Sate Pestage and other advisors from the original film trilogy. This part is about redemption of Separatists remnants and they take on Hat Lo and is gang before Darth Vader slaughters them.

The title could be called “Separatist Remnants”.    

Part 3  

4 years after the birth of the Skywalker Twins

This time Bail Antilles who ran for chancellor that lost to Sheev Palpatine is leading a little resistance. On his team are Captain Typho, Feris Olin, Jon Smarr, the 2 jedi who gave new light sabers to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker at the start of the Clone Wars. Also there are Sora Bulq, A’Sharad Hett, K’Kruhk, Orn Free Taa, Bana Bremu, Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, Garm Bel Iblis, with Clone Padme Amadila, Sola Naberrie the sister of Padme, with Orn Free and Seia Taria. Those who aren’t jedi have blasters with them.

Sora Bulq, K’Kruhk and Feris Olin with Bant Erin take on Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious in the Coco district while Jonn Smarr with Oppo Rancisis takes on Darth Vader as John Smarr met with Oppo Rancisis a survivor of Order 66. Somewhere on Count Dooku’s homeworld there are imperial forces lead by a younger Gilad Paellon and Sate Pestage and Governor Tarkin. Clone Padme is leading a resistance against them.

With her are Captain Typho, Bana Bremmu, and Seia Taria. They have blasters with them. They take on the empire. There’s blaster fighting. Clone Padme is killed in battle by Governor Tarkin. Sola Nebberie joins the battle too. Storm Troopers kill the other members present and arrest Sola Naberrie with Captain Typho just as who were killed or maybe almost killed are Garm Bel Iblis, Bana Bremu and Seia Taria.  Back on Coruscant there’s the Coco District where Ayy Vida is hanging out with Achk Med-Beq and Captain Dannl Faytonni. Also there’s the Katie Lucas character from Attack of the Clones. Also present is Baron N. Papanoida. They have blasters with them.

The 2 sith show up with storm troopers and red suited guards. They pull the blasters on them. Darth Vader kills Faytonni and Ach Med-Beq as they shoot at him. Darth Vader slices them down. Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious zaps Baron Papanoida and questions him on jedi whereabouts. They are found in the downtown area. Guards in red suits with spikes strike Ay Vida and Lunae Minx and the daughter of the Baron as they try to shoot at them and then the Emperor Palpatine. They are all killed. In the district Sora Bulq, Oppo Rancisis, A'Sharad Hett, Bant Erin, Jonn Smarr, Feris Olin and K’Kruhk face the 2 sith just as the guards step down.

Darth Vader kills John Smarr and A'Sharad Hett noticing him raised by tuskens. The Emperor throws K’Kruhk to his doom. The imperial council kills Bant Erin and Feris Olin as they enter the battle with Baron Papanoida and his daughter prisoner turning out the other Katie Lucas character and Ayy Vida were killed. Jonn Smarr was the master of Olee Starstone just as the grand inquisitor/former jedi killed Yaddle. Darth Vader with his light saber together kills both Jon Smarr and Oppo Rancisis.  Darth Sidious zapped Sorq Bulq to death. Somewhere else Bail Antilles battles bounty hunter Aurra Sing in a blaster fight. The clone Aurra Sing is the bounty hunter hired to find a rebel leader Bail Antilles by Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Aurra Sing kills Bail Antilles.  Everyone in the empire regroups.. The jedi really turn out to be extinct. Kanan is a jedi left that is not noticed. The empire expects Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi to be dead but aren’t standing anymore against them.

This title should be called “Bail Antilles Resistance”.  


In the Epilogue years later Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious and hires Boba Fett. Boba Fett finds Yoda on Dagobah. Boba Fett fires a missile that Yoda manages to survive but they think he's dead. Yoda uses the power of the force on Boba Fett. Yoda dives into the swamps and Boba Fire fires missiles causing an explosion but Yoda is elsewhere later on to how he survived Boba Fett's blast.

This ends in the epilogue with the 2 sith on the jedi hunt and Darth Vader talks of hiring Boba Fett in hunting down jedi just as Boba Fett reports to Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious that he killed Yoda thinking he's dead by being blown away on Dagobah just as the hunt for Yoda is no more. It's in the end Vader talks of Boba Fett and Aurra Sing as Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine cloned Aurra Sing after her death working for him in services to hunt down jedi survivors and they discover master Quinlan Vos alive still.  Maybe it’s after the real Aurra Sing killed a resistance leader who ran for chancellor against then Senator Palpatine by Tobias Beckett. Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine and Boba Fett together on Degobah find Yoda. It’s a force fight of Yoda vs. the Emperor. The Emperor force throws Yoda into the swamp. Boba Fett with a missile blows away the swamp thinking to have killed Yoda and they leave.  The sith hiring bounty hunters is mentioned while there’s a comic book to tie into it as pre beginning of Jedi Rebellion. Sio Bibble is talked of being recruited by Anilee Teem to fight the empire as he managed to free him while others who survived the defeat of the empire go to live civilian lives. There are talks of Mace Windu in hiding and training by Qui-Gon Jinn on how to become one with the force.

·        Pre Jedi-Rebellion Comics

This is pre beginning of jedi rebellion comic book as a Marvel idea. This is taking place around the time Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious finds Yoda on Dagobah.

Anilee Teem leads a little rebellion with a jedi survivor who was thought to be dead years ago Pablo-Jill. Coleman Acaj and Pablo-Jill take on both of the sith along with inquisitors introduced in Darth Vader Dark Lord of the Sith comics and the inquisitiors are killed. Nils Teenant and Hondar Borrum with storm troopers that are clones of both of those imperials and Boba Fett clones. Sio Bibble the aged retired governor of Naboo is fighting for freedom and with Anilee Teem takes on the imperial storm troopers. Darth Vader kills Pablo-Jill and Coleman Acaj. Nils Tenant is killed in battle by Sio Bibble just before Hondar Borrum shoots down Sio Bibble killing him while storm troopers kill Ainlee Teem.

On the Mace Windu series there could be Mace Windu in those years. Mace Windu could have flashbacks in pre episode 1 when he was younger before meeting Anakin Skywalker on some episodes of the show. Jedi talked of killed by purge troopers are Some of those who appeared at the beginning of the Clone Wars like those who gave light sabers to Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Jedi who moved on with thier lives and into doing other things to not have the empire after them are Selrahc Eluos, Ka-Moon Kholi, Uvel and other notable jedi like padawans that survived. They stopped believing in the force. Mace Windu should in the end of the miniseries discover a handful of jedi still alive and looking to restore the jedi. Mace Windu kills the purge troopers in the end who killed the jedi assault team. Those who are killed by them are Tarado Gon, Bairdon Jace, Sephjet Josall, Khaat Qiyn, Que-Mar Redath-Gom, Fi-Ek Sirch, Galdos Stouff and Nicasnas Tassu. There should in earlier episodes Mace Windu learns the path to immortality. He defeats the firery spectre of the first dark lord of the sith. Mace Windu has flashbacks of pre Episode 1 on most of the series. Mace Windu learns of his family and relatives as he could be an uncle. Those are battles against maybe the Trade Federation and criminals in the galaxy and fighting for freedom. There could be a flashback when Mace Windu joins the jedi council before facing purge troopers and learning which of the jedi they killed. Mace Windu learns of the inquisitors killed his master that was a Cyslin Myr. This should be the Mace Windu miniseries proposed to lead into Jedi Rebellion that should be the movie to be done by Matthew Vaugn.  There should be in a comic book the Second Brother killing Cyslin Mry the master of Mace Windu.

This is prequel to Jedi Rebellion. Jedi master Quinlan Vos is recruited into Mon Mothma’s resistance cell. She had seen the empire is evil and starts a resistance against them. Ribilo Darte is put in charge as he was trained by Mace Windu before Depa Bilaba was. He and Quinlan Vos take on the 9th Sister and 10th Brother with inquisitor troops as does Mon Mothma. Embo, Highsinger, Moralo Eval and Robonino are bounty hunters after Mon Mothma that work together with hunting down jedi. They are defeated. Those 2 jedi gather other jedi survivors and members of the Naboo in the movie. Mon Mothma shoots down a couple of those bounty hunters just as Ribilo Darte and Shadday Potkin with the powers of the force throw a couple of those bounty hunters against walls incapacitating them. Those are the bounty hunting droids destroyed by Mon Mothma. Mace Windu comes out of the shadows. There was a time that Mace Windu met with Qui-Gon Jinn when thought to be dead. That’s the Mon Mothma comics.

§  Jedi Rebellion  (Live Action Hollywood/Theatrical Movie

that’s to be done by Matthew Vaughn)

This is to take place before Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One.

There could be opening crawl that talks of Quinlan Vos and Mace Windu’s survival and finding other surviving jedi and thinking Yoda is dead and his talked of training in the force and never finds Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tattooine.   Mace Windu has somehow survived his fall. There could be jedi from legends books or comics brought back into canon.

There are jedi who turned out to have survived that form a band against the empire as after defeating Darth Vader they’ll face Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious as of in the beginning by Mace Windu. Ribilo Darte believes Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi to be dead. He was trained by Mace Windu just before Depa Billaba. He gains with him Sia-Lan Wezz, Quinlan Vos, Shadday Potkin, Koffi Arriana, Bultar Swan, Roan Shryne and Ma’Kis’Shaalas and Bultar Swan as they had felt he came out of the shadows with the tremor in the force. Also there is a jedi named Dama Montalvo.

Some other jedi survived blaster fire of storm troopers in the dark times. There are talks of Darth Vader training inquisitors and his hunting down surviving jedi and murdering Shaak Ti when at the jedi temple. Darth Vader with those inquisitors talks of with storm troopers killing many jedi who survived order 66 and others who stood against the empire with killing others who ran for Chancellor against Sheev Palpatine during the Naboo invasion. Dama Montalvo was trained by Ma’Kis’Shaalas while Ribilo Darte was apprenticed to Mace Windu. He expects that Yoda dies in exile just as Mace Windu recruits Daneska Varbaros a woman who took Ric Olie’s place and others from Naboo on his little resistance. Ric Olie is staying on Naboo.

Also are Porro Dolphe, Dnee Ellberger and Arven Wendik. Also there are House of Naboo Royal remnants such as Eirtae a former Queen Amadila handmaiden, Rabe another former Queen Amadila handmaiden with clone troopers who survived that are clone commandos with Naboo Royal Secruity forces Hogan Tinmar, lt. Korro, and members of the Royal Advisory council. They are in Mon Mothma’s Resistance Cell. Mace Windu is looking to live as a hermit in freedom to the galaxy for the rest of his life but run the republic if restored. They all meet with Mon Mothma who looks to be chancellor of a republic once it’s taken back. Ribilo Darte talks of freeing prisoners of the empire sold into slavery to spare their lives after fighting against them after they meet up with Mace Windu.  

Maybe some point it is thought Boba Fett killed Yoda. Boba Fett finds out Mace Windu survived his fall. Aurra Sing had jedi training and was cloned after killed by criminal Tobias Beckett. At one Sia-Lan Wezz kills Aurra Sing clone. Darth Vader takes on Quinlan Vos on Corellia. General Kahdah of the galactic empire goes with bounty hunters Boba Fett and Aurra Sing on Concord Dawn. Boba Fett takes on Dama Montalvo and burns him with flames while Sia-Lan Wezz takes on Aurra Sing clone and clone Aurra Sing is killed by Sia-Lan Wezz in light saber battle. Sia-Lan Wezz and Dama Montalvo are burned and blasted to death by Boba Fett and General Kahdah blasts them. There were bounty hunters hunting down survivors who had been jedi.  Billy Lucas (friend and stunt double for Arnold Schwarzenegger that was a CryoCon in Demolition Man) as General Kahdah.

There is a point somewhere that Mace Windu takes out Commander Appo and his squad of storm troopers before meeting up with his rebellion against the empire and ends up killing Commander Appo and general Kahdah an imperial general. Mace Windu talks of taking out imperial intelligence. Boba Fett talks of killing former Chancellor Finis Valorum. There are talks of the grand inquisitor killing some other jedi.  Those are what’s in books and comics. For an epic battle there are storm troopers who were originally clone troopers that complied with order 66. In a Space battle those Naboo pilots have battles in space and are shot down by star destroyers and tie fighters for a space battle. Those pilots were killed in the space battle including Daneska Varbaros. Mace Windu, Shadday Potkin, Koffi Arriana, Bultar Swan, Roan Shryne and Ma’Kis’Shaalas and Bultar Swan with Ribilo Darte go up against Darth Vader and inquisitors who appeared on Rebels on the Naboo seashore.

The inquisitors are the Grand inquisitor, seventh sister, second brother and fifth brother. Darth Vader duels Mace Windu in an epic light saber battle. Mace Windu to fight Darth Vader would be epic. Mace Windu with his light saber kills the storm troopers that are clones of Aurra Sing. Seventh Sister kills Shadaay Potkin. Bultar Swan and Koffi Arriana are killed by Fifth Brother. Roan Shryne is killed by the Second Brother. Ribilo Darte kills the Second Brother. Ribilo Darte and Ma’Kis’Shaalas at the orders of General Hondar Borrum are gunned down by death troopers. While General Borrum shoots down Ribilo Darte. Somewhere else on the Naboo seaside towns the Royal House of Naboo member's are serving Mace Windu’s rebellion are fighting death troopers of imperial intelligence. The clone troopers that are Jango Fett clones that turned against the empire are all gunned down. Those Naboo Royal House members in the jedi rebellion are captured by troopers of imperial intelligence and taken prisoner.

Darth Vader in the intense light saber duel slices down Mace Windu almost killing him and his light saber falls out of his hand and force pushed away by Darth Vader that maybe the surviving troopers get their hands on. Boba Fett shows up just in time for Mace Windu mortally wounded by Darth Vader. Mace Windu gives his life to save Captain Typho and former Padme Amadila handmaidens. Darth Vader forces lifts Mace Windu over the ocean waves for Boba Fett to finish him off just as Boba Fett or others present still alive in the empire take the light saber of Mace Windu just as Darth Vader uses force powers on him. He blows him away into the ocean with a missile. Darth Vader has taken prisoner the members of the Naboo Royal with Boba Fett holding them at blaster point. Ric Olie is taking prisoner on Naboo the former pilot. General Borrum talks of killing Governor Sio Bibble and Aileen Teem just as there's talk of Nils Tenant killed by the retired governor of Naboo and Yaddle killed by the grand inquisitor and Yoda believed to be dead by the Emperor and Boba Fett.  In the end there is Mace Windu with Qui-Gon Jinn as jedi spirits where they meet up and Obi-Wan Kenobi. They talk of hope from Luke Skywalker one day as he'll be capable of defeating the sith and that those Naboo Royal members are put in prison and should one day be freed.  If Aurra Sing really died she could be cloned as she’s replaced by a replicant in bounty hunting that a jedi kills while the storm troopers killed in this film are Aurra Sing clones. Also, there’s Darth Sidious that cloned Aurra Sing if her bounty hunting career really came to an end with the not shown death and looked too have the Aurra Sing clone as an inquisitor along with the Second Brother being the new villain of this movie. Darth Sidious as the emperor is not to appear in this but is talked of only as Darth Vader talks of Darth Sidious cloning Aurra Sing for the storm troopers created after the original clone that’s to be an inquisitor in jedi hunting teaming with other fallen jedi.

Here's the idea for a 2 part book that should go from 200 to 300 to 400 pages long. This a post Return of the Jedi story taking place before the shows that start out 8 or 9 ABY. That’s also the prelude book to the 2027 film to be done by Kevin Feige.

Something different is that Armand Isard is alive still. There are also imperials from Star Wars Rebels if they survive who are to be captured and given a chance at redemption. Armand Isard is the main villain of that story. Savan is now leader of the Black Sun. Lando, Dash Rendar, Chewbacca, Han, Leia and Luke battle Black Sun thugs. Also with them is Guri a woman cyborg. There are some battles going on. Han Solo finds Armand Isard alive still. In the end Guri in a blaster fight kills Armand Isard. Savan is captured by Leia Organa in the very end. Luke Skywalker meets Sabine Wren, Zeb, Hera Sydulla and Bo-Katan. Hera watches over Jacen.

Ysanne Isard is taking leadership of the imperials. Mon Mothma is Chancellor of the New Republic. There are battles. Wedge blows up a star destroyer that kills on there Max Veers. Mon Mothma in a blaster fights kills Ysanne Isard. Leia in the blaster fight kills Admiral Gall Trayvis. The jedi in the new order somewhere around that go by Maw, Gorc and Pic. Wedge is more important while Luke Skywalker has a minor role in that series. Ysanna Isard is the main villain. Captain Kagi is killed in space battle. Leia is a mother now just as Mon Mothma in battle as chancellor of the new republic kills Ysanna Isard who was trying to be emperor of the galaxy in replacing Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious.  

Luke Skywalker is training Kyle Katarn as a jedi. Princess Leia is having jedi training as well. Kyle Katarn with Luke Skywalker fight the dark jedi from the Dark Forces video game. Jerec is the main villain. He has other inquisitors, Yun, Sarris and Boc. The new republic goes on the hunt for Gardulla the Elder. Crix Madine and Han Solo with Lando Calrissian are leading the hunt and have Chewbacca with them. He takes republic soldiers with him. There's a battle just as Marg Krim who became leader of the Pyke Syndicate kills Crix Madine. Han Solo and Lando Calrissian with Chewbacca join the battle. There are talks of that the former apprentice of Darth Vader has killed advisors to Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Chewbacca defeats Marg Krim in the blaster fight that he either kills him or he dies another time in the saga.

Han Solo in battle for Crix Madine kills Gardulla the Hutt. Luke Skywalker somewhere recruits Yun to rebuild the jedi. They take on the dark jedi. A person sith trained by the emperor in replacing Darth Vader who could be a sequel trilogy villain is injured and thought to be dead. Luke Skywalker kills Boc while Kyle Katarn kills Saris and Jerec the leader of the dark jedi and Yun is first killed by Saris in the battle. Many inquisitors have been defeated. Ezra Bridger is in love Sabine Wren as they are back together after those years. Those characters from Rebels are serving as new republic soldiers with Ahsoka Tano. Lando and Lobot deal with High Singer and Latts Razzi. They destroy them in battle. Ahsoka is a former jedi. Ahsoka and Ezra give up being jedi and go into politics. Zeb is a new republic soldier as is Sabine Wren. Qi’ra could in the series make some appearances becoming a solider of the New Republic.

This is to happen many years later and half a decade after the death of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious.  Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade have a child but split up and Luke Skywalker meets his wife. Mara Jade was the secret sith apprentice to replace Darth Vader as to kill both the Skywalkers but had redemption after the death of Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Mara Jade wants to be a jedi. Also there is Gilad Paellon brought back into the canon. He’s a member of the imperial remnants lead by Thrawn. Luke Skywalker takes on IG 88 droids. He defeats them.

The new Republic soldiers with Han Solo and Chewbacca are hunting down Thrawn with the help of Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker along with Ben Solo while Ben Solo is in jedi training with the training of Leia Organa-Solo. There are battles against the empire. Han Solo takes on Dengar while Chewbacca takes on Bossk. They kill those 2 bounty hunters. Snoke forming the first order has trained in the dark side for earlier Knights of Ren the 7 dark jedi with Lady Lumiya and Tremayne. There are battles going on. Lando Calrissian somewhere captures Garindan also known as Long Snout the imperial spy from the very first Star Wars film. Paellon is captured by New Republic soldiers as are bounty hunter Derrida and Orn Free Taa and is to give up Grand Admiral Thrawn. The new Republic soldiers with Han Solo and Chewbacca are hunting down Thrawn with the help of Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker along with Ben Solo while Ben Solo is in jedi training with the training of Leia Organa-Solo. There are battles against the empire. Han Solo takes on Dengar while Chewbacca takes on Bossk. They kill those 2 bounty hunters. Snoke forming the first order has trained in the dark side for earlier Knights of Ren the 7 dark jedi with Lady Lumiya and Tremayne. There are battles going on. Lando Calrissian somewhere captures Garindan also known as Long Snout the imperial spy from the very first Star Wars film. Paellon is captured by New Republic soldiers as are bounty hunter Derrida and Orn Free Taa and is to give up Grand Admiral Thrawn. Ziton Moj killed by Prince Xizor in flashbacks to the era of the rebellion vs. the empire under the galaxy ruled by Darth Sidious and Darth Vader just before Luke Skywalker joined the alliance to restore the republic. Also Commander Yewl and other notable canon imperial agents or officers from books and comics in that era along with video games are captured by the new republic military by Luke Skywalker the first of the new jedi. There’s to be the Tarkin Initiative defeated. That should be in the end of this book as Luke Skywalker arrests Commander Yewl.

§  Ideas for crossover series that should be live action.  in between Return of the Jedi and the Force Awakens.

(should be a Disney Channel TV show or Disney Plus along with Ben Solo prequel series)

Later seasons of either the Mandalorian or the sequel to Star Wars Rebels Tv series.  Possibly also ideas for the Ahsoka Tano TV series. Those are ideas for live action shows.

Ezra Bridger had been in senate running for governor when he defeated Lady Lumiya. There should be Xamuel Lennox as one of the villains Ahsoka Tano faces this crossover. There should be just before Ahsoka Tano dies that Ahsoka kills Maximillian Veers to retcon his cut out death scene from the Empire Strikes Back. . Maybe the Ahsoka series will resolve her death. Something in mind is she's killed by Alignment General Pryde.   It’s a beginning battle with imperial survivors lead by General Veers. Ahsoka ends up killing him.

This should be the crossover of the Mandalorian, Rangers of the New Republic and Ahsoka New Republic win against the First Order with Grand Admiral Rae Sloane arrested along with other imperial agents as talked of in the series to when she's captured by the soldiers of the New Republic.

Ezra Bridger is with Sabine Wren years after the death star was destroyed and Governor Tarkin killed. They go onto Naboo. There are characters from the prequel trilogy from Naboo. There's a person named Shira Brie going by Lady Lumiya. Lady Lumiya is a dark jedi with Antinnis Tremayne trained by him. She and Tremayne are serving Snoke. Snoke somehow had taken jedi survivors and they chose the dark side.  Ezra talks about he did a jedi mind trick on Jabba the Hutt's rancor keeper and that other guy with him in Return of the Jedi.

It is talked about Pooja Naberrie a former senator and cousin to the Skywalker twins with her soldiers and Zeb captured Mas Amedda and Rae Sloane Taa and other Thrawn imperials from the Thrawn novel that's prequel to Star Wars Rebels. Jar Jar Binks appears too. Boss Nass has been killed in battle by Lady Lumiya as a shadow jedi during the Thrawn crisis. Jar Jar Binks took ruler ship of the gungan race. There are former handmaidens to the late Padme Amadila that appear too. There could be Rebels characters who survive and fight then.

Bo-Katan kills Eli in a blaster fight. Leia after jedi training by Luke before Ben Solo turned to the dark side.  a former jedi defeats Lady Lumiya the dark jedi. Sly Moore has a blaster and is killed by Mando. There should be a light saber duel of Leia Organa-Solo vs. Tremayne as the final battle. Also there should be Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade battle Snoke. He’s scarred but they in return are killed by Snoke zapping them while the other Knights of Ren finish them off. Ben Solo is shown as now Kylo-Ren in the end of the series. There should also be in this crossover Mando in a battle with Grand Admiral Thrawn. Mando kills Thrawn. The Rangers of the New Republic arrest Rae Sloane and Morgan Elsbeth of the First Order on the first win against them in the rise. Cobb Vanth shoots and kills Xamuel Lennox in a blaster fight.

Those are ideas on sequel to Rebels cartoon series and crossover of Post Return of the Jedi TV shows. All those ideas above for comics could be done by IDW and Marvel Comics. Both of them could do them like leading into movies.

·        Squadron’s Legacy 2027 released (Post Sequel Trilogy that should be the proposed Kevin Feige film.)  

This should be post sequel trilogy movie that’s after the Rise of Skywalker and after the one film Rogue Squadron. This should show the new worlds if it’s the Kevin Feige Star Wars film. Rey isn’t shown but talked of. Rose Tico and Ezra Bridger are the main characters of this film. It starts off in 5 ABY mainly taking place in that year. There’s a beginning battle of Ahsoka Tano fighting Father Opress the father of Darth Maul and his brothers. This should be in the beginning a space battle with a star destroyer containing General Hondar Borrum with adviser to Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious until he died Sate Pestage who appeared in Return of the Jedi or cut out in the Empire Strikes Back.

He was MIA in those many decades. Also there’s the Black Sun leader Prince Xizor. Prince Xizor and Father Opress are in cahoots. Father Opress is in the path to immortality. Father Opress looks to become Emperor Opress in overthrowing the galactic republic and bringing the empire back in power. There are talks of that other advisers aboard the second death star were killed by the explosion. There’s on a moon by the battle Ahsoka Tano fighting Father Opress. She defeats him and survives defeat in over those years believed to be dead in the beginning taking place before the Mandalorian. There’s Hera Syndulla from Phoenix Squadron in a space battle with new republic military pilots. Hera Syndulla blows up the star destroyer containing Sate Pestage and General Borrum a killer of the jedi. This flashes over to many years later. The father of Maul and Savage Opress Father Opress now leads Crimson Dawn and is looking to rule the galaxy. He’s revealed to still be alive. Ahsoka tells Hera she believed to have found Ezra Bridger as Ezra is talked of running for senate.

Ezra Bridger is in a government replacing the New Republic an advisor to the chancellor and still fights. He also has been training the son of Luke Skywalker in the jedi arts.  Rose Tico is in the fight for freedom and is recruited by an alliance to restore the republic. Black Sun talks of jedi killed such as the killing Barriss Offee and Sora Bulq and that Darth Vader stabbed Shak Ti in the jedi temple during the raid of the jedi temple and that there are some jedi still alive. There are talks of Ommin killed by a jedi going onto the council so long ago. There’s a space battle going on. There are talks of General Veers killed by older freedom fighters of this time period after the ex-boyfriend of Mother Talzin that’s the father of Maul and Savage Opress defeated. It’s talked Ahsoka Tano ended up killing General Veers.

The Death troopers came to joining forces with the father of the sith rivals to Darth Sidious after the supposed death of Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine. Father Opress kidnapped White Worm members. There are also the Enforcers from the Han Solo film. Ezra Bridger and Rose Tico team with the son of Luke Skywalker as Ezra Bridger had returned. There are talks of former co chancellor Mas Amedda had redemption. There are talks of Doctor Aphra possibly dead as she’s talked of missing. Also there’s Commander Rex who kind of retired after the Empire has fallen talked of.

On the Crimson Dawn team left over are Margo, Ottolie, an unidentified agent and unidentified enforcer along with members of the clan of Father Opress that are death troopers in black armor who have been brought back to life from Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels. Father Opress is looking to overthrow this government and become the new Emperor of the galaxy. They talk of Darth Maul killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tattooine but suspect Obi-Wan killed Maul and that Darth Sidious killed Savage Opress but both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Emperor Palpatine they talk of dead to after killed by Rey. There are talks of that Thrawn was killed by Din Djarin a Mandalorian warrior who joined the fight against the imperial remnants and Bib Fortuna killed by Boba Fett. Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla, Zeb and Chopper with the offspring of Kanan are talked of. Zeb and Sabina have retired in over those years. Luke’s older son, Rose and Ezra Bridger take on the Crimson Dawn just as Prince Xizor leader of the Black Sun. There are talks of Ziton Moj killed by Prince Xizor becoming leader of Black Sun in the rebellion vs. empire times. Bo Katan is a very old woman. She’s not seen but there’s the older Hera Syndulla.

The jedi trainee that’s the son of Luke Skywalker takes on the death troopers with the help of Ezra Bridger another former jedi. He in the end takes on Father Opress in a light saber duel. He kills him and Ezra incapacitates death troopers as there are former first order storm troopers kill storm troopers brought back to life by Father Opress.

There are scenes with the Ahsoka Tano spirit. Also, Ezra Bridger a former jedi who served in the later years of the new republic congress and senate after the defeat of Father Opress is elected. Ahsoka as a force ghost tells Ezra of Rey defeating mercenary Grummgar who was in a bit part in The Force Awakens as he was hired by Father Opress. There should be scenes with Ahsoka Tano as a force ghost.  There are talks of others characters killed in those years. Ezra goes in politics over those years of the new republic. Rose Tico killed Black Sun leader Prince Xizor. There is in battle Ezra, Rose and Hera as Jacen Syndulla is in battle too against the villains. Somehow Ahoska Tano dies talked of. Ezra Bridger talks to run for leadership one day. Jacen Syndulla a fighter in the Legacy Squadron. Hera Sydulla retires in the end as we see her and Ezra Bridger older with Jacen present as Rose is the high ranking in the military of the republic restored. Hera Syndulla talks Mas Amedda died of old age. Rose was up to commanding rank in the republic military. She by the republic declared has new recruits in the military of the republic restored.

There should be in the end with Ezra as on his home world watched over by the jedi who lived in Rey. They are Yoda, Ahsoka Tano, Shaak-Ti, Sifo-Dias, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Aayla Secura, Kanan Jarrus the jedi master of him, Quinlan Vos and in the Skywalker family Anakin Skywalker, Leia Solo, Luke Skywalker and Ben Solo. They watch over Ezra Bridger as chancellor of the republic restored in Coruscant. There could be talks in the novelization and junior novel of Rey after she killed Darth Sidious that Anakin Skywalker got him out of her and sent him to Chaos. In the novelization and junior novel there should be talks of Ahsoka Tano killing Xamuel Lennox and Grand Admiral Thrawn killed by Mando. Also talks of Ahsoka Tano killed by Allegiant General Pryde but his squad shooting her down and blowing her up. There should be visions of Padme Amadila and Han Solo at the end of this film with other notable jedi from the prequel trilogy that didn’t turn to the dark side. There are talks that Grand Admiral Rae Sloane on the first battle against the First Order when Leia Organa captured Rae Sloane and Morgan Elsbeth. There were talks of General Veers from the Empire Strikes Back was killed by Ahsoka Tano. There’s a scene cut out of the Empire Strikes back with General Veers killed. That should be retconned as he was really killed in between Episode 6: Return of the Jedi and Episode 7: The Force Awakens.

The sequel to it could be a limited CGI television series for the Disney Channel or books and comics sometime in the 2020’s.

Sylvester Stallone would be perfect as Reck Selpin the jedi expelled who joined the night brothers soon afterword and Arnold Schwarzenegger as jedi master Jonn Smarr. Him and members of the separatist movement are going for redemption. Reck Selpin is a character from a book.

It appears that Star Wars: Underworld has been cancelled so maybe there could be Anthology films and with books and comics to fill in. Maybe a jedi purge anthology film with some prequel books or comics.

§  Adventures Comic Book Series  

We could put in ideas for the future of the series.

That might as well be the Rian Johnson Trilogy instead turned into a TV series to be released around the time of the Knights of the Old Republic series with a few seasons. Others fans could put in ideas for other movies.

Fans could put in ideas for beyond like other movies.  Those are ideas for Old republic movies and TV shows.

Lucasfilm hasn’t really laid out what its specific plan for the future is. The only upcoming Star Wars movies with set release dates are Solo: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: Episode IX. We do know that Lucasfilm plans to release a movie in 2020. And it’s believed that it’s going to keep releasing at least one movie a year after that. Maybe the Epilogue trilogy in the early 2030’s but should really be the prologue trilogy starting 5 decades after the original Star Wars film.

It seems that what might be happening is that after Episode IX, Lucasfilm will take a break from the main Star Wars episodic saga. This will give Episode IX a sense of finality and closure. From there, Lucasfilm can keep making Star Wars movies, but it’ll be focused on new worlds and characters. Then, after a suitable break, the main series will return with Episode X. Maybe there should be a New Republic animated series after the conclusion of Star Wars Resistance.

There are actors in mind for the roles.

Samuel L. Jackson (reprising his role from the prequel trilogy)

as Mace Windu (Also Terrance Carson could play that part. Let’s hope Samuel L. Jackson is around allot longer.)

Dave Bautista of the WWE otherwise an unknown as Fifth Brother

Edge of WWE or WWE superstar Chris Jericho as Second Brother and to be sith apprentice of either Darth Sidious or Darth Vader on who ever is killed.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as the Seventh Sister (reprising her role from Star Wars rebels with now costume on other than voicing and alien costume)

Silas Carson (played Ki-Adi-Mundi in the prequel trilogy and Nute Gunray or Andy Serkis (played Snoke in the prequel trilogy) in the prequel trilogy as Ma’Kis’Shaalas

Dolph Lundgren as Ribilo Darte

Katie Holmes or Milla Kunis as Shadday Potkin

Wesley Snipes or Ice T as Koffi Arriana

The same actress as Bultar Swan

Jason Isaacs to play Grand Inquisitor.

Kiefer Sutherland as Roan Shryne

John Cena known for WWE who starred in the Marine and 12 Rounds as jedi knight Dama Montalvo.

The same actors are Quinlan Vos.

If James Earl Jones dies as he’s an old man he could be replaced by Sam Witwer to voice Darth Vader. There could be a new voice actor for Darth Vader as long as he appears in the movie. Maybe Darth Vader could be voiced by the same actor who voiced him in the Jedi: Fallen Order video game. There might as well be Obi-Wan actors instead to portray those inquisitors.

Not sure on who should play Darth Vader in this one.

Sam Witwer also as General Hondar Borrum.

Jessica Alba or Scarlett Johannson as Sia-Lan Wezz a jedi knight.

Other fans could come up with ideas for actors in the roles. It would be cool to have some super stars of WWE in those films. Kane and Bautista guest starred on Smallville.

Sylvester Stallone would be perfect as Reck Selpin the jedi expelled who joined the night brothers soon afterword and Arnold Schwarzenegger as jedi master Jonn Smarr. Him and members of the separatist movement are going for redemption.

It appears the television show Star Wars Underworld has been cancelled.

Fans could put in ideas for beyond like other movies. The Epilogue Trilogy is crossovers of Marvel Comics Superheroes.

The cancelled Boba Fett film could be replaced by a Yoda backstory movie. Maybe a Yoda Anthology film before the crossover trilogy like a Yoda trilogy back stories.


Dialogue ideas for the film Jedi Rebellion.

There’s on the planet Mandolore with Ribilo Darte meeting the surviving jed. Robilo Darte, Sia Lan Wezz, Quinlan Vos, Shadday Potkin, Koffi Arriana, Roan Shryne and Ma’Kis’Shaalas, Dama Montalvo, and Bultar Swan.

Mace Windu: “I was really young when becoming a jedi master and had Master Darte here who was born on Naboo as my apprentice just before we rescued Master Billaba She was killed by the clone troopers at Order 66.”

Quinlan Vos: “I did fall in love at once. I would assume none of you ever dated. None of us as I expect are ever married. We are part of Mon Mothma’s Resistance cell as she saw the empire is evil and recruited us.”

Shadday Potkin: “Darth Vader is the apprentice to Darth Sidious. I believe that Darth Sidious murdered Madame Jocasta Nu. Darth Vader I saw on the video recordings killed Master Shaak Ti during the jedi temple raid before killing padawans and Cin Drallig.”

Bultar Swan: “I was on Genonosis at the start of the Clone Wars.”

Ma’Kis’Shaalas: “Master Yoda is killed by Darth Sidious as I saw he’s the emperor. We’ll take down him and his apprentice. We’ll be powerful enough to destroy the sith. I trained Dama here.”

Ribilo Darte: “We’ll need to take down Thrawn who killed Master Choi. I never had a lover in my life. I never gone out on a date.”

Koffi Arriana: “We kill the sith and capture Mas Amedda. He’s in league I think with Emperor Palpatine.”

Roan Shryne: “I surived the Clone Wars. We’ll round up imperial advisers. Obi-Wan Kenobi is to maybe still be alive. He defeated Darth Vader to why Darth Vader is placed in cybernetics.”

Mace Windu: “We defeat Darth Vader and I’ll face the emperor and vanquish him. I’ll be chancellor of a new republic. There are senators out there still as I have felt like Bail Organa and Mon Mothma. Yoda was killed by either the sith or bounty hunters as were masters Yaddle and Poof.”

Sia-Lan Wezz: “Also bounty hunters have killed Finis Valorum looking to take back the senate. Also killed those who ran against Sheev Palpatine for chancellor when Valorum is accused of things.”

Shadday Potkin: “I see that the Emperor was in plot to rule the galaxy. Darth Vader is training dark warriors. The first one is who turned his back on us and killed Jocastu Nu. He killed Master Yaddle.”

Mace Windu: “As we know now the sith come in 2. Yoda told me the sith come in 2 after the death of Qui-Gon Jinn.”

Dama Montalvo: “I will with Master Vos with Sia-Lan Wezz  go on Concord Dawn in search of the sith as I will spread out in the galaxy. We take on the sith and the inquisitors and we defeat them and restore freedom to the galaxy. Once Mon Mothma is chancellor and the sith are no more I will be looking to succeed Mon Mothma as a senator as I am born on Chandrila.”

Mace Windu: “Not many believe in the force all those years.  Master Vos can go to Corellia while Sia-Lan Wezz and Dama Montalvo will go to Concord Dawn. I lead the jedi remnants now. The Force is with us. We use our instincts to hunt down the sith. We’ll deal with the sith and the inquisitors.”

Later on with jedi remnants on Coruscant. There Ribilo Darte with Dama Montalvo, Shadday Potkin, Koffi Arriana, Roan Shryne and Ma’Kis’Shaalas, and Bultar Swan.

Mace Windu: “Darth Vader had sent imperials with a bounty hunter named Boba Fett onto Concord Dawn while Darth Vader went to Corellia. I am searching the Emperor to Naboo. We’ll defeat him and his apprentices. We have the senators with their soldiers to deal with the bounty hunters. We have others forming a rebellion to deal with them and take down grand imperials and the empire falls. I’ll deal with Darth Vader while you guys deal with inquisitors. I never married and never dated. I never had kids and never went out on dates in my life. Maybe we’ll change that. I killed a bounty hunter on Geonosis. 3 jedi with me attempting to take down Darth Sidious as we discovered him as Chancellor Palpatine were killed. Masters Yaddle and I never dated.”

Ribilo Darte: “There have been storm troopers defeated by Master Vos just Darth Vader had shown up. It must be an inquisitor with the bounty hunters who killed Masters Montalvo, Vos and Wezz. I believe that Master Ti was killed by Darth Vader at the jedi temple and in cybernetics killed Eeth Koth when he was no more a jedi and then a priest. Jocasta Nu might’ve been killed by Darth Vader after Eeth Koth got married and a had a child born after becoming a priest.”

Mace Windu: “I have communicated with Qui-Gon in hiding to become one with the force after they die. He said Aurra Sing’s inquisitor clone was killed by a jedi and Boba Fett with an imperial general killed those 2 jedi. Darth Vader killed Master Vos. We’ll go onto Naboo as we’re what remains. Qui-Gon Jinn with communicating with the living from beyond the grave and after life has communicating with the living to Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Let’s go and end the Galactic Empire.”

Here are extra ideas below for both movies and TV shows.

Darth Bane movie trilogy getting Zach Snyder in Star Wars. Also there should later on after MCU crossovers be the KOTOR movies. Fans don’t want Rian Johnson Star Wars films as he was disappointing and believed to have ruined Episode 8: The Last Jedi. There are ideas to put in for a Darth Bane miniseries.

Darth Vader is the main villain and Mace Windu is the main hero of what should be movie for Matthew Vaughn to do. It’s the Naboo inlet where the jedi remnants fight Darth Vader and his 4 inquisitors that appeared on Star Wars Rebels. Aurra Sing was acting to Boba Fett as the mother he never had. There should be bounty hunters Boba Fett and Aurra Sing working for the empire on hunting surviving jedi. There should be some clone troopers joining imperial intelligence are those from Revenge of the Sith who turned on jedi generals like Appo, Cody and Bly with other notable clones from the Clone Wars. That’s in the movie Jedi Rebellion with the Early Rebels book.

If Sorc Tormo doesn’t appear in future projects for in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope maybe he's in the comic book series killed by Jodo Kast just before Jodo Kast is killed by Cad Bane. That could be talked of by Boba Fett in Jedi Rebellion movie.

There could be Cobb Vanth and others from the Mandalorian as allies to the heroes appear on that series if they survive and maybe get killed in battle. The characters of Rangers of the New Republic could be outliving their youthfulness by the sequel trilogy. There should be Cara Dune in books or comics killed by Grand Admiral Thrawn in a blaster fight. Cobb Vanth should on the series that’s crossover to the other shows has a blaster fight with Xamuel Lennox and he kills that’s the death of Xamuel Lennox. It’s over those years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire with the original death of Darth Sidious Lama Su the prime minister of Kamino has redemption. If no Barriss Offee in the Ahoska Tano series and she’s dead then there should be in the Early Rebels book or other wise comics to lead into Jedi Rebellion to what should be the Taika Waititi film Barriss Offee fights Darth Sidious when he’s emperor. Then Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious ends up killing Barriss Offee. There should be talks that Jodo Kast was killed by Cad Bane during the original trilogy era.

For the Old Republic/Knights of the Old Republic movies and TV shows there should be sith lords as the villains Anjunta Pall (the first sith lord), Ommin (he's master of Darth Revan), Darth Wredd, Darth Revan, Darth Andeddu, Darth Atrius, Darth Caldoth, Darth Skrye, Darth Krist-Ov, Darth Tanis, Phobos and Descolous. Also there should be a battle against Exar Kun the mythical sith lord who was defeated by a redeemed Revan. There should be Old Republic soldiers and jedi vs. those sith lords before the times of Darth Bane. An old republic jedi kills the sith lord Ommin in the Old Republic series that should follow the Exogol project.

Maybe Exogol is the planet of the first jedi vs. sith battle. There is another planet the sith order was founded

Darth Bane movie trilogy getting Zach Snyder in Star Wars. Also there should later on after MCU crossovers be the KOTOR movies. Fans don’t want Rian Johnson Star Wars films as he was disappointing and believed to have ruined Episode 8: The Last Jedi. There are ideas to put in for a Darth Bane miniseries.

For Star Wars With that in mind, here’s what the next 10 years of the series could look like: New Republic animated series after concluding the Resistance cartoon series. There could be the in the later 2020’s TV series on Disney Plus or ABC or Freeform based on the Rian Johnson trilogy and after the conclusion of Resistance there could be on the Disney Channel the Knights of Ren/New Republic animated series maybe by 2023. Those films by Rian Johnson could be movies that are a month before Avatar sequels released. Rian Johnson trilogy people want cancelled. Maybe earlier in the 2020’s The Kevin Fiege Star Wars film with 2 others to follow. Rian Johnson's first film of the trilogy could either be 2021 or 2027 each films followed after 2 years. The crossover trilogy should be back to back each year in the late 2020's. Years there are subject to change.

2021: Maybe the Mandalorian Season 3 (moved to 2022), Also that year is to be Bad Batch series. Book of Boba Fett

·        2022: . That's the year of The Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series. Andor prequel TV series, The Bad Batch Season 2, Possibly Season 3 of the Mandalorian at the end of that year.

·        2023:  The Acolyte Series. Ahoska TV Series. Maybe Lando TV series Also Star Wars Rogue Squadron movie if not cancelled. Rangers of the New Republic

·        2024: Maybe Mace Windu series in comics either IDW or Marvel.  Darth Bane miniseries that year.  Maybe a season 3 of the Bad Batch.

·        2025: Taika Waititi Film that should be a Pre High Republic. The Bad Batch Season 4 and a TV series that's crossover of The Mandalorian and Rangers of the New Republic.

·        2026: . There should also be Old Republic Series debut that  year that's the first Season. Matthew Vaughn Star Wars film in the Skywalker Saga.

·        2027: For 50 years part of the crossover trilogy The Defenders Crossover that year. Legacy Squadrons Movie that's appearing to be Kevin Feige that should be most post sequel trilogy film. Maybe that year

·         2028: Part 2 of the Crossover Trilogy that’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova. Part 1 of the Rian Johnson Trilogy (if not cancelled)

2029  The part 3 of the crossover trilogy the Avengers crossover of Star Wars. Ahsoka Tano movie that year too. There could on that year be the Bad Batch Season 5.

2030  Part 2 of the Rian Johnson Trilogy (if not cancelled). There could then be the Exogoul project that year.

2031 Exogoul project Star Wars film that year.

2032  Part 3 of the Rian Johnson trilogy.  (If not cancelled)