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(Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Cartoon Network Studios logos start. The scene fades to black as it explodes to white then we see GOLB who vanishes the monsters in the Great Gum War while the opening credits start. The scene cuts to Finn's room as title fades in and it says "Adventure Time: Awakening" and fades out. Finn hears Bandit Princess laughing in his mind as he wakes up and gasps. Finn looks around and goes back to sleep with Huntress Wizard. The scene goes to Marceline who hears Bandit Princess laughing in her head as she wakes up and flies to Goblin Kingdom. The scene fades to the Goblin Kingdom as Marceline lands on the ground and the Goblin knights grunt in unison. The Goblin knights lay down their arms. A goblin citizen walks to Marceline gives the message to her.)

Goblin Messenger: Take this message to Finn.

(Marceline walks to a horse, hops on it as she urges. A horse walks to Finn's house. Marceline hops off and walks to the front door. The scene cuts to black text fades up and says "Chapter 1: The Revenge of Bandit Princess". The scene cuts to Finn who talks to his friends and family.)

Finn: We've received the message from the Goblin Kingdom, and it confirms the worst. (Sighs) Somehow, Bandit Princess had survived.

(Everyone gasps and murmurs.)

Huntress Wizard: Wait, do we believe this?

Slime Princess: It can't be. Bandit Princess is dead.

Toronto: Hold on a minute. She survived GOLB. (Whispers) She also avoided talking to Simon.

Finn: She's been planning her revenge. Her friends have been building something for years. The largest army the Land of Ooo has ever feared. She calls it the Final Legion. In 3 days, attacks on all free kingdoms begin. Bandit Princess and her army have been hiding in the Badlands. On the land called Citadel.

BMO: Oh, my. This is terrible.

Minerva: Citadel doesn't appear on any map.

Princess Bubblegum: There were always whispers of his hunger to cheat death.

Marceline: So, Bandit Princess has been out there the whole time. Pulling the strings.

Simon Petrikov: Always. In the shadows. From the very beginning.

Finn: I need a new army. I'm gonna build an alliance to protect humanity.

Jake: Finn, do you know how to look for new recruits?

Finn: Yes, Jake.

Jake: Oh, that's cool.

Finn: Then the death of Box Prince will be avenged. But first, I must find Patience St. Pim.

Jake: Huh. Doesn't seem so bad, but... all right. Let's go find her.

(Finn and Jake walk to Patience St. Pim. When they arrive at the Ice Kingdom, they discover Patience St. Pim who is in her hibernation.)

Finn: Well, here she is, Jake. Patience St. Pim.

Jake: She's still in her hibernation. Let's take her to your house.

Finn: That's a great idea.

(Jake takes Patience St. Pim to his house as Finn follows him. When they arrive, Jake puts Patience St. Pim at the backyard.)

Finn: That's good. Now all we have to do is wake her up.

(Finn breaks the ice egg as he wakes up Patience St. Pim.)

Patience St. Pim: Where am I?

Finn: You're safe now. In the Land of Ooo.

Patience St. Pim: Finn? Finn, it is you. Oh, it's so good to see you. How'd you find me?

Finn: It's a long story. Bad news. Bandit Princess survived GOLB from the Great Gum War four years ago.

Patience St. Pim: Oh, my. She did survive. But how?

Finn: She has a revenge by avenging Gumbald.

Patience St. Pim: Holy hell.

Finn: Now will you be our protector and our savior?

Patience St. Pim: Yes, I will, Finn Mertens.

Finn: Oh, my 21st birthday would be possibly in three days.

Patience St. Pim: Happy birthday, Finn. I'll see you when I return.

(Patience St. Pim flies to Candy Kingdom as Finn and Jake sing a folk song in Icelandic then the scene goes to Finn and Jake who look at the tree with the Finn Sword.)

Finn: (Sighs deeply) Best thing that ever happened, Fern. She's the best thing that ever happened. You'd be very happy.

(Electricity crackles as the wormhole appears then Martin's time machine arrives and lands in front of Finn and Jake. Martin, Shermy, Fern and Beth hop out of the vehicle as they see Finn and Jake.)

Martin: Hey, son.

Finn: Father. It's you.

Martin: Of course it is me. (Hugs Finn and chuckles) You're big. You're tall. You're two decades old.

Shermy: Hey there. I'm Shermy. I'm from the future.

Beth: Jake, it's me. Beth. Your descendant.

Jake: I have a descendant.

Fern: It's good to have me back, Finn. Thanks for planting me there. Do you remember we went to war? After GOLB turned into Betty, and I got all windy, and then all of a sudden... Hey, what are you doing? (Finn hugs Fern and he sighs) Oh, this is nice.

Finn: You're welcome, Fern.

Minerva: Am I seeing things? (sees Martin) Who are you?

Martin: I'm Martin Mertens, your husband.

Minerva: It is you. Oh, my God, I can't believe you're back. My husband has returned. Oh, you got so big. And look at you, you have a beard. Anyway, let's all go home and have a family reunion night.

(Finn, Jake, Martin, Fern, Shermy, Minerva and Beth walk to Finn's house. At Finn's house, Finn, Jake, Martin, Shermy, Beth, Fern and Minerva have a family reunion night while the song plays "Distant Sky" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.)

Finn: Man, it sure feels good to be reunited.

Martin: Yes, it does, son. And I'm sorry I ripped your arm apart.

(Finn, Minerva and Martin hug each other. The scene goes to Candy Kingdom at dawn as two vans ride to the front gate. The scene goes to Peace Master as he loads his gun, hops out of the van, and bangs the slide door. The slide door opens as they walk to the front gate. Peace Master goes behind two banana guards and shoots them in the brains. Two banana guards die as two terrorists take up the spear. Peace opens the gate and walks to the throne room.)

Banana Guard: Excuse me.

(The terrorist fires his Uzi with a silencer at a banana guard. Candy People scream and clamor.)

Terrorist 1: Move it now!

Banana Guard 3: No, please don't shoot!

Terrorist 2: Get the fuck over there! Move! All of you!

(The Candy kids walk to the throne room with Peace Master. At the throne room, a terrorist orders the kids to sit against the wall.)

Terrorist 3: Sit the fuck against the wall! Keep them quiet.

Terrorist 4: Keep quiet!

Terrorist 1: Shut the fuck up!

Terrorist 2: Shut them the fuck up!

(Peace Master uses the phone.)

Peace Master: We’ll be making a statement shortly. Until then, if I see any movement, you’ll have a lot of dead kids on your fucking hands. (Hangs up)

(Peace Master walks to the window and sees the police armed with sniper rifles.)

Sniper Police: Should I take him?

Lemongrab 3: Hold your fire. They've got kids in here.

Police Officer: Yeah, he's not bluffing, Lemongrab. Candy Kingdom's had a school trip today.

(The camera goes to the top of the Candy Kingdom as Patience St. Pim looks at the police. The scene goes to Peace Master who arms the bomb as the candy kids scream in horror.)

Terrorist 3: Quiet! Shut up!

Peace Master: Down with humanity. Back to the old species. (Sets the bomb to sixty seconds as the kids gasp in shock)

Terrorist 2: Silence! I said shut your fucking mouth.

(At the Candy Kingdom hallway, Pete Sassafras walks back and forth until he gets tied to a rope as Patience St. Pim pulls up Pete.)

Patience St. Pim: Who are you? The frost lasso actually compels you to reveal the truth. Now, who the hell are you?

Pete Sassafras: We're the Human Killers. We kill humanity to turn back the clock in the Land of Ooo to the fires of hell.

Patience St. Pim: Boring. Why the hostages?

Pete Sassafras: We have no demands. We're just stalling the police while we do it.

Patience St. Pim: While you do what?

Pete Sassafras: (Chuckles) You're too late. The countdown's already begun. In a few seconds, four building blocks... (Makes explosion noise) ...while the world watches. (Chuckles)

(The scene goes back to the throne room as the bomb counts down, Patience St. Pim busts the door in slow motion. Peace Master hides as the fourth terrorist fires his gun and Patience St. Pim dodges. In normal speed, Patience St. Pim fights four terrorists and deflects bullets. After she knocks out four terrorists, she sees the bomb as he grabs it, flies to the sky and throws it in the air in slow motion. Patience St. Pim flies back to the throne room and the bomb explodes. Back at the throne room, a hole in the ceiling appears. Peace Master chuckles as he points his gun and realizes it's empty while the candy kids scream and whimper. He picks up an M16 gun and points at the candy kids.)

Candy Kid: Please!

Peace Master: Like lambs to the slaughter.

(Patience St. Pim lands to the ground. In slow motion, Peace Master fires his gun and Patience St. Pim deflects a bullet. Patience St. Pim grins and Peace Master tries to kill the candy kids. In normal speed, Patience St. Pim deflects the bullets quickly until Peace Master runs out of bullets.)

Peace Master: (Panting) I don't believe it.

Patience St. Pim: Believe it. (Makes an ice sword) Look away, children.

Peace Master: Oh, shit.

(The candy kids look away as Patience St. Pim kicks Peace Master out the castle and decapitates. Outside the Candy Kingdom, Peace Master falls to his death. The officers look at Peace Master who died on the ground. Back at the throne room, Patience St. Pim sighs in relief and looks at the candy kids.)

Patience St Pim: Is everyone all right? Are you okay? (The candy kids nod their heads) Good. It's all right. It's over. It's okay. You can stand up now. (The candy kids stand up) It's all good. It's over now. Are you okay. You all right? Good. Are you all right, child?

Candy Kid 2: Can I be like you, someday?

Patience St. Pim: You can be anything you want to be. (Grins) Come on. Let's go.

(The scene goes to Goblin Kingdom as Susan Strong and Frieda have arrived. At the Goblin Kingdom throne room, Susan and Frieda arrive at the throne room and talk to the king.)

Susan: I saw your message. I know she had survived and planned her revenge.

Goblin King: Yes, I know. And you've arrived. Why would she have her revenge?

Susan: Because the end of humanity will be in three days.

Goblin King: Humanity doesn't end. They're strong.

(Finn hears Bandit Princess's laughter in his head.)

Frieda: Bandit Princess is coming back. (Draws his sword) Prepare for battle!

(The goblin warriors grunt in unison as the door rattles and busts open. The wind pushes the goblin warriors, Susan and Frieda. Susan and Frieda stand up and breathe heavily.)

Susan: Goblins, on your marks! Ready!

(The goblin warriors are on their marks then the ice robot soldiers appear. Bandit Princess enters the throne room dressed in an armor.)

Bandit Princess: Defenders. They have failed a hundred thousand worlds. They always fail. I have come to retrieve the doomsday device.